Maggie’s Farm Ch. 2

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Roger watched as Maggie slumped off Paula’s face and lay by her side. He could see a thin film of sweat covering his wife’s body and watched as she shivered in the afterglow of he orgasm. Maggie reached out toward Paula, her thin hand finally stroking her face. Paula rolled toward Maggie and he watched as his wife kissed her lover. He was entranced by the passion he saw, as Maggie licked and sucked and kissed her wetness from Paula’s eager lips.

Paula leaned further into Maggie, letting her lips slide across her cheek to her ear. She whispered hotly,” don’t you dare move Maggie. I’ll be right back.

With that said Paula got up from the bed and moved slowly across the room. Roger’s heart raced. He assumed she planned on opening the door to the closet. He wanted to shout no but remained silent. “Damn,” he thought. “Not now, I am supposed to surprise her.”

It had been there plan from the start. Roger knew of his wife’s desire to be with a woman and had known for years. He had met Paula at his office, she having been a summer intern. Over time he had befriended her and he had grown found of him. They grew to trust each other. He learned of her desire to go to school and her lack of funds to do so. He also learned of her relationship with a woman. They had broken up recently and Paula was heartbroken. The woman had been older than Paula and as she told her story the idea for what had just happened began to form in Roger’s mind. Now they had arrived at the place in the plan where casino şirketleri all was to be revealed but Paula was about to change all that.

She made her way to the closet and to Roger’s surprise and shock she turned the key and locked him in. He heard Maggie say, “sweetie what are you doin. Please come here to me.” Paula held up the key, knowing that Roger could see it through the slats in the closet door; she lifted it to her lips and blew a silent shhhhhhhh to him.

Paula returned to the bed. She looked down at Maggie’s naked body shimmering on the pale blue sheets. Maggie’s was still in fine shape and Paula took a moment to just look at her. Her long legs lay open and her neatly trimmed pussy still glowed hot pink, Paula could see the remnants of Maggie’s flow clinging on the fine blond hairs that marked the top of her mound. Maggie’s nipples remained erect and Paula could still see the slight shivers, which racked Maggie’s satisfied body.

She lay down next to her lover. Maggie was unsure how to proceed. She asked plaintively, “What do I do.”

Paula positioned her face close to Maggie’s and stared deep into her blue eyes. “Do what you would have me do to you.”

With that Maggie gently pushed Paula onto her back. She lay to the side of her and kissed her deeply. She felt Paula moving and soon Paula’s wet sex was positioned under Maggie’s thigh. Maggie moved lower on her new lover, tracing a line from her chin, down her neck until her head was positioned casino firmaları between Paula’s breasts. She moved her tongue to the right with sloth like speed. Riding up on her wonderful breast until she reached the nipple. Her thigh began to move over Paula’s wetness with more force and speed as her mouth covered her nipple and sucked it hard into her mouth.

“Oh fuck Maggie, oh you have done this before,” Paula wailed.

Maggie shook her head over her lover’s breast indicating no. The movement further enflamed Paula and she felt Paula’s hips grinding on her thigh.

As the scene unfolded Roger’s mind raced. He had never seen his wife like this before and the sight transfixed him. He wanted to join them but something inside of him knew that even without the door being locked this was not for him. He watched as Maggie slowly lowered herself over Paula’s body, kissing and sucking her belly, her rips, probing her navel with her tongue, and as she did this Roger felt his wife slipping away from him. As he watched her realized he was watching Maggie falling in love.

As Maggie reached Paula’s wet mound she paused, hovering over it, staring. She whispered, “God it’s so beautiful, you smell so good, you so wet. I love this Paula.”

Paula let out a little groan and said hotly, “Please, baby, please I need your mouth there now!”

Maggie mouth closed over Paula’s shaved pussy. She ran her tongue up the length of her lover’s lips, opening them as she went. She kissed her güvenilir casino there as though it were a mouth, he tongue probing in and our forcefully. She avoided Paula’s clit completely. Paula’s hips drove into Maggie’s mouth. Maggie’s hands came around Paula’s hips and tried to hold her still with little success. Paula was wild, seeking her release. Maggie freed one hand and probed Paula’s opening with her index finger. As her mouth closed on Paula’s clit Maggie entered her with two fingers. She sheathed them deeply and Paula yelled, “yes baby, fuck me, yes! More! Oh good god more Maggie.”

Roger watched as his wife finger fucked the beautiful woman right in front of him. The smell of sex filled the room. He was stroking his cock harder now and he felt himself nearing orgasm. He tried to hold off. He wanted to come with Paula. The plan had been for him to be deep inside Maggie at this point. His own ministrations would have to do. He watched as his wife’s fingers flew into Paula. He saw Paula’s body arch and thrust against his wife’s hand and mouth. Then he saw Maggie entering Paula’s tight puckered asshole with one finger. Paula screamed, “god yes fuck my ass, fill me up, yes, yes, good god yes baby I am.coming.”

Roger watched as Maggie’s assault continued and he saw as Paula’s body convulsed and spas med. Her eyes nearly rolling all the way back in her head, she gently moaned, “god Maggie.”

As she did he felt his cock pulsing and he moaned. He shoot stream after stream into his hand and he slumped backwards in the closet. He needed to see no more. He knew that his life could never be the same after this night. His plan had been a success. He had given his wife the gift of a woman but he did not calculate the cost.

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