Yard Work

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I’ve been doing work for Liz for about two years now, mowing her lawn in the summer, trimming hedges, and shoveling her driveway in the winter. I started when her husband left and I saw her in the garage trying to figure out how the lawnmower worked. I decided I’d cut her a break. I don’t charge her much, a couple of dollars for gas and maybe a cold drink when I’m done. The truth is, I would do it for free. Just for a chance to get a closer look at her. Liz is a total beauty; short dark hair, and a body that most girls my age would envy. She likes to wear tight jeans that show off every curve, T-shirts tight enough to show off her breasts while riding up to show a belly that’s still toned.

Today is especially hot. Closing in on a hundred, but it’s the only time I can get free to help her out. After I finish mowing the back yard, I pause and wipe some of the sweat from my forehead with the tail of my shirt. It feels like I ran through a sprinkler, and I’m dripping wet from it. When I drop the shirt, I see Liz standing in the doorway looking toward me. I drop my shirt, embarrassed she caught me with it lifted, and I smile at her.

“Hi, Miss Kennedy. I’m just about all done here.”

“I can see that. Good work, Joseph.”

That always gives me a thrill. At school or with friends, I’m Joey. At work, I’m Joe. With her, I’m always Joseph. Talk about a turn-on. Today she’s in a pair of cargo shorts and a thin top with thin shoulder straps. They show off her shoulders and chest, dipping just low enough to tease me about her cleavage.

“Should be all finished in about fifteen minutes or so.”

“That’s okay, take your time. You look like you could use a drink. Come on inside, take a break.”

I wasn’t about to turn down air conditioning and something from the fridge. So I left the lawnmower parked by the fence and went to the back door. I expected her to lead me inside, but she just stepped to one side and forced me to brush past her as I went in. My arm brushed hers, but we both pretended not to notice.

She gestured at the living room. “Go on and make yourself comfortable. I’ll get you some lemonade.”

“Thank you,” I said. I went into the living room and took a quick look around. I’d only been in Liz’s house a few times, and usually only with my parents present. It was a nice house, dimly lit but cozy. I saw a chair in the corner and, knowing how sweaty I was, went and perched on the edge of it. I had just sat down when Liz came in from the kitchen. She had a tall glass of lemonade.

“No, no, sit on the couch,” she said.

“Well, I just thought… I mean, I’m all sweaty.”

“That won’t hurt anything. Come on.” She sat down and put the glass on the coffee table. I stood up and crossed the room, sitting a few inches from her. She chuckled and said, “I’m not going to bite. You can sit a little closer than that.”

I pushed myself closer to her, my thigh touching hers when she finally handed me the lemonade. “Here you go, Joseph. The least I can do for such a diligent worker.”

“Thank you, Miss Kennedy.” I took a sip, and it was delicious. Just what the doctor ordered. I swallowed slowly and then made a quiet sound of pleasure before I lowered the glass. “That really hits the spot.”

“I’m glad,” Liz said, her voice soft and unusual. I looked at her, and she was staring at me. I smiled, self-conscious, and she casino şirketleri turned to face me. “Joseph. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me these past few years. I think with everything you’ve done, you deserve more than a few dollars every two weeks.”

I nodded. “Okay. Well, um… if you wanted to pay me more, I guess I couldn’t stop you.”

She smiled. “I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking… maybe… I could do something for you. Help you out a little bit.” She put her hand on my chest and dragged her hands down to my stomach. I looked down, staring at her as she ran her finger over the sweaty cotton of my shirt and then looked up at her. She raised an eyebrow and bit her bottom lip. She said, “Why don’t you take this sweaty thing off for me, okay?”

I handed her the lemonade, hoping my hand wasn’t shaking too much as I handed it off. I wasn’t a virgin, but this was fantasy territory. I pulled the shirt off over my head and dropped it next to me on the couch as I leaned back. The air conditioner felt great on my bare chest, cooling the sweat there. My nipples actually got a little hard as I sat back and Liz ran her eyes over my chest. She put her hand on my stomach again.

