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Part 3 of the Adventures of Anje Larsson and her family.

All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely accidental. Everybody is at least eighteen years of age and it’s all consensual, enthusiastically so!


You’ve probably read the stories my slutty wife and daughter wrote and posted here. I actually didn’t know this site existed until Mary, my wife of twenty-two years, sent me a link to Literotica. If I didn’t have the wonderful distractions of two amazing women at home who have decided to fuck me to death and each other, besides, I’d probably be spending my waking hours in the pages of stories published here. As it is, I’ve found a few favorite authors already.

I never would have dreamt of pursuing it, but I had the privilege of taking my teenage daughter’s virginity (she’d already turned eighteen, so she’s quite legal.). She’s been on birth control for a couple of years. Her mom insisted she be protected and prepared for sex as it’s as inevitable for a pretty, intelligent girl as is sunrise. I was just amazed she’d waited as long as she had and truly grateful. I’ve admired my little girl and fantasized about her since she was much too young to consider as a sexual partner, but still very cute.

I’ve known my wife is bi since before we married. Part of the agreement was that she may have an occasional fling with another woman to satisfy those urges. I’ve withheld my deeply seated desires longer, but she understood I’d one day bring them to the surface and air them out. I believe everybody in the world has some kind of fantasy of sexual encounters other than the traditional binary monogamous sex portrayed in the movies (mostly).

Well, the incident in which I caught my wife and daughter in flagrante delicto heralded a sea change in our relationship. I work a lot and travel much more than is healthy for a good marriage. Yet, I have a wife who is beyond a doubt the best I could ever hope for. She has always been cheerful, just a delightful sexual partner and a business partner as well. I have known for years she loves to fool around with other women and she often tells me stories of what she has done and with whom, all with my blessings. The result has been a woman who continually brings to our connubial bed a joy and total pleasure in sex that lights up my life and reenergizes me when I’ve been working much too long and too hard.

Adding my sweet daughter to the mix has had a surprising effect on me. Let me describe Anje (pronounced ahn-ya). She is actually a much slimmer version of her mother. She is a really skinny blonde with long straight hair that hits at her mid-shoulder blades. Her face is angular, but still delicate and her eyes are as blue as her mother’s. We’re both of Norwegian descent and Anje inherited the best traits of our ancestors. The thing is, she is just plain skinny. Her hips are narrow, her breasts are tiny and her tummy is flat. She’s always been quite athletic, competing in track and field and in tennis in school. She still plays tennis for fun, but she works diligently on her academics.

She complains of not looking girly enough, but I find her astonishingly sexy. This brings me to my great fantasies. I might as well air them here and now. You’ll learn about my little perversion soon enough. I’m attracted to younger men. I mean sexually. I see them at the gym or just on the street and I want to take them home and seduce and fuck them.

You surely realize just how two-faced and hypocritical this is. I readily accept my wife and daughter’s bisexuality and can’t reconcile my own. I did have a few experiences while I was in junior high school with a friend with whom I learned how to jack off. He shared with me magazines and books that described transvestism and bondage and domination. In fact, he would dress in his sister’s things and we would play together. I still think about those times when I masturbate or even when I’m making love with my wife, imagining her as my old boyfriend who borrowed a pretty dress from his mother. For some reason, it was always he who wore the dresses, never me. I still preferred the male role though I was attracted to another boy. We got to the point of jacking each other off by the time his parents were transferred to another city. I never saw him again. I’d love to know how he turned out. I imagine he might have even tried transitioning to female. It’s a provocative thought.

I almost answered ads on craigslist when such things were still allowed from males who enjoyed crossdressing, but I always chickened out. I’ve had sex a time or two with transsexual escorts while I was traveling on business. It always seemed a bit rushed and too commercial for my level of comfort, so I stopped it years ago.

When I saw my daughter on top of my wife, fucking her, my first thought was that some younger guy was fucking her. My second thought flashed on my fantasy of fucking a younger guy. Now, just about all I can think about is asking my daughter to crossdress as a man and let me pick her up for some sexual casino şirketleri activity. The thing is, I know she will happily let me fuck her cunt any time I ask. She told me as much and I intend to take advantage of her offer. She really is a cutie and having her in a lovely dress and lingerie will be really sweet. What I most want is to dress her up as a young gentleman and to seduce ‘him’. I want her to wear her strap on cock under her slacks and to allow me to fuck her in the ass and then to take me in the same way. It has to be anal sex for my gay fantasy to work. Transforming my little girl into my little boy will be part of it. I’m going to brace her today or tomorrow and see if she’s up for something new and kinky for her old dad.

