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The reception room was very well attended, and, in the crowd, I had become separated from my parents although at the time it really didn’t concern me. Seeing that all the food and drinks were provided by my father’s company. I was standing with my back to the bar with a glass of double malt whiskey in my hand when I saw this incredible woman talking with a mixed group of people not far from me. Her beauty was staggering; she was color, brilliance, with long skeins of silken black hair flowing down her back. She was close to six feet tall with a heart-shaped face small nose and two small dimples on her lower left cheek. Her dark sultry eyes were incredible with perfectly styled brows they appeared to possess a natural smile. She appeared to be wearing very little makeup and her lips were highlighted with the lightest of tan lip gloss. Being an incredibly hot evening that promised a late storm she was dressed in a very stylish above the knee Christian Dior dress and light tan stockings that I believed would have to be thigh high’s after all a women exhibiting such style would never wear pantyhose. Her figure was again pure seduction being the classic hourglass with firm perky breasts and hips to match. Allowing my eyes to wander down the woman whose looks had me mesmerized I was surprised to see her wearing Italian leather shoes that were styled with a gold chain around the back of the low heel.

Taking a second whiskey from a waiters tray I compared her with myself. Where she was tall, I am short being only five feet three in my stockinged feet. My hair which is long dirty blond styled with a bob on the top of my head. Although my face is nothing to write home about it my eyes are blue. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that can be said for my eyes because they possess virtually no brows at all which gives me an incredibly vacant look. Like my vision, I am dressed in a light linen Versace dress which is a bit too short for this stylish reception and sadly I have small breasts which don’t make up for what the dress lacks.

Looking back from the bar I was surprised to see my vision standing almost too close to me for polite company. Not seeming to mind how close I was she began to speak, or should I say purr because her voice was soft and like her eyes sultry.

“Well, my little one I’ve noticed you watching me. Allow me to introduce myself I am Geraldine Gibbons or most of my friends call me Gerry.”

“Aghhh … sorry, I am Felicity Jones and I am here with my parents.”

“That’s one of my favorite women’s names I think I’ll call you Flick. Why you don’t have a drink: allow me.”

Saying this Gerry looks around and seeing a waiter quickly takes another malt whiskey for me.

“Felicity you intrigue me. Why don’t we make ourselves scarce and get to know each other?”

“But my parents.”

“Never mind your parents this reception has only just gotten underway we have a good two hours.”

Although I’m a strong-willed woman who knows her own mind, I found that Gerry had me totally mesmerized and following in her wake I allowed her to take me into a smaller room next door. Looking around I saw that it was a very well-appointed office with a large glass desk which had two comfortable chairs in front. At the other end of the room, there was a deep leather couch and drinks cabinet. Setting the catch on the door Gerry turned towards me.

“We have nothing to worry about because this happens to be my office. Now my little Flick why don’t we freshen our glasses before getting comfortable.”

Although I am not bahis firmaları a big drinker, I found myself powerless to refuse the drink that Gerry handed me before beckoning me to join her on the deep leather couch.

“I noticed you admiring me while I was talking with those incredibly boring people.”

“Aghhh well not really … you see I was really looking for my parents.”

“Tut, Tut Flick you know it’s naughty to tell lies. I was talking with those people for at least forty minutes and you were all but ogling me. Now tell the truth you are attracted to me aren’t you.”

“Well not attracted rather I found you very beautiful.”

“That’s a little better but you seem to like telling little white fibs. Now shall we try again?”

“Gerry I am straight … I’m sorry if I was starring but I did find you most attractive.”

Saying this I noticed Gerry’s eye’s closed slightly.

“Well yes, Gerry you are right. Although I am straight, I was somewhat mesmerised by you.”

“That’s twice you have told me you are straight. Are you going steady with someone?”

“Erghh … no not really steady. I have this friend though.”

“I think you are trying to tell me that your parents don’t know that he is fucking you: am I right.”


