Memories Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of Memories at the request of many readers. To those that voted and sending comments, thank you very much. I hope this chapter is as stimulating for you as Memories and Memories Ch 2.


“You are a slut Amy, a wonderful slut. We are going to have lots of fun together.”

While sucking on her fingers, my eyes lowered to look at her tits. They were perfect in form and probably a C cup like me. I guess she is 32-34 around. I knew I was going to love sucking on them and playing with them.

Those are words from the ending of Memories Ch 2. It is the starting point for this Chapter.

It begins:

Jean saw me staring at her tits and then said, “Let’s move to the bed and really get comfortable. I want you to do me. I’m so horny from eating you its time for you to make me feel good.”

As we moved to my bed, walking arms around each other’s waist my heart was pounding knowing I was soon going to have my face into a place that I never thought in a million years it would have gone. My mind flashed back to the party that started this chapter in my life. My parents would die from horror if they knew this. The orgasms that Jean produced in me with her tongue and mouth changed my whole outlook on girl/girl play.

When we reached the bed, I pulled the covers down and we both hopped in.

We faced each other lying on our sides.

I was very relaxed with Jean now. I realized I had been missing out on some great sex, from my gender. I reached out and began my own exploration of her breast with my hands. They were so soft, warm and natural. Her nips were hard and protruding nicely from her brown areola. Her nips must have been one half inch in length, just a tad longer than mine, when hard. My mind flashed to a guy sucking on them also and how he must really get turned on.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” that feels so good Amy. God I’m leaking. I hope you will like the taste of my juices. Erin loves it.” Those remarks made my skin crawl with anticipation of what was soon going to happen. I was still a little shy about everything so I just kept my eyes focused on her lovely breast.

Jean then gently shoved my hands off her breast and moved her mouth to a nipple of mine, gently licking and sucking it. I could feel my pussy leaking with desire. She then increased the intensity of her lips and tongue on my nipples.

God, I was getting so horny again. This girl/girl thing was so pleasurable for me now.

I pulled her mouth from my breasts and found the courage and strength to take one of my breast and rub a hard nipple of mine against one of hers, using my hands to cup my breast to move it. Her eyes were glazing over as the passion was building. Our hot nipple contact was sending waves of desire to our pussies. I leaned in and kissed her mouth, slid my tongue between those warm wet lips of Jean’s. She moaned a sound of pleasure, as she opened her mouth to permit the tongues to meet. bahis firmaları The tongues swirled around each other in that DFK mode.

We were still lying on our sides. My left hand left my boob that was rubbing her nipple, moved down where I softly touched the inside of her thigh. I wanted to get my hand on her pussy. My mind now was being drawn to it like a magnet. As our hot DFK continued, I began lightly stroking her thigh with my hand.

Jean reacted by rolling unto her back. Breaking our DFK she said, “I want you to see how wet you’ve made me,” as she gently placed her hands on my shoulders to push me down to her steaming pussy.

After I stopped for short sucks on each of her nipples on the way down, she slowly spread her legs wide open and exposed her glistening, wet, playground for me. This was my first time to get a close up view of my gender, very close if you know what I mean. Sure, I have seen pictures but this was hot, glistening, swollen, pink, and emitting an aphrodisiac aroma in front of my eyes and nose. She was mostly clean-shaven, except for what guys call a landing strip of close trimmed hair. The aroma of her sex juices was permeating my nostrils. God I did not know that other girl’s juices could turn a person on. Do guys smell us flashed through my brain? What was happening to me?

She reached down with one of her fingers, slowly gliding it up and down her slit that was glistening from her juices. Her pussy lips were so swollen with blood that they actually had opened exposing her hard clit that had come out of hiding. She stopped from time to time to rub her hardened clit for a few seconds and moaned each time she did.

“Look what you’ve done to me Amy. You have me all wet and horny. Don’t you want to play with my clit and watch me gush for you?”

My heart was pounding in my chest. My body felt like it was over 100 degrees in the room. Watching Jean rubbing and fingering her own wet pussy was really getting to me. It sure was different from a porn movie. I looked at my pussy lips and have never have seen them so swollen. I placed my hands on the inside of her thighs. She moaned and pushed two of her finger up inside her pussy. My God, she was turning me on more and herself. I could not pull my eyes away from watching her finger fuck herself.

I softly massaged her inner thighs with both of my hands all the time watching her finger fuck herself. The sight of the her wet pussy, the sounds she was making doing herself and watching the fingers sliding in and out was attracting my face closer and closer. I decided to use my tongue and began licking those long creamy legs.

I watched one small trickle of juice run out of her and run down to her asshole. Glancing up from her thighs, seeing all of that, my tongue nervously licked up the inside of her thigh and quickly lapped up every drop that was oozing from her. I have no idea why I was apprehensive about it. I just had kaçak iddaa Jean’s fingers covered with my juices in my mouth a little while ago. Her juices tasted slightly different from mine, which for some reason made me glow all over. God I was thinking I like this from my gender more so than if it was a guy’s stuff.

