Goldilocks and The Bears Massage

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It all started when a coworker gave Joe a shady free coupon to a spa in downtown Nashville. “It’s good for a free massage for two from this chick I know,” the friend had told him. Now, Joe was a simple country man, married young and never been to a spa of any sort. But he decided grabbing a buddy and heading to the city for a day couldn’t hurt. He phoned up his best friend, Eric, and the two had a good laugh before deciding they’d make use of the offer.

On the morning of the appointment, Eric pulled up to Joe’s place in his beat-up Ford truck. He stepped out briefly to say hello to Joe’s family before hopping back in the truck and heading out for Nashville. Joe noticed he and his buddy matched. Leisure clothes for the day, both men had cutoff shirts revealing beefy arms, tattoo’s on the upper part of Eric’s, and hairy shoulders. Their beer bellies were peaking out of the sides of their shirts and both men wore loose fitting basketball shorts that draped over their thick, furry legs. Joe chuckled and scratched his beard. They sure didn’t look like they were on their way to a spa. More like heading out to a redneck deer hunt.

When they arrived, they pulled down their caps and headed into the building. It was small, clean. An empty waiting room aside from the two of them, decorated with green walls and a bonsai tree on the counter. Almost immediately, a younger woman walked out from behind the door. She had thick blonde, wavy hair and a tight white t-shirt. She introduced herself, “Hey! You must be Joe and Eric, right?” The men nodded and handed her the coupon. “Thanks! As you can see, I’ve not been very busy today, so I’m really glad you guys showed up. Let me just go back and get everything ready for you!”

She excused herself and headed into the back room. The men were quick to comment on the thin, but curvy masseuse. “She’s fine as hell!” Eric remarked, half-jokingly thanking Joe for dragging him along. Joe couldn’t help but agree.

Finally, the woman returned, having tied back her hair into a loose ponytail. Her lips were thick and her eyes were large. She was damn cute, Joe thought. Her black pants were hugging her hips tightly, and both men let their eyes wander. “You guys can come on back. My name’s Jess, by the way!” They followed the woman back into the room. They noticed there were two massage tables setting side by side. Joe wondered if she planned to give them both a massage at the same time. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

“Alright guys, here are two towels. If you could just undress and cover yourselves up and facedown on the tables, I’ll go get the oil and be right back!”

“At the same time?” Eric seemed as confused as Joe.

“Yeah, that’s what the coupon’s for. I’ll be right back with the oil.”

The men shrugged it off as Jess headed out into the lobby again, shutting the door behind her. The men briefly looked at eachother, a little confused, but started undressing nonetheless. After shedding their boxers, they stood nude together, covering themselves loosely with the towels. The men had never seen eachother so bare, and both were a bit shy with their tall, masculine, hairy bodies. They were a bit embarrassed that their masseuse was so beautiful. They were sure she would prefer models as clients, not two Larry The Cable Guys. They hopped on the table nonetheless, refusing to show their insecurities to one another.

“I’m glad we’re facedown,” Joe teased, “because as soon as she touches me, I’m getting a boner.”

Eric laughed and inhaled. The room smelled fresh. Almost like rain. He scratched his furry mug and looked over at his buddy. They anticipated casino şirketleri Jess’s return.

She eventually came through the door once again, a bottle of oil in her hand. She gave them brief instructions, turned on some soft jazz on the radio and wasted no time getting to work. She started with Eric, who was closer to the door.

Joe watched as she squirted the heated oil onto his fury back and worked her soft hands. She pressed in his meaty shoulders and slid her hands down the curve of his back, inching close to the hump of an ass that rested beneath the towel. She made chitchat with the men, speaking in an almost monotone, breathy voice as she prodded Eric with her delicate fingers. She had a dainty laugh, which she revealed after teasing the men for their thick southern drawls.

Eric lay motionless as he felt her hands moving from his sides to his lower back, up to his shoulders, sliding through the slick oil. Occasionally her nails would drag against his skin. Soon, it was Joe’s turn as she took a break from Eric, walked over and following, motion for motion, the same routine that Eric got. It wasn’t until Joe jumped a bit when Jess squeezed below his neck that everything change.

“You’re particularly tense here, Joe.” Jess remarked, softly squeezing his right trap muscle. “Do you mind if I get some leverage and focus on this for a sec?”

