Cecily and Her Daughters Ch. 01

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How Gupta built his commercial empire


It was in the last days of the British rule in England. Many English civil servants waited for their Indian replacements but as usual for the most technical jobs, the training of natives would take years… One of these civil servants, sq. Charles Cullogh had a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. He also employed an Indian boy to help and carry the heavy objects for his wife : he was the young infamous Gupta who is one of the central characters of these stories. Every one seemed happy with their way of life. Gupta lived in the dimming lights of the Raj surrounded by a lady and her daughters who happened to be quite pretty… He would have loved to spend some time between their open legs but he feared the outcome. Just he kept his eyes open for any development…

Mrs Cecily Cullogh was bored : her husband seemed in a hurry to visit all the offices under his supervision. He wanted to leave his successor a totally clean office with all the problems settled and the provisions ready for any catastrophic event anywhere. His zeal had already caused a casualty : Cecily had no one to turn to when she was sad. Their English friends had left already or were packing away and she couldn’t befriend one of these natives she had constantly scorned during the years of her marriage : they were coloured people and no interesting man could appear among these inferior people!

She had picked up an English lover, a University teacher who had taught her the basic of the history of India. She had received a degree in History although she had never been a well-noted student. She had declined the offer to teach in her turn, as she didn’t want to teach anything to Indian people. For her, they were no better than beasts with their ancestral beliefs : how could a modern man or woman worship a god with the body of a man and the head of an elephant? What was its name? Gamma, No : Ganesh! For her, it showed the inferiority of the Indian culture to the famous British race that had conquered the world!

When her former teacher announced Cecily he was returning to a college in England, she felt totally deserted with no one to turn to. She fell into tears and stopped completely their relations : he had failed her and abandoned her. Cecily was a bit self centred and couldn’t imagine that people in her neighbourhood could have other objectives than being at her beck and call. She was wandering desperately in her home, thinking of suicide when she glimpsed through a partly closed door, the unmistakable frame of her boy Gupta. He was stretched on his bed, reading one of the horrible books her husband left everywhere. She had seen the illustrations : it was one of these degenerate porn books published in India named : the Kama Sutra. Cecily walked surreptitiously to discover what Gupta was doing.

Cecily understood soon what her boy was doing : he was wanking himself shamelessly! And he was doing it in her home with her daughters now 18 and 19 that could discover him! She felt ready to barge in and fire him on the spot but, on this moment, he turned around and she could distinguish his manhood. God! This boy was not truly human. He had not a penis like any English men she had known. He was mounted like an elephant : was it Ganesh in person she had just been thinking to? At least, he had its unlikely size. Her husband was dwarfed in comparison : Gupta’s male attributes must be more than ten inches long and four inches in diameter while John was no more than five or six inches long!!! Twice longer and bigger! And his balls were indecently huge, like tennis balls but bigger! It was too dangerous to keep this bastard at home with her two innocent daughters!

Cecily opened violently the door that banged against the wall. Gupta was startled and let the book fall to the floor. Cecily yelled in disgust.

– I caught you playing with yourself in my house! You will leave this place, this evening! I don’t want to ever see you again! You have dishonoured this house! I leave you just two hours to pack what you have. I will pay you your wages for this week and nothing more!

Gupta was so much stronger than she was and her husband wouldn’t be there until a week from then. But her staff always obeyed Cecily to the letter! She had never expected any resistance. She was taken by surprise when Gupta pushed her back and slapped her face twice. He had never raised the hand against her. She thus was completely dumbfounded when he effortlessly put her on his lap and lifted the hem of her skirt. He intended to spank her bare bottom, no less! He would go to prison for this crime!

