Ch. 01: Brother, My Daddy

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First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Sandhya. I’m in my college life now. It was study holidays for me but it was working day for my mom, Priyanka and my brother, Arjun. My mom was working as a teacher in the same school. Since we both were for the board exams we had study holidays at the same time and we were both in the house alone.

One morning when we were alone, I saw him having a small book between his books and reading it hiding from. I caught him red handed reading that book. Usually in our Tamil culture we girls don’t know more about sex before marriage. But since I was brought up in a township I had heard about sex, but still I did not know what it was all about.

When I went near my brother he suddenly tried to hide it from me. But when he knew that he was caught red handed he showed me the book. It was full of stories and photos of nude women fucking the guys. I was excited to see the nude photos.

“What is this?” I asked him innocently.

“This is a book of magic. If you do this as it is given there, you’d feel as if in heaven. That’s why I’m reading it…come on give it…” he said.

“Please…Arjun…teach it to me also. I want to get to heaven like you… please…” I asked him.

He smiled at me and then said, “It would not work unless you keep it as a secret and don’t tell this to anyone. Ok?”

“O.K…Arjun…” I agreed.

“Then remove your dress one by one and give it to me…” he said and I obliged.

Slowly one by one I removed my dress, the frock that I was wearing at that time. Then he knelt before me on bed and peeled off my panties. After that he asked me lie down on my back on the bed. As I did so, he spread my thighs and moved his face near my cunt where my thin pubic hairs had grown.

“So what are you going to do there?” I asked him.

“Wait and see…” he said smilingly and then slowly kissed the crack of my pubescent cunt and started licking it with his tongue.

“Oh…Arjun…it’s tickling…” I moaned at him and closed my eyes with my hands. He continued licking my cunt with his tongue and was playing with my cunt by inserting his tongue there as long as it would go and taking it out and then repeated the same.

I was caught in excitement and couldn’t take it anymore. So I asked him to stop.

“Oh…oooh…oooaaaahh…. Arjun…please stop doing like that… please…” I asked him to stop but he didn’t heed my words and was doing as he wished.

Slowly my small young breasts started to become rigid and my nipples started to poke out straight. Suddenly, his hands that were holding my thighs moved on to my breasts and the started to massage my breasts and pinch my nipples.

This increased my tempo and I was squealing aloud and pleaded him to stop. It seemed no way he would stop.

Then again his right index finger moved from my breasts to the crack of my ass and then straight into my asshole. That’s it. Immediately, the orgasm ripped me apart and I was wriggling in the bed with his face still on my pubic area.

As he took out his face from my cunt I could see his face smeared with my cunt juices. “How did that feel?” he asked me smiling.

“God… it was really wonderful…” it really was.

“Wait…I’ll teach you another one…” he said and got up kneeling on the bed.

“Come on… kneel on the bed and stand like a dog…” he said and helped me to stand on the bed doggy style. He moved to my back and then gripped both my ass cheeks and spread them apart.

May be he didn’t want me to get pregnant, I think. That’s why he wanted to fuck in my ass instead of my cunt.

“Spread your ass cheeks like this with your hands…” he said holting my sift cheeks apart with his hands and I did so.

Slowly he inserted a finger into my asshole and started poking it there. Then another finger went in and then another.

I felt my head spinning as he did that.

Then all his fingers were out and I was badly in need of his fingers back into my asshole.

Suddenly I felt a stout hot thing being inserted into my asshole. I turned back to see that he had his trousers down and his briefs moved to his knees. It was his long penis that was trying to get into my asshole.

At first he was just touching the crack of my ass with his penis, but suddenly he pushed it right into my asshole splitting my sphincters apart.

I felt a large pain rip through me and shrieked aloud in pain. Tears came off from my eyes within a moment and I started to cry asking him to stop and take it out. But he wouldn’t do that.

He relaxed for a few moments and then again pushed his penis deeper. Again I felt pain ripping through me and started crying more. Now his penis was just half way into my asshole. I didn’t know what he was up to next and fear began to grip me.

“Easy Sandhya…easy…” he was comforting me with his penis still in my small ass hole ripping me apart. I was just starting to relax due to his comforting and suddenly again he gripped my ass cheeks bahis firmaları tight and pushed his penis further into my rectum.

