Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 15

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Mum had been out of sorts for a couple of weeks, but this morning she was up bright and early. I heard her singing in the kitchen as she prepared breakfast. “What’s made you so happy?” I asked.

“Jackie and Darlene are taking me shopping; I’m buying some new clothes for the house party at the Goldberg’s.” “They said its time I had a make over.”

“Speaking of the Goldberg’s, you had better get over and see her. She has been complaining that you have done nothing, with the first house party only days away.”

As I was waiting to meet Mr Goldberg, the maid advised me, “Only call on Madam when her husband is home, or when someone else is with you, he is very jealous.”

“She is a lovely lady to work for, but Mr Arnold is a very hard man.”

I listened to her advice while studying her fifty year old boss’s body across the room. Mrs Goldberg Jewish body was firm, wrinkle and fat free.

There was no way you would have guessed her age. Her extra fit figure, her hair coloured to hide any grey hairs, her impeccable makeup, all combined to hide her age and the fact that she had two sons aged 17 and 14.

As I studied her, I recalled that her oldest son was a mate of mine.

Her husband Arnold attended most meetings of the sub committee, especially those to plan the first function at his and her home.

He was ugly; obscenely overweight, a real pig with no manners and full of shit. As the city and probably the states top banker, he was a natural to chair the finance committee.

Because they lived out of town on a rural estate, he suggested major meetings be held in the city in his bank’s boardroom.

Mrs Goldberg always attended these town meetings and sat beside or just behind him. I generally sat at a small work table across the room.

From the first meeting, I tried to flirt mildly with her.

I had found that my Boy Scout Mums responded to a little harmless flirtation. In fact they sometimes responded better, when it was not so harmless.

I was playing a little game at every meeting, trying to make her blush, or at least respond positively to my show of interest in her body.

She sat close to her husband, well away from me, but always in a position where I could study her. After the first couple of days, her eyes kept returning to check out what signals I was giving. It was becoming clear to her, that I was finding her more than interesting.

The first time I realised that she may be responding to my flirting, was one hot day. I had hurried up the street to be sure to be early, and was sweating. I was not used to wearing a coat, but had done so because Arnold wore one to the meetings.

I was looking at her when I took off my coat, and undid a number of buttons opening my shirt displaying my chest. She was watching me, so I mouthed the words “it’s hot.”

She looked directly into my eyes and very deliberately undid the top buttons of her blouse. Shit I thought, she’s responding but nothing further happened, so I thought she was just feeling the heat

At the next meeting in his board room, I again studied her body, licking my lips, day dreaming as I listened to the business men argue loans and interest rates

Mrs Goldberg’s hair and make up was impeccable, she was dressed in a tight black skirt; her white top looked like a man’s shirt. One or two buttons were undone, allowing the shirt to hang a little.

I jumped to the conclusion that she was not wearing a bra, as her tits moved freely under the shirt, seemingly without impediment.

As the meeting progressed, I kept my eyes on her tits, but my mind was elsewhere.

I was off in space thinking of Melissa and Jennifer, my two favourite mums. My mind was reliving the great sex I had had with each of them. I dreamed on, causing my prick to expand, in turn, forcing me to make adjustments to my pants.

I was unconsciously making the adjustment, while my eyes still studied Mrs Goldberg’s tits. I looked up to her face, noticed a half smile, and saw her squirm in her seat. Shit, I thought, as I sat up to hide my half erection, she thinks I’m hard from looking at her tits.

Arnold said we should meet at lunch time each day for the next week. It suited his business arrangements; it suited my study times, so the ladies agreed.

Mrs Goldberg and I took the same seats at lunchtime next day. Clearly more buttons were undone on this outfit. She leant over my work desk to discuss the responses to her invitations, displaying an eye catching cleavage that nearly took my breath away.

I licked my lips, as my mouth formed an “O” in preparation for what I would like to do to that large soft package.

Without thinking my hand automatically went down to straighten my pants. She cleared her throat. I tore my eyes away from her chest, to find her smiling at my predicament.

Flirting with Mrs Goldberg, while her husband Arnold was running the meeting was great fun. Each day I couldn’t wait to start. I was always early.

Mrs Goldberg also started to arrive well casino şirketleri before the start; she would always come over to talk to me. To my mind she would deliberately lean forward with a cheeky smile, so I could look at her tits.

