Center of Attention Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This story is about wife sharing and includes bisexual male themes. If you don’t like that sort of thing please don’t read it. Otherwise, I love comments and feedback.


Is This Really Happening?

A couple of days passed fairly uneventfully, though I could tell Jen was texting with Quinn quite a bit because she would get a text, read it, look at me and blush smiling. This of course turned me on like crazy. I didn’t pry too much and I think that is one of the successful things about our relationship is that we aren’t too nosey about things with each other. She’d tell me when she was ready.

In the meantime we were both super horny. This situation added an extra level of intensity to our sex life, which was absolutely amazing. We both wanted it all the time and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. She also wanted it increasingly intense and rough, I was more than happy to oblige as the feeling of competition made me feel more aggressive. Not overly so, I’m not a super dominant guy to be honest, but this whole situation made everything feel so intense. It was very hot.

Then I started getting dirty selfies of her on my phone. These were clearly taken for Quinn, smiling pictures that showed her tits and shy pictures of her touching herself. This is kind of another thing she does to make sure I’m involved; she sends me everything she sends him and it meant that they were exchanging dirty pics. It was definitely fueling my fires. She didn’t send me any of him, so I was dying to see his body and his cock. I resigned myself to be patient though and let things develop.

Then several days later I came home from work and the house was quiet. Our son was probably out casino şirketleri with friends, so I headed towards our bedroom only to find the door closed. Now there are several reasons this could be, she could be getting dressed and not want to get surprised by our son or his friends, she could be taking a nap, but looking at the door I instantly saw deeper meaning. I just stared, my cock slowly growing in my pants and then I heard a giggle muffled through the door. My blood started pulsing through my body.

Since there was no way I would intrude and I feel like eavesdropping further would just make me feel weak and weird, I went into the living room and turned on the TV and tried to ignore what was happening. I tried to focus on the TV but my cock was raging hard and my imagination was running wild. It was absolute torture.

It seemed like an eternity passed before she came out of the room dressed in only a towel. She looked at me blushing. I stood up and walked toward her with hunger in my eyes.

“Hi there”

“Hi” she said backing up towards the bedroom. I followed her very close.

“Whatcha been up to?” I asked

“Talking to Quinn” She replied, blushing deeply.

“Oh yeah?” I said, closing the bedroom door behind me.

“Yeah” she said, defiantly not telling me more.

I reached out and grabbed the towel and pulled her towards me. My cock was raging hard and aching for release as I felt her naked body under the towel.

“Did you have phone sex with him?” I asked hotly in her ear.

“Yes” came her half guilty reply.

I slid my hand up her thigh to feel her freshly shaved and very wet pussy. She gasped in response. I threw her down on the bed, pulled casino firmaları the towel off of her, exposing her gorgeous body. She had rings in her pierced nipples, different than the barbells she had been wearing.

“Did you send him pictures?” I demanded as I ran my thumb up her slit to circle her clit. She bit her lip, moaned while looking me in the eye and nodding.

“Did you talk about sucking his cock?” she started to nod again, “Answer me” I demanded.

“Mmm yes I did!”

I cupped my hand under her chin and pushed two fingers between her lips. She sucked them deep and sensually. My other hand was still between her legs playing with her pussy. She was moaning as I was roughly shoving my fingers in and out of her mouth.

“You want to suck his cock don’t you?”

Still sucking my fingers she looked me in the eye and nodded “Mmmhmmm”

“You want to feel his big hard cock in your mouth?”

She tried nodding again but I needed to hear it. I took my fingers out of her mouth. I slapped her face, not hard, but hard enough to surprise her.

“Yes, I want to suck his gorgeous cock!”

On that I couldn’t take any more. I struggled to get my fly open and pull out my insanely hard cock. I pulled her up to a sitting position and pushed the head between her lips. She took it deeply and I started fucking her mouth in and out rather roughly with a fist full of her long black hair.

I was on the ragged edge of cumming but there was no way I was done with this. I pulled her off quickly.

I spun her around so that she was on her knees on the bed. I still had a fist full of her hair and her ass was towards me.

“Did you tell him you wanted to fuck him?”


“What güvenilir casino did you say?”

She hesitated. My hand came down on her ass hard and she let out a surprised yelp. Still nothing, so I spanked her hard again, and again.

“What did you say?” I demanded again, sliding two fingers into her extremely soaked pussy.

“I told him I wanted to feel him inside me!” she cried out.

With that I plunged my raging hard cock deep into her and started fucking her hard.

“Did you cum for him?” I demanded.

“Yes!” she practically screamed “I came so fucking hard for him!”

“Fuck!” I yelled and started fucking her hard and fast.

The admission plus my cock fucking her sent her over the edge hard and her body started pulsing and shaking in an orgasm she was clearly fighting. She moaned loudly and finally surrendered to it. It was so beautiful to watch.

I wasn’t far behind as I pulled my cock out and started shooting hot cum all over her ass. Wholly fuck did I cum hard. The idea of her being with another man must have tripled the size of my load. Her ass and lower back were completely covered by the time I was done. I pushed my cock back into her soaked pussy for a few more thrusts as I rubbed the cum into the soft skin of her ass.

Finally I pulled out of her and went to the bathroom for a warm towel to clean her up. When I came back her ass was still in the air and completely soaked in cum. She moaned softly as I wiped her off.

“Did you have fun?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “Did you?”

“Oh fuck yes, that was amazing”

“Good” she replied.

“Quinn asked me out on a date” she stated rather matter of factly after a short pause.

“Interesting,” I replied, “what did you say?”

“I told him I would think about it.”

“When?” I asked.


“Oh.” I said non-committal, “that soon.” I was all of a sudden very nervous.

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