Debbie’s Coming Out Party

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Friday night started out like any other. Michael was in sales, and he had finished his appointments early. As he was already dressed, he didn’t bother heading home to shower and to get ready to go out. He knew if he did, he wouldn’t get out until late, if he was able to leave the house at all. Michael’s mother had recently gone through a couple of surgeries, and with his father gone, Michael moved in with his mother to help her out. With him still being married, and his mother not believing in married men going out on the town, it was always a fight, and she always seemed to come up with reasons for him to not go out. Considering that he had turned 37 just a month earlier, he hated having to ask Mommy for permission to stay out past his bed time.

Technically, Michael was still married, although he and his wife hadn’t been together in over a year. She moved out and told him she wanted a divorce, but she was insisting that he pay for it, not her. He had more than enough money for the lawyers and all of the things that went with it; however, it was the principal that if she wanted the divorce, she could pay for it. It wasn’t like he was sitting around waiting for her to come to her senses and take him back. He just wasn’t going to pay for her to rape him in court.

His normal routine was to go to the Underground, a bar in the basement of an apartment building. Realizing that he hadn’t eaten in the past 9 or so hours, he stopped into the diner for a quick bite to eat before going to the bar. He usually only had a couple, but he still hated to drink on an empty stomach.

Finally arriving at the Underground, he could hear the music from the top of the stairs. The marquee above the door said it was James’ Birthday Party tonight, and the music was being provided by the Party Express. James was the manager of the bar, and a real sleaze. He had an apartment upstairs in the building and was known to find one of the patrons to go upstairs with him at the end of the night by plying her with free alcohol all night, and then when the bar closed and she was in no condition to say “no”, he would take her upstairs, “to keep her from driving drunk”. If that didn’t work out, the bar always had some chick that was too drunk to say no.

As he opened the door, he had to stand there for a second to allow his eyes to adjust. Normally, the lights weren’t this low, and the DJ was going all out with the dancing lights, so it was hard to make out any faces, or where his bar-friends were sitting,. Getting his bearings, he headed for the bar.

“Cindy, my love! I have returned from the wars and I am parched. Bring me yon ale with which I might quench my manly thirst!”

“Mikey, you studly piece of man meat! How about we go back into the cooler and you can work off this beer? It’s been a long time, and I could definitely use some of your good loving.”

Michael and Cindy had gotten together a few times, but nothing had ever come of it. It was understood by the both of them that it was what it was. Neither was interested in anything more. They finally realized that they were going to be friends and that sex just didn’t feel right, so they stopped. Of course, it didn’t stop them from offering each other any chance they got.

“There ya go, Love,” she said passing over his beer. Michael dropped a five dollar bill on the counter and started walking to a table where a group of friends had gathered. He made it about half-way when he saw a flash of movement. With barely enough time to react, and almost dropping his beer, he turned and caught a female who had launched herself into his arms and buried her face into his neck. He had to pull her long brown hair out of his face.

“Save me, save me, save me, save me, save me…”

His mind finally cleared and he was able to recognize the woman who had attacked him as Debbie, a friend of his from a couple of college classes he had taken a few years ago. She was well known within the circle of friends that inhabited the Underground on the weekends. It was also fairly well rumored that she was still a virgin at the age of 22. Only a couple of her trusted friends, Michael included, knew for sure that she was.

Debbie was a bit of an oddity to Michael. She was young, barely 22, and he was clocking in at about 37, and she seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time with him, both here and away from here. There were friends that she had that were close to her age- there had to be- yet she went to concerts with him, ball games, movies… she seemed to spend more time around the “old man” than kids her own age. She wasn’t unattractive- in fact she was a kick boxer and had a body that only an athlete could maintain- and was actually basically the kind of woman that you would miss on the street, as she had nothing special about her to make you notice. Well, if she wanted to spend time with him, he wouldn’t object too much.

As he held her up, he moved his head away from her.

“So, what’s up, Kiddo?”

“James is trying to get me drunk. Please save me. If I get casino şirketleri drunk, he’s gonna try and get me upstairs. I don’t want to go upstairs.”