Each day her outfits became a little more revealing, not sluttish, not over the top, but discreetly showing a little more leg and most certainly more tit.

The mouth watering display of a pair, of what appeared to be near perfect tits, would always occur at a time when her husband was watching, but never really seeing what she was doing.

It had become a game, each day something new. She was enjoying teasing a young horny lad, as much as I was enjoying teasing my mate’s mum.

When I knew she was watching, I used to tease her by sucking my finger. I would slowly push a pencil suggestively in and out of my mouth, while pretending to be deep in thought. Before each meeting, I made sure my pants were tight, and that my prick was placed so it would be noticed.

Yesterday she hitched up her skirt, crossed her exquisite legs displaying a side view of her stocking tops. More and more of her firm thigh, and a hint of black undies, went in and out of my view, as she swung her leg.

She was watching me, so I lowered my hand to my pants, taking my time to rub my bulge ever so slowly. Her mouth opened, she licked her lips.

Arnold was such an arsehole that the thought of poking his wife became all the more enjoyable.

Having made up my mind that I would try to seduce her, I tried to force the pace. There were only a few days to go before the house party at their home, after that the meetings would probably cease.

Our teasing was becoming more and more obvious. But other than an occasional near miss, Arnold and the others never noticed what we were doing. They sat up to the table, estimating profits, discussing sponsors etc

Mrs Goldberg and I were really an unnecessary part of the process.

Today, she had positioned her body so she could sit with her legs apart. Gradually her skirt crept up, her legs opened wider and wider, until I was sure she wasn’t wearing panties.

I dropped my pen and dived under my work table, looking across at her legs. She knew what I was up to and eased them further apart. Yes! I was right; it was dark but was it her cunt?

I now had a raging horn. Bursting to relieve it, I asked for the washroom,

Arnold was angry at my interruption, he turned to his wife tossing her a key, “he can use my personal rooms, you will have to take him, tell Miss Jamieson that I said its ok,” he said dismissing her like he treated his servants.

She started to object that he could ring Miss Jamison to let me in, but he cruelly told her to “do as you’re told.”

The bastard, I thought as I followed her down the corridor, her ass twitching bewitchingly.

I couldn’t help myself “My apologies Mrs Goldberg but your husband is a real shit.”

She swung round and put her fingers to her lips to shush me, addressing Miss Jamieson, “Arnold asked me to show Richard to his executive washroom.”

When we were safely in his office, she put her finger to her lips, stepped up close and rubbed her open hand over the bulge in my pants. Again signalling to be quiet, she beckoned me to follow her into the restroom.

I didn’t move, I was stunned, did she rub me or did I dream it. As I stood confused, she turned again, signalling me to follow the voluptuous curve of her ass, as it slipped through the door.

I opened the door to find Mrs Goldberg had pushed herself up to sit on the wash basin counter, her legs were splayed apart. She was opening her blouse one button at the time.

Her large soft breasts fell forward as she pushed the blouse open. She looked at me through those long eyelashes and whispered, “Quickly we only have a minute.”

She pulled her skirt up around her waist. “You’ve been teasing me for weeks, now fuck me.” With those words the action began. She reached out and pulled me to her, wrapping her legs tightly around my hips.

It was a wonder she didn’t do my standing prick some damage, as she roughly ripped the zip down, releasing it from the confines of my pants.

As she fumbled to straighten it, I rammed it at her hitting her stomach forcing her to gasp, then she gasped again as she helped me find the mouth of her cunt.

I rammed straight in to the hilt. She jerked her hips back, slamming them forward to meet my thrusts; we grappled together on the edge of the wash basin.

“Fuck him! I’ve had enough! I can’t take any more of his shit!” “I’ll teach him.” She was quietly moaning as we fucked. Then her head came down; she bit into my shoulder hiding her moans.

I couldn’t last. As I started to spasm, her fingers gripped the cheeks of my arse, her nails raking my skin. We grunted together as she joined me in a mutual moan of satisfaction.

I wanted to continue and dropped my mouth to her magnificent soft tits, sucking hard. But she was all business.

She casino firmaları pushed me away, slid down off the wash basin, pulled on her blouse, straightened her skirt, studied her hair in the mirror, and whispered as she kissed me lightly.

