Changing Reflections Ch. 03

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This is a conclusion of the first two chapters about an 18 year old girl who receives the power to change into anyone she touches. All the feedback I received was great – thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.

The weeks that followed were both a heaven and hell for Carol. A heaven in that she finally was able to fulfill the strong sexual urges she always had. . She thought to herself that at least she never had to worry about getting pregnant or getting any diseases since she changed back after any fucking. She also realized that her brother had the same drive as she.

It was her own living hell as well.

Her brother, Clint, dragged her to meet every woman he knew and fantasized about. A neighbor’s wife, a former school teacher, her father’s secretary and more. She became to understand her brother’s taste in older beautiful women. She had indulged his sexual whims because she was getting the benefit as well.

Clint left the frat house and moved into a two bedroom apartment off campus. He convinced his parents that since Carol was going to start in the fall, she could share expenses with him and save them some money. He insisted she move in right away. Carol agreed and her parents thought it made common sense. Every night she would turn into whatever fantasy woman her brother had selected and they would have wild sex for hours.

Clint had never made love to his sister Carol when she was in her own body. He rationalized it to her that since she changed bodies, it really wasn’t incest. To Carol however, each time she looked into his eyes she was fucking her brother. It disturbed her, no matter how good it felt.

Carol went back to her parent’s house to get the rest of her things. As she walked in her mother was walking out. She was wearing a short white tennis skirt and matching blouse. Carol hugged her mother.

“Hi mom, just thought I would get some more stuff from my old room, who you playing tennis with?

“Oh Marge and I decided to get into this weekday tennis thing now that both of you have flown the coop. Besides your dad had to run out and show a house, so I figured we can get a set in before he comes back.”

“Oh okay…well I’ll lock up when I leave.”

Carol went up to her room that bahis firmaları was mostly bare now. She put some things on the box sitting on her bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She remembered how her mother looked in her tennis outfit and when she opened her eyes her mother was in her reflection. She posed in the mirror marveling at how 22 years of marriage and two kids she still had the same beauty queen figure. She felt thirsty and ran down to the kitchen to get a soda. Just then the door opened and her father walked in.

“Hey honey am back, the client cancelled and…oh were you going out to play tennis?”

Carol was off guard. She was already seen in the body of her mother so she couldn’t just change back.

“Yes dear, Marge called and we decided to get in a quick set”

Her father walked behind her cupped both her breasts in his hands and nuzzled his lips against her neck. She felt his hardness against the crack of her ass through his pants. He playfully nibbled her ear while messaging her tits.

“Hmmm baby you know that outfit turns me on. Ready for some afternoon delight?”

Her body was betraying her. Her pussy was moist and her skin tingled with anticipation.

“Honey since the kids moved out I think we have fucked everywhere in this house except the kitchen table”

He gently bent her over the table all the while tweaking her nipples with his left hand while pulling down her panties with the right. She moaned as he licked her ear lobe and stroked her clit with his fingers. Carol heard the sound of her father’s zipper and his pants falling to his ankles.

“oh no, my daddy is going to fuck me” she thought. “My own father.”

He lifted the short white skirt and smiled at the round tight ass he loved so much. Carol felt his penis enter her wet pussy and another deep moan let out from her throat as it moved in and out slowly.

“Yes. Yessss” she murmured.

His stokes were long and methodical as he enjoyed each inch of her cavern as his stiff probe moved in and out. Suddenly his cell phone rang. He started fumbling for it has his thrusting became now erratic.

“no” Carol cried. He pushed her hips back into his cock trying to keep the pace. He was gasping and talking into the kaçak iddaa phone.

“Yes Mr. Wilson, no problem…gimmie 15 mins.” He hung up. “Sorry honey”

He now fucked her pussy faster grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her against him. Carol orgasmed in a wave of shutters and then her father’s cum poured into her. Both stopped panting and gasping for air.

“honey that was great. Sorry that it had to end so quick but you know, Mr. Wilson is looking at a 1.3 million dollar home.”

He fumbled with his pants and headed out the door looking back to see his wife still bent over the kitchen table with her skirt rolled up and her ass exposed, and he grinned.”

Carol turned back into herself, “damn” she thought, “now I know where my brother and I get our oversexed drive from.”

Carol gathered her things and returned to the apartment. The more she thought about it the more it made sense. Her parents were oversexed therefore their children would be too. She brought the box of things into the apartment and stood in the small living area thinking about her parents. Her father surely gave her a fucking. She was getting turned on thinking about it and inadvertently changed into her mother again. She looked at her fine figure in the mirror. Just then the door opened and Clint walked in.

He was carrying a basketball and sweat glistened from his athletic shoulders, the tank top soaked with sweat clung to his chest.

“Mom what are you doing here?”

“I err.. just stopped by to drop off some of Carol’s things on my way out to a tennis game with Marge”

Clint walked over to give her a hug but stopped short. “geez I must stink” he apologized.

“You sure do….go take a shower, I’ll wait for you”

Clint agreed and went to the bathroom. Carol could hear the shower running she smirked. Since her brother had a thing for older women, lets just see how far he’ll go with it. She remembered him mentioning something about the opportunity to fuck mom.

Clint was soaping up his body when the shower curtain slipped open. His mother walked in completely nude.

“I figured you needed someone to wash your back”

She took the soap and rubbed it across his bare chest then across the six pack of his abdomen. kaçak bahis She stared into his eyes as she took one soapy hand and gently cupped his balls, rolling them around her fingers, the other hand stroking his now erect cock.

“Carol” he smiled.

“Call me mom”

She kneeled in the shower and the water cascaded down her head as she took his cock into her mouth.

“Oh mom…”

Clint never thought his darkest dream would come true. He desired his mother since he was 15 years old and always sought her out in other women. Watching his cock slide in and out of his mother’s mouth was too much for him. He had to have her. Clint lifted her up then put his hands under her thighs lifting her onto his cock. With the cool tile on her back and the hot dick now in her pussy she folded her arms around his neck for support. Clint thrust his cock and lifted her up and down on it as she slid up and down the shower wall. All the while he whispered “mom….mom.”

Carol was also turned on. She always enjoyed getting fucked by Clint, but the fact that she was now portraying her mother and Clint was really into the act, created a powerful orgasm for her. Just before he was about to cum, Clint lowered her off his cock and sprayed his jizm on her large breasts.

They finished showering and got dressed. Carol as herself sat on the couch next to her brother.

“Carol that was the best. I never thought it could ever happen and now, well now…I am floored, just so happy” Clint started to ramble a bit. Carol interrupted him.

“Well I am glad you enjoyed it, because it is the last, I am moving out”

“Moving out? Where? Why?”

“I am not going to spend my life as your sex slave, as much as I enjoy it. I have to move out and figure out for myself who I am and what I am supposed to do with this power. Last week I was accepted to Dartmouth. It’s better for both of us we separate.”

Three years later.

Clint was drafted in the second round of the NFL draft and played receiver for the New England Patriots. Carol graduated Dartmouth and during an job fair for seniors at the university she found her true calling.

Her parents were thrilled when Carol got such a high paying job right out of school. Although she traveled a lot all over the world, she always sent postcards and letters. Of course they believed she was working for the State Department. After all, the CIA’s top covert operative couldn’t tell anyone the truth.


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