Bridesmaids Are Easy Ch. 02

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Part Two.
The Wedding.

I woke up early Saturday morning, and called room service and order coffee. The bell hop knocked on my door and brought in my order. He handed me a little gift box, and said,” I was asked to give you this, by the pretty blonde lady next door.”

I thanked him and gave him a five dollar bill. As he went out the door, I opened the box. Inside it was a pair of pink cotton panties, with the word PERVERT written on them with a black magic marker.

I started laughing as I picked them up! They were soiled, the crotch was still damp. Then I sniffed them. Oh good God, I could smell the musky scent of Vicky’s pussy. I closed my eyes. As I tried to visualize the sight of Vicky bend over the rear end of my jeep; with her beautiful ass and pink clam sticking up.

All pleasant surprises and thoughts aside; I was shocked that I didn’t have a hangover. Considering the drinking Vicky and I did last night, my head should have been pounding.

I may not have had a physical hangover; but I sure as hell had an emotional one! I was overwhelmed by my feelings of guilt and remorse.

I was totally confused by last night’s sexual events! I’ve had my fair share of sex in the past. Some of it was kind of kinky and wild; but most of it was just normal vanilla sex!

I’ve never fucked anyone like that before! It was great. I can’t remember ever having such an intense orgasm, in my life before. I came so hard. I thought I was going to shoot my balls, right out the end of my dick.

I knew that’s the way Vicky, wanted me to fuck her! She kept encouraging me, to talk dirty to her, to degrade her! She begged me to, slap her ass, and make it sting. Holy Shit she had me totally nuts with a pure animal lust that I’ve never experienced before.

She pleaded with me to drive my dick into her harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. She went nuts with lust, as I pounded my cock into her! And I was just as nuts with my lust, as she was with hers.

But still the violence and valor language baffled me! After we got through fucking! I didn’t how to feel! I saw the sore red welts that I put on her beautiful ass, plus the degrading names; I called her, were upsetting me.

Oh My God, I came so freaking hard, I couldn’t breath, and I wanted to fuck her again the same way! Christ I was already hard as a rock; just from thinking about that wild fuck frenzy, me and Vicky had last night.

I’ve never treated a woman like that before in my life! For that matter I’ve never treated anyone that abusively before. I couldn’t believe the things I said and did to her…

I thought that ass slapping, hair pulling, and filthy language was only used, in cheap porn videos!

Yet Vicky thanked me, for fucking her hard and talking dirty to her. She said, “I needed you to treat me like that! I wanted you to dominate me, and remind me that I’m still a woman!”

God I wanted to fuck her again, but I wanted to do it to her gently, at first and then a little harder and faster, Christ, I thought to myself; what I ready want to do, is fuck the shit out of her again!

As big as I am; I’m really a gentle person, by nature. However; sometimes I confuse lust and sex, with love. I’ve been called, a cunt hound, a whore master, and a womanizer, I’ve been called so many different names, so many times! I can’t count them all.

I’m really not like that at all. I just love women and sex. No two ways about it. But I want more out of a relationship; then just a one night stand! Sex for the sake of sex is good, but I really want more, then just to get my nuts off.

As I started getting ready; for the wedding, I got a brain storm! I called the gift shop and send Vicky a dozen red roses and a big box of dark chocolates, I told the clerk to sign it, With Love from CV.

I rode over to the church in the limo with the other ushers.

I really got into it; at the church, walking the guests down the aisle, was kind of a blast for me.

I kept looking for Vicky and the other brides maids, but they were no where to be seen! I guessed they were all somewhere doing whatever it is; that bride’s maids do.

Finally the wedding started, Vicky and I joined arms as we walked down the aisle, she leaned her head towards me and whispered in my ear,” Roses and Chocolates, are you trying to seduced me? Oh Lover Boy you’re so sweet.” Then she winked and asked,” By the way did you get the little memento I send you?”

Before I could answer or make a comment we came to the front of the church and we had to part. It seemed to take forever, for the wedding to get over.

I wanted to talk to Vicky. After we walked out of the church we had to stand in a reception line. Vicky was standing directly across from me.

Vicky’s fair skinned. She looked stunning in her pink gown, with her blonde hair up. Her blue eyes were sparkling in the bright sun light. She was wearing a lips stick; that made her soft full lips look wet.

