Just Perfect Anna, My First Time

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Like most stories this one does have an element of the truth, this story happened to me several years ago and I wonder how she is doing now.


I was 19, had just left school, and was working is a good job. I had a great car—a Triumph Spitfire—which was pretty good for a first one. I also had a damn sexy girlfriend. Anna was younger than me and was still studying. What made things good for me, a youngster of 19, was that her hobbies included being a gymnast. She was also very good at it, picking up awards, medals and trophies. I, a typical teenager, was horny as hell and thoroughly enjoyed watching her at it. I mean, skimpy, figure-hugging leotards and costumes…I’d be mad not to. It was practically my duty as a man. On this particular day, nothing out of the unusual happened, nor did I expect it to. I had finished work and was driving home to pick Anna up from her house nearby to take her off to gym practise and myself off to my rehearsals.

“Come on in,” she yells as I knock on the door and walk in.

“Only me,” I return, stating what she already knew. “Come on, you’ll be late.”

“We’re starting later, today,” she says. “Come on up.”

I kick off my shoes—it may be a great car but oil can be a killer—and I climb up the stairs. This was nothing uncommon; I’d spent many hours in her room before now. We’d only ever kissed before, but boy could she kiss!

This time was different.

“Guess who” I called as I walked into her room. It was a large room and she wasn’t in my line of sight. “Why you starting later toda…” was all I managed to get out as I turned round and saw her. What was almost usual was she was standing in front of her dresser and mirror brushing her long blond hair. Her “perfect ten” body was toned and taught, but she was only wearing her underwear (her very thin, very sexy and very see-through underwear!). Pure white, it suited her perfectly. I was lost for words and frozen in my spot, but not all of me had frozen and I was beginning to show my pleasure.

“Just casino şirketleri thought I’d give you a treat for being so good,” she replied to my question, which seemed like hours ago.

“Thanks,” was all I could stammer out.

“But I do have to go now. You OK to give me a lift still?” It was a question which any guy would have jumped at the chance, but now I would have done anything if she asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I replied.

And then she just turned her back to me, her smooth, perfect skin was just a few feet away and all I could do was stare, she then, keeping her legs straight, just bent at the hips to reach down and picked up her leotard from the floor. I was unaware of anything else in the room. There was only her, her standing there with her glorious bottom facing me, her legs apart just a few inches, her pussy only just covered by this thin material and I was just staring.

The next thing I remember was her facing me, with her 34B’s showing like shadows through her bra. As she pulled her costume over them, her body was still to die for. Then she kissed me, my hands went around her and down to her ass. Her tongue played with mine as my hands felt what I had just be gazing at.

“Come on,” she said, “my mum is home and we have to go.”

I was oblivious to anyone else being in the house, so I was glad she was still thinking straight. She grabbed her jacket and we went off to my car. With a quick wave and “bye” to her mum, we drove off, and I was trying hard to keep my eyes on the road and not on her legs while my cock remained hard.

A few hours later, I was waiting to pick her up. I had cooled off and could hopefully drive with a bit more concentration. I remember it was good weather and must have been summer, because, although it was getting dark it was still reasonably warm. Her training hall had the side doors open, to help cool the place and I quietly entered and stood in the corner scanning the room for Anna. Not seeing her, I was just about casino firmaları to leave and wait in the car

“She’s coming Paul,” yelled one of her friends.

“No worries,” I yell. At least I had an excuse to wait around and watch them all. So there I was, my head at a relaxed angle, gazing or staring and all the beauties when all of a sudden Anna called to me “here I am.” She was standing next to me, about an inch from my ear, whispering in that sort of husky, sexy voice that can make a guy hard at a thousand paces.

“Couldn’t see you,” I lied “just looking around for you.”

“Yeah right” she had caught me, but her smile said she didn’t mind.

The drive back was the same, until we approached her house.

“Keep going,” she said “to your place.”

This wasn’t unusual, we often came back to mine to make out before I took her home. I lived in a house that I shared with my brother. He was often out, and the privacy was useful for a guy and his girlfriend. The furthest we had gone was us both being topless and some heaving kissing on all exposed skin, which was fantastic for me. I loved when she pressed her breasts against me with her warm body, and when her teasing me with her nipples against my chest, just lightly touching and brushing over me.

But this time was different. Inside the front door, off came her jacket and I was behind her again staring at that perfect ass in that skin tight costume.

She stopped as I closed the door and, glancing back over her shoulder, said, “Your brother home?”

“No,” I replied. “He’s out doing whatever it is he does today.”

“What time is he back?”

“Ummm…” my brain was trying to do two things at once, and one of them involved sex, so the other had no chance.

“Doesn’t matter,” she interrupted.

She backed into me, my hands instinctively wrapped around her waist, and my stiffness was pressing into her back. I kissed her neck and she did her usual purr. She then placed my hands onto her breasts and güvenilir casino I slowly rubbed them, feeling the exposed skin with my finger tips. She twisted her arms about as I continued to nibble at her ear and this caused her to press further into me. I was getting harder and she could feel it. By now her leotard was wrapped around her waist but her bra was still on.

“Take it off please,” she said to me. This wasn’t a question; she was in control.

And so there we were in the hallway, her topless and me holding and caressing her breasts, feeling her hard nipples between my fingers. Bending at her waist again, she slipped her hands into the waistband of her costume and down it went to the floor, along with her panties. This goddess, this angel, was standing in front of me totally naked, her long, blond hair down her back, her smooth, perfect skin, her tight ass and long slender legs “Bed time” were her only words as she looked over her shoulder then walked up the stairs. As I watched her body climb each stair, I could see her virgin pussy, covered by a wonderful layer of blond hair, move sexily upwards. She turned the corner into my room and I think I took about 3 strides to climb the 14 steps up—I must have broken all world speed records getting there. As I entered my room she was just sliding under the covers as only a sexy girl can do. She just slid in with no fumble, just a perfect body.

“Put this on,” she said as she handed me a condom. “We have a few for tonight.”

“Tonight?” I asked as I undressed, struggling a little with my boxers.

“I’m staying the night,” she said. “…If you want me to.”

After making out and trying to take my time (kissing, touching, kissing the parts we touched, feeling, and holding), she rolled the condom down over my rock hard cock and rolled onto her back. Parting her legs I could see her pussy, and that she was as excited as I was. I knelt between her legs and laid myself down on top of her. I kissed her neck and she purred as I slowly pushed myself inside of her. I remember the feeling—that tight, hot feeling—as I thrust in slowly then faster and faster. She came first and I was very close behind. We made love a few more times that night, but that of course, is another story.

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