Champagne and Come Ch. 02

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It was a Saturday around 10 A.M. I was having a lay in after a big Friday night and my thoughts strayed, as they often did these days, to when I licked my come off Auntie Enid’s fabulous tits. At the time, to tell the truth, it was a bit of an effort. After coming the whole idea had seemed a little icky but I wanted to initiate regular sex sessions with my aunt and it seemed best to go through with it. I remembered running my tongue over each tit, lingering on her large dark aureolae and nibbling gently on each nipple, scooping up all the globs of semen in the process as I made my way up towards her neck.

When I had finished she was fairly beaming with pleasure, her eyes shining.

“That’s a good boy Nick, now kiss Auntie goodbye and go and get dressed. Next time be careful what you wish for.”

When I kissed her she explored the inside of my mouth with her tongue, apparently savouring the taste of spunk which I was kind of looking forward to washing out with a beer as soon as possible.

Well I certainly didn’t regret anything about that day as it had given me an ample supply of very sexy memories to call up at any time I wished, like now for instance. I began to lazily stroke myself while remembering what it had been like to lick moet and chandon from her pussy lips while her large hanging tits, with the dark brown nipples fully erect, had swayed just above my face.

I was just getting into my reverie when the irritating sound of the doorbell snapped me out of it. My mother was out for the day and I wasn’t expecting anyone to visit the flat we shared.

Hurriedly dressing I made my way to the front door, the person rang once more before I got there and I called out for them to hang on.

It was my cousin Fleur, Enid’s daughter and just about the last person I expected to visit me here, her side of the family were quite well off and we only ever mixed with them at their plush mansion-like house in a posh suburb. I looked at her questioningly.

“Hi Nick, look I know it’s an imposition but I have a date near here for brunch and my work is not far from here, I had to pop in for a couple of hours this morning. It’s going to take forever going home and getting back here. Do you think bahis firmaları I could use your bathroom just to get ready? It wont take long, just a shower and fix my make-up?”

I said sure, why not and told her to use my mum’s room, which had a direct door to the bathroom. I followed her up the passage and took in her tight black skirt and white blouse, both filled to perfection and swaying most appealingly as she walked in her 4 inch heels.. I am one of those men who find women’s business attire very sexy.

I gave her a towel and suggested she use whatever she needed of my mum’s toiletries.

“That’s great Nick, you’re a real lifesaver.”

I went back to my room, the door of which stood at an angle of 90 degrees to my mother’s and lay down again.

When Fleur turned and went into mum’s room, to my surprise, she didn’t shut the door. Neither did she close the door to the bathroom when she went in.

I could quite clearly see her, from the neck down, standing with her back to me as she stepped out of her heels.. There was a mirror on my mum’s dressing table and as luck would have it, it gave me an unobstructed view of the bathroom from where I was laying. I had never noticed this before as my mum always shut her door behind her when she went in; living in close proximity like we did you tend to value privacy. I suppose living in a huge house Fleur had no such scruples..

Fascinated and feeling not a little aroused I watched as she took off her blouse, all the time expecting her to remember to shut the door to the bathroom behind her. She never did!

First came the blouse, then the bra. I could see her milky, beautifully arched and tapered back and a glimpse of her firm and large breasts on each side as they hung free. They jiggled charmingly as she raised her arms to push her medium length brown hair under one of my mum’s shower caps.

Next came the black skirt which she carefully placed over an empty towel rail. Now she was standing, still with her back to me, dressed only in a black thong. Her legs were long, slightly more slender than her mother’s but still fairly muscular, her butt cheeks like two beautiful round mounds with the slightest suggestion of dimples on each kaçak iddaa side. Lovely wide hips too, like her mother, at any age she would always have a perfect hourglass figure. I was beginning to regret being related to her as my dick came to rigid attention.

She stepped out of the thong and into the shower and I hesitated only for a second before changing my position slightly so I could see her, now from the side, as she soaped her perfect young body.

Her stomach was flat and looked firm, her pubes trimmed so only a ‘landing strip’ was left, her breasts, as large as her mothers but so much more perky, stood out at a 45 degree angle from her chest, jiggling delightfully as she soaped her armpits. I watched while she showered, a hundred thoughts racing through my mind; mainly different things I would say if she caught me spying on her.

At last she was out and toweling off and I reluctantly walked to the kitchen to make some coffee for both of us. I had barely filled the kettle and turned it on when she called me from my mother’s room.

“Oh Nick, can you come here for a minute. There’s something I think you should see.”

I went in and asked her what it was I had to look at, by this time my dick had gone down a little but the end of it was still jammed in between my navel and my belt buckle, under my sweater.

Without a word she pushed me into the bathroom so I was facing the mirror. Imagine my horror when I found myself staring at the end of my bed, where I had been sitting only a few minutes before gently stroking my dick as she showered!

She was wearing my mum’s bathrobe tied up at the waist and as she pulled me back round to face her I felt her nipples brush against my arm, she was standing that close.

“My mum was right, you’re really a dirty young man aren’t you? Well we know what you like so we’ll see you get some more of it!”

She slipped out of the bathrobe and in a purposeful and firm way undid my belt, pulled my pants down and examined my dick, which, to tell the truth, had now become like an iron bar again.

She grasped it and pushed down hard, releasing it and making it snap back up so it bounced off my belly.

“We might as well put that thing kaçak bahis to some good use while we’re at it, I suppose.” She said, “but just don’t come in me.”

Suddenly she was in my arms, her firm young breasts jammed against my stomach as we kissed passionately. It was only then I realized how turned on she had been as well.

While we kissed my hands explored the promised land of her naked body; squeezing her butt cheeks, stroking her inner thighs and running my fingertips over her belly to her breasts, tweaking a nipple here, cupping and squeezing there. She pulled us down on my mum’s bed and, without hesitation, guided my rock-hard member into her soaking pussy.

I always find that when your dick is too hard, such as when you’ve been anticipating something too long, it makes love-making a little painful and it pays to be gentle; kind of work your way up gradually to full action but that wasn’t an option with Fleur, she was at it hammer and tongs from the get go, making little gasping noises as she ground her hips against mine as I tried to use a little finesse. In the end it came to it that she just rolled us over and went on top, sitting upright on my dick and gyrating her hips as if to some belly-dancing music only she could hear. I clamped my hands on her breasts and sighed a little.

“My God Fleur, you’re gorgeous.”

She didn’t reply but smiled a weird kind of smile, the meaning of which only became clear much later.

Screwing in this position, for some reason, was much easier on my penis and I eventually felt the tell-tale signs that I would soon be ejaculating. It seemed to me that she had orgasmed at least once, I hoped so at anyway, and I told her the train was almost at the station.

Without a word she lifted herself off and took my prick in her mouth, continuing to pump with her hand as I climbed the familiar slope towards orgasm. I wanted to return the favour but by the time I thought of suggesting a 69 it was already too late and I felt myself squirt 3 or 4 times strongly in her mouth. She kept pumping with her hand for 15 seconds or so afterwards and it was quite a memorable orgasm, one of the best I remembered.

I had an inkling of what she had meant earlier when she had said she would give me more of what I liked so it came as no surprise really when she leaned over me, her hair falling around our faces and her nipples swinging gently on my chest and told me to open wide…

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