Glory Daze Ch. 01

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A series of stories about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years….

Story One – Elegantly Wasted

Toby had been one of the first guys I met when my family moved to Colorado. We had both gone out for and joined the football team my first year of school. He’d been just like one of the other guys.

I think it’s safe to say that I liked him immediately. And our friendship had started from the first day of football practice.

But now Toby was different.

It had started with little things.

But even though Toby had become one of those guys who is mostly a loner, and who quickly gets pushed to the social fringes because of his eccentricities, we remained close friends throughout school, much to the surprise of everyone else.

The guys called him a stoner.

He stood out from the day to day surroundings of the backcountry. A person who looked like he would be a better fit in New York or Los Angeles. He dyed his blond hair blue.

Then there were the other whispers. You see the hair was only part of it. Toby didn’t act like his fellow teammates. He smoked cigarettes like a chimneystack. He skipped out on classes to smoke pot. His regular friends weren’t the other jocks on the team. He ran with the leather jacket wearing, dangerous looking crowd most people would ordinarily call bad elements. The girls he was seen with frequently were the kind that most people in polite society would call trash, along with the staple Goth chicks in leather.

The guys called him a fag.

But never to his face. Toby did not overtly act gay. Not that he acted like a straight jock either. He had his own signature style. He was a great football player, and that would have saved his rep with most of the guys anyway. But, frankly, some of the guys were nervous around him, because of the whispers. Even though everyone had seen him macking on girls at the football parties he did go to. Most girls I knew found him alluring. He was certainly handsome. And he was rugged and built from hours spent in the gym.

Toby was a heartbreaker.

It was like he lived some kind of weird, schizophrenic double lifestyle. Sometimes I wished that I had the courage to act so carefree. In reality, I knew that Toby and I might be friends, but I was far too constrained by my own social circle to live with such outward abandon.

I lived the life of the typical jock.

The Proposition

All this was running through my mind as I watched Toby walk up the other side of the street with a Latino girl on his arm. She was a rough looking character, and she was snapping her bubble gum and wearing his leather jacket. Toby rarely wore the letterman’s jacket he got because of his position on the varsity squad. His outfit today consisted of a ripped up sleeveless shirt and leather pants. It never surprised me the kind of shit I would see him dressed in. As it had no sleeves, I noticed that he’d gotten a new tattoo of a dragon curled around his left bicep.

It looked pretty cool.

I was coming out of a store with some supplies that I’d picked up when Toby noticed me looking in his direction. He gave me a friendly little wave, and patted his girl on the ass, sending her into coffee shop with an open mouthed French kiss in front of God and everybody. Once he’d sent her inside he jogged over to where I was standing by my bike.

“Marc, my man,” he asked, all shit-eating grin, “How’s it goin?”

“Not too bad,” I said, giving his proffered hand a manly shake, “Who’s the girl?”

“Just some bitch I met,” he said, dismissively, “She puts out, man, that’s all I care about.”

“Yeah, well,” I said grinning at him, “What more do you want?”

“That’s just my point,” he said, guardedly, “I need to ask a favor, dude, and I knew you were the man to talk to.”

“Oh?” I inquired, “What can I do for you?”

“I met this girl over in Fort Collins.”

He paused then. It seemed like he wanted to say more, but he looked oddly shy for a second, and then looked away up the street.

“Tell me more, man,” I said, encouragingly, “Don’t leave me in suspense.”

“Well,” he said, slowly collecting his wits, “She’s looking for a guy for her friend.”

“Dude,” I asked him, “Are we talking doubles here? As in date?”

“Something like that,” he said nodding, and then leaning towards me conspiratorially he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “These bitches only come in pairs. Can’t have one without the other and all that bullshit. Man, they want to try a foursome and I thought maybe you’d be the man to help us out.”

“At the same time?” I asked lasciviously, “Don’t worry, man. I’ve got your back. That’s awesome.”

He looked, well, a little relieved, like a guy who’s nervous about something, but still figured he knew what the outcome would be.

“Christ, bro,” I said, “I’m always up for that kind of shit.”

“Well you and I’ve been friends for a while,” he said, hitting me on casino şirketleri the arm, “But not everyone’s into that kind of shit. I figured you’d be the man.”

