Good Customer Service

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John and Madeline were an upper middle class couple in their mid 40’s. John was an executive at a financial firm and Madeline does political consulting. They loved to eat out and had been frequenting one particular fine dining restaurant named Charlie’s for years. Last year, a young woman named Nancy started working there as a server, and she quickly became John and Madeline’s favorite. Though Nancy was only 26, she and Madeline shared a similar style and sensibility. Both wore short hair and favor clean, understated styles. Nancy was smart, funny, and conscientious. John sometimes felt that Nancy reminded him of a younger Madeline.

For her part, Nancy found Madeline charming and thought that John was very handsome and distinguished, if a bit cold. She got a kick out of it when she bent over to wipe the table and caught John looking down the front of her blouse at her cleavage, or at her ass. Madeline noticed sometimes too, but she just gave Nancy a little knowing smile. John was such a scrupulously polite and proper gentlemen, that both Nancy and Madeline was terribly amused at the idea of him checking out Nancy’s body. When Nancy sensed that Madeline didn’t mind, she started bending over a bit longer than was strictly necessary around him.

John and Madeline’s love live had tapered off over the years. She and John talked it over and he tended to chalk it up to declining hormones, but Nancy worried that boredom was a factor. One night as they were being seated at Charlie’s Madeline decided to test a theory.

“Hello John, Hello Maddy,” said Nancy brightly approaching their table. “Sparkling waters all around?”

“Very good Nancy. Thank you,” said John, not looking up from his menu.

Madeline held her menu closed in her hand and gave Nancy a little wink. “Nancy, you look very nice tonight,” said Madeline, raising her voice slightly.

“Thank you, Maddy,” replied Nancy with a smile, wondering what Madeline was playing at.

“That blouse is very flattering,” continued Madeline with a twinkle in her eye. “It really accentuates your lovely bust. Don’t you think, so John?”

“Err, sorry?” said John looking up from his menu in confusion. “What are you asking?”

“I asked if you found Nancy’s blouse attractive,” said Madeline patiently.

Nancy played along and stood up straight, jutting her breasts out and wearing a little smile. John gazed in fascination at Nancy’s full bosom for a moment and then caught himself and tore his eyes away. “You look very nice tonight, Nancy,” said John politely returning his attention to the menu. “How is the Sea Bass tonight?”

“The sea bass is very fresh ,” replied Nancy suggestively, wagging her eyebrows at John suggestively, and flashing Madeline a quick conspiratorial smile.

“John, don’t change the subject like that,” scolded Madeline playfully. “Nancy takes great pains to look nice every time we see her, and you simply never take notice of it and compliment her on it.” John looked up guiltiy as Madeline scrunched her nose and gave Nancy a friendly smile. “Nancy dear, those pants fit you so well. Can I see the back?”

“Of course, Maddy,” agreed Nancy amicably, turning around and putting her hands on her knees so she could jut her rear toward John.

John looked at Nancy’s gorgeous round ass snugly encased in her form hugging jeans and gulped. His penis started getting hard at the sight of it and the way she seemed so eager to display it for him.

“Look at that figure, John,” gasped Madeline. “That slim waist and round bottom! Ah, I don’t have the body I did when I was in my twenties,” she continued wistfully.

“Oh you are in terrific shape, Maddy,” said Nancy quickly, worried that the little game was hurting her favorite customer’s feelings. Madeline gave her another wink to put her at ease and then returned her attention to John.

John peeled his eyes away from Nancy’s appealing rump and straightened his shoulders manfully. “Now look here, Madeline, you are still a gorgeous woman, as everyone will agree,” he said smoothly. “And you, Nancy, dress very smartly and are a lovely young woman. I do apologize if I haven’t make that perfectly clear previously. Can we please order dinner now?” he finished with a winning smile and Nancy felt her heart skip a beat under his confident gaze.

Madeline turned her attention to the menu, suppressing a smile, “Thank you, John. Women do appreciate a compliment now and then… I hear the sea bass is good tonight.”

They place their orders and then Madeline excused herself to go use the bathroom. She approached Nancy as she entered the order into the computer touchscreen.

“Terribly sorry if that embarrassed you dear,” said Madeline, touching Nancy on the shoulder lightly.

“Not at all, Maddy, I don’t mind playing along,” responded Nancy with a smile. The young server paused, then decided to take a leap and inquire further, “But I don’t really know what you are playing at.”