She buried her head back into his neck.

“Save me, save me, save me, save me, save-“

“OK, OK,” Michael replied. “I get it. You want me to save you from Jimmy.”

He let her down so she could stand on her own feet and kept his arms around her. By the smell of her breath, James had not only tried to get her drunk, but had actually succeeded.

“What has Jimmy been feeding you?”

“Tequila Rose. It’s my favorite.”

“Yeah. How many of them has he bought you?”

Debbie giggled.

“I’ve only had about three shots.”

“Only three shots of tequila, eh?”

“Well,” Debbie replied, “that and three or four beers.”

Michael looked at his watch.

“What time did you get here?”

“Oh, about 9:30 or so.”

“So,” Michael looked at his watch again. “In the past two hours you’ve had three shots and three beers…”

He was right… James had succeeded in getting her drunk.

“OK, love. I’ll stick with you the rest of the night and make sure you get home unmolested.”

The next couple of hours went without too much of an incident. Micheal’s bar friends showed up at the table to say hello, and a couple of the girls made passes at him to judge their chances of after-hours activity with him, and then they all left. James stopped by their table once to see if Debbie needed anything to drink- on the house, of course.

“Yo, Jimmy,” Michael said. “You know she isn’t the kind of girl that is going to go upstairs with you. Just let her go.”

Jimmy smiled. “Maybe that’s her decision to make, not yours. Now, I offered her a drink, so I think it is up to her to take the drink and enjoy it.”

“Actually,” Michael said standing up, “I think she did make her decision. The fact that she is sitting here with me and you are trying to get her back over there with you so no one can stop you from your evil plan means that she has decided to stay here, and not end this evening with you bouncing up and down on top of her.”

“Jimmy, please…” Debbie pleaded.

“Let me tell you something,” James said, leaning forward.


“This isn’t over,” James threatened.

“Somehow, unless you and I are going to throw right here, I’m saying it is. Now, Debbie has told you she no longer wishes to have you get her too drunk to say, “no” and it is time for you to try and find another victim to rape tonight.”

James started to walk away with his fists clenched. He was not happy with the way this night was working out.

Debbie stood up and gave Michael a hug.

“Thank you for doing that. I know I am too drunk to stop him from taking advantage of this, and I don’t want my first time to be with some random asshole who gets me drunk and doesn’t care about me.”

“Not an issue. I don’t like people messing with my friends. Besides, your first time should be at least a little more special than being drunk and in a dump above a bar with no real furniture and that hasn’t been cleaned in a year. Anyhow… you want another beer?”

Debbie laughed. “Now, you’re trying to get me drunk? Don’t you think I’ve had enough?”

“OK, OK… you caught me. I’m trying to get you drunk and take you out behind the garbage cans in back so I can rip your clothes off, have my wicked ways with you and leave you for dead. Is it working?”

“Well, I am drunk….”

The music changed to something soft and slow. Debbie grabbed Michael by the arm and pulled.

“Come on, I want to dance with my hero.”

Michael allowed himself to be dragged to the dance floor. Debbie turned, put her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder. As they stood there swaying to the music, Michael began to become quite aware of he leg grinding against his pelvis. Although, he was sure it was very simply an accident caused by the way they were dancing, it was still difficult to keep himself from becoming aroused at the sensation of her touching him, and the smell of her hair. Perhaps the alcohol was getting to him as well.

After the song ended, they stood there for another couple of seconds enjoying the feeling of holding the other. James walked past them.

“Why don’t you just take her upstairs and fuck her. Someone has to.”

By the time Michael registered what was said, and turned to meet the new threat, James had moved back to the bar and was drinking another beer. Michael led Debbie back to their table and looked at his watch. It was about quarter till 2:00 and almost time for the bar to close. About that time, the DJ announced last call.

“What do you figure? One more for the road, and then we head out to complete the circuit?”