“Thank you Richard that was lovely, but we won’t be able to do it again.” She quietly left the room. Leaving me thinking I had just been used to get even with Arnold…

When I left the washroom, I was stunned to find her sitting with her husband, smoking, whilst he studied a bunch of papers. “Are you all right now?” she asked. Arnold didn’t even look up from what he was reading.

She didn’t have to ask, she knew I was fucking O.K…

The house party at the Goldberg’s was in full swing, when I decided to look their mansion over. I was heading back to the room where most of the mothers had congregated, when Arnold shouted “listen you bitch it will be done my way or not at all.”

A door slammed, and he stormed past me brushing me out of the way. I stood watching his fat figure waddle down the hall, when I was grabbed and pulled into the room. “Mrs Goldberg!” I exclaimed when I saw who it was. I went on to ask “Can I help?”

Dragging me by the hand she replied. “Yes you can,” “Yes you can.” come with me. We headed up stairs, where she led me into a magnificent bedroom.

“We didn’t have much time the other day, but we have all the time in the world now,” she said, as her mouth and tongue attacked mine.

“I don’t want another quick fuck! I want you to make love to me, here on his bed, in his house, while all his lousy friends are partying downstairs.”

“What if someone comes in, what if someone catches us?”

“Let them” she cried as she wrestled with my zip. I slipped away to try and lock the door. I never got there. She stopped me.

Shit I thought what if we get caught, “Please let’s talk about this.”

All thoughts of talk disappeared, as I watched her strip her dress away, to stand there in a black garter belt, black stockings, a sparkling jewelled thong and high heels.

Her nipples were stiff. She slid her hands up over her breasts then down over her bare belly to her thong, dropping it down till it caught on her shoe. She flipped her foot like kicking a football and the jewelled thong flew in the air. I caught it; put it to my nose to smell her body’s perfume.

Her body moved in a little dance that any burlesque queen would love to copy. Her tits bounced and jiggled.

Placing her foot on a low stool her hands moved to the hair that hid her sex.

While I stood frozen watching her show me what a real teasing session was all about, her hands smoothed the hair away and her fingers eased the swollen lips apart, to show the pink and red of her cunt.

Still moving her body suggestively, she eased back the skin to let her finger stroke her nub, pinching and rubbing until a shudder passed through her body.

My prick took over as my brains flew out the door.

I moved to hold her so I could watch, while I stroked this angry fifty year old mother’s cunt.

“Mrs Goldberg, You’re beautiful, my god, you’re magnificent,” I whispered, as my fingers dipped in her tight warm hole.

“You like calling me Mrs Goldberg while you have your fingers in my pussy don’t you?” she asked. “It turns you on to know you have another mans wife begging you to fuck her in his bedroom, Doesn’t it?”

I started to stutter a reply. Pulling me hard against her body, she went on, “well it turns me on, having a young man the same age as his son, fucking me on his bed.”

My prick surged through my open zip, as I ran my hands up from her thighs to lift her pendulous breasts and tweak her nipples. Her beautiful brown eyes stared at me, her tongue wet her lips.

She moaned quietly, “Now love me, please make love to me, be kind, be gentle, I might be another mans wife, but you’re my first lover, just love me.” Her lips sucked my tongue back into her mouth.

I led her to the bed and tried to lay her down. “No!” she cried. Struggling she sat back up and proceeded to remove my pants. I helped, stripping off my shirt and tie as her sense of urgency took over my body.

I kicked my pants free of my shoes, when she took my penis in hand and proceeded to kiss it lightly and lovingly.

Both my brain and my prick registered dozens of warm wet little kisses. I watched mesmerised, as her long wet tongue moved in and out of her mouth to lick around my prick

I couldn’t believe the feeling that tongue and her long fingers transmitted, as they softly massaged my balls. Her luscious lips reached my stomach, as she slowly swallowed my rampant prick right down.

Many mothers had sucked me, and deep throated me, Mrs Goldberg didn’t, she made sweet love to my prick.

She teased my prick with her flicking tongue, slipping the end between her lips, just keeping the head in her mouth. One hand moved to my balls, the other took hold of my shaft, moving back and forward as she sucked.

Without warning, güvenilir casino I came and came, as my prick responded. It loved her gentle warm mouth.

A shudder shook her, to her toes.