“Sure thing, miss.” Joe answered.

Joe’s heart skipped a beat as Jess threw her leg over his body and strattled him on the table. Eric looked over, immensely amused and a little intrigued as she arched her ass into the area and pressed her face close to the back of Joe’s head. Her breasts were pressed together and squeezed against Joe’s back as she surfed his muscles with her palms.

Eric felt his dick hardening at the sight of her body against Joe’s. She was a beautiful woman. Joe looked over, smirking, and winked at his friend. Eric covered his face to hide a chuckle.

Jess eventually slid herself off of Joe and returned to Eric. “Could you turn over now? I’ll work your chest and abdomen.”

Eric was a bit embarrassed, paranoid that his dick would rise again when Jess touched her, but he obeyed. He pulled up the towel and flipped himself over, covering his hairy crotch. Jess slid her hands along his chest, smiling as she spread the oil through his hairy body.

Joe watched, anxiously wishing she would return and rest on his back again. Eric lay on his back, staring down at his own belly, trying to think calm thoughts to take his mind away from the oil-covered chest of the woman gradually slipping her hands down his body. As she moved from his lovehandles to his lower abdomen, just under his belly, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He felt his dick poking against the towel, hardening, so he closed his eyes and pretended to be relaxed. His heart was pounding.

Meanwhile, Joe watched and noticed the hump appearing under his friend’s towel. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Secondhand embarrassment washed over him. He’d certainly seen more of Eric than he expected to, but it was almost worth it to be touched by Jess. She moved to Joe once again, asking him to flip over. He did so. “While I’m working on Joe, feel free to take care of your hardon.” Jess laughed and the men immediately shot looks of mutual discomfort and awkwardness to one another before laughing themselves.

“Sorry, ma’am. Pretty humiliating.” He guffawed to mask his discomfort, reaching down and bunching up the towel over his cock, exposing his thick thighs and the sides of his crotch.

“It’s alright. I’m sure Joe will feel it too. Perfectly casino firmaları natural.” She smiled and patted Joe’s chest. He immediately felt his cock rise at the insinuation. “See?” She teased again.

Both men were looking at one another, confused and intrigued by the strange atmosphere.

Jess slid her hands down Joe’s body and grabbed the edge of the towel. “What do you say we drop this over here?”

Joe looked up at her and over at Eric, who was still clutching his crotch with his towel, wide eyed. “Sure thing.” She pulled the towel off and exposed his dick. Eric watched as she poured the oil on his thick cock and ran her hands along it, rubbing it gently. Joe threw his head back in ecstasy.

Eric was aching to stroke himself, but he looked away, listening only to the squishing as Jess tugged Joe’s cock.

She eventually stopped and walked over to Eric, pulling off her shirt and pants, exposing lacy black lingerie. “I didn’t forget about you.” She smiled and rested her hand against his. He made eye contact with Joe, who was slowly playing with his dick, and let go of the towel. He felt Jess slide her hands over his dick, wet with the oil from Joe’s cock.

For a while she stroked Eric, running her hands along his hairy body, occasionally jiggling his balls, before stopping and standing up in the middle of the room. “Come on guys. Come here.” She said, pulling off her bra and revealing her soft, perky tits. Joe and Eric exchanged glances again before walking to the center of the room, face to face, where Jess dropped to her knees and started sucking Joe. Eric watched as she gripped his dick, Joe’s in her mouth. She switched between the two, always rubbing the one that wasn’t slapping against her tongue. She gradually pulled the men closer. Joe watched as she licked up Eric’s shaft and took his head in her mouth. He grazed his sight up Eric’s body before looking into his eyes. They had no idea what reaction to have. Every now and then, one of them would let out a whimper as they felt Jess’s lips warm their cocks.

Finally she pulled them close hard, and they grabbed one’s bodies for leverage. She pressed their cocks together and stretched her red lips over both of them. She licked both and slid them together. Joe closed his eyes for a moment as he felt his cock slide against his buddies, but opened them to admire Jess slurping the precum drizzling from the two cocks.

Finally, Eric took the initiative, reaching down and gently pulling Jess’s face away, pulling her to her feet. “What do you say we return the favor, Joe?” He looked over and smirked. Jess ran her hands up both of their bodies and pulled them close by their thick chest hair.

