Fuck Buddies Ch. 01

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Hey I’m Will. I like to have fun – fun with the girls. I like to cut to the chase, so if that’s your thing, keep reading. Here’s some fun:

* * * *

So this one time it was during summer holidays between first and second year university. I’m in the city, out alone one night at an uptown bar. I normally don’t go out alone, but my friends were all busy and I was in the mood for a noisy place. Anyways, I was finishing my beer when I noticed two girls giving me some glances from the pool table. I like glances, especially from girls like these. Both were amazingly gorgeous — one had wildly short dark hair with tanned skin and square-framed glasses, the other sported a sexy blonde crop and fair tones. Both had the figures of models. The dark haired girl was in a very loose halter-top — the kind where you can see what the lady has because the sides of her breasts are exposed. The blonde had worn a tight white tank top, and both were in capri jeans. Sexy as can be. And those glances kept coming back. I won’t describe myself… these stories are about the girls, and I’ll leave it up to your imagination if you’re wondering. And remember, it can’t be bad if I get looks from two vixens like these. Read on.

So I gave them a smile and a tip of my empty bottle. They exchanged looks and giggles. The blonde tipped her head indicating “come over here you”. Oh and I went over there indeed.

“Hey I’m Will.”

“Zen” said the blonde, her blue eyes twinkling and lips breaking into a perfect feminine smile.

“Cool name!” I replied. “Are you laid back?”

“Very” she said. Lots of innuendo applied.

“I’m Mel” came the black haired beauty. “Nice to meet you Will.”

“Likewise Mel.” She too had a mystical beauty about her. Now I’m all about the sex and the naked bodies and all that, but I have to step back and give a nod to these two wonderful ladies. Both are classically beautiful – and as I got to know them more over time, kind and generous and very smart people. Now back to the sex and the naked bodies. Well, all I could see of Mel right now were her green eyes and perfect teeth – and genuine interest in meeting me, but it was very, very good. “So I got some glances from you two, and the old nod-over. What’s all that about?” They chuckled. Mel dove in for it.

“Well we were looking to make a new friend!”

“And we need a decent match for some pool!” piped in Zen.

“Let’s get it going then!” I said, ready to fill some holes. Har har. I went to get us some fresh beers while they set up my favourite game. When I got back, they decided it was girls versus the guy. But my, did they need help.

“I hold it like this” I said, my body curved against Zen’s backside, the cue in both our hands. We took the shot and she sunk one. Both girls were delighted.

We went on like that for a while, and I happily lent my expertise to the two beauties. I was under a spell of their perfume and looks, and I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for girls with short hair. The way I see it, it means they’re clean, they like to groom themselves (not just on their head), and they only chop off the locks if they have a gorgeous face to compensate.

Mel turns out to be an art major, working at a local art shop. Zen is doing law, and also looks after a group of student houses, including their own. Ya, Mel and Zen live together. And of course I got to see their place that night. Let’s cut to the chase.

* * * *

I drove into Mel’s pussy, slamming her creaky bed back and forth against the wall like some porn cliché. Okay so this was my first threesome. It was everything I’d hoped and dreamed. I know it’s everyone’s fantasy (maybe not the exact guy to girl ratio, whichever way you swing), but it was as much a fantasy as I plunged my way into Mel as it had always been in my mind. Times that hotness by ten because I just met these erotic girls a few hours ago. Zen sucked on Mel’s floppy breasts, barely capturing the nipples in her mouth as they sprang back and forth with my thrusts. The screaming could break windows. Then the leggy blonde straddled her roommate, facing me. Her pussy absorbing the heat off mine and Mel’s connected loins, she full-out mouth-fucked me. Mouth-fucking is what I call an insane makeout when you and the girl are naked. This usually happens during sex, but in this case that would be a few seconds away. And…. time! Okay it was Zen’s turn. I pulled out and propped my nine inch member into my other new friend.

“Do you mind Mel?” I said. She could barely breath.

“I already came twice. Knock yourself out.”

“Or knock me up” said Zen, already matching my strong thrusts.

