Anita’s Humiliation Continues

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Me: Please tell me Guru-ji, what is bothering you?

Uday: Actually Madam…

Guru-ji: I think we should not hide it from Anita. Beti, last to last year there was a mishap during a Maha-yagya in the ashram. Actually it was during this very Ashram Parikrama.

Me: What was that?

Guru-ji: That lady was from New Delhi and she was very bold. Her name was Bindiya. That night though was sparklingly moonlit, I advised her to take one of my disciples along with her, but she was unwilling and told that she could manage alone.

Guru-ji paused and I was looking keenly at his face to learn more about what happened.

Guru-ji: You know these villages are not very safe especially for women. Unfortunately, when she went past the door of the ashram to the backside, two rowdy drunk villagers caught sight of her and attacked her. Bindiya was also dressed like you and those drunkards probably got more attracted seeing her like that.

Me: O! My god!

Guru-ji: Yes, it was truly torrid experience for Bindiya, more so being from the city. And we also realized it rather late when she was not returning after completing the parikrama.

Me: Was she… I mean?

I could not express my concern and anxiety in front of three males, as I wanted to ask if she was raped or not.

Guru-ji: Bindiya was fortunate as we reached in the nick of time.

I was eager to know in what state did they found her, but could not ask that shamelessly. Although Guru-ji quenched my thirst, but describing in a bit too much detail, which in fact made me uncomfortable to a certain extent in front of those males.

Guru-ji: When we reached there, those two scoundrels had floored Bindiya on grass and both were trying to ride on her. Just imagine!

What would I imagine? Two guys on top of a woman — that’s what Guru-ji was asking me to think! Guru-ji looked at my face. Uday and Sanjeev were also looking at me. I avoided the eye contact.

Guru-ji: You know Anita, Bindiya was not as pretty as you that people will get attracted to her… Poor lass! It was a very frustrating status for her and I felt so bad especially because she was under my supervision.

Guru-ji paused and it appeared he truly felt pain for the incident.

Guru-ji: I never thought this could happen to any of my disciples. You know, as we arrived at the scene, we immediately pulled off those men off Bindiya and found that she was lying on the grass half unconscious. She was probably hit by something on her head. Naturally, as you can also imagine, her upper portion was completely naked and her skirt was tattered. Fortunately before those rogues could reach their peak, we got there and saved her. She only had her panty on her body and believe me Anita, I was so very relieved seeing that.

What a way to get relieved I exclaimed within myself! I was as usual started breathing heavier exposing my deep cleavage more and more over my blouse.

Guru-ji: Luckily they did not get the time for a **** and we rescued Bindiya. As we brought her back to the ashram, she was still semi-conscious. She had deep scratches and bite marks on her boobs and face. She also got hurt on her buttocks, which I realized when I removed her panty; probably when she fell on the ground, her hips must have hit a pointed stone, etc. All in all, it was a pathetic scene.

I was somewhat shocked to hear Guru-ji removing the married lady’s panty, but on second thoughts, after her molestation when these males reached there, they already saw her virtually naked lying on the ground. Hence I did not pay much heed to that.

Sanjeev: But Guru-ji, you should also appreciate that Bindiya Madam was bold enough to again undergo the Maha-yagya and she is today a proud mother.

Guru-ji: Yes, yes. That’s true. Even after that molestation episode, she was courageous enough to continue.

Me: O-k-a-y.

Guru-ji: Now do you understand why I was hesitating?

Me: But then, what to do?

Uday: Guru-ji, I am good enough as Madam’s security.

Guru-ji: Anita, do you agree?

Me: I have faith in him Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Fine. Sanjeev, give her the thali. Anita, you carry that over your head and rest Uday will guide you. But most importantly, Anita, you cannot talk while you do the Ashram Parikrama; more precisely as you put your first step outside ashram. Okay?

I nodded.

Guru-ji: Second thing is as you offer flowers and small prayers to each of the four Linga replicas and each time you sprinkle this holy waters like this. And lastly you must complete the Ashram Parikrama within 1200 seconds.

I looked questionably as I was miserable in arithmetic.