Madeline looked around to make sure no one was listening. “Well dear, casino şirketleri I think you and I have both noticed John looking at your body with interest…” Nancy looked chagrined and was about to respond, but Madeline held her hand up to forgo interruption and continued, “To be frank, our love life has been pretty dull lately and I am trying to spice things up a bit. I figure drawing attention to a sexy young girl will get his blood going again. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Happy to be of service, ma’am,” joked Nancy, saluting smartly. “I’ll help prime the pump and you can work the handle later when you get home.”

Madeline laughed with delight, “You get the picture, dear.” She wiped a tear of laughter from her eye and says, “And if you are going to play along, why undo another button or two of your blouse? I promise to leave you a nice tip for your efforts.”

“Oh Maddy, you don’t have to pay me to flirt with a tall, handsome, distinguished gentleman like your husband,” said Nancy as she undid two buttons of her blouse. “It will be my pleasure.”

Madeline gave Nancy a shrewd look and said, “Hmm-hmm, well alright then dear. Let’s see what happens.” Madeline can’t resist giving Nancy a playful pat on the rear as she heads off to the ladies room.

As the dinner progresses, John can’t help but notice Nancy’s soft pale breasts dangling from her open blouse when she bends down before him. He becomes flustered and shifts uncomfortably in his chair trying to hide his erection. Nancy and Madeline both notice his discomfiture and exchange devilish smiles.

Nancy got excited by John’s reaction and she is egged on by signals from Madeline, she decided to see how far she could go.

“Here, I brought you a new napkin, John. I see that yours is stained,” she says, bending over and brushing her breast against his shoulder. She reaches into John’s lap and takes his old napkin away. She sees that is erection is pitching a tent in his trousers and she carefully places the new napkin over it, fascinated by the size of the lump in his pants.

“Ugh, thank you, but that’s… quite unnecessary,” stammers John, blushing slightly and gazing unconsciously down into Nancy’s cleavage and she lingers bent over before him.

“Oh, do you want to keep this one?” she asks innocently. She reaches down to take the new napkin away, brushing John’s erection through his pants as she does so. John give a start, and grabs the napkin back from her.

“No, no, that’s fine. I prefer, to, uh, put it on my own lap, thank you,” gasped John quickly using the napkin to cover his hardon again. His heart was racing with excitement at Nancy’s proximity and the way she casually brushed his penis. He glanced over at his wife guiltily, but Madeline just smiled back with a knowing look.

“What is the matter, darling,” she asked archly. “Servers at better restaurants always place the napkin on the diner’s lap.”

“Yes, well, it’s not always… necessary,” stammered John lamely.

“What’s the matter dear, did Nancy’s cleavage cause you go pitch a tent in your trousers?” asked Madeline matter-of-factly.

“Madeline!” exclaimed John in shock, the blood draining from his face.

Nancy just broke out laughing in spite of herself and hurried away to save John any further embarrassment. Her own cheeks were flushed and she was seriously aroused by the flirting. She started fantasizing about what it would be like to actually have sex with John and she felt herself getting wet at the thought.

When Nancy left, John leaned forward and whispered angrily, “Madeline, how could you talk like that in front of Nancy?”

Madeline ignored his show of displeasure and leaned forward with an impish smile. “She touched your johnson, didn’t she?”

“NO, of course not,” lied John poorly.

“Oh yes she did, and you liked it,” laughed Madeline. The idea fascinated her. She was stimulated by Nany’s flirting and her husband’s reaction. It amused her and also pricked her with a slight edge of jealousy. She couldn’t feel truly threatened such an immature young lady like Nancy. Also, she had been with her husband so long, she didn’t feel that she was in any risk of losing his affection. She made a decision right then and excused herself to go to the bathroom again.

She found Nancy chatting breathlessly with another female server her age. They broke off as Madeline approached and the other girl scurried away, giving Madeline a curious look.

“Well, you sure primed the pump,” said Madeline.

“Sorry, did I go too far?” asked Nancy contritely.

Madeline took a deep breath and said, “Not yet, when do you get off?”

“Uh, the rush is over now, and I am not closing, so I can pretty much clock out whenever I want. Why do you ask?” said Nancy nervously.

“Do you want to come back to our place and help me pump the handle?” asked Madeline anxiously. She had a good sense that Nancy would go along with this, but she had never done anything like this since she was a single woman herself, casino firmaları so she was worried.

Nancy stared at Madeline for a second thinking it over. “Are you serious?”