“Let’s hope not!” I said, already fully aware they were both safe. Hmmm how can I keep this interesting for you? You’ve probably read just about every depiction of sex there is. I’ll just be general and keep the pace moving. We licked, sucked, gave, took, rammed, rode, rocked, and came the whole night long. Different rooms, different surfaces, different pieces of furniture, casino şirketleri different climaxes of pleasure which can only be achieved with two beautiful, sweaty, horny girls like these. Zen came three times. Now you’re thinking “what’s this guy all about? How’s he holding back?” Well I’ve had my fair share of intimate encounters, so I’ve got a collection of moves and tricks to keep the girls cumming and myself lasting. But all things cum to an end, and I erupted my load inside Mel on a switchover that was definitely in the double digits.

Even though I was tired, and so were they, I was determined to make the first time with them even more special. We took a short breather, then gathered some new location ideas and some hardness, and we were back at it again and into the wee hours of the morning.

* * * *

I awoke in a tangle of smooth, toned limbs, spread over me from their naked bodies. Zen’s flat chest was face down on my side, while Mel’s breasts cushioned my other side. The bedroom door being opened was what woke me up. The girls were already awake, and looking radiant in the morning sunshine which spilled through the curtains. They were still in a state of euphoria, feeling all over my body. A head popped around the door.

“Hey Naomi” moaned Zen. Naomi was perhaps more beautiful than the two I had just ravished. Her pale skin was the perfect fairness for her lovely freckles and shaggy, extremely short red hair. Another one! Wow.

“Hey you guys” she said, showing no inhibitions whatsoever. She seemed genuinely giddy to see her two friends and a completely stranger naked in front of her.

“This is Will” said Mel. “He’s the most amazing love-maker you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing.” I blushed. What a situation! Naomi came in the room. She was only wearing a towel having just showered.

“I’m Mel and Zen’s other roommate, Will. Sorry I missed the party last night, I was at a friend’s. It looks like it was good. It smells like it was good.”

“H…Hi” was all I managed to get out. I can be a cool talker, but not with Naomi eyeing me down.

“So will I get the pleasure of getting to know you?” She arched an eyebrow tauntingly. Of course she would! The towel dropped.

* * * *

I gave it everything I had on the floor of their kitchen, Naomi’s back arching at full capacity as I throttled into her from behind. She was sprawled on all fours, doggystyle in front of my kneeling body. It turns out her freckles ran everywhere. Except for her messy hair and a small strip of runway above her cunt; I couldn’t see behind those. Zen and Mel both walked around naked, preparing coffee and some breakfast. They occasionally teased each other, or let me or Naomi in for a lick or a finger, but for the most part they were spent. Naomi’s body spasmed and jerked backwards, her vaginal muscles tightening around my cock for the second time this morning. Her twenty-year-old tits springed around in joyous freedom. I slowed for her pleasure, and resumed when she recovered. We got into another position — she sat on the counter facing me and spread her legs for my entry. Here’s a chance were I can say we properly mouth-fucked. Minutes later, I was ready to explode.

“Take it out!” she gasped, clearly wanting to see the prize.

“Where?” I yelled, pulling my dick out and pumping it full force.

“My face!” she cried, her finger now a blur in her swollen hole. I came before I could aim properly, the hardened veins of my member propelling out the white mess. Half of it found Naomi’s face, where she had her way with it. The other half found a bowl of fruit, which Mel and Zen filled their appetites with.

* * * *

A few hours later after some more getting-to-know-you and quality time together, it was time for me to run some errands. I consider these girls my good friends. Even best friends. And definitely fuck buddies. That summer, and many nights beyond, we continued our mutual pleasure and it was wonderful. I kissed each of them goodbye after our first night, knowing I would return often.

* * * *


* * * *

This is my next sexcapade. It’s hard to top three girls at once, but sex isn’t about topping your past achievements. It’s about having the best time possible with beautiful women, no matter what the situation. I went up to the cottage with the family for a week during my summer vacation. I was sorry to leave Mel and Zen and Naomi back in the city, but I’d be back inside them in a few days no doubt. The town was small but very pretty — definitely what the vacationers paid for. One day I was walking down the main street and my luck took a turn for good once again. Next to me, a girl came into stride. She sent a smile my way, which I returned. Blonde hair down to her chin worn messy, with blue eyes and a perfectly feminine smile. She reminded me of one of my best fuck buddies…

“Hey what’s up?” she asked.

“Not too much” I said, hands in my pockets and switching my sight between her stunning casino firmaları face and the ground.

“Ya that’s the problem with this town. It can get a little boring.”

“You’re bored?”

“Well ya, there aren’t exactly boys lining the streets.”

“Well there’s one” I mused.