“Aaaahhhh…” unable to bear the pain in my young rectum I was writhing and moaning and crying due to pain.

“Easy…easy…” he was again comforting me and then again pushed his penis to the end into my asshole and his balls were touching my cunt creating a new sensation of pleasure apart from the pain I was feeling in my ass.

“Oh…Arjun… please… take it out… its paining…please take it out…” I was crying and pleading to him.

We both relaxed for a while and my pain started to reduce and instead a new sort of pleasure began to engulf me.

Then again he pushed and pulled his penis into my asshole and I was yelling again, but this time was a pain mixed with pleasure.

The same sense of orgasm ripped me apart and then he pulled out pouring something hot into my asshole. Tired to death I laid myself on his naked lap and he was soothing me with his hands. Then slowly he massaged my breasts and my small nipples. I was sensing a new sense of excitement, but suddenly he took away his hand and everything was gone.

That didn’t happen again and I totally forgot that episode with my brother, when something else happened…Days and months went on after that incident. I nearly forgot that. It was in my study holidays after two years. My brother was in college at that time. My mom had some invigilation work and my dad had gone to work. So I was alone in our house feeling much bored not interested in preparing for the exams. I was browsing through my brother’s rack if I could find some English novels to read.

Just I was going through his rack, which was like a mess, as it was not well maintained; I came across his personal diary below all his mess. I can easily make out his diary, because had fought with me for the diary and forcibly taken it from me two years ago. As I started going through his diary, it was blank for the month till February. It was during his study holidays just like me now. My mom was preparing for the teacher training exams.

What I read from his diary startled me and at the same time I felt as if I had busted a sex racket within the family. I locked all the doors and returned to my bed and then lying on the bed comfortably with my belly down, I started reading.

Feb 13: God! Today is the day I shall never ever forget in my life. Yesterday after staying awake till late night, I was sleeping as if I was beaten to death. My friend had given me a Tamil porn book. And I had waited till everyone had slept and then read that book till late night. Then I had buried it between my books so that I could return it safely. It was around ten in the morning when I woke up hearing my mom yelling at me for some cause.

“So this is what you were doing all these days without studying. Then how could you get good marks?”

I felt something in my mind and I woke up startled. True to my fear my mom was standing in her nightgown before me with my sister’s panty in one hand and my porn book in the other. She showed the dried stain in my sister Sandhya’s panties.

Earlier last night I had masturbated fantasising like having sex with my little sister who had just then reached age and started developing the curves. I had used her panties and the smell aroused me a lot.

Wait! Wait! I felt my mouth dry. My brother had been fantasising about having sex with me even two years before… I continued reading,

I was so shocked that words didn’t come off my lips and stood there with my head bowed.

“How long have you been doing this? She asked.

“Sorry mom, I will not do this again.” I said.

“Answer my question…” she commanded.

“Please mom…” I pleaded.

But the look on her face was like fire and I came out with words.

“From the day when I saw you sitting naked in the bathroom floor and inserting a carrot and candles into your…cunt” I finished saying the last word within myself

‘God…’ I could hear her mumble. She was breathing hard and her breasts were heaving inside her semitransparent dress.

There was a silence for a few minutes, which seemed like years.

“Sorry mom…” I broke the silence.

“You cannot just say a sorry after doing all these things…” she scolded.

“Please mom…forgive me…” I pleaded again.

“No. If I forgive you now I’m sure you’ll continue this again and again. I must punish you… only if I punish you you’ll come to your senses…” she said.

“How long do you have the study holidays? Answer my question.” She said in harsh tone after thinking for a while.

” Forty two days…” I replied.

“All these forty two days I’ll be watching you and shall be with you every moment. You must do whatever I say and shall not do anything without my permission. Ok?” her voice was again hard.

“Yes mom…” I replied softly.

She closed all the doors and returned to my room upstairs.

“The punishment kaçak iddaa starts right now. Come on… remove your dress.” She said.

I was shocked to hear those words from her. I felt my penis stir inside my briefs.

“Mom…please…” I resisted.