I couldn’t help myself, when I looked at her full lips, with that wet casino şirketleri looking lipstick! All I could think about, was how good, it would feel to have those soft full lips wrapped around my dick, as she sucked on it.

I was already getting horny and my monster was starting to get hard. I thought to myself this is going to be a long day!

I could see the freckles on her bare shoulders. The way her gown was cut, exposed just enough of her cleavage, to get me even more excited, then I already was.

She looked like Cinderella standing next to her ugly step sisters. Vicky wasn’t just beautiful. She was eye popping, jaw dropping, heart stopping, and fall down, drop dead, gorgeous. She was by far the most beautiful women at this wedding.

We went out front to take pictures Vicky was standing by herself, as I headed towards her I saw this old guy wearing a dark navy blue suit with gray hair and a gray devilish looking goatee, heading towards her.

I thought to myself, “forget it buddy, she’s mine!”

I got to her just before he did. I looped my arm through hers; and gave him a dirty look, and the evil eye. The guy looked me up and down! Then he turned around and quickly hurried off in the opposed direction.

Vicky caught me. She smiled and said,” CV you’re a tough guy, and you’re so protective and possessive of me! Are you jealous, Lover Boy?”

I just looked at her, and mumbled something. Vicky gave me a dirty laugh as she said, “Don’t worry about it stud. I bet that old fart can’t get it up anyway!”

I looked at her grinned and mumbled something about not having that problem.

Vicky let go of my arm, and turned around so we were facing each other. She looked at me with her blue sparkling eyes; and a broad smile on her pretty face, and asked, how do I look Lover? “

I grinned at her and said, “You’re absolutely beautiful! Vicky, you’re the most beautiful woman, I’ve ever seen! You look good enough to eat, for breakfast.”

She blushed, and giggled, as she said,” Promise’s, Promise’s, and more Promise’s; Oh Lover you’re so sweet.” Then she winked at me as she said;” you’re making me wet.”

I looked at her and lapped my upper lip. Vicky turned a bright red.

A couple of girls my age, were wiggling around in short tight black dresses, taking pictures; while they gave me the once over. I was enjoying their attention.

Vicky saw them, eyeing me. She put her arm through mine, took my hand, and interlocking our fingers. Then she gave the two girls, a catty smile, and nodded her head at them.

I put my head close to her ear, whispered, “Meow Pussy Cat. Now who’s being protective and possessive?” Then I kissed her on the cheek, nipped her ear lobe and blew in her ear.

Vicky jumped and gave me a dirty look as she said,”don’t start!”

I wanted her so bad it was unbelievable. I wanted to get Vicky into my room, and fuck the shit out her again. I wanted to possess her, and make her mine!

I nipped her ear loba again, and stuck my tongue in her ear. She shuttered and said again,”Stop that!”

Then she looked at me, with just a hint of a simle and stated,”you’re an insatiable horny bastard, aren’t you? And you’re going to drive me nuts.”

I took my hand out of hers and put my arm around her waist.

She looked at me with this expression on her face that said you better not do anything in appropriate!

I grinned at her mischievously, and dropped my hand down over her ass and gave it a playful slap, then I squeezed it.

She jumped, laughed as she said,” what am I going to do with you, lover boy? You’re making me feel like; a horny teenager again.”

We were loaded into the limos; and taken to the park. The photographer took more pictures of the bride and groom; their parents, and the rest of us.

When got the back to the hotel. We were introduced and seated. Most of the ushers and brides maids were either married or dating. So Vicky and I were seated together.

Vicky caught me trying to peek down the front of her gown!

Being the sweet blushing virgin she isn’t, Vicky gave me a devilish grin and said with a sexy laugh,” Are you trying to get a peek at my tits?” I chuckled, and winked at her as I said, “You’re damn right, I am. You’ve got the nicest boobs here”

Vicky grinned and said,” you’re an encourage-able, horny young man! If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to get into this, old broads pants!”

All the while we sat there eating, she played peek at my boobs with me. She’d lean over towards me so; I could peek down the front of her gown. And I loved it.

I was busy under the table trying to my hand under her gown. However; It was impossible, for me to get my hand under her long full skirt!

Vicky on the other hand was able to feel my cock with ease, and she did! My one eyed monster; was as hard as a steel rod, as she stroked my cock, under the table. She got me so freaking aroused, that all I could think about was getting her into bed.

