Angel of Mercy

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Jim and Sarah had met on a ski hill, and were both experts. By having their wedding in late January they were able to plan a honeymoon skiing Western powder in the Rockies.

Everything – the skiing, the clubbing, the sex – was excellent until Thursday afternoon. Then some clown who had drunk his lunch went lurching across the expert trail and Jim took a terrible fall, careening into the trees… Next thing he knew, he was waking up in the hospital on Friday, hurting all over, woozy with drugs. The doctor explained that he was virtually immobilized: His left leg was broken, and in traction; his left wrist was broken, badly, and a cast had been built over a board splint which extended past the ends of his fingers; and his right shoulder had a severe separation, so he was in a half body cast on that side. The only limb he could move was his right leg. The drunk, of course, was unhurt.

Now it was Wednesday. With the pain mostly gone, Jim was bored stupid and feeling sorry for himself. Sarah had visited him every day, of course, to feed him and cheer him up, chatting about the shopping, the clubs, and the guys who tried to hit on her.

Today she came in a little before noon, just in time for lunch. It always cheered Jim up to see her, of course. She was quite beautiful, about 5’6″ with long shapely legs, a tight, athlete’s body, jet black shoulder-length hair and deep, intense blue eyes. Today she was wearing a lightweight short-sleeved sweater and a denim miniskirt that showed her legs off. But as she fed him, Sarah looked upset, pensive, perhaps even angry.

Jim was no dummy, he picked up on it right away. “What’s the matter, honey?”

Sarah started crying: “Oh Jim! I’ve tried to be happy, sweetie, because you need to heal, but I’ve just had a terrible time by myself.” Sarah continued talking, “and I can’t believe I’ve had to spend most of the honeymoon without you, sweetheart. God, I’m desperately horny, all the time. Look at my nipples, they’re always hard!”

And before Jim could absorb what she said, Sarah had raised her sweater above her breasts. They were medium-sized, but absolutely perfect in shape, with large, puffy, medium brown aureoles. And she was right: her nipples were erect, sticking directly out at him! Sarah grabbed a nipple with the thumb and finger of her left casino şirketleri hand, and gave a little gasp, while Jim could only watch the bud get even harder! Now he knew he was recovering as he felt his penis stir a bit at the view.

“And Jim, you can’t have any idea how uncomfortable it is to spend all day with a wet spot in your panties!” She leaned forward toward him and raised one foot to the bedframe to support herself – and Jim had a clear view straight up her miniskirt to her white panties! And just as she said, there was an oval wet spot, that seemed to be growing as he watched. Now he felt the beginning of a real erection for the first time since the accident. While Jim tried to say something consoling Sarah let out a groan, and her right hand went to her crotch.

She started rubbing up and down her slit, slowly and pushing very hard. It looked as if she was trying to push her panties right up into her vagina! Jim knew when to shut up and watch. In a few minutes Sarah pulled the soaking crotch of her panties aside and it was clear to Jim that she was ready and then some. Her vulva was awash in slippery, sticky fluid which coated her black, curly pubic hair; her lips had already opened like a flower and her inner lips and clit were becoming fully engorged. Jim was becoming engorged as well, as he now had a full-blown erection.

His wife now rubbed herself directly, without the intervening panties. Her hand moved up and down, with her first and middle fingers sliding in and out of her with increasing speed. She continued worrying her nipples with her other hand, and all of this was happening just a foot or so from Jim’s wondrous eyes. Sarah exclaimed in rhythm with her rubbing, and her breathing got faster. Then, just as it seemed to Jim that she MUST come, she let out one more groan and unbelievably got up from the chair – AND CLIMBED ONTO JIM’S HOSPITAL BED!!

Sarah faced the wall behind Jim’s head, and put a knee above each of his shoulders, so she could lower her flaming crotch directly onto his face! Jim had no choice but to start licking and sucking like crazy – something he had done many times before. He smelled her essence, and felt and tasted her juices as they flowed from her onto his chin and down his face to his neck and the pillow beneath. As he licked, Sarah casino firmaları rocked back and forth, masturbating herself on his mouth. Then she let out a long, low moan and stopped rocking – and Jim could feel her whole body spasm as she came, sending another gush of fluid down his chin, and nearly crying in her happiness.