“Come on…remove your dress. You should remove your dress and be naked whenever I want you to be naked. Only then I could have more control on you. Come on…strip…if you don’t I would have to do it myself.” God… it seemed that she wouldn’t go back on her move.

So slowly I pulled my T-shirt and vest above my head. “Please mom…” I pleaded again but my words went unheeded.

I pulled my shorts down and my mom was staring at me sitting on the bed. My penis was now semi-erect and was pushing out of my briefs making a tent out of it.

I hesitated now. “Come on… do it…” she was saying. I had no other go but pull my briefs too and the thought that I was naked before my mom exposing my curly black pubic hair excited me. She saw my dick grow fast. Hiding the smile in her face, “Now, wash the dishes…”she said.

Slowly I felt my fingers fumble with the nylons of my panties into my clit and I started playing with them as I read. Soon my panty was drenched in the liquid from my cunt.

I went to the kitchen and I was nearly to tears when I thought of myself unable to do anything against my mom.

Just as I was doing the dishes, she came in asking, “Why, haven’t you finished yet? Move your right leg above on the sink. Now don’t turn back…” she said and I moved my legs apart as I was instructed. Suddenly I felt something being inserted into my butt hole. “Mom…” I screamed in pain but she went on inserting that thing into my ass hole. It looked like a broken handle of some vessel. I felt my prick become hard and hit the walls of the sink. I could feel the pleasure and pain due to the plug inside my rectum.

“If you don’t finish what I say in a faster manner then do you know what I will do?” saying show she pushed the plug fully and pulled it out.

“Oh…Mom…” I screamed in pain and tears rolled down from the eyes.

As I finished my chores fast unable to cope with the pain and pleasure the same time, she led me to my bedroom upstairs and asked me lie down on the floor. I moved slowly and the butt plug added to my agony and it hit the floor even before I was on my back.

Then my mom came and pulled my butt plug out, stood right above my head with her legs on either of my sides. I could clearly figure out her panties inside her nightgown as she stood there. Then she pulled her nightgown to her hips and then pushing her panties down to her knees she sat right on my face so that her cunt brushed along my face.

Her cunt was smooth shaven and didn’t have any hair on it. Her pubes was swollen and the deep crack was straight above my face. I could her cunt to be pungent and musky much contrary to what I’ve read in books.

I slowly involuntarily pulled my fingers, which by this time have become sticky and hot being in my cunt. I brought my fingers to my nose and I felt the smell of my own cunt musky and arousing…

“Do what I say… now I’m going to pee and you must drink all of that coming out of that small hole. If I see a single drop spilling out onto the floor then you’ll feel for that more…” she said.

“Mommmm…” I gasped.

“Open your mouth…” saying so she held my head with one arm and pushed my face to her piss hole. “Take it…” she said as I tasted the salty golden drops from her.

She held her pee for a while till I drank a mouthful and then again pissed into my mouth. My hands started caressing my rock hard prick.

“Please mom… leave me now…” I pleaded.

“Why…” she asked as she stood up and adjusted her panties and nightgown. And her eyes fell upon my hands holding my prick.

“This is the reason…” she said. “If you so badly want to do this then do it right in front of me.” She said and I hesitated.

“Come on…do it right now…” she said and still I hesitated. “So you would masturbate only by seeing naked bodies. Isn’t it that?” she asked.

Silence on my part again.

“Then as you wish…” she said and pulled off her semitransparent dress that was covering her body. Inside she was wearing a bra and a panty. Damn…I didn’t expect this from my mom, undressing and becoming naked before her own son.

Well, on seeing her half-naked body my dick started to flutter. Even at the age of 32 she looked much younger like a teenage girl. Her body was supple and her hourglass shaped milk coloured body was shining in the broad daylight. Her thighs were smooth much like a banana stem. Her navel was like a gem of her ornamental body. I could she her breasts raise now and her nipples struck straight out of her cotton bra.

God…she was a damsel in her thirties. She married young at her 18 as a virgin to my dad when he was 24.

I started to shake my prick fast at the sight of her sexy figure.

Now I felt kaçak bahis my eyes rolling inside my head in excitement. My fingers were playing with my cunt and one occasion or the other I inserted my finger into my cunt and finger fucked my cunt. I was nearing my orgasm and my panty was drenched wet by now. Somehow I finished off with my orgasm and changed my panties before continuing again.