“It’s been a while.”

“Yeah,” I said.

She smiled. “I meant for me. But it’s good to know I can help you, too.” She licked her lips and looked up at me. “We’re not going to fuck.”

So many emotions passing through me at that moment. Crushing disappointment, and exhilaration at this goddess of a woman using such blunt language. But if that wasn’t what she planned… then what was going on?

“I just want to help you out a little. Okay?” I managed to nod. She slid closer to me, her leg now a constant presence against mine. “Joseph, I want you to be honest with me. This won’t work if you lie to me. All right?” I nodded again. “Good boy. I’ve seen you looking at me. A lot. I’ve seen you sitting on your front porch pretending to watch the neighborhood, but you’re really watching me. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Do you go inside and masturbate?”

My mouth was suddenly really dry. I took another drink of my lemonade and licked my lips. “Sometimes.”

Her hand was on my belt now, pulling it free. Holy shit. She said, “But I’m just your old neighbor.”

“You don’t look that old to me,” I said. “You’re gorgeous.”

She undid the button on my jeans. “What do you like about me?”

“Your body,” I said. What a lame answer. “Your, uh… breasts. I love your stomach, when you wear those shirts that ride up a little and I can see your belly. And your legs.”

I never realized how long it took my zipper to go down until she dragged it down over the growing bulge in my pants. I was shaking then, watching as she pushed my pants open to reveal my boxer shorts.

“Lift up, Joseph,” she said softly. I did as she asked, and she dragged my shorts and underwear down my legs. My cock fell free, and suddenly I was naked in Liz Kennedy’s house. Good God. My cock swelled just at the thought of it, and Liz stared at it for a moment before she looked up at me. She licked her fingers, just a quick pass of a pink tongue across her fingers, and she placed her hand at the base of my cock. She kept her eyes on my face, I could see her from the corner of my eye as I watched her fingers slowly wrap around me.

“What do you think casino firmaları about doing to me?” she asked.

“I don’t–“

“Honesty, Joseph,” she whispered. “It’s just a fantasy. We all have fantasies. They’re perfectly safe.”

“I think about… when you wear those sundresses?” She nodded and said ‘mm-hmm.’ “I think about following you inside. And pushing you up against the kitchen counter.”

She was stroking me now. God damn it felt good. Her hand was smooth and cool, moving with sure strokes up and down its length.

“Go on,” she said. “What do you do then?”

“Rip off your panties.”

“Don’t go shorting me, now,” she said. “Full sentences.”

God, this woman was a sadist. “I push up your dress, and I run my hand over the curve of your ass. And I pull off your panties.”

“Do you rip them?” Her hand was moving faster. She squeezed the tip of my cock, running her palm over the tip before stroking again. She was breathing heavily now.

“Sometimes. And then I… push your feet apart with my legs and I push my cock inside of you.”

She whimpered at that. She lifted her free hand and hooked her thumb in the strap of her top. “Joseph,” she said. “Look…” I watched as she let the strap fall, and then she did the same on the other side. Her top fell, revealing her full breasts with dark, hard nipples. I brought my hand up, and she nodded. I cupped her breast and circled my thumb over her nipple. She reached out with her free hand and took my glass of lemonade. She kept stroking as she brought the glass to her chest and pressed the lip to her skin. She tilted it, and lemonade spilled out like a sheet of water down her chest. A drop beaded on her nipple and I desperately wanted to lick it off. I couldn’t figure out how to lean down to get it without separating her hand from my cock, though.

“Are you going to come?” she asked.

“Think so,” I said.

“Full sentences, Joseph,” she admonished.

“I think I’m going to come, Miss Kennedy.”

She smiled and lifted herself, she leaned forward, and her breast was suddenly in my face. She said, “Drink,” and I licked and sucked her nipple until all the lemonade was off of it. I circled her nipple with my tongue, sucked hard, and moved my hips against her hand. God, I was close. My balls were tight, and I was holding back because I didn’t want this moment to end. I had no idea if this would be a one-time thing, so I was going to drag it out as long as possible.