I’ve talked about it with her mother who is most sympathetic. She’s way ahead of me in the satisfying fantasies department. She said I have to be the one to ask her, but she believes Anje will agree to be Andy for an afternoon or a night. Maybe for longer to make us both happy. To do that, I’ll have to agree to be her date In my turn, shopping for a wonderful new dress, buying all the necessary lingerie and hosiery, perfume, cosmetics and then a night on the town as her gentleman, followed by a delicious seduction.

I can’t wait.

* * * * *

“Honey, would you mind if I fuck our daughter this afternoon?”

She turned to me with a big smile on her face. “Why should I mind? She’s your daughter as much as mine and I’m not the jealous type. After all, I’ve fucked her brains out for months before you busted us, my dearest love. I know she’ll love it. She loves you so much!”

I kissed her face, nibbling on her earlobes and holding her close to me. She felt my cock hardening against her tummy and wiggled back and forth to encourage this development. I moaned softly and pulled up her skirt to get my hand on her ass.

She giggled. “Hey, I thought you wanted to fuck Anje. Or is it Andy you want?”

I nibbled on her nose. “It’s both, love, but I always want you. Do you have plans for this evening?”

She pushed her knee between mine and gave out a low chuckle. “I was thinking I’d go to the Pussy Cat Club and see if I can hook up with some strange girl while you make incestuous love with my bisexual daughter.”

“Hmmmm… I’ll bet you can’t wait until she’s twenty-one. Taking her to your Pussy should be an amazing experience, I’m thinking.”

“You’re thinking correctly, my love. Besides, it’s been since I first seduced Anje that I’ve been to the Pussy. I need a girl tonight and you’re going to have ours, so I get to shop elsewhere.”

I chuckled and lightly caressed her pussy through her panties. “I hope you have good hunting, my dear. You know how much I enjoy hearing your stories about the women you meet there. Are you looking for anything in particular?”

She considered this for a moment, stroking her chin as though she had a beard there. “Well, she has to have a pussy and she has to let me check it out before we leave the club. I almost went home with a pre-op tranny last time I was there. She was very cute, but I made a promise…”

I laughed. “My darling, if you meet somebody irresistible, text me her photo and I might just tell you to go with your feelings. Or maybe to go feel her up. Whatever. Just have fun!”

She hugged me lovingly. “You have fun, too, my dear. I can’t wait for our next threesome with our little girl. I loved seeing you fuck her last night. She’s really enjoying a real hard hot cock in her now. I know you’re loving her tight little pussy, too.”

I kissed her and went to the kitchen to make supper for me and Anje. I wanted her to be comfortable with regular sex with us, and so with minimal changes to our routine. It will only be the fifth time I get to fuck my little girl and I can hardly wait. I’m doing things to force myself to be patient. I know she had some homework to finish for her classes and we all agreed her school work comes before we do!

I made one of her favorite dishes, spaghetti and meatballs. I had the pasta just about ready to drain and the sauce simmering. A salad was made and a bottle of a nice red wine open and breathing on the counter when Anje came down.

“Hi, love! Perfect timing. Supper’s about ready. Is your homework done?”

She had changed into a cute little red plaid pleated skirt and a white blouse. The schoolgirl outfits always do it for me and she knows it. “Homework is done for tonight. I have some research to do tomorrow to finish up my conclusions, but I’ll get it in on time. This smells amazing, dad! My fave and I love you for it!”

She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down for a rather lengthy kiss. I took my time to enjoy her attention. We knew we were alone together tonight and I thought it a special night. I broke away for a moment and poured a glass of wine for both of us.

“To my beloveds, good health, long life, and great sex!”

We clinked our glasses, drank a sip and I served up salad and handed her a bowl for her pasta to serve herself. casino firmaları I followed and sat next to her at the table. I spread her wide napkin and tied it around her neck, covering her lovely white blouse. I donned mine as well and I leaned over to kiss her. “You are such a gorgeous girl, my dear. I’m so proud of you. I can’t wait to do dirty, disgusting, sexy things to you.”