Guru-ji: Meaning you need to get back within ashram premises within 20 minutes

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

I took the thali from Sanjeev. It was a big round plate full of flowers, kumkum, Ganges water, betel leaves, etc. I felt the thali was heavy too as it was made of brass. I took it over my head and followed Uday out of the room.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

We casino şirketleri all repeated that in chorus. As I stretched my arms above my head to hold the thali, my blouse started getting strained more against my big tight boobs. Actually I was having a very cumbersome feeling as my brassiere also slipped down a bit when I lifted my arms and now the bra stitches were pressing directly on my areolas very close to my nipples. I somehow managed to get out of Guru-ji’s room with my nipples inside my bra already semi-erect.

Me: Uday, can you hold the thali for a moment?

I immediately told Uday as we were out of Guru-ji’s room.

Uday: Sure Madam. Any problem?

Me: No, nothing.

I handed over the thali and turned away from him and quickly adjusted my blouse and bra and turned back to him.

Me: Thanks. I took the thali from him again and raised it over my head. My boob flesh was getting shamefully exposed each time I lifted my hands over my head, but the darkness of the night gave me some cover.

Uday had a lighted torch in his hand and he was going alongside me. Honestly I was feeling very comfortable with Uday. My crush was still living inside my mind and body. The pleasure I got from him on the moving boat — I would never forget in my life. Though he did not fuck me that night, but I didn’t know how I extracted more pleasure out of it!

Honestly there was no fear in me even after hearing the molestation story of Bindiya from Guru-ji. Today I was a bit reserved with Uday because I knew I had to successfully undergo the Maha-yagya, that’s my greatest priority.

Uday: Madam, I did not get the opportunity to tell you Madam. You look ravishing in this dress.

We were still within the premises of the ashram, so I replied.

Me: Hmm. I know, but its very embarrassing to wear such small clothes at my age.

Uday: Age! What do you say Madam! You will surely get admission to any college — you look so young!

Me: Uday, don’t flatter me.

Uday: Kasam se! Madam. You do not know how sexy you are looking!

Me: Shut up!

Uday: Madam, if you don’t mind, can I tell something?

Me: What?

Uday: Madam, you did not say anything to Sanjeev while he was giving you the secret mantra?

My heart missed a beat. Did Uday saw what Sanjeev was doing? But how could that be? He was in front of me. I immediately tried to prove my innocence in front of my ‘lover’.

Me: What for? What did he do? He gave the mantra in my ear like you and Guru-ji!

Uday: Madam, don’t tell a lie. I saw his hand position from where I was sitting. The opportunist!

I clearly smelt an odor of envy from Uday’s voice and instigated him more.

Me: You held me by my waist and he held me by my hips. That’s all.

I tried to keep my voice very casual and normal while saying it so that Uday becomes more envious.

Uday: Huh! Madam, you are innocent. You did not realize his moves.

Me: May be, but I did not feel anything unusual.

While conversing we reached the gate. The outside looked darker than within the ashram premises. It was around midnight. And now for the first time I felt a wave of unknown fear in me going out in this sexy dress.

Me: Uday, I am safe outside naa? I mean after hearing that case…

Uday: Madam, that was a stray incident, which had never happened in ashram’s history. You just relax.

Me: I will depend on you Uday. Please walk close to me.

Uday: Not to worry Madam. You just remember not to talk otherwise the curse of Linga Maharaj will take effect on you.

Me: No, no. I will keep my mouth shut.

I stepped out of the ashram and Uday was walking beside me. My arms were lifted up as I was holding the heavy thali over my head. As I was walking in that fashion, I could well judge that my fleshy gaand was moving in a very sexy way, swaying up and down, right and left. Thank God! There was no one watching me from behind. I must have been looking awfully raunchy, especially in this micromini.

It was so very quiet outside with grasshoppers and cricket playing the constant music. Clouds were shadowing the moon at times thereby increasing the intensity of the darkness surrounding us. I could hear my own breathing; the adjoining was so silent and still! Thankfully the path going round the circumference of the ashram was sufficiently wide for two persons to walk side by side and relatively clean also though there were occasional shrubs and bushes growing on the trail itself. Uday was lighting up the way for me and we were walking slowly and carefully.

The night was so quiet outside the ashram in this village that a sense of deserted was gripping my mind though Uday was there. A feeling of fright and panic was getting riveted on me rapidly and honestly, if I suddenly see a man coming up this grassy trail, I would surely die out of fear. My throat was getting drier and hands also getting colder thinking of Guru-ji’s description of Bindiya being harassed.

