Big Brother

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Tommy Bannister got in trouble, it was not the first time for the eighteen year old high school drop out but Judge Madge Winters decided it will be the last. He was caught this time for speeding, the police with reasonable cause searched his car found he had a twelve pack of beer and a small amount of weed on him.

“Mister Bannister I see you are before me again, what is this the third time in a year?” She asked.

“I think so your honor.” He replied knowing it was a question that he should not answer.

“What should I do with you, jail really does not have much effect on you, definitely going to have to suspend you license for a year too many points, normally I could give you six months in jail instead I’m going to give you six months probation.” She said.

“Thank you your honor.” He said with some relief of not going to jail.

“We will have some conditions, you need to learn maturity, you come from a broken home with no male role model. You will report to the local big brother big sister program, they will match you up with a young boy who needs a good male influence in his life. If the program calls and tells me you are not living up to these conditions then you will be off to the county jail, I think this will be a good chance for you to make sure some young boy does not end up before me the way you have. Court adjourned.” She said slamming the gavel.

He stood up with his court appointed lawyer and waited for the judge to leave the court room. His lawyer patted him on the back and escorted him out.

“Is she serious, she wants me to baby sit some snot nosed kid for six months?” He asked.

“Yes she does, it’s better than jail and now that you’re an adult you will start getting harder sentences if you don’t straighten up. Here is the card, call Mister Jenkins as soon as you can and he will match you up with a kid.” His lawyer explained handing him a card.

“I bet you two had this all worked out.” Tommy said taking the card.

“Would not be doing my job if I did not have it worked out.” His lawyer said leaving him to go his own way.

Later that afternoon he called and made an appointment to meet with Mister Jenkins, the next day he arrived at the local office and met the man who was short, overweight and in his mid fifties. He came out and greeted Tommy and led him to his office.

“Tommy this is Miss Kathy Woodrow and her son Seth.” He said. “I think you two will be a good match.”

“Miss Woodrow, Seth.” He said nodding politely to her and her son.

“Like you Seth has been in trouble in school and has done some shoplifting, the same patterns you have fallen into at his age.” He explained. “Seth has had three other big brothers quit on him, I think you may be the one to get through to him.”

Tommy noticed Miss Woodrow was staring at him with a small smile while holding her kids hand, she found her to be attractive even with her large round glasses, her breasts looked to be large maybe in the thirty eight d range and she was too skinny or too fat. Seth was a nice kid brown hair like his mother and looked to be around the age of twelve.

“Seth gets home from school around three fifteen, can you meet him at our house at three thirty, I get home from work at four, I understand you have to do this three days a week for an hour so I hope you guys will have fun.” She explained.

“Yeah sure, I guess we should start tomorrow.” Tommy said.

“That would be great.” Kathy said standing up with her breasts giving a little bounce. “Here is our address and phone number, see you tomorrow.”

He walked out with them and watched the sway of her round ass in her jeans enjoying the view, the next day he went out to the Woodrow house. It was a nice three bedroom home, the first thing he noticed when Seth invited him in were that the rooms were small. She had the kitchen, bathroom, a family room, small living room, her master bedroom was downstairs, two small bedrooms upstairs. They had a nice back yard with an old fence in need of repair.

“Hey Seth so what are we going to do for an hour, any ideas?” He asked the boy.

“We could go out and play some catch, that is what my dad used to do before he left us.” He said.

“Okay, you got an extra glove?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah you can use my dad’s” Seth said handing him an old worn out mitt.

The two of the thrown the ball back and forth talking about how he got in trouble, Tommy laughed because it reminded him of himself at that age. Tommy then reminded him of how he got in trouble and was stuck doing this and he should straighten up. Seth laughed and surprised him by saying “Your not going to be a dick like the other guys.”

“No kid but if you keep getting into trouble then I can get in trouble, my trouble can land me in jail.” Tommy said.

Tommy continued to hang with Seth after school until his mother got home from her job as a nurse, there were a few times when Seth was not there and it did not take Tommy much effort to track him down. He was always able to stop him before he made a mistake or do casino şirketleri something wrong. Tommy also started working for his Uncle at his garage, learning how to be a mechanic and cleaning up. He was starting to find the more he hung out with young Seth the better he was doing in school and with his behavior, it also had an effect on Tommy where he too made more effort now as well.