She giggled. “Daddy, mommy and I have been very disgusting girls almost every day. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind.”

My heart and hopes soared. Maybe she’d agree to my little role play. I wanted to see if she would let me take her from behind. It’s so much a part of my fantasy.

“I have some interesting things for us to try, love. I hope you enjoy it.”

She looked at me seriously. “Daddy, I can’t believe how much I love it when my daddy fucks his little girl. I hope you do fun, degrading things with me. It makes me feel like a fully-grown woman when you do and I love the feeling that I’m your little slut and mom’s little slut, too. She’s talking about having another woman over for a threesome some time. I think that’ll be amazing. After we’ve committed incest, what’s next? I’m your girl, daddy in every way.”

I dropped my hand to her knee and then to the inside of her thigh as I kissed her again. “Darling, the thought that I get to fuck my daughter is just delicious. Would you consider some role play with me?”

As I said this, I ran my hand up under her skirt to see if she was getting wet yet. In response, she opened her thighs as widely as she could to give me access to her core. “Yes, daddy. I’ll play with you. Any role you like. Your sister? Your secretary? Maybe a girl you meet at random and pick up for sex?”

I gently stroked the crotch of her panties. “Honey, will you let me fuck you in the ass? Maybe even in some almost public place?”

She gasped and bit the lip she’d been nibbling and sucking. “Yes, daddy, you can fuck any of my holes any time you want. You know that. Any time, any place. Do you want to take me out and fuck me somewhere In public?”

Oh, my little girl was eager. “Has your mom fucked your ass with her strap on, dearest?”

“Yes, daddy. A bunch of times.”

“Do you like it?”

“Oh, yes! I’ve been thinking I want to let you take my ass virginity. Do you want to do it somewhere we could get caught? Mom says that’s a good way to get laid when I’m on my period. It’s not as messy as being fucked in my pussy then.”

I continued to gently stroke her pussy through her panties. “I’ve fucked your mom hundreds of times that way when she’s on her period. She loves it and I hope you will, too. I was thinking I want your ass tonight. Would you like that, darling?”

She had her hand in my lap, unzipping the fly on my slacks and making me harder than anything. “I’d love that, daddy. Do you want to do me on the lanai? Maybe on the chaise that mom seduced me on? I love that chaise.”

“Yes, my love. That would be amazing. Shall we do it now?”

“Yes, daddy! I’ll get towels for us. Will you get the lube?”

I grinned. “Of course, dearest. I’m so ready to give you what you need.”

“I could tell. I’ll meet you out there, daddy.”

I grabbed a bottle of AstraGlide and a finger vibrator from our bed room and went out to the lanai. My girl was lying back on the chaise, her legs crossed at her ankles and a grin on her face. “I’m ready, daddy.”

I laid down next to her on the chaise, caressing her back and breasts and kissing her gently, romantically. “I love you so much, Anje, I can’t tell you what joy you’ve brought into your mother’s and my lives. Just being our daughter has been joyous for us. If you had only grown up to be such a nice person and never made love to us, we’d be thrilled. Making love with our daughter has brought a totally new and wonderful dimension to our lives.”

She pulled me on top of her and held me closely, kissing my face and touching everything she could. “Daddy, making love with you and mommy has been the most wonderful thing for me, too. Making you and her happy is the best thing I’ve ever done. I will love you forever. I hope you know that. Any time you want me, I’m yours completely. Same for mom. Being introduced to sex and love making by her has been the sweetest thing I could imagine. All of my fantasies about sex were nothing compared to the real act of making love with both of you.”

“Oh, honey, we both want nothing but the best for you. We agreed long ago that you would get the best of everything we could provide. Whatever you need, count on us to help as best we can.”

She looked shyly down at my hard cock and then gradually upwards to my face. She kissed me and then sported an impish smile. “I think you wanted to do something different with me, daddy.”

“Yes, dearest. I’m going to fuck your pretty little ass.”

She shivered. “Is it going to hurt?”

I pulled her close to me, caressing her hair, her shoulders, her back and her amazingly cute little butt over her skirt. “My dearest, if we do it güvenilir casino right, it won’t hurt. A gentle lover will introduce his girl to such pleasures slowly, gradually, and with the deepest affection.”