“Yeah, I’m all over that,” I said enthusiastically, “Happy to help a brutha out. What’re we talking about?”

“Oh, they’re hot man, they’re….”

Toby started to give me the details, but a shout from his little Latin mama across the street brought him back to reality.

“Duty calls,” he said shrugging, “Look. I’ll call you in a couple days. Tell you all about it. So keep Friday night open man, okay?”

I nodded and with that he was off and back to the side of his woman. But, good as his word, he did call me up later and told me he’d gotten all the details taken care of. My date was to be a surprise, but he stressed that I wouldn’t be disappointed. I was also to pick up a box of condoms for us for the evening. We agreed that we’d all meet up with the girls at one of the bars in Fort Collins that Friday night. Simple as pie.

The Bar

The air in room was thick and smoky.

I took a drag off my cigarette and then casually ashed it into the tacky green plastic ashtray that sat on the bar. I took a swig from my Corona at the same time.

I glanced around at the other bar patrons. Most of them were huddled around in small groups shooting the shit or trying to pick up women. There were also plenty of folks out on the dance floor, stomping around or slow dancing as the tempo of the music changed from time to time. It was country music mostly. The kind of stuff that I rarely ever listened to unless I was in a place like this.

We were all dressed pretty much the same, it being a sweltering night. I had on one of those muscle tank top shirts. I knew it showed off my upper body to its best advantage and called attention to my painted on jeans. Capping off my ensemble, such as it was, was my favorite black Stetson hat. Never got laid without it. Or at least I didn’t used to back then.

The rest of the patrons were dressed much the same as myself, more or less. The women sought either to show off or to keep as cool as they possibly could. The men had much the same motives. The only one who’d shown up dressed any differently was Toby. He was dressed pretty much the same as everyone else, but he’d left off the hat and decided to go leather jacket cool instead.

My date was saying something to Toby, and that drew my attention back to the matter at hand.

Toby had been right, not that I’d ever doubted him for a moment. My date was a hot number. I love hot women. Especially when they have nice big tits hanging down in front of them like Marissa’s did that night. Marissa was blonde. Very blonde, if you take my meaning. With all the baggage that phrase implies. So was her friend Viviane, Toby’s date. But she was smoking fine. All tight curves. Luscious round ass and legs that never stopped.

I don’t know what Toby had been thinking. Probably the same thing he’d been thinking with. His taste in women was very broad, but I always thought he, like me, steered more towards brunettes than blondes. Maybe he’d thought I’d like these two. Who knows? When all was said and done, they had tits and a pussy each, so I was satisfied. Besides it wasn’t every day of the week you had the opportunity to fuck someone who looked like they could make a living in porn.

The bubble gum twins had met us here about a half hour before. Aside from making me horny as hell, there wasn’t much else to them. The conversation had me bored out of my mind within three minutes flat. As often as I’d heard dumb blonde jokes, I guess until now I’d figured that it was some sort of unfair stereotype. But then again I guess it wouldn’t be a stereotype if it didn’t have some grain of truth somewhere. These two fit the bill perfectly.

Finally after a couple beers Marissa said the first meaningful thing to come out of her mouth that evening.

“So are you guys gonna fuck us or what?”

I glanced up coolly up at the titty sisters and thought to myself that fucking them was about all they were probably good for. But instead of verbalizing that thought I put on my most handsome grin and said, “Darlin that sounds like a good plan to me. Toby, my man, what do you say?”

Toby smiled equally charmingly at both Viv and Marissa, giving each one his full attention in turn.

I thought the look in his eyes was more that of a predator running down his prey, but then he said most encouragingly, “Well ladies, I’ve paid cash for a hotel room that’s just going to waste. Why don’t we go fuck until we can’t stand up anymore?”

The girls giggled like virgins at a rodeo, their DD cup tits bouncing up and down in those too tight shirts like little metronomes. I found it quite hypnotic.

“Come on then,” said Toby, with a slight nod of his head.

And then he was off towards the door. The girls smiled at one another as if sharing a secret and followed where he led. That left me the casino firmaları odd one out still at the bar. I slammed back the rest of my beer and put a few bills down on the counter to cover the last round of drinks.