Eric lifted her off the ground and carried her to a massage table where he laid her down softly. He pulled off her lacy underwear and pulled her legs apart, exposed a beautiful shaved pussy. Joe watched from afar for a moment, moving his vision to Jess’s hands clutching her tits down to Eric’s hairy, meaty ass. He watched as Eric kissed her neck, moved down and began nibbling her nipples. Eric motioned for Joe.

He followed, tugging his own cock, and dropped to his knees, taking in the close up view of Jess’s tight vagina. Eric dropped down to his knees next to Joe and scooted close. “You ready to show her a good time?” He looked over to Joe and then back up to Jess, who moaned. “Yeah, buddy, I think I am.” Joe dove in, pulling her right leg to the side and running his tongue along Jess’s labia and gently rubbing her inner thigh with his fingertips. Jess whimpered.

Eric quickly stuck out his tongue and pressed it against the other güvenilir casino side of her body, tasting her, rubbing the skin below her pussy softly. Both men tasted opposing sides of her, gradually making eye contact with one another, before moving closer to Jess’s clit. Joe met Eric’s gaze, both a bit nervous, before they slid their tongues together against Jess’s pussy. She threw her head back and pinched her nipples. They drenched her pussy in saliva, tasting it, taking in ever flavor of her body as well as tasting eachother’s tongues.

Finally, they stood and Eric ran his cock against Jess’s pussy. She pulled him close and ran her hands along his thick ass. Joe pressed his thighs against Eric’s and the men rubbed their cocks together against Jess’s pussy.

They took turns entering her, slowly, teasing themselves with the velvet walls of her pussy, and Jess screamed in pleasure. They took longer each time, pounding inside of her, watching as the other pulsated within. Finally, they tipped both cocks inside at once, grabbing eachother to stuff in as Jess moaned for more. As Joe pulled Jess to the side of the table, pushing his throbbing cock inside of her, he reached down and slid his tongue into her mouth. Meanwhile, Eric dropped down and wet the inside of Jess’s thigh with his tongue, occasionally sliding it over her ass, watching as Joe’s cock pounded her pussy up close in Eric’s face. Every now and then, Joe would pull out completely, and Eric would dive in, slurping Jess’s pussy before sliding his face against Joe’s cock as he entered her again. Joe took notice of Eric’s tongue while he fucked Jess and occasionally pulled out to slap Eric in the face with his meat. Eventually, Eric grabbed Joe’s cock and sucked off Jess’s juices before letting it return to the depths of her pussy. He’d lost all willpower and couldn’t believe his buddy’s dick was in his mouth.

Jess pulled away from the men and dropped down into the floor, wrapping herself around Eric and pushing him down on his back. She reached up and grabbed Joe’s cock, pulling him down as well, before pulling her sleeve down over Eric’s cock and riding him. As she fucked him, she slid her tongue over Joe’s rod, tasting herself.

Finally, she pulled herself off of Eric and slid up, pressing her pussy against his face. Joe laid down on his side, letting her pull his cock into her mouth once again while Eric ate her. Joe looked up as he watched Eric plunge his tongue against Jess’s clitoris and felt his own cock in her mouth. Before him, he saw the meaty furball of Eric’s cock and balls. He scooted forward and the group formed a triangle as he ran his tongue up Eric’s asshole and tasted his balls. He grabbed the thick meat and sucked on it.

They lay like this for a while, tasting one another, before Jess finally pulled Joe’s cock out of her mouth. She squealed and grabbed Eric’s hair, pulling his face tight against her pussy as she embraced orgasm. She squirted and drenched Eric’s beard. She crawled away and the men pulled themselves close together as she sucked their cocks again. As she worked them, they met and kissed. They could taste sex in eachother’s mouths, and rubbed one another as Jess sucked them. Joe licked Jess’s juices clean from Eric’s beard.

They pulled her up between them and entered her- Eric in her ass, Joe in her pussy. They humped together, rocking Jess in ecstasy as they fucked her. Finally, Eric pulled out and came on Jess’s ass, letting it run down her leg.

Before long, Joe came as well, pulling out and drenching her belly in his cum.

They lay like that for a while, in the floor, covered in one another.

Jess excused herself to clean up and the men stood silent, almost in disbelief at what had just occurred.

After bidding Jess farewell, they hopped in Eric’s truck and headed home, new men, with whole new ideas in their head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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