An Indian Office Seduction

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This is a work of fiction. It could have happened though. I write with assumed names, organisations and places. However they are loosely based on real life situations and people. The story starts slow. Sex comes later. Feedback is welcome, since I am a new writer.


The deadline was nearing. At the end of every quarter, we would go through this ritual. The company’s financials were to be reported to the investors and stock exchanges. This time though the situation was tougher. Our accounts manager Ashok who did most of the grunt work was down with malaria while Mohit, the head of the legal department had a bereavement in the family. I was struggling with managing the tasks of two persons besides doing my own job. My name is Rajesh and I am a Chartered Accountant and a finance professional. I work with a large Multi-National Corporation in Mumbai, India. I am the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

We had 45 days from the end of the quarter to report our financials and 40 days had already passed. It was Friday morning and the Board of Directors’ meeting was scheduled on Monday. I did not know how I would be able to complete the financials and also check for compliance with the legal requirements. We had recently recruited a twenty something girl as an Assistant in the legal department and there was no option but to allocate a sizable portion of the work to her. In the month that she had been working for our company, besides the normal introduction made by the HR department I had not had the chance to interact with her much. In fact I had forgotten her name and had to check discreetly with my assistant who told me that her name was Trupti.

By the evening of Friday, I had taken over our large conference room and I was collating various inputs from my staff. My staff had done a good job in a short span of time and I was confident of completing the financials. Legal compliance was a worry and I sent for Trupti to see what she had done. I was pleasantly surprised after looking at her work and the attention to detail was far in excess of what one would see in young recruits.

I asked her to sit. “This is wonderful work Trupti. I am quite relieved that you could complete all this quickly considering the fact that this is your first quarterly report finalisation.”

“But Sir this is not my first report, I have finalised two quarterly reports of Amantrix Corporation as an intern.” Trupti replied. I looked at her with greater respect. She was not the complete greenhorn that I had expected.

“Well Mohit will find his task quite easy, now that you are working for him. Great work!” I complemented.

“And Trupti, you can dispense with the Sir, call me Rajesh. We are quite informal in our interactions here. You have a great weekend” I said intending to dismiss her and be left alone to tie up the final loose ends. It was going to be a long evening and also a wasted weekend getting all the stuff ready for the Board of Directors’ meeting.

Trupti stood her ground. I realised that she had not left and looked up from my papers and glanced at her. “Rajesh”, she said “I know that there are a lot of thing that are still to be done. I could help you with those especially since Mohit and Ashok both are not there to help you.”

I was glad at the offer but I gave her one last chance to back out “Don’t you have better things to do over the weekend than help ‘suits’ in corporates add up their numbers?” I said laughing. She said she she had no plans for the weekend and would be glad to help. Who was I to complain?

The rest of the evening was uneventful and we wound up promising to meet again the next day morning at 10:00 am instead of the usual 9:00 am.

My chauffeur took me home to my wife Roshni and my son Anand. I am 41 years of age and my wife is 37. Our son is 10 years old. We got married 14 years ago and life was good. My wife and I are the best of friends and we are comfortable with each other. My job was good and her activities with a non-profit social organisation and her motherly duties towards Anand were keeping her occupied.

Life however, had become far too predictable. The frequency and intensity casino şirketleri of sex had diminished and sex was usually confined to weekends as the work week was too hectic for both of us. Roshni, while still beautiful had gained weight at the time of her pregnancy which never went away. Also gravity had started having its effect on her breasts. I still had a full crop of hair on my head and was reasonably fit due to my moderately regular exercise regime. I still could make girls look my way if I was passing them. Time had been kinder to me than it was to Roshni.

Despite this we stuck to monogamy and Roshni was the only woman I had had sex with. In that sense my sexual life was uneventful and many would say boring. No sex before marriage and sex only with my wife after marriage.

I reached home in a good mood considering the fact that I was close to finalising the quarterly reports and that my worst fears of not being ready in time would not materialise. I was looking forward to our weekend quota of sex. We retired to our bedroom after putting Anand to bed and I extended my arm to grope Roshni. Roshni grimaced and said “Sorry love, that time of the month.” I was disappointed and it showed on my face. “Don’t worry, love.” Roshni said, “I will not let your Mr. Johnson down.”