We were hurried with carnal anticipation. Although the ride to the motel was pretty short all things considered, being only slightly further down the interstate than where we had just met up. The girls had driven to the bar in their own vehicle, while Toby had taken a truck, which I’m sure he borrowed from his dad. I’d hitched a ride with him. To be fair, I rode in the jeep with Marissa following Toby and Viv in his truck. In twenty short minutes we were all standing outside Room 314 of the local Motel 6. The parking lot had all of the usual suspects: truckers and folks passing through looking for a place to stay, and of course those people like us four who were just looking for a secluded spot to have a good time. The overall lack of vehicles in the lot seemed to indicate that most of the place was empty.

Which was fine by me.

Room 314

The nice thing about this motel, I thought to myself, as I casually leaned against the wall, one arm around Marissa’s shoulders, was that you could go directly to your room without having to run into anyone else. It was the ideal locale to get laid in.

Toby got the door key to work after the second try and we all tumbled in.

The room was a typical double on the first floor. Two queen size beds stood against one wall and there were the other usual assorted amenities of dressers, bedside tables, a shitty little television with HBO, and the like. Toby and I had been here earlier. A bottle of cheap champagne was chilling on the dresser, next to the box of condoms I’d purchased that afternoon, keeping company with some pot and a pipe that lay on the bedside table closest to the bathroom.

The piece of shit room didn’t have any air conditioning I noticed. A ceiling fan was going round and round above our heads. Toby smiled and opened up a sliding glass door in the back of the room that looked like it opened up onto a small patio. There were bushes and shit between what looked like a pool area and our room, so you couldn’t quite see into the room from the pool.

Viv was the one to speak up first, “Great, there’s a pool. Is there a hot tub?”

“Just like the sign says out front, baby,” quipped Toby, taking off his leather jacket and tank top, leaving his chest bare, “We’ve got everything here.”

I got distracted when the girls giggled as they caught sight of the tattoo on Toby’s bare back for the first time. He had a giant colorful oriental dragon curled into a spiral over the right shoulder blade. He walked over to where the pipe was located and smiled at us.

“Anyone want some?” he smiled at us as he said it, sitting on the edge of the bed.

The girls giggled again, which was getting a little annoying by this point, but since they were cute and fuckable, I forgave them. Each moved nearer Toby, one sitting on either side, sort of hanging on him.

I sat down on the other bed across from Toby. He took a hit from the pipe and then passed it to Viv, who did the same and passed it to Marissa. I got my turn last. The weed hit me pretty strong at first, since I wasn’t all that used to it.

But it gave me a nice mellow feeling.

Toby just ignored everything, and took another hit when I offered the pipe back to him. When he was finished he reached one hand up to grab onto Viv’s right tit. Maybe she was starting to feel the effects of the pot or maybe she was just naturally a slut, after all she had come here to get royally fucked, but she responded by kissing him back with a passion that bordered on obscene. Which was perfect to me. Their tongues danced into each other’s mouths. The pipe was quickly passed back over to Marissa, who made good use of it. Toby and Viv, oblivious to the rest of us in the room, just started going at. He leaned her way so that he pushed her down onto the bed until he was resting on his elbows on top of her.

The stifling heat of the room was somewhat abated by the cooler evening breeze coming in from the open sliding glass doors. I decided to slip out of my shirt, what little of it there was, in order to take the most advantage I could from the cooler air. I leaned back onto the bed when I was finished and looked over at Marissa, who until now had been ignoring my presence. Toby was otherwise engrossed in getting off Viv’s top as quickly as possible.

Marissa was a piece of art, I decided.

She had no brains to speak of, but those fucking big tits really were perfect. Her sleeveless shirt had ridden up enough by this point to expose her smooth tight stomach. And as she sat on the end of that bed across from me, she crossed her legs. Undoubtedly her best feature. Long and lean, shaved smooth.

As I leaned there, with my mind considering all of the amusing possibilities of such a body, I grew harder against the front güvenilir casino of my jeans. When I started rubbing my crotch Marissa finally took a last drag from the pipe and got up and set it down on top of the dresser. She then looked over at me lounging across the bed and smiled.

I smiled back, knowing what was coming.