Uday: casino firmaları Madam, the night is so beautiful. It’s like the night we met on boat, isn’t it?

I almost trembled hearing the voice of Uday all of a sudden.

Uday: What happened? Are you afraid Madam?

He looked at my face and got the hint.

Uday: Ha ha ha…

He laughed loudly teasing me. I felt so irritated at that juncture that I just made a face to him showing my annoyance. My annoyance was aggravated by the number of flying mosquitoes around me! Inside the ashram, I did not feel it because they must be using some kind of repellant, but here in the open field along the circumference of the ashram in the nighttime, it was like fleets of mosquitoes flocking at us. I was constantly shaking my legs as I walked to avoid those bloodsuckers.

Uday: Oh! We have reached the first replica. See there.

I looked in the direction where Uday pointed, but could not see anything, as there was darkness. He stepped out of the road in the shrubs and lighted the spot. It was deep down the wall almost near the ground where I picked up the Linga replica illuminated by his torch. I followed the footmarks of Uday and stepped out of the meandering path, but since I was barefooted, I was very watchful regarding the shrubs.

Uday: Madam, just be careful. There are thorns here and there.

Uday helped me by taking the thali from my hands and I positioned myself among the bushes to offer the flowers to the replica.

I noticed that I had to bend down to offer flowers and the prayer – such was the position of the replica. I realized it would be very difficult to stand there for a moment, as it was a mosquito den. Also, I was attacked by the mosquitos more than Uday simply because all of my legs was uncovered because of that miniskirt.

Uday: Madam, you offer the flowers. I will try to keep away the mosquitoes from your legs.

Saying that he held the thali in his left hand and started waving his right hand very briskly near my legs. Seeing that it was not enough he started brushing and sweeping his right hand all along my naked legs. Even in that position I instantly got a turn on getting a male hand touching me around my knees. I tried my best to quickly finish off the process.

Suddenly I noted the torch illumination going off from the Linga replica in front of me! I was puzzled and turned back, but it came back just then.

Uday: Madam, I was checking if there were any mosquitoes under your skirt or not. Ha ha ha…

I was simply stunned to hear that. I was bending a lot to offer the flowers to the Linga replica and my short skirt must have hiked up significantly giving Uday a good upskirt view. And hence this prank — but… but, still it was too much. He was throwing light inside my skirt!

Uday: Madam, I hope you did not mind. He he he…

He laughed in the most irritating way possible. I immediately was up from my bent posture and gave a very hard look at Uday. Alas! I could not speak. I sprinkled the Ganges waters as Guru-ji had demonstrated and we again started walking and I was holding the thali above my head. I was not looking at him and was trying to make him understand that I did not like that lewd prank.

Uday: Sorry Madam.

He tried to console me.

Uday: Madam, look! The moon has again come out.

We had now reached the backside of the ashram. There was a big tree with a large shade here and the place appeared so very dark. Hardly anything could be seen here.

Bhow bhow bhouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… samitbhai is offline Reply With Quote I almost shrieked and the thali nearly slipped from my hands. I was so scared at the sudden barking of a dog. I jumped absolutely close to Uday.

Uday: Madam, madam. Relax. It’s just a dog passing by. Not to worry.

My face was pale, palms cold, and lips totally dry. My heart was beating rapidly as I was enormously baffled by that all of a sudden sound. Uday read my face and this time stood by me seriously leaving out the pranks.

Uday: Madam, why do you feel so nervous? I am here naa. I will protect you from everything.

He was saying those words very slowly trying to win my confidence. While saying he wrapped his left hand around my waist. I was already breathing heavily, of course not in excitement, but in anxiety. Uday looked down at my heaving boobs – since both my arms were lifted up holding the thali, more than half of my firm milk-tanks were popping out of my blouse and were appearing like free offers to him.

Uday: Madam, this is the best possible way to ward off fear and nervousness.

I could feel his left hand brushing up my torso from my waist till my milk-tanks and readily grabbed and squeezed my juicy right boob.

Me: Uhuuuuuu….

Since my hands were engaged up my head holding the thali, I shook my head in disapproval of his act. I did not want to divert my mind on to anything else, but the Maha-yagya.

Uday: Madam, your boobs look so inviting in this choli.

