Fuck Me Dean Ch. 03

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It had been about a week since I’d fucked Shannon and my head was still spinning.

I couldn’t believe that I’d fucked another man’s wife, in her mouth, her pussy and in her arse. I couldn’t believe that after we’d finished I’d taken a shower, put on another man’s deodorant and then gone home to my wife. This was not like me at all.

I had told Shannon that it had been amazing but this was a one night thing. She smiled at me, knowing that I only half meant what I was saying.

First and foremost I felt like shit, but I knew that if the opportunity presented itself again I would drop my daks quicker than you could say YES PLEASE!

Well you can imagine my surprise when I received a text from Shannon asking me to meet her in the park for lunch. I didn’t have long. As a teacher i had assignments to mark and a presentation to prepare for this afternoons staff meeting; But this was Shannon. The chick was wild and I was intrigued to see what she had in mind.

I responded to her text telling her I could meet her but reminding her that this was our little secret — our dirty little secret.

I noticed Shannon from across the parking lot. She was sitting on a bench wearing a white jacket and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She looked hot. She looked fuckable and my dick was firm already. I walked towards her and we hugged. Wow it felt good.

“Im going to do something I don’t really ever do, but you have me feeling like it’s a great idea right now,” she purred into my ear.

As I attempted to inquire what that was she quietly shushed me by placing her fingers across my lips, and shaking her head. Grasping my hands she led me deeper into the park, past the open green and deeper into the light foliage and undergrowth. Oh my god. Public sex?? This was so not like me. What is one of my wife’s friends saw us? Still I couldn’t resist.

After she found a suitable (well I can only imagine what it was to her) spot she released my hands and turned around placing her hands on my chest. Then she slowly dragged them güvenilir bahis towards my waist applying soft pressure the entire way down.

By now I was far too gone to stop anything from happening and reached forward to cup one of those beautiful boobs through her shirt. Using my palm to caress the under swell while the ball of my thumb played lightly over her brazenly erect nipples, feeling the warm and arousing weight of her breast filling my hands, overflowing around my palms and the soft yet subtle resistance of all that flesh adding to the persistent pressure in my groin.

A soft whimper escaped her lips as she rolled her head back eyes closed, enjoying the attention being paid to her amazing tits. A few moments passed in this way until she removed my hands from her front and smiling quite devilishly she removed the barriers between me and those beautiful titties. As she tossed off her jacket and raised her shirt over her head revealing no bra at all I could feel myself almost climaxing just from the sight!

Immediately I knew I had to kiss those breasts, leaning in I grasped one perfect nipple between my lips while supporting the weight of that breast in my hands, flicking my tongue across the subtle ridges and bumps of the outlying areola while still paying attention to those wonderful nubs. Moans of passionate excitement were escaping her lips letting me know my ministrations were well received. Not wanting the other to feel left out I switched my attention to the other twin beauty, while still rolling and caressing the previously suckled nipple between thumb and forefinger, occasionally pulling lightly just to keep the sensations going.

Apparently my technique was well received as she pushed my head away from her breast, pulled me to her face and kissed me passionately. As she broke the kiss one hand travelled down my midsection to my belt which she deftly unbuckled, quickly followed by unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. They dropped to a pool around my ankles.

As her hand plunged into my undies grasping my swollen türkçe bahis dick she breathed into my ear

“Did you miss me Dean? I’ve missed you and your beautiful dick. My husband can’t fuck me like you do. Let me show you how you made me feel” With that she slid to her knees between my legs and started to lick and kiss around my bell end.

“Let’s free up a little more room” she said sliding my undies down to join my pants. She continued with slow long licks along the venous underside and lingering kisses around the glans. As she would lick down her hand would caress in an upward motion and vice versa. She kept at it like this for a few minutes before surprising me by licking all the way from the base to the tip, and then swallowing my shaft in one fell swoop! It was awesome to see her nose nestled in my thick bush.

Shannon stayed down there for a few glorious minutes, my quivering shaft lodged nicely in the back of her warm and inviting throat and her fingernails digging into the flesh of my arse.

“Shit Dean,” she gasped as she released her hold on my dick and came up for air. “I haven’t done that in forever” She continued stroking the length of my shaft slowly all the way from the base up to the head and wrapping her slickened hand around the head before beginning the down stroke.

I felt the tell tale stirrings as I felt myself nearing release. “You know what’s gunna happen If you continue like that don’t you? We could both end up with egg on our faces.” I quipped trying to keep control for as long as I could.

“It’s not egg I’m after, Fuck me Dean. Fuck my titties with that beautiful cock.” Shannon said as she slid closer holding one breast in either hand, and wrapped them around my saliva slickened cock. As she squeezed them together around my shaft and started to slowly slide them up and down trapped between the most fuckable pair of tits ever.

Oh my god, oh my god, was all that was going through my mind as this absolute beauty titty-fucked me here in the park. I loved to see the dark nest of my pubes against güvenilir bahis siteleri her pale white skin. I let slip small moans of absolute pleasure as her tongue flicked across my swollen purple head each time she revealed it on the down thrust of her breasts. The sight of that as my swollen cock was nestled in that cleavage was getting to be too much as I felt my balls start to tighten up and my head swell up even more.

“Oh shit! I’m gunna cum!” I managed to gasp out.

No sooner did those words pass my lips then Shannon released me from between her breasts and grasped me by the base of my almost ready to explode shaft. Pointing it towards her inviting lips and flicking her tongue around the underside of the shaft and head she said, “I want to be covered, I want to feel your hot sticky cum all over me! Can you do that for me? Will you cover me in that cum?”

This chick was a dirty dirty slut. That was definite, and I loved it. With that type of talk I could hold back no longer, as she began wanking of my cock I released one of the most momentous blasts I have released in my life. The first shot hit her with a loud splat right across the side of the nose, reaching from the side of her nostril up to her hairline. She guided the next rope across her lips and the other side of her cheek. The third and fourth she took in her open mouth, most of it making it in the remainder leaving streaks across her chin and dripping onto her cleavage. The final few spurts she rubbed against her cheeks and neck thoroughly coating her from the eye line down.

As I regained my breath and saw her there looking for all the world like a wanton pornstar released on the world I couldn’t help but remain partially erect watching as she let the sticky ropes of cum slide down her cheeks and chin, catching some of the pools with her tongue and letting others coalesce in her ample cleavage. My wife had never let me fuck her tits, let alone cum on her face.

“So I see you are still ready” she said putting her shirt back on but leaving small traces of myself on her face (I felt like a dog who had marked his territory). “Back to my place for continued treatment and turnabout?”

Sadly I couldn’t. I only got an hour for lunch and had to head back to my staff meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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