First Day at Work

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Most eighteen year olds have summer jobs, and I am no exception. I needed to make some money to pay for a car, so I decided to begin working at a local trucking company, assisting in the warehouse. The job description in the newspaper said that they were looking for “a strong, focused worker willing to assist in various warehouse tasks”. In layman’s terms, I moved heavy items from trailers to the warehouse, and vice versa. I assumed it would be a normal job, with nothing particularly exciting about it. That is, until I met my boss.

I knew that my boss would be female, and that her name was Sheila. However, she was not at all what I was expecting. When I walked into her office to introduce myself on my first day, I had to fight to keep my jaw from dropping. The woman who greeted me was a cute blonde in her 20’s with breasts that were just large enough to be a distraction to me, and glasses that made her look both intelligent and seductive, in that secretary sort of way.

“Hi, I’m Sheila. You must be Andrew”

“That’s right, present and ready for action”, I replied.

“That’s what I like to hear,” she said, looking me up and down in a way that demonstrated she was appraising more than just my working abilities. Her eyes lingered just a bit longer on my muscled chest, which was being shown off by the tight T-shirt I was wearing.

“Let’s get you back into the warehouse so you can get started.”

Sheila seemed to walk closer to me than the average person normally would, so that her extremely attractive face was very near to mine as she explained some of the finer points of warehouse operation.

“You’ll be with a good group of people, so I leave you in capable hands,” she said with a laugh. “Just come by my office when you’re done. I’d like to hear how your first day went.”

I started by moving machine parts off of one trailer and storing them in the back corner of the warehouse. I did this for several hours, then took lunch bahis firmaları at a nearby fast food restaurant. When I returned, my job was to organize large boxes of financial records on a trailer so that they could be taken to a different terminal. After this job was done, it was 4:30; time for me to get off of work after eight hours of physical labor. More importantly for me, it was time to see Sheila once more.

I strolled into her office and was pleasantly surprised by the sight before my eyes. Sheila had her eyes closed and was stretching her arms upwards, leaning back in her chair, making her perfect breasts stand out even more. After a few seconds, I knocked on the doorframe, and she quickly put her arms down on the desk, a slightly embarrassed look on her face. Regaining her composure, she invited me to sit in the chair in front of her desk.

“So tell me about your first workday experience here Andrew. Hope it wasn’t too hard on you,” she said, winking at me.

“Oh no, it was a good workout. I could have kept going for a while. Stamina is my strongpoint.”

“I bet. You look like a strong young man,” she said, letting her eyes wander down my chest to my abs. I thought she may have gone even lower, but I didn’t want to put crazy ideas in my own head. Her next move, however, started putting them there whether I wanted them or not.

She got up from her desk and sauntered slowly over to the door, her tight butt driving me crazy with its tantalizing side-to-side motion. As she closed the door, she gave me a look that said I was going to enjoy our “meeting”. Closing and locking the door, she turned around completely, leaning up against the door. She extended one hand, making a beckoning motion towards herself. Wanting to obey my boss, I did so immediately. When I reached her, she moved swiftly to me, planting a deep and passionate kiss on my lips. I felt her tongue begin to force its way into my mouth, and I obliged her. With our tongues intertwined, kaçak iddaa our hands began to wander over each other’s bodies. Mine ended up on her luscious ass, and hers on my chest, which she had been admiring earlier.

Her hand soon began moving lower, to my well-muscled abdomen. Feeling myself becoming hard, I gave my hips a slight thrust, allowing her to feel my bulge on her thigh. She pulled her mouth away from mine and let out a playful gasp, giving me a fake “naughty naughty” face. Returning to our kiss, I moved my hand to her stomach, and eventually her chest.The feeling of her breasts in my hand was almost enough to make me cum right there, but I managed to hold it in. Unbuttoning her shirt, I began kissing down her neck to her heaving chest. The feeling of her soft skin against my lips was simply exquisite. She unclasped her bra to set those amazing breasts of hers free. I kissed them ravenously, sucking on her nipples with vigor.

“Oh my God Andrew…that’s perfect.”

“Mmmm they taste so good Sheila. I could suck these forever.”

Her hand had now moved down between her legs, caressing her growing wet spot. I began to do likewise, staring into her eyes as my hand rubbed her pussy through her jeans.

“Get these pants off of me Andrew. I need you right now.”

Again, I wanted to be a good employee on my first day of work, so I followed her orders as fast as possible. After unbuttoning and unzipping them, I slid her jeans down to her ankles, allowing her to step out of them. She reached down and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her pink thong, and pulled it down as well. Now I was able to appreciate the full beauty of her completely naked body.

“Show me what you can do with this thing,” she said, groping my stiff member through my pants. I quickly removed them, along with my boxers, so that both of us were entirely nude. Holding my hand, she walked backwards until she was sitting atop her desk, legs spread wide. “Put kaçak bahis that thing inside of me Andrew. I want to get filled up by that nice young cock of yours.”

I moved forward until I was standing between her legs. Placing the head of my cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy, I leaned in to kiss her again. As our lips and tongues met, I thrust my hips forward, entering her tight hole. The feeling cannot be described in words, though Sheila’s intense moans might do the trick. As I slid deeper into her, her breathing became more shallow. Her short, quick breaths were interspersed with whimpers, begging me to go in all the way. When my penis was completely inside of her I grabbed her ass and pulled her onto it, so I could be as deep as possible. I fucked her hard and deep, not slowing down for a second. This went on for a couple of minutes, with few words being exchanged between the two of us, aside from the occasional “oh yes baby” or “fuck me harder”.I soon realized that I was right on the verge of exploding inside of her.

“Sheila, I’m about to cum!”, I groaned.

“Good, I can’t wait to feel all of that hot load inside of me. Give it to me now baby.”

Continuing to thrust mercilessly into her tight hole, I felt my balls begin to tighten, and I unloaded the first shot of semen deep into her. She moaned when she felt it inside of her, begging me to give her the rest of my thick cream.

“Give all that sticky cum to your boss Andrew! Fill up my fucking pussy with your cum.”

I shot at least six more times inside of her, glad I could honor her request to be filled up with my young semen. After I had finished cumming I pulled out of her, exhausted. For a minute we just held each other, hearing only the sound of our heavy breathing.She then informed me that I was officially off the clock and could go home.

“I’m proud of your effort on your first day Andrew. I’d better see the same production tomorrow,” she said to me with a look that could only be construed as seductive. She gave me one more kiss, then opened the office door. Driving home, I fantasized about what Sheila could have in store for me tomorrow.

But that’s a story for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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