One day Seth was hanging out at Tommy’s house, he was busy cleaning the garage out looking for tools that he could use at the shop and at home. He set a couple tents in the driveway along with the rest of the old camping equipment his dad left behind when he divorced his mother.

“Wow look at all this camping stuff, do you go camping Tommy?” Seth asked excitedly.

“Not since my dad left, when I was around your age we used to go all the time, camping and fishing.” He said.

“I would love to go camping someday.” Seth said as his mother pulled into the driveway the car she was driving did not sound right to Tommy.

“Come on Tommy!” His mother yelled from her unrolled window. “I don’t know if the car will make it home or not.”

“Miss Woodrow, I think I can fix that for you.” Tommy said. “It sounds like you got a clogged fuel filter.”

“Are you sure? I can’t afford anything expensive and your just a kid if you mess it up and my car gets worse I will be without transportation.” She said shutting the engine off.

“I’m sure, give me fifteen minutes and I’ll be right back with one.” He said getting into his own old pick up truck that he’s been fixing up for a year now.

Tommy sped over to his Uncle’s shop found the part he needed, grabbed a couple of tools and his Uncle told him he would just take it out of his paycheck. Then he got back to his house, Kathy was now out of the car and Seth was still looking at the camping equipment.

Tommy asked if he could look under the dash and he hooked up the code tester and got the code he was looking for. Then he showed Kathy and matched it up to the book to prove to her he knew what he was talking about. She let him work on her car, she told him that some how she would make payments to him on the repair and the part.

“It’s a fifteen dollar part and it won’t take me long to do it, so don’t worry about it and it will save you money in the long run.” He told her.

“Hey mom I know how you can pay him, tonight is taco night, can he come for dinner?” Seth asked.

“Yes come over for dinner, I insist, I have not really had a chance to sit down and get to know you.” She said.

“Well my mother does have to work late so I was just going to have ramen noodles. Okay, why don’t you take my truck and I’ll meet you at your house in about fifteen minutes with your car, that way I’ll know the repair was successful.” He explained.

She gathered up her son and his book bag and took Tommy’s truck home while he finished working on the car, she got dinner started when she got there. Tommy finished the car and twenty minutes later he showed up just in time for tacos.

The tacos were your average store bought kit, with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives and sour cream. They all had a good time laughing and joking while eating the tacos she made, Seth wanted Tommy to help him with homework, but Tommy insisted in helping Kathy with clearing the table and dishes. She then told him she was going to take a quick shower and he went and helped Seth finish up.

Tommy had to fight from staring when Kathy came out of the shower, she had on a night shirt that looked like a overgrown football jersey that was faded pink with white numbers. Her large breasts swayed freely in the night shirt, a slight hint of nipple pushed against the fabric. Her legs were long and muscular from being on her feet a lot as a nurse. She sat and read her book, careful not to reveal what was up the night shirt while Seth and Tommy played a couple video games.

Seth finally had to go to bed, Tommy waited for her to come back down from putting him down for the night. Tommy was getting ready to leave, when Kathy asked him not to so she could talk to him for a moment.

“Um Tommy, Seth is really excited about seeing all your camping equipment and he begged me to ask you if you could take him camping sometime, also I would like to go, you know being an overprotective mother?” She asked.

“Sure I got a couple tents, when is your next weekend off?” He asked.

“I have a four day weekend for Memorial Day I took a vacation day to have a long weekend with my son, I guess we could spend it camping.” She said.

“Great, I know a small campground that we can camp at and have a great time, do you need any suggestions of things to bring?” He asked.

“I got an idea of what we will need, I have camped as a girl scout as a kid.” She laughed. “Well you better get home before your mother worries, thank you Tommy for fixing my car and all your help with Seth.”

“No problem, he’s been a good influence on me.” And they both had a laugh.