She walked over to me and peeled off her tight shirt. She was braless and those gorgeous mounds spilled down in front of her, each still young enough and firm enough that they had a youthful bounce that kept them up near her chest. Each breast sported a round rosy nipple. Big, but not so large as to overpower the milky whiteness of skin.

Behind her Toby had begun to undo Viv’s shorts and pulled them off to reveal a beautiful shaven pussy, its lips pink and swollen in anticipation.

Marissa, smartly, came up between the beds and got down onto her knees in front of me. She undid my belt buckle and began to slide off my tight jeans. The bulge of my johnson was obvious. Once she’d slipped the jeans to my knees, she pulled down my tented boxers too, determined to get at her prize underneath.

I never know what a woman is going to say or do when she first sees my cock in its glory. Usually there is a moment of pleasure or panic, or both. Sometimes it’s just good old fashioned satisfaction. Marissa’s eyes got larger as she took in the half hard log before her. I could feel my little man harden further as she stared, apparently never having seen a man as big as myself, although she was undoubtedly not a virgin.

“Hot damn!” she exclaimed.

Smirking at her, I asked, “So, darlin are you gonna use it or do I need to give you an instruction manual?”

“I’m no virgin you know,” she responded tartly, “I can handle it.”

Toby lifted his head up from Viv’s pussy lips for a moment to look at us. His eyes drifted from my face, down my muscular torso until he reached my dick. Then he hesitated for a moment, his eyes growing ever so imperceptibly. Then he grinned slowly. It was like he was checking out my equipment. He may have seen me in the showers plenty times before, but he’d never seen me at full staff. Neither of us were the kind who popped a boner in the locker room.

His eyes met mine again as he smirked at me, but he didn’t dwell long, turning his attention back to his business.

Marissa meanwhile had definitely decided she could handle me, if there’d been any doubt in the first place. She took her hands and started working my shaft, while she used her tongue to lick my balls. Then she proceeded to give me the best blowjob she knew how to do, working my shaft, sucking on the tip, sliding as much of me down her throat as she could manage. The girl knew her stuff. I suppose she’d spent plenty sweaty nights with boys in cars and seedy motel rooms like this one. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of her warm wet tongue on my nether regions, feeling the sweep of her long blonde hair as it brushed against my thighs and six-pack.

I heard someone getting up off a bed and then Toby asked me in a voice gruff from exertion, “Marc, where’d I put the raincoats again?”

It took me a second before I could find the words, “Over on the dresser.”

That was indeed where we’d left the box of condoms. I didn’t know how often Toby or I was going to cum, but I always figured I’d get plenty of use out of the leftovers, and it was cheaper to buy them in bulk.

I looked at the bed past Marissa’s head as she worked her way around my cock. Viv was laying there, now completely naked, stretched back across it luxuriously. She had a better body than Marissa, no doubt about it. Somehow it was more shapely and more proportioned, whereas Marissa was more voluptuous and a little shorter, stockier. Not that there was much difference between the two otherwise.

Toby had stripped off his boots, jeans and boxers. A rattlesnake adorned his right ass cheek. He’d found the condoms and unwrapped one of the extra pleasure ribbed and lubricated ones with his teeth. I got a good view of his extended equipment when he turned towards Viv to put it on. He was a respectably good-sized boy, surprisingly larger than average, but no where near my league.

In a hurry to get to her pussy, he stroked himself as he slipped the rubber down his shaft.

Fully protected, Toby climbed onto the bed near Viv. He turned her over so that she was on her knees; her ass stuck up, waving in the air. Using the flat of his hand, he first gave her a light slap across the backside, teasingly, and then used the fingers of both hands to massage and prep her ass and the pussy hole he’d just freshly sucked. She looked back in his direction, longingly, begging to be fucked. He pulled apart her cheeks exposing her pussy to his hungry cock and positioned himself at her hole. He only pressed the shaft against her, but didn’t go any further.

She moaned with his touch, waiting, looking back at him again with that look that said so much. Then with aching slowness he entered her. When he was buried inside, he took his hands and placed them on her hips to guide her. Slowly he moved back and forth inside her, releasing her hips once she had gotten into a rhythm of fucking him back.

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