“That’s one way to spice things up…” responded Madeline, smiling tightly.

“Ok,” said Nancy with a bashful smile. “I’m game if you are…”

They returned to the table together without saying another word, each of them worried about what they had just agreed to do.

“Honey, I felt terrible about being so rude to dear Nancy, and I have invited her back to our place for a drink to patch things up,” said Madeline casually taking her seat.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” asked John, eyeing Nancy with trepidation.

“Perfectly sure,” said Madeline breezily. “Nancy has always been perfectly charming and served us so well all these months. We should repay the favor and host her at our home and serve her a drink or two to show our appreciation.”

“I would like that,” said Nancy earnestly. “May I come, John?” she asked sweetly.

John’s heart started pounding at the innuendo in Nancy’s voice and he was barely able to catch his breath enough to respond, “Well of course, you are welcome in our home, dear.”

“It’s settled then, let’s go, shall we?” asked Madeline brightly.

Nancy had been worried that it would be awkward hanging out with John and Madeline. But she and Madeline had developed such a good rapport that they just chatted away during the drive back to John and Madeline house. When they arrived, Nancy was impressed by the size of the home. It was much larger and nicer than her parent’s place back in Wisconsin, and she had always considered her family to be upper middle class. Nancy craned her neck looking up at the 20 foot ceilings as they entered the great room.

“Do you like this room, dear?” asked Madeline with a smile.

“Swanky,” joked Nancy with a nasal accent.

“John, be a darling and fix us some drinks, will you?” asked Madeline, spreading herself out on a large, expensive leather sofa. Madeline patted the seat next to her and Nancy plopped down and leaned back with a sigh.

“It feels good to relax after running around all night,” she admitted.

“I assume that you will have your usual martini, Maddy,” said John walking over to the wet bar in one corner of the room. “But what can I get you, Nancy?”

“Oh a beer is fine for me,” said Nancy.

John gallantly served the drinks and Nancy brought up the topic of travel. John and Madeline went abroad several times a year, and Nancy loved to hear their stories about exotic places like Nepal and Madagascar. In fact, Nancy was enjoying their company so much, she almost forgot the purpose of her little visit. After a couple of rounds of drinks, everyone was feeling very loose and the topic turned to Nancy’s career.

“Now you have a philosophy degree, is that right, Nancy,” asked Madeline, twirling her foot playfully.

“That’s right Maddy,” responded Nancy with a smile. “It really comes in handy at Charlie’s.”

“But what work do you want to do?” asked Madeline earnestly.

“I really don’t know,” sighed Nancy. “I took that major because I loved it, and my parents encouraged me, but it wasn’t practical. It looks like I need to go get a masters to be employable, but I dread it.”

“John, what do you think?” asked Madeline leaning forward.

John paused and took a sip of his drink. He had been concerned that Madeline had some shenanigans planned but found enjoying the evening very much. “I wouldn’t load on any more student loan debt if you aren’t sure of the way forward,” he said judiciously. “You should try out a few different entry level jobs and see what appeals to you. Don’t get drawn too deeply into this waitressing business. The money might be good for now, but there is no future in it.”

Nancy nodded thoughtfully in agreement. It turned her on slightly to be getting sage, fatherly advice from the gentlemen she was planning on having sex with this evening.

“Can’t you help her out, dear,” pleaded Madeline with a smile. “Surely you know someone…”

John furrowed his brow in contemplation. “Well, yes, let me think it over more. I sit on a board with that fellow Ericksen, who runs a business strategy consultancy. They should have a place for a young person who can think. I will give him a call tomorrow.”

“Oh that’s a marvelous idea,” gushed Madeline. Then she turned to Nancy excitedly, “You will love Timothy Ericksen, he’s simply brilliant.”

“Wow, that would great!” laughed Nancy, surprised at her good fortune. She had heard that you could make good connections working at Charlie’s but she had no idea it would be this easy. Nancy casually slipped off her shoes and murmur relief. Her feet were still sore from being on her feet all night.

Madeline noticed this and had an idea. “It feels good to take those shoes, off, doesn’t it dear?” she asked with concern. “Why you must wish you could change out of those work clothes into something güvenilir casino more comfortable.” She had a sparkle in her eye as she smiled at Nancy.

Nancy shot John a devlishly glance and said, “I do feel sort of greasy right now. I normally change as soon as I get home from work.”