This was on predictable lines. Roshni and I were fine with watching porn. Whenever Roshni was having her periods and I was in mood for sex, Roshni would put on a porn DVD and in some time give me a hand job. Roshni gets put off by oral sex and anal sex pains her so it is either vaginal sex or a hand job that I get. Since I was not getting fellatio, I stopped giving cunnillingus a long time ago. It was an unsatisfactory state of affairs but what was I going to do about it?

Roshni gave me a quick hand job and I got my release. However there was this feeling of not being fully satisfied. Being tired and having ejaculated, I quickly went off to sleep.

The next day I woke up at 8:00 am, an hour later than usual, got ready and drove to office. The only difference from a normal week day was that I was wearing jeans and a T — Shirt instead of the usual suit as it was a weekend and no clients would be visiting our office. Also my chauffeur was to take my wife around on her weekend shopping chores and I was driving myself. I reached office at 9:55 am and our security guard ushered me in. I was surprised to find that Trupti was already there in the conference room and had already started work on compiling the reports.

There were two colleagues from the sales team who were there to finalise a presentation to be made to a client on Monday. Apart from that the office was vacant. I briefly chatted with the sales guys and went over to the coffee machine. Taking two cups of coffee, I joined Trupti in the conference room for something of a role reversal where the senior colleague got the junior a cup of coffee.

“Hi Rajesh, Good Morning.” Trupti chimed in.

“Good Morning Trupti.” I said handing over the cup of coffee to her.

“Thanks, I really needed that” she said.

We started with the work of compiling reports and I could not help but notice Trupti. She was wearing a skirt and a figure hugging top and for the first time I saw how well-endowed she was. Her bust size would easily be 36 D. It got me thinking about how the daily dress code of our company was toning down the sex appeal of our female employees.

” … what do you think about it Rajesh?” Trupti had been discussing something relating to the way a particular report should be presented and I had not heard a word of what she was saying.

“Sorry, could you come back on that Trupti, I did not get what you were trying to say.”

We completed the reports by about 12:30 pm. Now that most of the work was done my mind, was at ease. Also the disappointment at not being able to have proper sex with Rohini the previous night was playing on my mind. I was finding it difficult to keep my mind from wandering. I suggested to Trupti that we order a working lunch. Trupti and I both wanted some sandwiches. I set out to ask my colleagues in the sales team as to whether they would want to order something. casino firmaları It was then that I came to know that those guys had completed their work and had left for the day.

I ordered sandwiches for the two of us while Trupti was photo copying the reports to make the final fifteen copies for the Directors and senior executives of the company. The sandwiches came by the time Trupti finished photo copying and we quickly ate our lunch as we were both quite hungry.

After finishing our lunch, the only task left for us was to file the various sheets of paper into 15 folders and leave the folders in the Board Room. Since the Board Room is quite spacious as compared to the cramped conference room we were working out of, I suggested the we take the papers to the Board Room and complete the filing there. Trupti and I divided the papers between us and carried them to the Board Room. Just as we went in the Board Room, Trupti tripped over a patch of uneven carpeting. While she managed to keep her balance, all the papers that she was carrying fell out of her hands and were all over the place.

“Shit…” she swore “Sorry for swearing but this will require some sorting now”

“It’s OK, Shit happens” I said.

She squatted down and started sorting the papers. I knelt down in order to help her. At this point I started getting a wonderful view. Her skirt rode up her legs giving a nice view of her legs and her top was some distance from her body giving a good view of her ample cleavage. This continued for about five minutes while she was sorting out the papers.

Once the sorting was complete she looked up. I quickly darted my eyes away. I was not sure whether I had been caught. The doubt did not last for long. “Have you been leching me all this while Rajesh” Trupti asked. I was tongue tied. I did not know where to look. My face was red out of embarrassment. A lot of worries come to my mind. Our organisation had very low tolerance of sexual harassment and I did not know how this would play out. Although I had not done anything except for admiring the view, it might boil down to he says, she says.

“My god, you are blushing like some 14 year old.” Trupti started laughing.

I did not know what to say. I kept mum.

“Come on, you were just seeing what you got a chance to see.” she said. Precisely my thoughts though I did not dare articulate it like that.

By this time I was getting some of my courage back. I became mindful of the position I had. I could not afford to let this young recruit witness the CFO of the company squirm.

“Well no offense, as you say I got an opportunity and I grabbed it and the view was good.” We got back to our filing and preparation of the folders but the sexual undercurrent was unmistakable.

“So tell me something about yourself, Trupti.” I said to get the conversation flowing again.

“Rajesh, that sounds awfully like a job interview question.” she said.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked abruptly.