She giggled at my double entendre. “I love when your daddy cock is deep inside my little pussy and I love when mom’s strap on cock is deep inside me, too. Will you take care of me, daddy?”

I felt engulfed in her love at that moment. “Of course I will, darling. When we’re done tonight, you’ll wonder why you ever felt worried about this. It’s just another way of making love and I want to share it with you. Your mother wants me to be your first man back there as I was your first man in your pussy, even though she had fucked you with her strap on long before I could join in the fun.”

“I’m sorry we were sneaking around like that, daddy. I felt so guilty about it for months.”

I wrapped her up in my arms again. “Don’t give it another thought, dearest. Your mom did the right thing and we both know it. Besides, we seem to be here, doing intimate things together. Isn’t that the point?”

She nodded and kissed my mouth and my nose and my cheek as lightly as a butterfly. I touched her knee gently and tapped it twice. She understood and let her thighs part. I delighted as the doors to paradise opened to my touch. I intended to take my time and to make this the best sexual experience yet for my girl. My left arm cradled my baby girl as my right hand slowly worked its way up under her skirt to the gusset of her panties. I found her already wet. She gave me a soft moan as I caressed her so gently, running my finger up and down her slit, gradually deepening the clot made by her panties into her sweet vulva. In my explorations, my hand went further back and forward, eventually touching her lovely anus.

My first touch at my goal gave her a little thrill. Her eyes opened briefly, but then they closed languidly again as I slowly repeated the experience for her until she seemed to become used to this, at least a little bit.

As she wore a thong, my approach to her little browneye was made easier. I found the little ridge that outlined her opening and I dribbled a little spit onto my finger and then ran it around her little hole in circles.

“Oh, daddy!”

I answered her with only a little kiss and continued stimulation. I’ve done this to her mother many times, achieving a wondrous orgasm many times, sometimes doing nothing more than fingering her little asshole. I had more in mind for my little girl than that, though.

I pumped a little AstraGlide onto my middle finger and applied it to her little hole, slipping just the first joint of that digit into her. I could feel her muscle begin to clamp down on it. I just left it there until she got used to it. When she settled down, I slid my finger a little further into her and let it rest there for a moment as I kept up kissing her and telling her how much I loved her.

I pulled my finger out for a second and added more lube before putting it back inside her, reaching to the inside of the grabber muscle in her ass and I caressed her there for a moment or two.

She moaned and licked my nose and my lips.

“Like this, darling girl?”

“Yeah, daddy. I love it. Are you…?”

“All in good time, dearest, but you’re going to do the important stuff. I’m just your loving stud tonight.”

I managed to slip my finger into her to the last joint and just enjoyed the heat and pressure. As she began to relax, I pulled my finger back almost all the way out and added more lube, putting my pointer finger next to my middle finger, then slipping them to the opening together. I began again the process, now with two fingers inside her. I began to tap the front wall of her lovely rectum to try to stimulate her G spot. I know she has one, I’ve fingered it inside her vagina.

She seemed to enjoy this change in things. Her legs widened as she tried to open up for me as much as she could. It didn’t take as long for my third finger to become part of the process. That was almost the thickness of my cock, by that point. I knew for sure my girl could take me, but I’d never had any doubt. She never had any problem with me fucking her in the usual way.

I wiped my hand on a towel placed conveniently for the purpose and held her as I sat up, my hard cock point toward the sky. I helped my daughter straddle me, facing my way, pushing her pussy against my cock. I think she wanted to sit on my cock and see how it felt. To be honest, I would have loved that, but I was there for another reason.

“Darling, take some more lube and coat my cock with it. Yes, that feels wonderful. Don’t jerk me too much. I want to cum, but I want to do it inside you. Is that okay with you?”

She had the desperate look on her face I’ve seen on her mother hundreds of times. The look that means ‘I’m ready and I need you and damn quick, damn you!”

She was ready and there was no better time. I pulled her hips close to me and aimed my cock at her ass. She tentatively began to settle onto me, taking my hard cock into her just a little at a time. I concentrated on keeping it steady for her. She began a fucking movement, up and down, back and forth, taking me a little bit at a time until I was all the way inside her.

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