“I know! Nice to meet you, I’m Maxine.”

“I’m Will” I replied. Maxine was nice. She seemed delicate. Very attractive. All the vacation sun had bronzed her skin, and sunkiss freckles dotted her face. She wore extremely small white shorts, and a pastel blue tank top. Her toned arms were the kind that reflect dimples of shadow here and there if you see it in just the right lighting — clearly some light muscles. Her breasts seamed to be small rounds in my peripheral vision. I guessed she was probably a year younger than myself — eighteen-ish.

“So,” She turned to me and stopped, raising an arm to mess with the hair on the back of her head. “Wanna fuck?”

I have to admit I was taken aback.

“Haha… wow” I managed.

“Ya I know huh?” she said understandingly. “Okay I’ll be honest. This town is boring when there’s nothing to do. But now there’s something to do… you!” She said this matter-of-factly. “And you come highly recommended.” Now she really had me lost.

“My cousin is Zen!”

“I thought you looked like her! Wow! Small world!”

“No kidding right? Anyways, she said you were a maniac in bed and do things to her that are insane. So, you wanna fuck me up?”

“Of course Maxine!”

“Cool! Oh, one thing. You’ll be screwing my sister too. She’s going even crazier for a cock than I am!”

Now I was in that common situation where the clothing covering my crotch felt like a jail cell.

“Right, ya. I can do that!” I stammered.

“Great!” She took my hand and led me down the rest of the deserted street. We got to know each other and talked about Zen in the few minutes it took to reach the sisters’ beachfront cottage. We walked around to the back porch. They were staying alone for a few weeks. Excellent.

We went up onto the porch, I caught my first glimpse of the other. Ohhh yes. It was another Maxine! It was the same person! They were twins! Identical twins!

“Will, this is Riley” said Maxine, introducing us. “This is Zen’s friend.”

“Ohhhh” murmured Riley, tiptoeing to give me a kiss on the cheek and realizing the connection. She wore the same tanktop as her twin, but in red. “Glad to have you onboard the crew. It’ll be a nice change fucking someone besides Maxine tonight. Not that I don’t love you sis.” Riley gave Maxine a peck. Fuck this was surreal! Maxine realized she needed to explain.

“Oh Will, we’re very close as sisters. Ya we pretty much fuck and everything together. It’s kinda incest, but we’ve never got any complaints from guys we share. That cool?” I laughed at my luck.

“Haha are you kidding? Where do I sign up?” Maxine was at my side, her chin resting on my shoulder. One hand was on my crotch, the other on my ass. Riley pulled off her tanktop, bouncing down a supple chest with a continuous tan.

* * * *

The two girls were lying flat on their backs next to each other on the large bed, long legs spread eagle. They smelled like vanilla. They tasted like sex. I quickly darted my face between their two pussies, flying my tongue over their twitching clits. With Maxine on the left, I tried something different when I came back to her. With her anal hole clearly visible and cheeks spread, I danced my tongue around it, then pressed in. The taste was clean, and she rippled in glee at the new sensation. I repeated it for Riley, who gave the same response. They were twins after all.

* * * *

We fucked all night, their cunts swallowing my cock lovingly after their serious dry spells. They felt the exact same on the inside, but the arousal it gave me to have twins bouncing on top of me like rodeo riders was incredible. And just as promised, they gave as much attention to each other as I got. Maxine had now climaxed three times this round. It was Riley’s turn. She climbed onto the saddle and gripped her hands high above her head on the bug-net’s bar. She rocked me with fury, breaking the sound barrier in the process. And boy did she swear like a sailor.

“Fucking right you fucking piece of ass! Fucking ram that dick into my womb and make me cum!”

“Shit Riley you fucking keep talking like that and I will!” I gasped. Maxine threw a leg over my face, planting her asshole for my tongue. She faced Riley and they mouth-fucked.

“Will, stick your tongue as far up as it’ll go! Fucking make my ass cum!” groaned Maxine.

“Fuck I’m cuming!” screamed Riley. Her arms did pull-ups on the bar as she slammed herself down on each ramming.