I wanted to lay her flat on her casino firmaları back and burry my cock into her, as far as I could get it. I wanted to have my dick all the way in her. I wanted to be, balls deep into her. I wanted to feel her arms behind my neck and to have her long lovely legs wrapped around my waist. I wanted to hear her whispering obscenities in my ear; as I screwed her silly, with my balls slapping against her ass.

Then the dancing started! “Oh Shit, “I thought to myself,” What the hell am I going to do now? I had gotten a wicked hard-on. I knew if I stood up everybody will see it! Besides that; I can’t dance! I can slow dance, a little, but not very good.”

The bride and groom started the dance, and then they were joined by their parents. After that the wedding party had to join them on the dance floor.

By the time Vicky and I got up to dance, my dick had gone down a little. Probably because I had so much anxiety about having to dance!

While me and Vicky we’re dancing. I was trying hard not to step on her feet.

She leaned over and said,” CV I don’t know, what your idea of fun is! But there’s no freaking way! I’m going to put my thumbs in my arm pits, and flap my arms up and down, while I walk around in circles going cluck, cluck. I absolutely refuse to make a spectacle out of myself!

I’m not going to do any of those other stupid dances either. If you like that kind of foolish stuff! Ask one of those young bimbos; in their short black dresses that keep walking by us, shaking their asses at you, to dance with you!

I’m sure one of them would be more then happy; to make a fool out of them selves, with you.”

I was so relieved; I almost farted. I said with a sigh of relief, “Thank you Vicky! I don’t like to dance, and I have no intention of making an Asshole out of myself either.”

Vicky leaned against me, put her arms around my neck, and laid her head on my shoulder. I put my arms around her. I instinctively dropped my hands down over her shapely buns and started caressing them. As we stood there swaying back and forth rubbing oursleves against each other to the music.

I was in a blissful state of being, with my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of Vicky’s warm body pressed firmly against mine. I wasn’t thinking about anything other then how good she felt in my arms.

I wanted her so bad; my one eyes monster was ready to burst out of my pants. Vicky was breathing hard, as she rubbed her hands up and down my back, gently kneading her fingers tips into my shoulder blades, as we swayed together, grinding our hips against each others.

All of a sudden, I felt a tipping on my shoulder. I looked over, and my Aunt Bea and Vicky’s Aunt Margent were standing next to us, frowning.

Aunt Bea, said, “CV your hands don’t belong down there!

Margent said,” Victoria, what do you think you’re doing?”

To both of us, our aunts said in unison. “You two, need to remember where you are, and you both need to start behaving yourselves like respectful adults! Your blatant sexual behavior is embarrassing us! “

Then the two white haired old prudes, looked at each other, nodded their heads up and down, as if to say, to each other, Well we straighten them out! Then they turned together, and marched off triumphantly.

I was trying hard not to laugh. Vicky looked at me and busted out laughing. She was laughing so hard; she had tears running down her cheeks, streaking her make up.

She looked at me, and asked, “Lover do you want to hang around here and have desert?” I looked her in the eye winked and said, Vicky, I want to eat you for desert.”

Oh God Lover, the things you say to me. You do make me feel like a desirable young woman again. You’ve got me on cloud nine.”

Vicky took my hand and said,” Let’s get out of here, “Okay” I said, “Let’s go,”as we walked out of the ballroom.

When we got into the lobby, I let go of her hand and put my arm around her shoulder. Vicky put her arm around my waist.

The elevator was empty. As the doors closed, we looked into each other eyes. I said, Vicky, “I wish… I was older.”

She looked me in the eye and said, CV I wish I was a younger woman, but honey, wishing won’t change the differences in our ages! However; there’s something I want to talk to you about in the morning.

Now hold me and please kiss me gently, I have a cut inside my lip!”

She closed her eyes, turned her head to the side slightly opening her mouth, I tenderly covered her soft full wet lips with mine. It was a sweet kiss, a soft loving kiss, and it was a gentle kiss.

Nothing like the rough lust filled deep, tongue sucking kisses we shared last night.

We stayed together in each others arms embracing, with our lips gently touching. We played with the tips of our tongues. When the elevator arrived at our floor; we broke our sweet kiss and stepped out into the hall.

Once in the hall, we joined hands and slowly walked towards her room. Which just happen to be right next to mine?

When Vicky swiped her güvenilir casino key card and pushed the door open. I scooped her up in my arms, she instinctively wrapped her arms around my neck, and giggled, as she said,” Oh my God Casanova, now what are you doing to me?”