She pulled her head back, her eyes rolled, she stared wide eyed as her mouth filled, then she swallowed. She gently held me in her hand, while she licked and sucked me clean.

I was over the moon. My prick stayed hard, and grew harder. Breathing heavily I kissed my way down her body, from her neck, over the top of her large soft tits, to her trembling nipples.

I spent some time nipping and sucking those wonderful nipples, first one, then the other, until she was moaning and squirming in my arms.

A sheen of perspiration appeared on her smooth slightly rounded stomach and attracted my mouths attention. I licked her sweat and inserted my tongue, mouthing her belly button, before moving on down to her thighs.

Her legs moved apart as my tongue approached. Her trimmed pussy hairs were covered in her secretions. Her beautiful fifty year old body welcomed my mouth and tongue with a shudder, and a tightening of her thighs around my ears.

The smell and taste of a highly aroused cunt filled my mouth and nostrils, I loved her salty taste.

Quickly finding her now erect nub, I proceeded to suck and nip it between my lips and teeth. Her clitoris pulsed and throbbed, it grew softer and warmer, her hips moved with my fingers. Mrs Goldberg was moaning aloud. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s beautiful, oh that’s wonderful.”

I don’t know how long I laid there kissing and playing with her cunt. I am sure she loved every minute; I know I did. My tongue was finding little places that made her legs jolt and her body shudder. I could feel her arsehole move, in what I believe were little orgasms…

Every shudder excited me to more action. All my worries about being caught had disappeared. I would have stayed there all night sucking and licking, while her fingers stroked my head and face, until the door flew open.

Jackie and Darlene spied us, “Jesus Felicity, do you know what a fucking chance you’re taking,”

Turning on me, Jackie cried, “I should have known it would be you, you young bastard, get your fucking clothes on and get out of here.”

We lay there stunned, my head still between Mrs Goldberg’s legs… Then moved quickly when Jackie cried softly, “Hurry up Arnolds showing off his mansion to some of his cronies, he’s been calling for Felicity, he’ll be here in a minute.”

Mrs Goldberg was blushing and trying to explain when Darlene exclaimed, “I can hear them on the stairs.”

Jackie pushed me into a closet, herding Mrs Goldberg into the bathroom. “Clean yourself up, I will tell him we have been sitting here talking, and you just went to freshen up.” “Run the hair dryer or something noisy, so he’ll know your there.”

I held my breath in the closet as Arnold introduced the ladies to his guests. After some small talk he left saying, “tell Felicity she must be downstairs later to farewell our guests.”

My heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour. I wanted to get out, get away, I tried to open the closet door. “Stay there you stupid young bastard,” Jackie whispered “he’s still on this floor and might come back for Felicity.”

Mrs Goldberg joined them “Hell what a mess, I can’t believe my husband nearly caught me naked in the arms of a boy my sons age.” I’ve never cheated, never looked at another man, yet here I am doing everything I can to get Richard to have sex with me.

What a mess, Arnold never makes love to me, he doesn’t love me as a woman, I’m just a possession, like his cars and his properties.” She sobbed.

“Richard has made me feel like a woman again.” “He’s been flirting and teasing me, it’s been wonderful, I’ve been like a young girl responding and flirting back.”

She sounded happier as her voice rose, “These last few days have brought excitement into my very boring life.

Excitement took over her voice as though she had just realised what she wanted. “Oh yes! I do want Richard; I want him to love me.” “The truth is I wanted him to fuck me.”

Jackie told them to be quiet as I could hear. “His bloody ego’s big enough as it is,” she explained My ears burnt as they moved away continuing to talk about me.

I am sure they waited until the last minute to release me from the closet. I moved to console Mrs Goldberg, but Jackie and Darlene told me to wait.

All three gave me a kiss and escorted me downstairs.

As I left them I spotted a vision in a little black dress. She turned as I moved towards her, it was mum.

My god, I thought another one of their fabulous makeovers. Darlene and Jackie had transformed her into one sexy lady, she’s beautiful.

I didn’t get to tell her, as she introduced me to Charlotte, a new member of the Cookie Club. “I have promised that you will call on Charlotte at lunch time tomorrow,” Mum said as they wandered off.

Standing in the foyer I wondered what to do next. The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed a fuck. I was horny, and my balls were full and aching.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spied Darlene signalling to me to go in to the library. Inside the library Jackie was waiting.

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