Trupti laughed. “So that is what you wanted to know?” I regretted my choice of words and was wondering how it sounded.

“Let me answer the questions that you have in mind. I am not a virgin. I have had three boyfriends so far though not simultaneously and I broke up with the last boyfriend three months back.” Trupti said.

“I did not mean it like that” I meekly replied.

“Now that you know everything about me, it is only fair that you tell me about your affairs and your sex life.”

“I don’t have any, I mean I don’t have any affairs and sex life, I mean I have a sex life but nothing exciting …” I blurted. Trupti raised her eyebrows and started grinning. What was I doing, discussing my private life with this girl who had recently joined and was known to me for only a few days.

“Well we could rectify that, your lack of affairs and your uninteresting sex life I mean” Trupti said, “I have not slept with anyone for the last three months.”

While earlier I would have been guilty only of leching a subordinate, if I fucked her, I would be breaking various sections of our company rule book. Besides I would be unfaithful to my wife for the first güvenilir casino time ever. I was however thinking with another head at that point in time. I moved closer to her. Trupti stood up and we started kissing each other.

Here I should let you know that most of our office is open plan where staff members sit in cubicles and senior officials have glass partitioned cabins. However our board room is wood paneled and sound proof giving complete privacy.

Although we were the only two persons in the office, I moved to the board room door to lock it and resumed kissing Trupti. We started undressing each other. Trupti’s top and her bra came off first and I took off my T-Shirt and put the clothes in a heap. I started fondling her massive breasts.I slowly moved my mouth to her left nipple and started sucking it and lightly biting it. I kept massaging her right breast and lightly pinching her right nipple. She had nice dark brown areolae and her breasts despite their size defied gravity and stood firm and proud.

She started unbuckling my belt and I started working on her skirt. Soon my jeans and briefs were out and so were her skirt and panties. Trupti had a nice trimmed bush. Not the unruly jungle and not the barren desert. Looking at all this my cock was pulsating and Trupti started stroking it. I continued fondling her left breast and used my other hand to fondle her pussy. We continued this way for some time.

Trupti then lay down on the carpet on her back and spread her legs beckoning me to enter her. It was then that a thought came to my mind.

“Shit, we have no protection. I do not have a condom handy.” I said. I was a bit disappointed and was wondering what to do.

“Don’t worry, there are other orifices that can be filled!” she said.

I felt my cock grow a few centimeters more if that was possible. All my fantasies were coming true. Trupti knelt in front of me and took my cock in her hand and she put her tongue out. She touched the tip of her tongue to the head of my cock and licked a drop of pre cum that was there. I felt currents flowing through my body and started swaying with ecstasy. She was good in giving head and went about it in a very slow manner. Licking my balls, licking the shaft and playing with the head of my cock. She was giving me pleasure in ways that I never thought possible.

I wanted this to be wonderful for her too and wanted to return the favour. I lay on the carpet on my back and indicated to her to sit on my face while sucking my cock and do a 69. She was happy to do so. I started taking in the aroma of her warm pussy while getting pleasing sensations from my groin. I tentatively spread her pussy lips with my fingers and plunged my tongue in. She gave a loud moan. I started licking vigorously while at the same time playing with her clit. This brought urgency to her sucking of my cock. All this while she was teasing my cock but now it was the real thing and I could feel pressure building up in my groin. I continued with my licking and now her juices were coming out in full flow. I warned her that I may cum any time. She continued with her sucking regardless. I resumed my licking and we both came almost simultaneously with loud moans.

We just lay in that position for a while. Later we got up and I was pleased to see that she had swallowed all my cum. Not a drop wasted. I would have never expected Roshni to do something like this. We picked up some tissues from the box and tidied up a bit before putting on our clothes. We then freshened up in the men’s room (yes Trupti too came in with me).

As is usually the case, after the deed is done, all sorts of rational thoughts started coming in my head (the cerebral one). “I don’t know how we got carried away Trupti,” I said, “I hope we keep this between ourselves and keep this as a one off.”

“Oh don’t be a prude Rajesh, I know and you know you wanted this.” she said “We could do this again. It is just a matter of appetite building up once again.”

“And one more thing Rajesh, I hope you do not forget this and support me in my efforts in this organisation and put in a good word with Mohit.” Trupti said before we parted for the day.

As I drove back to my home that evening, I could not help but wonder whether it was an afternoon of unplanned passionate sex between two individuals or a planned seduction by an ambitious girl to promote her career.

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