“Suck the juice off my fingers Amy,” as she pulled them out from her leaking hole. I took her hand, slid the two wet fingers into my eager mouth, and sucked all of her wetness off. Then I licked her hand seeking out every tasty drop.

“Oh you taste good Jean; I’ve got to get more of that. Does Erin taste as good?” She smiled and reached down spreading her pussy wide open for me. “Yes she does Jean. We are going to have good times together. We both suspected you were hot and yummy. Thanks for not making a scene at the sleep over.”

I then heard, “Come on, eat my pussy hon! Bury your tongue in there and make me cum for you. I want to cum so much for you; it’s hurting.”

I wanted to extend the play just a little longer. Extending my pointed tongue out, I ever so lightly touched her pussy lips with it and began circling around the outside of her pussy. Jean would have none of my teasing. She placed her hands over my ears, pulled my mouth directly onto her swollen lips and said, “Amy please don’t tease me, get in there. Get me off so you can have more, please!” God, she must have really needed to get off, I thought to myself talking like that.

I thought to myself what a slut Jean is. It was turning me on more. God my nipples were rock hard and I could feel my heart beating in my pussy lips that were so swollen. I loved it. I was so uptight over being initiated but I am into it. My tongue got busy licking her pussy inside and out. I pushed it deep inside of Jean and was rewarded with a scream of pleasure and hip thrusting for more as she clamped her hands harder around my head at the ears so I could not pull away. Hot juices flowed. I wanted more. Spreading her open more with my fingers, I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could, flicked and slurped as hard as I could. My nose was rubbing her clit. A river of juice came gushing and I greedily gulped it down. God she was hot and turned on. Knowing this turned me on more and I was wishing that I were being eaten at the same time. God this whole scene made me horny.

After she settled a little, I took her clit into my mouth, licked it, and gently sucked on it. It was hard as steel. My tongue was driving Jean crazy. She was lifting her hips to get m ore stimulation.

“Oh fuck Amy, I don’t believe it but I’m gonna cum again. Keep sucking me baby. That’s it fuck me with your tongue and mouth!”

I couldn’t believe she was cumming so soon. I increased the speed of my tongue in and out of her making sure that it made contact with her hard clit. Jean clamped her soft legs around her own hands that were on my ears my head to prevent me from kaçak bahis escaping.

Her breathing was coming more irregular and her hips lifted off the bed as if to press my face even deeper into her. She screamed and my mouth was flooded with her delicious cum. It ran out of my mouth and down my chin but I never lost contact with her.

Only God knows how long her hips bucked up and down and her cries of pleasure filled the room. I sucked and licked making sure I did everything to increase her pleasure and the length of her orgasm. My face and lips were covered with her juices when I finally raised my head from between her thighs after all the strength had left her.

I crawled up, laid on her, stomach-to-stomach, mound-to-mound, boobs to boobs and stared into her face. We started to kiss. After several minutes of kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues Jean began licking her cum juice off my face and lips. Then her right hand slipped down between us and the middle finger moved over my hard button. I went to humping it to get myself off. The orgasm hit and I heard, “That’s it hon, go for it! Enjoy!”

When I recovered, she withdrew her hand from between us and offered me her juice-covered fingers. I slurped the juices off, looking her in the eyes and going, “Mmmmmm on her fingers.”

I then heard, “Let’s sixty-nine. We can both cum then together. Let’s use our fingers inside each other. You seem to be initiated now. Erin will be pissed that she did not get to do you first. We seem to have a thing between us who gets to do a newbie first.”

Since Jean was already on her back, I swung my body around and lowered my pussy to her face while lowering my face to hers. Seeing how it was done in porn, I did not need any instructions. Jean spread my pussy lips with her fingers and went for my clit with her pointed tongue. I was totally lost in the sensations of the moment. She was an experienced pussy licker. During the next hour, we brought each other to several climaxes. She couldn’t get enough of me and me of her. I did the same for her with her hips thrashing up into my face a number of times as she was gushing her juices. We used our fingers inside of each other from time to time. I cannot re-call ever making myself cum so hard with my own fingers in me. I was looking forward to more of this kind of play. I was getting really excited about doing it with Erin.

We knew we were approaching exhaustion. We managed a final 69 cum, cumming together at the same time.

I swung around, collapsed on her breast with a cum covered face. We lay in each other’s arms talking and giggling. The buzzer from the main entrance startled us. Someone wanted in. I went to the speaker and asked who was there. I heard, “It’s me Amy, Erin. Can I come up to help you out?” My mouth opened in shock. Jean punched me and nodded yes.

I pushed the button to release the catch. I looked at Jean and she said, “Hop in bed. I will answer the door when she gets her. We will all party then. Do you have enough energy left and juices to share with Erin?” I blushed and ran for the bed.

This will be the beginning of a new chapter if interest is shown.

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