His Girl Wont… I Take Her Place

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Friend can’t do what he wants with girlfriend, so I take her place…

I’m a 28-year-old male that is tall with dark hair and generally considered good looking by many. I portray myself as straight to friends and family as my sexual preference, but I’m not sure what I am because the events that take place in the story I’m about to tell have made me discover new sexual desires. Not that what I am really matters or needs to have a label placed on it. I’ve learned over time that I’m very open and have preferences that push boundaries.

There’s this good friend of mine, Mike, who’s a few years younger than me and has been involved with myself exploring new sexual desires for about 6 years leading up to this story. When we first started out and up until this story, it was Mike and myself and a female in each sexual experience. Nothing direct between us. Just two good friends who like to gangbang girls together. My girl, his girl, random girls.. we have a bond you could say and trust when it comes to sharing females. The girls love it just as much as we always do and why wouldn’t they? They love having us, 2 attractive guys, focus on their pleasure together, pushing any boundaries needed. When you’re really dedicated to pleasuring a girl together… you’re dick and his will touch, parts of your bodies will come into contact and the cum juices from his dick will also be all over yours, guaranteed.

After years of gangbanging different girls, we have slowly opened-up to new things and pushing boundaries. We had gotten comfortable with contact between us since the very first girl we had shared. My ex-girlfriend Shannyn. She liked it when we sandwiched her between us with both of our dicks inside of her pussy. Mike would get on the bottom while I get on top and fuck her from behind. Our dicks would rub against each other just as much as against the walls of her pussy… so hot! We didn’t go that much bahis firmaları farther beyond this until the second girl we shared, Mikes ex-girlfriend Tamara. I don’t know why we opened up a lot with her.. but we took things to a whole new level. One day Mike and Tamara were in my bed, having one of our encounters.

Mike was fucking her doggy style while I lay casually on the bed beside them, touching her & kissing her all over. I moved my fingers to her clit to offer a helping hand and was instantly turned on knowing my fingers were so close to his big hard dick and feeling each thrust into her. I hadn’t planned to do this, but suddenly it felt like a good idea.. I moved my hand down a few inches and touched his shaft then cupped his balls in my hand. I was fondling him and he was enjoying it just like I was! I didn’t stop pushing boundaries with the touching. I laid down on my back under Tamara so that his dick was entering her right above my face and I couldn’t stop myself… I lifted my head closer, stuck out my tongue, and licked his hard shaft as it was halfway inside of her. The pleasure from this made him slow down instantly with his thrusting to enjoy the feeling of what I was doing. I sucked his balls and used my tongue to give him pleasure while he was still fucking her.

After a while, after many encounters with Tamara, we had an “off day”. One night while I was at their place eager to get into things… Tamara wasn’t in the mood. Mike was also eager for something to happen so this made it a frustrating situation for us. Suddenly Tamara blurted out, “why don’t you guys just do each other” in a semi-sarcastic / bluntly rude way. We both gave her a very unamused look at the remark… but I started thinking… and that’s when I had the perfect idea.

I texted Mike (still sitting in the same room) and made a risky offer / suggestion not knowing if he’d be down for it. I said that we could still kaçak iddaa do the things we do without her there and I know he knew what I meant but we were breaking the ice to this and he had to be sure we were thinking the same thing. He responded by asking what exactly I meant and I carefully worded my answer. Really, I wanted to try sucking his dick so bad, but couldn’t just say “hey Mike if she won’t do it I’ll be glad to take her place”. I had to figure out a subtler way to say this so I told him that I can get down under him and lick him just like with Tamara. Except we both knew I was proposing a lot more. We knew I wasn’t just gonna lick his shaft while it dangles over my face. This time his tip and entire hard dick would be pointed right at me, fully exposed. He said yes quickly and we agreed to go in the bathroom for privacy since Tamara was laying down in bed at this point trying to sleep.

Mike went in the bathroom first and waited for me, then I quickly joined him. He was standing up casually so I set the toilet seat and cover down to make a place for me to sit. Mike was standing right in front me in this small cramped bathroom, his groin area at my eye level and close to my face. Without either of us saying anything I looked up into mikes eyes and he instantly undid the front of his pants.. pulling them down a little bit, until his dick was exposed dangling in front of me. I grabbed his half hard cock in my hand first then leaned my face closer… starting out with a kiss, my lips on his shaft… My lips opened and I switched to using my tongue and licking his dick up and down. Nothing I haven’t done before… So far! I looked up into his eyes again while my tongue moved up and down his dick and this made him go almost fully erect. Mike has a nice big dick. Even halfway hard it’s a very nice size and didn’t need to be fully erect to fill my mouth. I opened my lips and wrapped my mouth around the tip of his kaçak bahis dick while not being sure I’d even know how to do this. It felt good, tasted good, and I was sucking on his dick good like it came natural.

After a few minutes, Mike moved back a step and leaned against the wall, forcing me to get off my seat and get on my knees in front of him which turned me on so much more. For better balance, I grabbed his legs with my hands, resting them on the side of his thighs. It didn’t take long for me to realize I can help guide his thrusts while maintaining better balance using my grip on his legs to guide his thrusts into my face. Thigh grabbing turned into ass grabbing as my hands moved into better positions to hold on to him. Before I knew it, I was squeezing his ass cheeks pulling him into my face and making him fuck my mouth at a nice rhythm. I was sucking dick for the first time and came to realize I was very good at doing it. After a short while, Mike exploded and shot out a huge load of cum in my mouth without warning. I think he didn’t warn me because he wanted to cum in my mouth and didn’t want to risk asking permission in case I said no. I wanted him to cum in my mouth just as bad as he did though.

I could feel his dick explode right away… each burst of cum hitting the back of my throat… and finishing by sucking the rest of his cum out of his tip. The final few bursts of his load landed all over my tongue and I held all the cum that didn’t go right down my throat, in my mouth, to savor the taste. My mouth felt full. Next, I leaned my head back, opened my mouth and looked up at him showing him his load of cum in my mouth right before I swallowed every drop. I guess I had learned a thing or two about how to do these things from porn.

Mike and myself quickly composed ourselves and left the bathroom, finding Tamara awake in the living room. As we sat there chilling, I could taste his cum all over the inside of my mouth and was so turned on I could barely contain myself. I texted him as we all sat together to tell him how good that was and how good his cum still tastes in my mouth after…

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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