Caught In The Act

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I’ve always been sexually attracted to my grandmother. She has one of the most wonderful bodies I’ve ever seen. Especially, for a 50+ year old woman. I’m beau. I’m 18, 6’2, 160 pounds with blonde hair along with blue eyes. I have a skinny build.

I have been visiting my grandmother for years. She was a blonde woman, with small streaks of gray in her hair. She was around 5’5, 132 pounds. She somehow had a secret of having no wrinkles. For someone her age. That secret would have been a gold mine, but she knew how to do it.

As long as I could remember I went out there every summer for a month, but it wasn’t until just this summer. That things changed…..

She had been lonely for over 10 years now. I complained about going out there. I never wanted to go. All she had for me to do was help on the farm, or she had some porno videos that she gave me to “keep me company” while she was off doing business.

Well along the ride out there. I noticed this incredibly attractive blonde, with great tits, bending over looking at a watermelon. I could see right down her shirt. That shirt was so tight, everything was ready to fall out. My pants immediately stirred. I figured that when I got to grandma’s I’d run into the bedroom, throw in a “movie” and shoot my load before doing anything else.

As I said, I did just that. I went in there, picked out a movie, and shoved my pants casino şirketleri to the floor. Exposing my 8″ cock. My head felt like it was going to explode when I start to stroke myself off. Outside, I could hear my ride drive away.

“Oh god,” I kept thinking.

“Oh fuck,” I said while moaning.

With that I guess my grandmother heard me, and thought I was in trouble or had forgotten something that I needed. She must have rushed up stairs, cause within minutes of my loader moan; she was rushing to my rescue.

My cock was close to blowing load all over my stomach. When my door burst open. There was my grandmother standing there. I was in too much ecstasy to even notice thou. She noticed what I was doing and stood there. Stunned. I realized that she was standing there, and stopped I tried to cover up. It was too late thou. She was staring at my rock hard cock, bobbling in the open.

She licked her lips and realized that I was her grandson.

“He’s so big,” she said under her breath, but enough that I could make out what it was. She licked her lips.

“Oh I’m sorry Beau, I didn’t know that you were doing. That. I’m sorry,” she said with a tone that sounded like she was half horse.

She walked out, and I yanked on my clothes. I went downstairs to see if she was all right. From our experience. When I got down stair’s I noticed that she wasn’t casino firmaları there. I knew that she didn’t leave, because I didn’t hear the car drive away.

I walked around the house, and looked in every room. When I finally arrived at her bedroom. I could hear sounds escaping the door. It sounded like crying.

I opened the door to see, and there she was 34 C tits in her hand! She was rubbing her nipples with one hand, I noticed that her other hand was disappearing between her legs.

“Oh my god grandma, I’m sorry,” I shouted

“No, wait! Come here, I seen you. Now you have to see me, its only fair,” she said while still working on herself.

I walked to her bed, and saw her swollen pussy lips glistening from her cunt juice. My cock started to re-harden from the site.

She removed her hand and told me to come over there and help her. I walked over there and kissed my grandmother. I felt the sparks fly. She pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. Oh she was so good at kissing. While we were, her hand went down my chest and to my bobbling cock. She started to slowly stroke me off. Her hand felt like it belonged there. Kind of like fate had it all worked out.

I sucked on her tongue until she removed it. She started to kiss my chest while working her way down. She finally reached my cock. It was now hard as a rock. She went all the way down and stopped. güvenilir casino She was admiring my cock.

“My you’re big for your age! If I do this, you have to let me do it when ever I want to this summer,” she said.

“You got a deal,” I replied.

With that she took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue was moving all over my shaft. Like she missed doing this. Soon after she started my balls swelled with cum. I felt it go up my shaft and into the head of my stiff cock. I started to moan.

“OH GRANDMA,” I shouted. All of the sudden I couldn’t handle myself anymore. One of my fantasies was coming true. I was blowing my load in her mouth. I tried to hold back but nothing was stopping me now. My cum shot out of my cock like a fosset. It started to roll down her chin. After a while, I finally shot the last of it. She swallowed like a true champion. Afterwards I could see her cunt drooling her juices, but she said that I had to put my cock away. And we should try it again soon. I asked about if she wanted me to help her out. She declined and said that my cumming in her mouth was enough. I agreed and left the room. As I did this, I heard her start to moan. My thoughts said that she was fingering herself. After about ten minutes I had another hard on. From listening to her. All of the sudden she stopped, and I could hear footsteps toward my bedroom. Even thou she just sucked me off. I didn’t want her to see my hard on. She opened the door ass naked, and asked if she could come in. Of course I said she could.. she shut the door behind her, and that night was the best night. Until tonight, when she’s doing a lot more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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