Liz pulled away from me and said, “Now I’m thirsty, Joseph.” She brushed her hand over the head of my cock again and I twitched uncontrollably. “I want you to come for me. Come now. I want you to come in my mouth.” And just like that, she bent down. I put my hand on her back, bracing myself but still crying out when her warm lips closed around the head of my cock. It only took two or three passes of her soft, slick tongue before I couldn’t hold myself back again.

She moaned as she sucked me, milking me with her lips, sucking and swallowing and still moving her fingers against the base of my shaft as she drew more come from my balls. When I was finally done, after shooting what felt like gallons of come into her mouth, she let it fall from her mouth and drop against my thigh. She sat up, her chest still shiny with lemonade, her shirt wet when she pulled it back up to cover herself.

“Thank güvenilir casino you, Joseph,” she said. She licked her lips and swallowed again, and the thought that she was tasting me was enough to make my cock twitch again. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, and I cupped her breast through her shirt. When she pulled back, she ran her hand down my chest and said, “You should go finish your work. I’m going to go clean up.” She paused and ran her hand down my body. Over my chest, down my stomach, brushing my cock and balls with the back of her hand before she cupped my thigh. “Thank you, Joseph. This was exactly what I needed today.”

“My pleasure,” I said. “Literally.”

She smiled and leaned in. She kissed me again, slower this time. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she moaned. My cock was starting to get hard again and I turned toward her. When the kiss broke, I said, “Were you going to masturbate in the shower?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Were you going to think about my cock?”

“Yes, Joseph.”

“Then do it here.”

She looked at me and then slowly undid the button on her cargo pants. She pushed them down her hips, revealing thin blue panties that quickly went down as well. Her dark pubic hair was untrimmed and looked wild, but that was how I liked it. She sucked two fingers into her mouth and then ran them down her body. Over her breasts, down her stomach, and then she spread her legs apart. I saw her pussy, glistening and pink, before she covered it with her hand and two fingers dipped inside.

“Do you think about me a lot when you masturbate?”

“Yes,” she said. Her eyes were closed and her voice was just a quiet whisper.

“Do you want me to play out my fantasy? Follow you inside and fuck you? Do you want me to take you?”

She took a deep, shaky breath and said, “Yes.” Her eyes opened and she said, “But not today. Next time.”

I nodded, thrilling at the thought of a next time.

“I’m going to come, Joseph. I’m so wet.”

I reached down and covered her hand with mine, pushing my fingers in next to hers. She cried out and arched her back, and my cock was hard again as I thrust into her sweet pussy. I grabbed my cock with my free hand, stroking it hard. When she came, shouting my name, I arched my back and shot my come onto her thigh.

We both lay there for a long time, breathing hard, staring at each other. Finally, I pulled my hand away and licked my fingers, and she held her hand out to me. I sucked her fingers, too, sucking them gently while I stared down at her. Then I pulled her panties back up for her, and gathered my clothes off the floor.

Liz was sprawled on the couch in post-orgasmic stupor as she watched me dress in my sweaty clothes again. I pulled my shirt over my head and then looked back at her. God, she was gorgeous. I said, “You should probably take that shower now.” She smiled. “I’ll finish up on the lawn. I’ll stop back inside before I go.”

“Okay,” she said. Her voice was soft, almost meek now. She scooted to the edge of the couch and looked up at me. “Joseph…”

“Yes, Miss Kennedy?”

“When you come back in, I’m going to say no.” She stood up and looked into my eyes. I was a little taller than her, so her head was angled a bit. “Don’t listen to me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, I’m positive.” She rose onto her toes and kissed me again. Our tongues touched and she pulled back, licking her lips as she turned and left the living room. I exhaled and shook my head before I went to the back door to finish my chores.

I had the feeling I’d get them done in record time.

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