Gupta grabbed one of her scarves and quite calmly began to tie her wrists behind her back. She tried to resist gallantly but to no avail : Gupta was just too strong for her! When he had secured her arms, Cecily’s means of fighting him were largely diminished. Gupta watched her closely : his years as the boy of this English couple had come to a premature end. But he had still plenty of opportunities! Gupta continued what he had started : bunching Cecily’s dress around her hips. Underneath, she had a petticoat and he could see a corset. What this stupid cow could do with a corset in the heat casino şirketleri of an Indian summer? She would feel so much better wearing a saree open to the winds but certainly not constricted in a cage like this corset. She continued to squirm, trying to get free but stayed silent. She didn’t want to be found half naked in presence of her boy…

Gupta thought it would be better to totally secure his prey. He first tied together her ankles and ripped open her dress. Her buttons flew to the floor. In the same gesture, he also ripped open her petticoat : it was pink and lacy but it was the first time he could see a white woman without her dress. The corset was too thick to be ripped open as it had iron reinforcements but with her dress and petticoat off, he could pull it along her body. Cecily tried to hit him on the groin but he escaped easily her attack. This wench really needed to be taught lessons : she was a girl, an inferior race in Gupta’s eyes, a prey for any strong willed rapist! He added to the bonds he had placed on Cecily’s body a rope bonding her wrists to her ankles. Her new position kept her knees bent. If she wanted to kick him, she would have to kneel on the floor first, an awkward position to fight!

He proceeded to give her the sound spanking she had deserved so richly! Her bottom rapidly turned red then violet and he didn’t feel ashamed by it. He had seen pictures on some of the magazines his boss kept under his bed of girls with their tits severely tied with ropes and appearing like apples on a plateau. He decided that Cecily would look fetching in this position.

He could now watch what an English woman considered fancy undies worn just for the pleasure of her husband and now of her boy. The link holding her feet together was the death warrant of these fancy knickers. Gupta was quite pragmatic : if a piece of fabric went in his way, he just shredded it away! He saw no reason to stop what he had begun and her camisole and the bra underneath shared the same fate as her knickers. At this moment, Cecily realized she was naked at the mercy of an Indian criminal, now mad with pent up revenge ideas. She decided to call for help, whatever the consequences for her but, before she could utter a single scream, Gupta picked up her discarded knickers and shoved them deep in her mouth, adding a piece of rope to hold them in place. Cecily was now crying in despair, knowing that she was totally to the mercy of Gupta. Her daughters would only return home on Friday evening when he would have dealt with her. Would she be still alive then?

Cecily was now totally naked in the arms of Gupta and she had stopped squirming in her bonds : she knew that fighting was useless and she wanted to keep her strength for later opportunities. Gupta started to caress her flanks as if she had been a cat but she did not purr : she just assessed her chances of escape : they were now desperately low. Gupta positioned her on the edge of a seat and knelt at her feet. Cecily half thought that he intended to beg her pardon but then she felt his lips pressing against her pussy. He started licking her. His caresses were so crude that she thought she would throw up but Gupta knew how to treat rebellious women. She threw her head backward and emitted a groan of utter despair as he felt her pussy grew wetter and wetter. She couldn’t admit her own behaviour : she loved what this son of a bitch was doing to her. She bit her lips but it was useless. A few minutes later, she started to moan before grunting her pleasure. If she hadn’t been gagged, she would have screamed in rapture.

Cecily had never felt anything like that : her husband always shut the lights when he wanted to have sex with his wife and he always did it in the dark. She was never naked then : her pyjamas, a nightgown, knickers and a bra at the minimum and there was no physical contact between their skins. He would just put aside her knickers and penetrate her! This was in fact the first time in her life that she had been naked in a bed with another man! Even on their wedding night, her husband had kept his night robe buttoned up to the neck. There had been buttons to uncover her crotch and allow the necessary penetration. Her husband had tried to make their congress as they named it In India the shortest possible and he had begged her pardon when he had pulled out, ashamed by what he had done.

Cecily’s mother had told her daughter that she had sipped a whole bottle of whisky to be completely drunk when her father had decided to knock her up. She had had no remembrance of their acts. Her mother was quite proud of it but she had had four children with him and she had been a member of an anti alcoholic league. Cecily thought that her mother had not told her the whole truth unless she had found other ways not to be awake for her later inseminations!

Whatever the explanation, Cecily’s mother had died without giving her daughter any clue. It had been a rather bad way to start a life of married wife but Cecily had coped : her daughters had never seen anything in relation with sex, she had not taught anything about her own experiences and just a few minutes with Gupta were sufficient to find an answer to many of her questions. Gupta casino firmaları had made a nice job exciting her before attempting to mount her. She had been unable to defend herself when he had plunged his hard cock straight into her pussy but Sir Gupta had to face an unexpected problem : Cecily was incredibly tight and he just couldn’t force entry in her pussy : it had been almost as difficult as her initial defloration. Cecily concluded that size finally mattered She had been ploughed regularly by a five inches cock and it had felt much more difficult to receive a eleven inches cock that was also twice bigger in diameter.

