Keiko’s Adventure

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Keiko looked out across the fields, her father and brothers had travelled to the town to sell the rice crop, and she was left alone in the house. They would be gone until dusk and with the harvest over there wasn’t much to do around the farm. She felt alone and bored; she resented her brothers for being allowed to ride with her father whilst she was stuck indoors. Ever since she had turned eighteen, she had found herself wanting more than the simple life she had on the farm. She went to the stables to see the remaining horse, a young colt named Daisuke. “Poor us, left behind with nothing to do,” Keiko said as she stroked the young horse’s mane. Then Keiko had a flash of inspiration, her and Daisuke could go for a ride around the farm, the fields were vast and it would easily take several hours to travel around them all. Daisuke had just been broken in and was still a little rebellious, but Keiko was sure she would be able to handle him. She twisted her long dark hair up into a bun and put Daisuke into a bridle and saddle.

As they set off from the house Keiko felt a sense of freedom, the land stretched out before her and there was no one to tell her what to do, she could ride all day as long as she was back before nightfall. Her excitement spurred Daisuke on and soon he was galloping happily along the border of the rice fields. Soon they reached the boundary her family’s farm. She didn’t often travel this far and the forest at the edge of the farm intrigued her. She slowed Daisuke to a slow trot and moved as close to the dense forest as she dared go. The thick foliage blocked out most of the light and Keiko could not see anything past the first few trees. Just as she was about to lose interest and turn back a fox came running from the forest scaring the birds which were searching for worms in the field. The birds flew into the air, squawking with fear, all this startled Daisuke who bucked and ran into the forest. Keiko hung on as long as she could, but as the horse dashed between the trees, she felt herself slipping from his back. Then Daisuke leapt over a fallen tree and Keiko was thrown off. She landed hard on the forest floor, hitting her head hard against the trunk of a tree as she fell, the blow instantly knocked her unconscious.

When Keiko came to, she was dazed and confused. She tried to move but found her arms and legs were bound. She opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by men. She looked around, taking in their shabby clothes and their worn out tents constructed among the trees. She was alarmed as it dawned on her that she had been captured by bandits. Her father had told her and her brothers stories of the dangerous bandits who roamed the woods and attacked merchants as they passed through on their way to the town. She had clearly been unconscious bahis firmaları for some time as it was now dark, the men were all gathered around a fire eating and laughing. She prayed that they would not notice she was awake, but almost immediately after she wished it one of the men turned to check on her. Their eyes met hers wide with fear, his narrowing as he smiled an evil, devious smile.

“Looks like our guest is awake,” he said, and the men all turned from the fire to look at her. They leered at her, and then started to advance upon her, arguing about who would get to enjoy her first.

Keiko was terrified, she had never been with a man but she had heard stories of bandits abusing their captives in depraved ways. Keiko tried to stand, run, but the ropes that bound her were too tight, and she fell down again. She furiously tried to crawl away, but hands grabbed at her from behind. One of the men dragged her to her feet and began to tear at her clothes, her hair falling around her face as she struggled to stop him. She screamed and tried to push him away, but she was surrounded and even if she could beat this man away, there were at least twenty more eager to replace him. He ripped away her dress leaving her in her revealing undergarments. Her slim figure and dark bush were clearly visible beneath the flimsy material, her nipples sticking out due to the cold night air. The sight of her lithe young body spurred the man on as he scrambled to undress her further. He tore away at the material, egged on by his companions, until all of her pale flesh was on show. She screamed again, trying to cover her now naked breasts, then suddenly there was a thud and the man slumped against her. Keiko saw an arrow sticking out of the man’s back; the rest of the bandits started to shout and ran to grab their weapons. In the confusion she was able to wriggle free of her bindings, which had been loosened by the man as he’d undressed her. She started to run into the forest away from the camp, but was scooped up from behind and pulled up onto a horse. She could not see her captor but fought him with all the strength she had.

“Don’t struggle,” her captor said pulling her into more comfortable position on the horse, “I’m here to help you.”

Keiko didn’t know if she could trust this man, but as they rode further away from the bandits, who were still in chaos, she felt it would be easier to fight him than the many men back at the camp. She resigned no to struggle until after they left the forest, hoping to lull her new captor into a false sense of security.