* * * *

The next days were a blur of ecstasy. Their private property let me experience a whole lot of outdoor sex. I do specifically remember introducing the twins to the wonderful world of anal sex on the sands one afternoon. Maxine loved güvenilir casino the reaming so much that we went out there (having been naked for days straight now) and she went doggystyle. I thought of Naomi. Riley laid back in front of her sister for some oral. I gently pushed into her asshole, letting her adjust to the sensation. Her natural muscle spasms to push me out worked wonders on my dick. As soon as she was comfortable, we started the usual routine — our young bodies pushing back and forth against each other in pure lust. Then Riley gave it a try. She loved it too. Back inside Maxine a half hour later, I came. The twins were doing sixty-nine (while I was just above in Max’s ass!), and they came too.

They other thing I remember really well was their incestual tendencies. Whether I was recuperating or joining in, those girls were hungry for each other. They would eat pussy constantly, and taste every square inch of each other’s bodies. And they were nymphotic too — once I saw Riley sitting her cunt over a bedpost and bouncing on it. Another time Maxine stuck rocks from the beach up her pussy and rubbed it around. These girls provided an incredible week for me. Their loveliness and sheer love of fucking makes them excellent friends indeed. Thanks to Zen, I’ll never lose touch with Maxine and Riley, the horniest twins ever.

* * * *


* * * *

The title says itself. The next girl I was inside is Nadine, from Scotland. Although I couldn’t wait to get back to the city and my three best friends, I had to tag on another week with the twins in their beachfront cottage. They begged, and it’s impossible to put up a fight when two blondes are naked and toying with you while they ask. So anyways, it was the second day into the new week. I had just come out of the shower, and wore a towel around my waist. Riley wore a much-too-small bikini and see-through fabric wrapped around her waist. A flower was in her hair. She was a sight to be worshipped, even though I had already memorized every part of her body. Maxine walked around in the white shorts I met her in. Her tits jiggled as she walked around, enjoying the evening breeze. A flower accented her messy blonde hair too. Outside, the sun was casting an orange glow as it set. Wow this has gotten a bit more descriptive lately, hasn’t it? Well that’s not a bad thing – the more women, the more description. It’s only fair, because I have to give them all decent attention. If you saw them in real life, you would too.

Anyways, guess who walks in! It’s Mel, Zen, and Naomi! And another girl! The stranger was shorter than everyone in the room, and sported blonde hair with blue eyes. Hey hair is curved inwards and down to her neckline. Her face looked very young, but very happy to be here. She had nothing going for her on her chest, but I get equally aroused by flat tits as with big ol’ teardrops. She was in a miniskirt which was probably too high for a girl her age, and a tight polo top. But she had the athletic figure of everyone standing in the room.

Sorry I got carried away. There’s just nothing better than describing a stunning girl. So my three best friends all run at me! Naomi is first in for a big smooch, sending me back onto a couch.

“Will you deserter!” yelled Mel.

“We missed you!” shouted Zen, ripping off my towel underneath Naomi.

“Haha I’m sorry! I was going to call you this evening! Zen your cousins… are amazing!” Riley and Maxine looked delighted, Max giving her left breast a slight squeeze of pleasure.

“Wait, did you two know about this?!” I asked.

“We wanted it to be a surprise!” Riley answered.

“I’m surprised!”

We all caught up and I was introduced to another new friend, Nadine. Her Scottish accent instantly caught my interest as it sexily rolled every word. Oh and by now I had the towel on again. Naomi is yet another Zen relative, a cousin of the twins and her from the UK. She was staying with Zen for a while over the summer. Anyways, Mel and Zen and Naomi were anxious for some fulfillment. They decided to wait for the next day because the twins wanted to take them shopping. I was tired, and so was Nadine, so we stayed in that night. We sat on the couch talking. Eventually it came to our favourite subject.

“So I hear you’re a fiend with my cousins and friends!”

“What? How’d you hear that?”

“Hmm let me think. The stories on the car ride up. The towel and then the losing of the towel in front of everyone. Maxine’s lack of shame. Oh and everyone deciding they’ll fuck you tomorrow.”

“Oh right. That.” I blushed a little. For all my ranting, I can be a shy guy here and there.

“It’s alright, I’m just as happy to join in!”


“I’m all for it. Let’s give it a go! Right now!”

“I can’t Nadine…”

“What? Why?” She sounded hurt.

“It would be pretty much illegal. You’re not eighteen, right?”

“No I’m sixteen.”

Fuck, a gorgeous sixteen year-old wanted my dick inside her and I was saying no.

“I really would love to…”

“Don’t worry! In the UK the age of consent is sixteen! And I consent!”

“Really? Wow I guess that would be alright then!”

“Of course it’s alright!”

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