Gupta had really enjoyed the incredible tightness of this sheath. That had saved Cecily’s life. Gupta was not ready to kill a girl who had given him such intense pleasure but Cecily had to pay for this respite. She had stayed in her restraints, had even been fed by Gupta but she had had to offer herself to the satyr that had replaced her devoted boy. Before the return of her daughters, the insatiable Gupta had fucked Cecily at least three or four times a day and often more than that. If he had cummed only in her pussy on Monday and Tuesday, Gupta had forced her to receive him on Wednesday morning in her throat. This blowjob opened eyes for Gupta who realized all the pleasure he could obtain from his victim.

On the next Friday, it had been even worse : Gupta had chosen her back passage, a way he had been initiated by a local whore who had wanted to teach Gupta how to do it. He had loved this strange copulation way. His feelings had been far superior from what he had felt in her pussy or her mouth. But Cecily had suffered horribly as Gupta had not prepared her to receive anything that big in her ass. She had pleaded shamelessly for some lubrication but he had denied it to her. She would have to loosen her sphincter to receive him. He wouldn’t facilitate his entry for this bitch even if it hurt for him too!

So Gupta decided to use the same hole two hours later when he felt ready for other sexual relations. If Gupta’s entry was always rather difficult and painful, She noticed his entry was much less painful. During their later fucks, his visits gave her such extraordinarily pleasant feelings that she finally realized she was hooked : she looked forward for his next assault and he always gave her more pleasure than her husband had given her in nearly twenty years!

Gupta was already a scheming bastard. He explained Cecily that he intended to rape her daughters and make them into his total slaves but he could fuck them without any protection or he could use condoms but she would have to pay for it : receive him daily totally deprived of any protection. She tried to argue :

– But then, I am sure to get pregnant sooner or later and with your dark skin, mu husband would be sure he wasn’t the father. He will divorce me and leave me totally deprived of resources!

– Do you prefer to see your daughters’ bellies swelling with a half Indian baby? They are unmarried and won’t ever be able to find one if they have been mounted by one of us. At least their chances would be much better having a dark skinned half brother than with a dark skinned son or daughter… Will you sacrifice yourself for your daughters or not?

Cecily hadn’t been in a fertile period so far but it would start soon after. For the return of her beloved husband, she would have a baby in the oven, a nice surprise for him but he would discover if just nine months after! Cecily reluctantly promised never to use condoms after that day and Gupta decided this would be the first day he would fuck her bareback during her fertile period. He expected her to carry his child in less than a month, just in time for the return of her husband… Gupta would love to see the cuckolded husband fuck his wife who would be pregnant with Gupta’s baby. He decided at this moment that he would offer his friends to fuck her after she had delivered his baby. He wanted that all the fathers to be different, all Indian men and if possible have the darkest possible skin. Gupta wondered how long it would take for sq. Cullogh to abandon his wife and return to England alone.

Gupta had certainly no intention not to breed the daughters but not in presence of their mother at the beginning but he wanted Cecily to always wear Indian clothes as a remembrance of his domination. There were quite sexy items and Gupta’s appetites for her would be increased. He was already thinking of a dinner where the three English girls would serve in person to his friends, wearing silk sarees before offering their naked butts together to the men after the whisky. He would place his own glass between Cecily’s breasts to warm it!

When her daughters arrived home on the same day, they were rather surprised to see Gupta, the boy at their mother’s service, who had always been in charge of all the heavy duties in the house sitting at the family’s table, even at their father’s place and ordering their mother to serve him bread or scones, a glass of sherry from the brand specially chosen by their father. In the evening, Gupta and Cecily went to bed together at nine PM and they locked the door of Cecily’s bedroom quite ostensibly. They knew the güvenilir casino furniture in their mother’s bedroom : there was no other bed for a stranger and Cecily had not even tried to hide the lust she had for Gupta. Her two daughters discussed about what they would say to their father when he would be back home. They knew already the final outcome : a rapid divorce and they would live without their mother!