She listened for Tommy’s truck to pull casino firmaları out and she laid down on the couch to watch television yet her thoughts drifted to the handsome, muscular eighteen year old that had just left. Her hand drifted over her breast and gently rubbed her hardening nipple through the fabric of her shirt, she was proud that her large breasts only had a little sag and were some what firm still.

Her hand now drifted down to her legs which were now spread, she did not wear panties to bed tonight, it drifted through her neatly trimmed pubic hair. She ran her fingers down through the wet slit of her pussy and gently plunged a couple into her honey hole. Kathy let out a soft moan of pleasure and sexual frustration as she slowly and gently fingered her hungry pussy. It did not take too long for her to bring herself to climax and cum all over her fingers. She fell asleep in a blissful slumber on the couch with the television on that night.

Over the next two weeks the excitement was building up, Tommy and Kathy got to know each other a little bit more and there was some mild flirting going on. Seth never noticed that his mother and his big brother were becoming friends now. Friday morning came around and Tommy showed up at their house with his truck full of camping equipment, he helped load up a cooler and their knapsacks and sleeping bags.

The three of them were soon off to the campground, as Tommy promised the campground was not very crowded. He explained not many people roughed it like this anymore choosing to rent cabins and use RV’s to camp now. They drove to their assigned site and the three of them unloaded the supplies, then Tommy put the tents up. Once the campsite was done they took Tommy’s canoe down to the lake to try some fishing.

Kathy wore a tight tank top and a pair of jean shorts, she sat in the middle of canoe as her son and Tommy fished. She applied sunscreen to her son and to herself, Tommy declined but could not help to stare as she rubbed the lotion into her legs. About an hour into Seth hooked a small trout, it was barely big enough to keep, when Tommy explained that they could skin and clean it, then cook it tonight if he wanted, Seth wanted to throw it back.

After a couple hours on the small lake they paddled back, brought the canoe up to the campsite and Kathy made lunch after they washed up. Tommy then took Seth on a hike while Kathy stayed in the campsite, she sat in a comfortable portable chair they brought and read. A couple hours later they got back and Seth told her all about the wildlife he saw and how they found a huge patch of blackberries that they should go pick tomorrow.

They played a board game and listened to music, then Kathy cooked dinner on the small camp stove, while Tommy and Seth gathered some firewood and built a fire. After dinner they roasted marshmallows and Tommy told a ghost story. Seth and Kathy went to bed in their tent, Tommy decided to sit up for a bit with the fire as it was down to hot coals. He poked at it for about thirty minutes sitting by it when he heard the tent unzip. Kathy came out wearing a extra large flannel shirt and a tight pair of shorts that were a bit skimpy.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked softly.

“Thought I would come out by the fire, could you throw one more log on?” She asked putting her arms together to show that it was cool out.

“Sure no problem.” Tommy said putting a small log on. “Why don’t you come over and sit by me, I will keep you warm.”

“Okay.” She replied.

They sat there quietly for a moment or two while Tommy poked at the coals to get the new log to catch fire. When he sat back down he thought her heard Kathy sob a little bit and he turned to see a tears going down her face.

“Hey what’s wrong Kathy?” He asked softly.

“It’s nothing.” She sniffed.

“C’mon I think we have gotten to know each other well enough, you can tell me I won’t tell Seth.” He said to her trying to reassure her.

“Since my husband left, this is the best time I think Seth and I have had, I had my doubts about you when this whole big brother thing was suggested but now I see what a kind caring young man you are and how good you are for my son.” She explained to him. “Seth said he feels like we are a family now.”

“I thought it would be difficult at first, but after I got to know Seth I found that I really enjoy being a big brother. Also there is something else I need to say.” He said turning her so she was now facing him and he reached up and wiped a tear away.

“Kathy you are so beautiful, as much as I enjoy spending time with Seth, I have gotten to where I look forward to spending time with you as well. I remember what you told me about you ex and how he would rather drink and run around, well the man is a damn fool not to be home with a beautiful wife and a great son.” Tommy explained.

“Oh Tommy that is so sweet.” She said.

Then she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, a soft, wet, gentle peck, Tommy reached around her waist to pull her close to him. They put foreheads together and güvenilir casino nuzzled for a moment, then they looked into each others eyes and she gave him a gentle peck on the lips, then another and he finally kissed her back. The two of them were kissing passionately in front of the fire, she sighed when she felt Tommy’s tongue move it’s way into her mouth to twist around with hers.