“Why don’t you come upstairs and let’s find you something of mine to change into. You are much slimmer than I , but I probably have a nice belted dress that would fit you,” said Madeline, looking Nancy’s body over appraisingly.

“Thanks Maddy, if it’s no bother, that would be wonderful,” agreed Nancy brightly.

John shifted in his seat uncomfortably at this turn of events.

“Come along, John,” said Madeline casually as she and Nancy climbed to their feet. “Keep us company while we go get changed.”

“Err, what?” he sputtered in surprise. “You mean come upstairs to the bedroom with you two? Certainly not!”

“Oh don’t be silly, darling,” laughed Madeline lightly, tugging him by the arm. “Why you need to change too! Look at you, you haven’t even taken off your suit coat.”

John’s blood started pounding in his ears and his forehead broke out in sweat as he looked at Nancy and his wife smiling expectantly at him. “But that wouldn’t be proper!” he blustered nervously.

Nancy waved dismissively as she went to tug on John’s other arm. “Oh John, you are so old-fashioned. I change in front of my guy friends all the time. It’s no big deal.”

“Certainly,” agreed Madeline with a delighted chuckle. “No big deal.”

John stood reluctantly and allowed himself to be ushered upstairs to the master bedroom with a woman on each arm. He couldn’t believe this was happening. His wife had never acted this way before. When they got to the bedroom, Madeline helped him out of his jacket and tie, and then pushed him gently back onto the bed so she could pull off his shoes for him. Nancy stood by watching meekly with her hands crossed in front of her. Nancy’s pulse quickened as she realized that they were really going through with this.

“Now don’t you feel more comfortable?” Madeline asked her husband with her hands on her hips.

John sat on the edge of the bed and gazed back at his wife perplexedly. “Yes, dear, thank you,” he muttered.

“Now let’s see what we can find you dear,” said Madeline to Nancy. “Would you mind unzipping me?” Madeline turned her back to the young woman who approached hesitantly and gave John a sheepish grin as she unzipped his wife’s dress. Madeline slipped out her dress casually and stood there in her bra, panties and stockings.

Nancy looked Madeline up and down. The older woman had a much fuller figure that Nancy’s. Her breasts were bigger and her hips were wider, but she still had a sexy hourglass shape.

“Hubba hubba,” said Nancy, reaching out impulsively and running her hands down Madeline’s sides and over her generous hips.

“Oh I’m fat now, you should have seen me when I was your age,” laughed Madeline happily. “Remember, John?” she asked cocking her hip at her husband suggestively.

“You still look great!” objected John, his voice cracking from nervousness.

“Well, let’s see if you still think that once you see Nancy’s figure,” sniffed Madeline. “Go ahead and take off those soiled restaurant clothes, dear,” she commanded Nancy. “I’ll find you a shift to wear.”

“Yes, Maddy,” said Nancy obediently. She looked John in the eye playfully while she unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them.

Madeline made no move toward the closet to find Nancy a dress, she just stood there in her underwear, watching her husband’s reaction as Nancy stripped of her jeans in front of him. John’s mouth hung open as he stared at the young woman’s pale, bare legs.

“I’ll just toss those in the hamper,” murmured Madeline with a motherly air, taking the jeans gently from Nancy. “She has such thin shapely legs, doesn’t she John?”

“Uh yes, of course,” he stammered, heart pounding. He could feel his penis growing stiff as Nancy stood in her dress shirt and panties before him, arching her eyebrow at him suggestively.

“I think I’m making your husband nervous,” laughed Nancy as she started unbuttoning her blouse. She was starting to feel a little self conscious. She was glad that Madeline disrobed first.

Madeline tossed Nancy’s jeans into the hamper in the closet and then put her finger to her lips thoughtfully. “I don’t think ‘nervous’ is the right word, darling.” Madeline went and sat next to her husband on the bed and reached over and gripped his stiff penis through his pants. “Aroused is a better word, he is hard as a rock.”

John yelped in surprise. “Madeline! What are you playing at here?” he demanded indignantly.

“Playing at?” asked Madeline innocently as she unzipped John’s fly and extracted his swollen member. “What are we playing at Nancy?”

Nancy gazed with interest at John’s exposed phallus. It was thicker and veinier than the penises of the younger guys she had been with. “Uh, ‘fuck the waitress’ might be a good name for this game.” Nancy finished unbuttoning her blouse and tossed it aside nonchalantly. In spite of her cheeky comments, she found herself blushing furiously as she stood before John and Madeline in her underwear.

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