Now güvenilir casino he briskly shifted his position to my back and hugged me from behind and cupped my mammaries with both his palms. I struggled in his arms feeling his hard prick poking my soft gaand through his dhoti. I could not leave the thali and I had to keep my hands up above my head and Uday took full advantage of that. He was constantly squeezing my boobs and obviously was feeling and caressing my hard nipples over my blouse and brassiere.

Uday: Madam, I know it’s not appropriate to do this, but I cannot resist myself. You are looking so damn sexy…

I could feel his right hand sliding quickly from my right boob down my belly and navel and rested over my pussy. His hand was roaming over my pubic are over my skirt. I tried to stop him by jerking my body, but in the pretext my big gaand pressed more on his erect dick giving him more pleasure only.

I was not allowed to speak, so I tried to request him through my facial expressions, but he was getting excited by the moment. I suddenly felt that Uday was pulling up my miniskirt. My mouth gaped wide as I knew very well that my intimate parts would get exposed if my skirt hikes up just a few inches. But I felt so helpless as my hands were nonfunctional. And as I expected, Uday lifted my skirt up from the front and inserted his fingers under it and started feeling my upper thighs and even touched my panty!

This was too much! I realized that I must stop him, as I was equally getting sexually keyed up. I just kicked him on his feet and jerked my body violently to get out of his clutches. Uday probably comprehended that I was angry now. He left me and stood there speechless. I was shaking my head in displeasure that I did not expect this from him.

Uday: Madam… I mean… Madam, I am really ashamed. I should not have done this.

I was a bit surprised by the abrupt change in Uday, but hoped that he understood that the prime target for me was to undergo that yagya successfully, and nothing else.

Uday: Madam, am sorry. I did that in the heat of the moment. Please forgive me.

I denoted that it was okay and we started walking again. Honestly I was feeling the libido had started flowing in me by Uday’s touches to my intimate parts. I closed my eyes for a while as I walked and tried to focus hard.

My next two Linga replicas’ offerings were uneventful. The night was pitch dark with the moon still playing hide and seek with the clouds. Honestly after Uday hugged me I was, in fact, not feeling the nervousness or the fear of the dark! I smiled to myself at my irregular behavior.

Uday: Madam, we are almost complete; now the last replica.

The place where the last replica was seemed to be the remotest, as the shrubs and bushes were the maximum at that place. Though I was very careful regarding placing my steps, but unfortunately I kept my footstep on a thorny bush. I immediately felt pain of the piercing on my left sole, but somehow controlled myself not to scream.

Uday: What happened Madam? You seem to be in pain!

Uday promptly realized what might have happened.

Uday: Madam, I think you first complete the procedure and then I will see take care of it.

I also felt likewise and stooped to offer the flowers. The mosquitos were having a feast on my uncovered legs. I constantly shook my legs to avoid those bloodsuckers as much as possible. Uday this time was standing directly behind me; though I was aware, I had little option. I had to lean forward once and he must have had a great view of my big round ass covered in that miniskirt. I quickly rose up and offered the prayer and came limping to the pathway. The thorn pricked me on my left foot.

Uday: Let me check.

Saying that he sat near my feet and took my left foot on his lap. In the process I had to fold my leg from my knee and I could perceive jolly well that if he looks up now, he can directly see inside my skirt. My heart was again starting to drum.

Uday: Madam, its just a thorn, give me a minute and I will get that out.

I was bleeding, of course not in profuse amount.

Uday: Madam, raise your feet a bit, I can’t see the spot clearly.

Rise my feet more? My God! That way I would look so vulgarly inviting! But there was no alternative — I stood on one leg and raised my left foot indecently high so that Uday could see the sole of my foot. My skirt was slipping upwards towards my waist and my full left leg remained exposed. I was just counting the seconds when he would look up at me saying, ‘the thorn is out’ and just then…

Uday: Madam, its out!

He looked up and got an ample upskirt view of mine from the front. I was sure he could see my panty clearly this time. I even forgot to get embarrassed!

He tore apart a portion of cloth from his dhoti and tied it on my feet.

Uday: Will get the medicine getting back to the ashram.

I nodded and instantly got my foot back on ground from his lap. But surprisingly I was having pain as I kept it on ground. I tried to ignore it and took a step forward, but it was pinching me inside. Even with that stopgap bandage I was feeling the pain, as I was exerting pressure on my left leg for walking, hence I continued to limp.

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