Cucky Gets Lucky Ch. 02

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I was driving home having just dropped Karen and John at their house. I had loved the experience of spending the day baring it all with my slut and her cuckold husband. I had a semi erection the entire ride home from the beach.

Karen had practically begged me to stay the night. I needed to get a good nights rest as I was tired from the sun. John had been a welcomed addition to the experience. Karen would not yet admit it but she came harder than Id ever seen her having her husband there watching.

I pulled into my driveway after the short drive and looked down at my phone. The message was from Karen. “Thanks Daddy for such a great day I really enjoyed being free and proud about us in front of all those people I wish it could be that way all the time, I hate that I have to hide what I am so proud of, I am so lucky I have a slave husband who is willing to sacrifice his manhood and dignity for me to cum, and I have a huge hung firefighter to destroy my pussy all the time, I hate that I have to stay in the closet about my sexual preference though.” Her text was candid and vulnerable.

I took several minutes crafting the perfect reply. “Well as you know I am having people over tomorrow night, Maybe we can have a little fun exposing our dynamic to some of our friends, I doubt John would mind a heck of a lot after parading around in a cock cage all day today, He seemed to like it a lot, Why don’t you run it by him and see if he wouldn’t mind a little exhibition tomorrow night.” I clicked send and went inside to await a reply.

I got ready for bed and put some clothes away and then my phone buzzed on my night stand. It was from Karen. “I let my tiny dick husband out of his cage for the first time in a long time, I forgot how tiny that little thing is, Even hard it’s like the size of a chap stick lol, I let him play with his wittle wee wee while I changed for bed, I figured that was the best time to tell him I don’t want to hide my lifestyle anymore, he is such a pussy he agreed even though he obviously doesn’t like the idea, I also realized something about all this while watching him tug on his little dicky, I hate letting him out of his cage I feel like it ruins the experience for me, I think I cum on your giant dick a lot harder when I know he wont get to enjoy himself, If he just has to wait a few weeks to cum that ruins the whole experience I think I want him to just stay caged forever.” Her text was shocking but also got my cock hard again.

“I think it’s going to be pretty challenging to convince him to agree to never taking off his dick cage.” I said.

“Well I am just going to tell him it’s either that or he cant ever come out with us again.” Karen answered.

From there the conversation moved away from the subject. We exchanged pleasantries and bid each other good night. The following morning I awoke and immediately began prepping for the gathering that night. I also came up with a tentative plan to gently tease John and hint at the sexual tension between Karen and I. Among the guests were Keith and Kyle both Co workers of John’s. Keith’s wife Julie was also a close friend of John and Karen’s. Given that the guests were close to the cuckold couple I knew any exposure of our dynamic casino şirketleri had to be subtle.

The night arrived and guests started filtering in. We had food and drinks in abundance and were starting in on the games. By the time Karen and John arrived we were well into a game of poker. When Karen came through the door with her doting husband I knew she was somewhat drunk already. John had a look of annoyance and concern on his face. It became clear that the two had been bickering on the ride over.

Karen immediately embraced me with a drunk affectionate hug. “I missed you so much daddy, Thank you for inviting us.” She said loud enough to be heard by the group but nobody seemed to pay it much mind. Karen then discretely reached between our bodies and grabbed my giant bulge. My cock twitched at the sudden touch. She then broke our embrace and took a seat at the table. John was making his rounds saying hello to the guests.

“Oh poker I love poker, Why don’t we make it strip poker so we can all see Chris’s full house, Or is it a straight flush I don’t even know what to call that besides a giant cock.” Karen said laughing boisterously. Keith and Julie laughed at her inappropriateness but appreciated the humor from the normally less rowdy Karen.

John took a seat beside Karen at the table as I divvied out additional chips for our new arrivals. We all as a group exchanged boisterous conversation. The laughing and drinks resumed around the table. Keith and John were enraptured in a conversation about the office. Myself Julie and Karen were discussing a mutual friend who had just gotten married. The game had clearly come to a momentary halt as all of us were divided into individual conversations.

Karen turned to me and spoke with a giggle. “Hey adjust that python in your pants so I can sit on your lap.” She said and then giggled looking towards Julie.

“Karen! Your making Chris uncomfortable.” Julie giggled.

“Oh don’t worry Julie, Chris knows how much I love his massive cock.” Karen said rolling her eyes. Then Karen stood and climbed onto my lap in the process she grabbed hard onto my growing cock beneath the table.

“Wow you and John must be pretty secure in your relationship to talk like that about another mans penis.” Julie whispered to avoid gaining the attention of the rest of the table.

“Oh please, John knows he isn’t big enough for me, He should be thanking Chris for giving me what I need.” Karen said loudly enough to attract the attention of Brad who was seated next to Julie.

“Wait what you’re cheating on your husband?” Brad said having only just met John a moment ago.

“No I’m not cheating on him it was his idea, He might be gay or something he is more obsessed with huge cocks than I am.” Karen said laughing loudly.

All the laughing and loud talking broke John from his conversation as he overheard the bullet points of the conversation. “Karen honey we discussed this already and agreed we wouldn’t do this.” John said in a loud whisper at his wife.

“Oh please just because you want to keep your cuckold sexuality a secrete doesn’t mean I have to, I worship Chris’s giant cock and I am proud of that, I’m not staying in the closet anymore, casino firmaları Do you know how hard it is to hide my true identity just because you’re ashamed of it, I am in love with big cocks and I don’t care who knows it.” Karen’s voice rose with his frustration.