The “circuit” was starting at the Underground until 2:00 when it closed. Then, everyone went to a local fire company that had an after hours club to hang out for a bit more, and then off to the all night diner for one last chance to hook casino firmaları up with some entertainment for the evening… although, if you didn’t go into the diner with someone, you really never left with anyone. It was the same every weekend in the small coal town they lived in: the same people, going to the same places with the same people…

“OK. How about another shot of Tequila Rose. That’s how I started this evening, how about you buy me one to end it?”

“Ok, then… one soda coming up.”

Michael went to the bar and got their last drinks, sodas for both of them. He wasn’t going to risk his job, or Debbie’s life by driving when he had been drinking. He returned to the table.

“There you go, Doll. One soda for the lovely lady at table 6.”

“Why, you flatter me so,” Debbie replied in her best fake Southern accent.

Shortly after that, the lights came on.

“Come on, Kiddo. Time to make the trek to the fire company. I’ll drive.”

“You’re gonna have to drive. I only live around the corner, so I always walk.”

They got up and left along with everyone else.


The after hours club was crowded like always with people from four or five different clubs who all met there at 2:00. State law required bars to close at 2:00, but allowed private clubs to remain open until 3:00, so everyone who didn’t want the party to stop, or who had not found a partner for the night, all congregated. It was set up like most dives: bar, pool tables, dance floor, shuffle board machine. This last piece of equipment is where Michael and Debbie found themselves. He left her standing there while he went to go get another round for them. When he got back, Debbie was trying very hard not to be seen.


Debbie pointed towards the door.

“James just walked in. I don’t want him to see me.”

“I’ll tell you what, Sweetheart, let him see you. In fact, we’ll make it easy for him to see you.”

Michael put their drinks on the shuffleboard track and grabbed Debbie by her hips.

“Come on, Debbie, jump up here on the machine. Trust me, it’ll be OK.”

She did as she was told, and Michael handed her another soda and stepped between her legs facing her.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Simple,” he replied. “James is a first class letch, but a woman thief he isn’t. Once he looks over and sees us like this, he will realize that we are together and will leave you alone.”

Debbie put her arms around Micheal’s neck and gave him a quick kiss.

“Thanks, Mikey. You really do take good care of me.”

James walked over towards them.

“So, what the hell is this all about? Why the hell are you two standing here so cozy?”

“JIMMY! Well,” Michael said, “it’s kinda like this. You see, we stopped on the way here and joined the International Order of the Association of the Brotherhood of the It’s None of Your Damned Business League. All you need to know is that I am standing here with a beautiful woman who happens to have her arms around me. And you aren’t getting any of it. Have a great night. I certainly plan on it.”

James stormed off and Debbie buried her head in his neck and gave him a kiss and then straightened up, looked in his eyes and kissed him again.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come into the bar tonight. I definitely want to have sex and to feel a man in me, but not the way he had it planned.”

“Not a hassle kid.”

“I don’t know about you, but I am kind of bored of this place,” Debbie informed him. “How about we go get something to eat?”

“Sure. We can head to the diner early.”

“Actually, I was thinking that I should show you my thanks properly and make you breakfast at my place. It’s less crowded, and there is absolutely no chance of Jimmy being there to start trouble. Besides, you can get anything at my place that you can get a the diner. I have eggs,sausage, bread for toast, and coffee.”

Michael looked at her to see if she was actually talking about breakfast or if she was suggesting more. She seemed serious about breakfast, so he agreed. After they got to his car and Michael started it, Debbie grabbed his hand and held it. As it wasn’t a huge deal, Michael didn’t stop her. They held hands in silence the fifteen minute ride to her house. Although, they both seemed to instinctively know what was about to happen, neither one of them wanted to break the spell and to prevent it from happening.

When they got to the house, Michael opened the car door for her, and they walked up to the porch holding hands. As she opened the door, they faced each other and for a second neither said anything. Michael finally broke the silence.

“Are you sure about this?”

Very carefully, very gingerly, Debbie leaned up and kissed Michael. It wasn’t the hungry kiss of a woman who wanted to get laid as quickly and as passionately as possible. It was the tender kiss of long-lost lovers who, after years of being separated, want to spend a lifetime loving güvenilir casino each other again.