They had vacations after this weekend and they had time to think about it. Cecily came back two hours later, thoroughly dishevelled : she had been certainly violently fucked by Gupta but she declined speaking with her daughters about what she had done. Cecily’s body had been evidently totally free under her dress as she had lost all her undies during her stay with Gupta. She now sported a big hiccup on her neck and she was not ashamed of it! That had been so strange : Cecily was a neat and proper English woman who would never debase herself in front of her daughters. She had never worn Indian clothes and now she appeared in front of her daughters in exotic garments that only servants would wear in this house. Her daughters had been sure of the nature of the relations between their mother and their boy… Their father would not like how the events had turned!

The two girls had locked the door of their bedrooms before falling asleep rather difficultly. Around four ARE. Gupta and Cecily walked toward Glenda’s bedroom. Gupta had finally enrolled Cecily in his attempt against her daughters. She had declined any part in this but Gupta had to fuck her just another time in her ass and she had slavishly agreed to it. There was a hidden latch in the library. If you opened it, the whole segment of the wall could be rolled away effortlessly. Gupta had oiled the mechanism and it worked without a noise.

They crept toward the prone body. Cecily gently touched Glenda’s shoulder. She lifted her head in alarm wondering what was amiss! Cecily placed a bag of canvas on top of her head and secured it around her head. The material was thick and would muffle somewhat her screams. Glenda fainted from the shock. Gupta was not moved and rapidly tied her arms. When she was tightly secured, the two conspirators went to the other room to subdue the other daughter. She has a very deep sleep and that was why Gupta had started with Glenda. She was soon bound in her turn. Now they could scream as much as they wanted! Cecily felt relieved everything had been that easy. She felt no guilt having enslaved so easily her daughters. Now, it was Gupta’s business to force them into submission.

The two girls woke up one hour later. They were amazed to wake up in the same bed totally naked. Their wrists were manacled to their back and their ankles were tied to the bedposts with their legs wide open. When they grew accustomed to the dim light, they discovered Gupta standing near their bed with Cecily crouching to his feet. She had her wrists manacled to her back just like her daughters but her legs were completely free. She had just a ring attached to her pussy and dangling from it a metallic chain leash. Just Gupta was not holding it. She was turning in her hand the extremity of the chain. She spoke to her children.

– Welcome on board, my daughters! You might wonder what you are doing, chained to this bed. I’ve decided to offer Mr Gupta both your cherries. He is going to deflower you, Glenda and then you, Jezabel, to fuck you both until you writhe helplessly in your bonds. He will fuck your pussy then your ass and when you’ll have fully realized he totally owns you; then he will complete his possession by fucking your mouth. He will continue to fuck you at any hour of the day until you were both tested pregnant in one or two weeks. Then judging from my own experience, you will start feeling different things about Gupta? He raped me as well and then I found that he could make me cum like never in my life! I decided to submit to him totally and I am sure you will follow the same path!

Cecily continued her declaration of submission to the Indian young man :

Under his guidance, we will learn to worship Indian gods, to eat Indian food, to wear Indian clothes, to receive Indian cocks in our pussy, in our ass or in our mouth. I often told you not to wear sarees or salwars but European clothes. Now, I’ve realized how deep I misled you! Indian way of life is just beautiful and it will bring happiness to us all! Now sing with me another mantra : Om Mani Padme Hum. It’s a Tibetan sacred mantra and I would like you to learn it by heart. You will sing it every quarter of an hour. When you will know it by heart, we will start studying another sacred Indian story, the Mahabharata it has about 100.000 shlokha or couplets. I know it’s an immense task but I know you are apt to it! You will learn it progressively as you belly will swell progressively with Gupta’s offspring, then of his friends. You will see each pregnancy as a gift of the gods, a benediction! But you will first learn to speak Hindi fluently. I want you to forget all your English education and speak among us just in Hindi, even to your father, the servants, Gupta or the neighbours! We will ask Gupta, to whom we should address as Sir Gupta from now on to prove our submission, to give us Indian names when we will be ready for it to his opinion! That will be an acknowledgement of our successful efforts! Now repeat after me Om Ma Ni Padme…! Put all your heart in this recitation, please!

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