They rode for almost an hour before they cleared the trees. Before Keiko could restart her protests, the man slowed the horse until they came to a gentle stop. He deftly swung them both down until kaçak iddaa they were standing on the ground. Now she faced the man, she saw he couldn’t be more than a year older than she was, perhaps twenty one at most, and also incredibly handsome. His dark hair framed his features, his eyes a warm brown. He was well built, and clearly a powerful man, yet his eyes were soft and friendly. She felt her pale skin blush red as she remembered her nakedness. Realising her embarrassment the man took off his shirt and wrapped it around her small frame. She couldn’t keep her eyes from his now naked chest, broad and tanned as it was. She felt an unfamiliar feeling begin to stir between her thighs. Aware of her gaze the man’s confidence faltered and he ran his hand through his hair, awkwardly trying to think of what to say.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, I was riding past when I heard you scream…” he trailed off as they gazed awkwardly at each other. For the first time Keiko noticed the bow and quiver attached to the horse’s saddle, and she felt a flood of gratitude.

“Thank you,” Keiko shyly whispered.

“I’m Ryou, what’s your name?” The man asked, his confidence seeming to return slightly.

“Keiko, my father is Yori the farmer.”

“I know of your father he often travels to the town, but his lands are far from here. How did you come into the possession of those lawless men?” Ryou questioned her.

Keiko blushed with embarrassment, her reason seemed trivial, and she knew her father would be angry at her shameful actions. It was not considered proper for a girl to go out riding, especially unaccompanied. “I was left to look after the farm whilst my father and brothers went into town…” her voice trailed off.

“But you were too adventurous to stay at home?” Ryou smiled warmly at her, comforting her. “I know the feeling, I hate being told to stay in and study, I love to ride through the fields and learn by experience.”

Keiko felt drawn to Ryou, they seemed to be kindred spirits, adventurous and rebellious as they were. Their eyes met and she knew that he felt the same longing for her. Her beautiful green eyes seemed to beg Ryou to come closer, to hold her. He reached out to her pulling her against his bare chest. She felt his firm body against her and let his shirt slide from her shoulders so she was naked before him. Her breasts pressed against his naked flesh as he drew her in for a long passionate kiss. She felt her pulse race as his soft lips caressed hers. She had never known such intimacy and did not fully understand the desire she now felt. She felt something hard between his legs pressing into her stomach; it both frightened and excited her.

Ryou’s hands wandered across her back as they shared another deep kiss, his hands kaçak bahis found her firm buttocks and he began to knead them. Keiko moaned into his mouth as she felt a wetness growing between her slim thighs. Next, his hands glided across her body until they reached her pert breasts, which were large for her petite size. He cupped them gently as his thumbs and forefingers tweaked her rapidly hardening nipples. Keiko was filled with a need to be as close to Ryou as she could, she ran her hands across his firm chest onto his broad shoulders. She ran her fingers through his soft hair as her tongue danced with his, making her movements more and more frantic. She reached down and pulled away the last of his clothes so they both stood naked. She looked down and gasped at the sight of his manhood. She had never seen another person naked before, except her brothers as babies. She was intrigued by the sight of his cock, hard with desire for her.

Ryou scooped her up and laid her down on the hard earth, the short grass tickled her in her supersensitive state. Ryou laid on top of her, continuing to kiss her gently, Keiko instinctively spread her legs so that his hips rested between them. She felt his hardness pressing up against her, finding her wetness and the centre of her desire. She didn’t know what to do but her body responded naturally to his, opening up to him. His penis slowly pressed into her, her virgin pussy tight on his intruding member. She gasped with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. Ryou kissed her gently on the lips then started to kiss her neck, drawing more moans of pleasure from her. He slid into her further until he met the barrier that held Keiko’s virginity. He looked deep into her eyes and held her gently as he gave the violent thrust, which broke through and opened up her hidden depths. She cried out in pain but his gentle touch soon soothed her. He slowly restarted his rhythmic movements and Keiko was filled with a new joyful feeling. She gave a long moan as she started to cum, her tight pussy gripping Ryou’s cock, drawing him in. Her hips rose to meet his every thrust and soon their movements had lost all control and rhythm, they were both filled with a frantic need. The rapid and hard thrusts quickly pushed Ryou over the edge and he exploded inside of her. His wild orgasmic movements also drove Keiko into a new world of pleasure, and she screamed as she was filled with a feeling she could never have imagined.

The two of them collapsed, breathing heavily, exhausted by their exertions. Ryou rolled off her, lying on the hard ground, amazed by the experience. To Keiko he had seemed to know what he was doing, but in fact, he had only heard stories of such acts from his friends. Never before had he held a woman and made love as he had with this strange new girl. He pulled Keiko close to him, her head resting on his chest, and under the starry sky they both slipped into a deep sleep, completely forgetting where they were and concerned only with each other’s warm presence.

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