They both walked inside the house and shut the door behind them. Debbie kissed Michael again, and led him upstairs to her bedroom and kissed him again as they stood beside her bed. This was the moment she had been waiting on for almost two years, and it was finally happening: she was going to lose her virginity to Michael.

As they stood there kissing, their kisses grew more passionate and hungry. Debbie began to unbutton Michael’s shirt. When his outer shirt was off, they stopped kissing and stood there looking at each other, gazing longingly into each others eyes. Slowly, Michael took off his undershirt, Debbie her t-shirt.

With each half-naked, Debbie began to kiss his chest. Michael wasn’t built; however, he did work out, and had a body that was somewhat in shape. As she kissed him, electric sparks sent shivers throughout his entire body. Although, he had never truly thought about this girl this way, at this moment in his life, he felt more love than at any other point, and with any other woman.

As she kissed him lower and lower on his torso, he could not contain himself and his manhood began to swell until he could have sworn it could never have gotten any bigger. Finally, Debbie had worked her way to his waist and then back up to his shoulders. While she nibbled on his neck, her hands found his belt buckle and, and- undoing it- reached into his trousers and touched a man for the first time.

She had nothing to compare it to; however, she thought Micheal’s penis was rather large and large around. When it was hard, it reached to the top of his underwear, and when holding it, she was able to close her hand around it, but without a lot of room to spare.

Her fingers explored the shaft that was bent and crowded into his underwear, and when it became too difficult to maneuver her hand, she pulled him out and gave him the freedom his penis had been longing for. She then cupped her hands around his balls and, when he could take it no longer, wrapped her fingers around the shaft and gave it a few experimental tugs. Michael, fearing he was going to lose control and cause this night to end long before either of them wanted it to, stopped her and quickly took off his jeans. Debbie took hers off also. He then turned his attention to her.

Michael began to kiss her again with all of the passion he felt at that moment. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. The emotion of the moment was so strong that Debbie began lose her breath as she dug her nails into Micheal’s back.

Without losing his grip on her, and without stopping his kisses, Micheal picked her up and moved to the bed. He gently laid her down and laid down beside her. After a moment of looking at her to judge her reaction and her readiness for what was about to happen, Michael began to kiss her again.

Debbie had kissed boys, and men, before, and had even kissed them passionately as they were making out, but she had never felt the level of emotion that she was getting from Michael and that she had within herself. If this was what making love was all about, then she understood why people did it all the time. Of course, it didn’t explain why all of her friends seemed to be disappointed at their boyfriends, or their first time. If they were not being treated as wonderfully, or it didn’t feel as amazing as the sensations she felt now, then why would they have continued to do it? All she knew was that she wanted this man inside her more than she had wanted anything in her entire life.

After a few minutes of kissing, and of their hands exploring the backs of the other, Michael began his exploration of Debbie’s body with his mouth. He began kissing her neck and shoulders, giving them a nibble on occasion. As he worked his way down her body, Debbie was getting even more worked up than she even knew was possible. When he began to bite her breasts without touching the nipples and then started to move on she wanted to strangle him. All she wanted, more than anything on the planet, was to feel his mouth, his lips, his teeth, on her nipples and he was denying her that pleasure.

Before she could find her voice enough to complain, Michael was concentrating on the inside of her thighs. As she was feeling him bite her for the first time, she felt- she didn’t know what she felt: it tickled, it hurt, it… all she knew was that it was causing her more pleasure than she had ever felt and she wanted nothing more than to have him pay attention to her pussy. She could feel the wetness between her legs and she knew that she had to have him. If only he would…

Michael began to kiss and nibble down her right leg until he reached her knee. He was nibbling on the skin just beneath her kneecap and was rubbing the bottom of her foot lightly. The biting her knee didn’t do anything for her, but for some reason, his fingers on the sole of her foot was just like the inside of her thigh. She was feeling all of the emotions and sensations at the same time, which was leading her to the edge of sanity, and leading to an orgasm. She had them before by masturbating, but this was different. It felt different, but it still felt like she was going to cum.

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