“You answered truthfully. There you go it’s easy when you try, isn’t it? Now tell me have you ever thought about doing it with a woman?”

“Oh fuck … Oh God sorry Gerry. No, I am straight.”

“That’s the third time you have said straight do you know that I think you are trying to convince yourself that you are straight after all good girls are not mesmerized by strange women. That’s right isn’t it Flick.”

“Oh God Gerry I … I don’t …”

“I think you are trying to say yes. Am I right?”

“Yes, but I am straight … “

“Yes, we know you are straight, but you are mesmerized by me, aren’t you? After all, I was watching you mentally undressing me. Now once again Flick it’s not polite to lie to strangers especially strangers who mesmerize you. So how about you come out to me and tell me that you were thinking of making love with me.”

Saying this I felt Gerry pull me closer her large strong-arm almost enveloping me as she pulled my head onto her breast and with her fingers slowly massaging my bare arm, I began to sense light charges shoot to my pussy.

“Not making love exactly but I think I wanted to see you without your clothes.”

“Do you know Flick I am getting the idea that you are not straight: not really although you enjoy running around saying you are. Now, why don’t you admit that at night when you are not with your man friend you get the teeniest of thoughts about doing it with a woman.”

As she said this, I felt her turn my face towards her as she lent down and running her tongue across the line of my lips.

“Oh, I don’t know. Gerry at the tennis club I compare myself with the other women while we are in the showers.”

Saying this I felt Gerry’s lips close over mine and as I gasped her tongue quickly slid onto mine. It wasn’t long but when she spoke again, I felt her fingers slowly unzipping the back of my dress. Although I wanted to say ‘NO’ but all I could do was nod my head when she looked enquiringly at me.

“I think Flick that at last, you have decided to tell the real truth haven’t you. Now tell me what you want me to remove your dress after all you really want to show me your body don’t you.”

Again, I nodded my head but seeing Gerry staring at me with her lips slightly parted I kaçak iddaa final gasped out:


“There’s a good girl now how about you raise yourself so as to assist me as I remove this delightful frock, after all, we don’t want to crease it do, we.”

Raising my bottom off the couch I felt Gerry quickly slide my dress down and taking it in her arms draping it carefully on the desk. Returning she took my hand helping me to stand before her.

“You are lovely Flick … tell me how old are you?”

“I am twenty-three but will be twenty-four next week.”

“Next week: what day?”


“Wonderful. Now Flick has anyone ever told you that you are incredibly sexy?”

“I hate my breasts they are small and uninteresting.”

“Now, now Flick I think I should be the judge, don’t you?” Now, why don’t you peel your knickers off so that I can admire all of you.”

Looking into Gerry’s eyes I silently begged her not to insist but seeing her eyes burning into mine I quickly peeled them off. Although I am not a pure blond for some reason, I have never had any hair on my vagina. Standing in front of Gerry my hands went instinctively to cover myself but on hearing Gerry’s Tut, Tut I dropped them to my sides.

At first all Gerry did was stare at me but then I heard her release a soft whistle of admiration which gave me so much more confidence. After all, no one has ever admired my looks before: Even my boyfriend says that although I am plain in looks, I am a great fuck. For the first time, I realized that he was really putting me down.

“Flick you are a truly beautiful woman. I think you want me to stand naked before you. Correct?”

“Ever since I first saw you, I have wanted to see you without your clothes.”

Gerry said nothing so stepping forward I reached around her dress unzipping it carefully. It was silk and I had never handled a dress like it before. Lowering it down she stepped out of it and I lay it carefully next to mine. As I thought she was wearing thigh highs so kneeling before her I rolled them off her strong legs before standing to unclip her bra leaving her standing before me naked but for her white thong. At this point I was beginning to shake and standing before her I felt a flush wash across my cheeks. Gerry said nothing but stare into my eyes silently instructing me to kneel before her and remove her thong.

As I pulled them across her hips, I smelled her arousal. It was a deep musky aroma that I found rather that I found rather interesting.