Even as I was jerking off I could see her fingers moving inside her panties and she was letting out soft moans. She was sitting beside me and with one hand was massaging her breasts.

With one hand I was jerking myself and I placed my other one on her thighs and then on her hips.

“Oh…nooo…”she moaned and held my hand with hers and placed it over her breasts. I could feel her breasts hot and filled inside her bra.

She pushed her bra upwards with my hand and now her large darker nipples came out straight.

I pinched her nipples with my hand and made circles caressing around her nipples.

“Oh…yes…do it…do it… yes…” she was moaning a bit aloud this time. Her fingers were fucking her cunt and her panties were watery now.

That’s all I could stand. So my jerking was now pumping fast and within seconds and spraying white hot cum up in air, which fell all over my body.

“Aaaaaannnnnnnhhhhhh….mmmmmppppphhhhh….yes…” she was moaning and her body was now sweating all over.

As I finished off she came with me too and was relaxing. I could smell my cum pungent and hot all over. The room was filled with our musky smell. I was about to get up and wash myself my mom pushed me to my back and started smearing my sticky cum all over my body. ‘God…how could she feel that slimy thing and smear it with her hands’ I wondered.

After smearing my cum all over my body she started licking her fingers filled with cum. Her facial expression said she was enjoying it sweet. Our eyes met and I could see lust on her eyes.

Lowering her panties to her knees, she slowly moved above me and placing herself in a 69 position with me, started sucking my dick. I didn’t ever imagine this happening, my mom sucking my prick. I was lost in thought when she commanded, “Why are you staying still? Come on…lick my cunt…” that was the first time I heard that raw words from my mom.

Her cunt was right above my face and I could see some viscous liquid coming out of the crack. I slowly and tentatively inserted my tongue into her crack and what a taste her cunt had, salty and tangy.

“Aaaarrrrjuun…” she moaned and spelt my name aloud. Slowly I felt my prick growing and her tongue playing with the bulb of my dick. All I could do is insert my tongue deep inside her cunt as far as it would go and was playing with my tongue all over her cunt and I could hear her moan as I licked the inner walls of her cunt.

Even as I imagined the scene that I read from my brother’s diary, I had unbuttoned two of the five buttons of my shirt I was wearing and pushed my bra in a manner that my right breast could be clearly seen and my small nipples straight out of my light purplish areola. My skirt was above my thighs fully and my panties had moved on one side of my thighs revealing half of my pubic area. I was becoming more and more hot and excited.

Soon my nose, my mouth and my chin were smeared with her sticky fluid and I was at my orgasm. Just as I was on the edge my mom splashed my face with her cunt juice, reaching the orgasm. As I came for the second time that day, my mom didn’t suck my dick, but jerked it with her hand and I came spilling my semen all over the floor.

Then she moved to my side and soon went to sleep beside me. It was nearly 3 pm when I woke and beside me my mom was sleeping innocently. Her bra was pushed aside revealing her nipples and her huge breasts were heaving on her breathing. Her panties were out of her ankles.

So she was stark naked except her bra and not even covering her naked body and not even having the shame to sleep naked beside her son. This state and these thoughts aroused me and so I move my hand to her back and unhooked her bra releasing the tension on her breasts.

As I tried to remove her bra fully she woke up startled and coming to the senses. “Oh…no…what I’ve done…” she said to herself and sat up. She tried to put on her bra but I tried to remove it from her.

“Oh…no…please Arjun…stop…I couldn’t even imagine what I’ve done today…that too with my own son…please leave me…I don’t want do this thing again…” it was her turn to plead with me.

Frustrated she threw her bra away and sat down covering her breasts with her knees and started crying.

I moved by her side and slowly caressed her hair and now she turned to see my eyes and then fell on my chest and held me tight. I felt her soft mounds of flesh and nipples supple.

She lay there for a few minutes and I soon felt her breasts stiffen and becoming hot. Her nipples began to straighten and I felt as if they were piercing my chest. She was sitting on my lap above my dick and I felt the crack of her ass with my dick. I could feel the heat build up between us. Her hands slowly began to move along my back and I squeezed her ass cheeks with my hands.

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