As I carried her over the threshold, she said,” Now your making me feel; like a bride, on her wedding night!”

Then Vicky started trailing soft sweet wet kisses all over my face, and then she tenderly kissed me on the lips.

It’s a wonder we didn’t fall. Because I closed my eyes as our licked touched.

I continued to carry her across the room, with my eyes closed as we kissed tenderly! I stood her up; at the end of the bed.

Vicky wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked me in the eyes as she said,” Lover you make me feel like a woman again. I brought something especially for you, this morning! I hope you like it. I’m also going to give you a special treat tonight.”

Then she turned around and walked over to the dresser. She took off her necklace and ear rings, pulled something out of her hair. Shuck her head, and her long blonde hair tumbled down over her shoulders.

Vicky called,” lover boy, come over here and open the clasp on the back of my gown. I want to get out of this thing and get your surprise!”

I quickly went over to her and opened the clasp, and pulled down the zipper. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her back against me. As I nuzzled my head between her neck and shoulder. I started giving her little love bits on the side of her neck and shoulder. Causing her to shutter.

Vicky moved her head to the side, as I nibbled on the hot spot between her neck and shoulders. I could hear her breathe quicken, and feel the little shivers going up and down her spine as I reached up and cupped her full breasts.

Then she bunched up her shoulders, and said.” stop that! I want to get out of this thing!”

I was stunned, and disappointed. My cock was hard it was starting to throb. But I did as I was told.

Vicky pulled away from me, and started walking towards the bathroom saying,” Lover why don’t you, go next door, and get your things? Then get out of that monkey suit and make your self comfortable, and I’ll be with in a minute.” She said, as she glanced towards the bed.

I ran to my room tossed my things in my over night bag, and hurried back to Vicky’s room. She was still in the bathroom, when I got back. What the hell is taking her so long I wondered!

I took off my shoes, socks, and striped off the tux and my tee shirt, leaving on my under shorts. As I flopped on the bed. I saw the TV remote and a new tube of K-Y toothpaste on the night table.

While I waited for her; I watched a rerun of law and order. It was about a woman high school teacher, having sex with one of her male students. I thought it was Hot and I got a hard-on watching the show. Christ, I was ready to explode.

Vicky was in the bathroom so long. I didn’t think she was ever coming out! I was temped to jerk-off to relieve myself.

At long last, Vicky finally came out of the bathroom!

My God she was a vision of loveliness in a sheer yellow baby doll night gown with matching yellow panties. My mouth must have fallen open, and I was having a hard time breathing.

Vicky smiled as she asked, “Do you like your surprise lover?”

“WOW Vicky, you’re absolutely beautiful.” Was all I could say, she walked over by the bed and slowly turned around in a circle showing off her new night gown!

She was perfect, with full perky breast and pointed gum drop sized pink nipples, a narrow waist, wide hips, soft round smooth thighs, long lovely legs. As she turned; I could see the bruises on her luscious, shapely butt.

I mutter,” Vicky I’m so sorry”, as I sat up on the bed, turned and put feet on the floor. I leaned over and kissed the welts on her sore, sweet, ass cheeks through the thin fabric of her nightgown.

Vicky just smiled and said,” It’s okay cowboy. You just put your brand on me.”

I stood up and took her in my arms, She looked at me and asked,” do you want me, do you really want me Lover? “Hell yes,” I replied, as I sought out her lips with mine. It was another sweet, tender, loving kiss; it was a kiss between lovers.

Not like the lust filled animals in heat kisses; we shared last night.

Some how or other we ended up on the bed, with Vicky lying on her back. I was on my side, beside her, holding myself up on my elbow, looking into her blue eyes.

I kissed her softly on her fore head, the tip of her little nose. I brushed my lips a crossed hers; and sucked her lower lip into my mouth. Then I ran the tip of my tongue back and forth across her lower lip.

Vicky had one arm under my side and she was rubbing my cheek with her soft hand while I sucked on her lip.

She was moving her head from side to side, trying to get me to kiss her. As our lips touched, I cupped her soft warm full breast, and gently caressed it.

She pushed her tongue into my mouth, as she felt my hand on her breast. Vicky put her hand over mine, holding it against her tit. As I pinched her nipple, making it hard, Vicky gasped. As she felt me twisting her nipple; she reached down and grabbed my man meat.

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