“Please Karen don’t do this, Let’s go talk outside for a minute.” John whispered.

The whole group sat in an awkward silence waiting for this argument to resolve. After a little bickering back and forth the pair stood and exited onto the back patio. I sat in shock gulping hastily from my gin and tonic. The buzz in the room resumed as the couple discussed things outside.

“So you and Karen are having an affair huh?” Keith asked with a dumbstruck expression on his face.

“No well not really, I mean he likes it that’s not the issue, the issue is that Karen wants everyone to know about us, but John just doesn’t feel comfortable with it being out in the open.” I said feeling the need to explain all that had just happened.

“So John just let’s his wife sleep with you? What does he get out of it.” Julie asked with genuine curiosity.

“Well it’s like a fetish it’s actually pretty common John likes to watch his wife fuck a guy with a big dick and he likes to wear a cage on his little dick, Karen loves to compare our sizes and say mean things to him, Its all over porn sites.” I said peering over my shoulder towards the couple outside still arguing away.

“Wow I have heard of that but never actually met a couple that is into it.” Kyle blurted out.

“Yeah I have seen some of those videos before.” Julie admitted.

“Wait what you watch that kind of porn?” Brad asked before quickly shrugging off the thought and looking back towards me.

Brad spoke again with a big smile. “So he is like full on he wears the cage on his dick and everything? And you plow her right in front of him?” Brad asked laughing loudly.

“Well we probably shouldn’t talk too much about this because they are fighting, But yeah I fuck her all the time mostly he doesn’t watch though that is mostly a reward for him, Most of the time she comes over here.” I said.

We continued to laugh and giggle about the subject for a few minutes until the back slider opened again. Karen and John entered with serious looks on their faces. The two rejoined the group without so much of a word further about the subject. The party soon migrated to the couch area as we all continued drinking and chatting. After some time Karen sat down next to me on the couch. Karen rested her body against mine with an obviously tipsy expression on her face.

Karen leaned in and whispered in my ear. “Daddy can we please go upstairs and you fuck me with that big dick.” She whispered giddily.

“I don’t think we should after that scene earlier.” I said with a smirk.

“I don’t care daddy I need to get fucked, I’m a bad girl daddy, punish me with that huge cock, you can do whatever you want with me, Just put me over your shoulder and bring me somewhere to use me like the slut I am.” She said.

I sat motionless letting her intensely hot words wash over me and tingling their way down my spine. My whole body had a numb tingly feeling as I basked in the sexual güvenilir casino tension of the room. John was seated across from me sipping his drink staring directly at my growing crotch. I glanced down at his lap and instead of the outline of a cock cage I saw a prominent little boner creating a tiny little tent in his khakis. The rest of the room seemed to be observing the present situation there eyes casually darting between John and his straying wife.

I stood pulling myself from Karen’s eager embrace and sat down next to John. “Hey John do you mind entertaining my guests I am going to take Karen upstairs , Maybe she will calm down some if I destroy her pussy for a bit.” I whispered into his ear with a chuckle in my voice.

“I think that’s a good idea she’s in a bit of a mood maybe if she gets some dick she will calm down.” John whispered back earnestly.

“By the way does Karen know you’re out of your cage? You might want to hide that thing if I can see your little thing she probably can too.” I whispered back sincerely.

“She said she would let me out if she could tell whoever she wanted about us from now on, so I agreed I don’t know how long I’ll be out for but it feels amazing I don’t think I have ever been this hard I just want to go jerk off so badly can I come watch.” John said with obvious lust in his eyes beaming across the room at his wife that I was about to fuck.

It was remarkable how much John had come to love our arrangement. He had really come out of his shell and embraced the cuckold lifestyle. Then again this had been his idea. I was beginning to believe that there truly was no limit to what I could do to humiliate him that he wouldn’t enjoy.

“Not this time I need you to keep the party going down here.” I said.

I smiled down at John and then stood and walked back towards Karen. Karen stood and planted a kiss on my lips then beamed up at me. She gave me the same look John had given her as she clasped my hands.

“Chris come on were going up stairs I need something a lot bigger than that little thingy, and I need it now.” As she said this she pointed at her husband who quickly stood in mock protest revealing his little pecker poking straight out.

The room fought to control its laughter as they were all made aware of Johns little boner. A big wet spot of precum began to form at the tip of the tiny cock. Karen reached out and started stroking my huge semi erect bulge in front of the whole party.

“You see this John look at the big cock that is about to wreck my pussy, I will never be able to feel that little thing again, John Its okay though just because you cant fuck me anymore doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you, as a reward I’m going to let you cum.” Karen said with a smirk. “Right now in front of everyone I want you to cum.”

As Karen spoke my cock began to grow. Before long my enormous cock was running down my leg and Karen furiously pumped it threw my pants. The spot on Johns pants grew and grew. His face revealed that he was cumming steadily without any friction on his little penis.

“There you go John cum for mommy, I’m sorry I haven’t let you cum in so long so enjoy it.” Karen said sarcastically.

Karen looked around the now quiet room watching the scene unfold and broke the tension by laughing. The room took the cue and laughed along looking at the big wet spot on the front of Johns pants.

I scooped Karen up in my arms and carried her upstairs.

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