As their kiss continued Tommy reached up and gently unbuttoned her shirt, until it was all the way open, then he pushed her on her back and laid on top of her still kissing her passionately. For Kathy she had not been kissed this way in a very long time and for Tommy he had not felt this way about someone in his life. He gently pulled her shirt open and looked down at her large milky white breasts, her nipples standing out in the cool night air. He broke off the kiss and kissed his way down her neck and then down to her chest and took one into his mouth gently sucking and licking the nipple. Kathy arched her back and moaned with pleasure when he did this to her sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body.

He alternated between breasts, his hands squeezing them softly, then he went back up to kiss her again. While they started kissing again she felt his hand leave her breasts and drift down her stomach and start to push into her waistband of her shorts.

“Oh god, no Tommy this is wrong.” She said breaking off the kiss and getting up to go back into the tent.

“Kathy wait.” He said but she did not stop.

Neither one of them got much sleep that night, both confused about their feelings and what had just happened. The next morning they got up and ate breakfast quietly, Tommy was up first and he had started cooking it over an open fire. They discussed what to do for the day and Tommy said it was going to be hot and suggested a water park up the road a few miles.

Tommy put his a pair of gym shorts on and a tee shirt, Seth went in and changed into his swim trunk and brought some clothes in a gym bag. His mother then went in and put her swimsuit on and then put clothes on over top.

The three of them went to the water park, Tommy took his shirt off for the first time in front of Kathy, she was impressed with how lean and muscular he is. Then it was Tommy’s turn to be impressed, here was an attractive woman in her mid thirties with one kid, she pulled down her shorts to reveal her milky white legs with just a small hint of fat on the thighs. Her but was nicely rounded in the spandex material of the bottoms, then she took off the tee shirt, it was a black one piece that had a nice sliming effect on her figure. Her breasts pushed out against the fabric and she was showing off ample amount of cleavage.

The three of them had a great time in the water park, going down the slides and various other rides, they played games, had a light lunch. When it was starting to cool off, they were going back to the campsite, Tommy suggested they buy a pizza to take back. They ate pizza and listened to music when they got back, it did not take Seth long before he fell asleep after a busy day.

Once again Tommy was building a fire again, he sat in a lawn chair looking at an automotive magazine and dozed off. About an hour after he dozed off someone come out and turned off the camping lantern and pulled up a chair next to him.

“Tommy, wake up.” Kathy whispered shaking his leg.

“Hey, is everything alright?” He asked groggily.

“Yes, I just wanted to talk to you about last night.” She said.

“Oh hey look, I’m really sorry I made a pass at you, if we can forget it when we get back.” He said apologetically.

“That’s the problem, I can’t forget it, I liked the way you kissed me and how gentle you were. I did not want you or anyone else to think I took advantage of you out here in the wilderness.” She said. “It’s been a longtime since I let another person show interest in me like that, I’m sorry that it scared me and that I ran off rather than talk to you about it making you think you did something wrong.”

“Really Kathy it’s okay, I’m shocked at how I feel now too, I enjoy spending time with a kid and I find myself attracted to a woman a few years older than me.” He said.

“More than a few years.” She laughed. “Besides what would people say, what would your mother say.”

“First off who cares what anyone would say and as for my mother she could give two craps cause I’m eighteen. Do you really care what people think or do you want to be happy? If you ask me your own happiness should be more important.” He said to her getting up from his chair and fiddling with the radio.

“Your right.” She whispered.

“What did you say?” He asked.

“Your right, I should be happy.” She said so he could hear her.

Tommy found a soft rock station on the radio, then he went over to where she was sitting and held out his hand. She smiled up at him and took it, he pulled her up into his arms and the two of them slowed danced to the song that played. When the next song came on the two of them stopped dancing and she had her hand wrapped around his neck and they were kissing. Tommy broke off the kiss and took the small radio, then he led her to his tent. He unzipped the opening, then he went in, set the radio down, then opened up his sleeping bag.

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