As she relaxed over him, of course, Jim couldn’t breathe, nor could he push her off, so he tried to talk “Urrmmmmmmmph” was all that came out, but Sarah had recovered enough to understand. She climbed off him and grabbed a bedside towel, cleaning herself as best she could. Her panties were beyond help, but she left them on anyway, and pulled her sweater back down. Meanwhile Jim’s erection was starting to throb, and had tented the sheet over him. He groaned a little himself, but Sarah was just too satisfied and self-absorbed to notice. She flashed him the million-watt smile that had attracted him in the first place, and as she was leaving said “Thanks, lover, that was wonderful.”

Now Sarah had not closed the door when she came into Jim’s room, nor had she drawn the bed curtain. Neither Jim nor Sarah had noticed, but Mary, the head floor nurse, had come into the room to make her regular, after lunch check. She stopped as soon as she saw what was going on, and when Sarah had her orgasm the nurse turned and walked back to the station, smiling to herself. When she saw Sarah leave, Mary went back to Jim’s room. SHE remembered to close – and lock – the door. Jim, of course, was a mess. His face and neck were covered with Sarah’s glistening juices. His pillow and the top part of the bed were totally discombobulated; and of course he had a full, purple, nine-inch erection that now seemed to have a consciousness of its own.

Mary was a very attractive woman, forty-ish. She was tall and very big. Not fat at all, but with very wide shoulders and hips, large breasts and hefty, strong thighs. And she dressed to show off. Her uniform was always one size too small, her top was always unbuttoned enough to show her bra and considerable cleavage, and her skirts were always a couple of inches too short. Jim had never noticed before now, but he took in all the details this time. In his current condition he didn’t know whether to be hideously embarrassed or just more and more horny, and he was güvenilir casino actually a lot of both. Mary smiled at him, and said it was time for his after lunch cleanup. She had done this every day but Jim hadn’t been in this shape before.

The nurse never mentioned Sarah or what she saw earlier or now, just went to the basin, wetted and soaped a cloth and brought it back to the bed. First she cleaned Jim’s face, as she always did after lunch, being careful to sponge away all of Sarah’s love juices without comment. Then she pulled the sheet off Jim – and his incredible hardon! She looked, but didn’t comment. Instead she said “time for your sponge bath,” which was something an orderly usually did in the evening. Then she said “I don’t have an apron – do you mind if I take my uniform off?”

Jim by now was beyond speechless, of course, he couldn’t even nod. His whole being was centered in his throbbing penis, which Mary hadn’t yet touched nor spoken about. She hung up the uniform and Jim gasped. Her bra and panties were sheer! He didn’t understand how the garment supported her magnificent breasts, but he could see her nipples – huge and very dark brown. When she faced him he could see her pubic hair through the hip-hugger panties. And to top it off, so to speak, Mary was wearing old-fashioned white stockings and a garter belt instead of panty hose.

As she sashayed back to the bed Jim felt he might come without even being touched. He didn’t, though, just got harder as Mary started sponging his chest, then his stomach. Then – omigod! – she skipped over his groin and sponged up from his ankles. Slowly but ever-so-surely she worked her way up to his crotch, first stroking his thighs, then his balls, and at last wrapping a hand around his aching erection.

If Jim had been able to think rationally he would have known it was impossible for his penis to grow any more, but as Mary slowly stroked up and down his organ he was sure it had lengthened again by half. He was ever so close now, and Mary knew it too. She leaned over him, and opened her mouth as if to take him in. Instead she exhaled warm air on the head of his cock, and that was it! First a huge sigh, then a massive groan, then Jim came – and came – and came some more. The first spurts shot a couple of feet in the air, but Mary directed it so all the gobs of semen landed back on Jim’s stomach.

After he was done, and flaccid again, she got a fresh soapy cloth and cleaned him up. She put her uniform back on, and left the room, saying over her shoulder: “There. Feel better?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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