“I think we should return to the couch, don’t you?”

Taking my hand she led me back to the couch but this time instead of seating me next to her she sat me on her knees with one hand holding me firmly around the waist while the other turned my mouth towards hers.

It was a kiss like I had never experienced before. At first, she just lightly pecked at my bottom lip taking it in hers and pulling it down before sliding her tongue across the opening. We continued with our lips and tongues getting used to each other as Gerry’s hand on my waist reached higher holding me just below the line of my tiny breasts. It was amazing love. My boyfriend is always way too hasty wanting to get inside me as fast as possible imagining that that’s what I needed. Yet here was Gerry taking her time working my nerve endings as though she were a sculptor.

Gradually our lips closed on each other and I felt Gerry’s tongue slide between my sharp teeth and gliding across my tongue and at this point, she leaned me back her arm steadying kaçak bahis me as her mouth took control. Even if I had wanted to it would have been useless to stop her advance because she was so much stronger in both strength and will something that amazed me because I have always been the strong-willed type. Yet here I was submitting to a woman I had only known for about fifty minutes.

As her kisses continued, I felt her hand slide over my breast her fingers grazing across my puffy nipples. After doing this a few times I found myself moaning into her mouth as Gerry’s insistent tongue thrust close to the roots of my tongue. It was the most wildly erotic sex I had ever experienced and with ever pinch of her fingers or swipe of her tongue I felt my pussy become more like a dripping tap.

Feeling her tongue slide across my right nipple I cried out loudly hearing my lover chuckle as a hand slid gradually towards my midriff as her tongue and other hand continued their stimulating of my highly aroused breasts which for me was yet another first. I don’t understand why because I have had men play with my breasts assuring me that my tiny tits turn them on and yet no matter how long they play it has never done anything for me. Yet here I am sitting on Gerry’s knees at the point of climax as she causes every nerve ending to cry out her name.

At this point, my pussy was dripping although Gerry had yet to even get close to it. Rather her fingers were lightly dancing along my lower stomach and across my inner thighs as I begged her to go deeper. With her lips and tongue driving the nerve endings of my breasts crazy her tickling fingers were causing arousal the likes I had never felt before. They were playing my stomach and thighs nerve endings as though she was playing a priceless Stradivarius.

I was about to moan once more when I felt her hand press onto my mound her fingers pressed deep along my weeping cunny as I cried aloud once more. I don’t know what she was doing but my cunt began to pulse wildly as my breathing began to come in a series of short pants. I begged her to allow me to cum, but she simply smiled continuing to press against my clit as her fingers thrust somewhere between my ass and citreous.

Just as I felt I was going to cum Gerry took me up in her strong arms laying me across her knees as though she was going to spank me. Spreading my legs wide on her command I felt her fingers slide along my gaping cunny as the thumb of her other hand reached around to graze across my clit. I was panting and crying out as her fingers fucked me and attempting to spread my legs even wider I suddenly felt her fingers break through the puckered entrance of my ass. Shaking and crying out I then felt four fingers from her other hand slip inside my cunt and begin to fuck me in unison with the finger in my ass. The effect was amazing every nerve ending in my body exploding as with a guttural cry I felt my orgasm beginning slow and yet like an earthquake the ripples becoming body shattering as my juices gushed onto her knees.

Gerry held me until at last, I recovered she sat me next to her as the remains of my orgasm dripped from my cunt.

“Well there my little love how does that compare to your man friend?”

“Oh, fuck Gerry darling Gerry there’s no comparison. You were amazing.”

“Well listen it’s time we return to the reception because the boring bits are almost over. We can quickly freshen up in my private bathroom but first, we will meet again on the evening of your birthday, after all, I think you owe me something don’t you?”

Half an hour later Gerry and I slipped unobserved into the reception and as the waiters were bringing trays of Champaign around I found my parents smiling at Gerry as I asked them where they had gotten to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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