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Me and my sister were driving down to my cousin Sherry’s wedding. Needless to say boredom had set in and we were both stir crazy. It would be at least another three hours before we got there, and we were hungry too. We stopped in at a McDonalds to eat and use the bathroom.

My sister Carla had a little too much soda; if she drinks to much she get really hyper. And when she’s hyper she gets REALLY horny. Unlucky for me she is a devout lesbian. I’ve never even seen her look at pictures of ‘NSync or the like before. She wasn’t always that way though. She had once been a straight hottie, now She was, just another unattainable women.

Sadly, I had a hand in that.

You see I was the boy-slut of our school. I’d done everyone at least twice. Except for the lesbians of course. Although I new most of them pretty well. One was my friend Ann. I had her over one day just to hang out.

Ann was built like a track star. With long shapely legs and a tight tone body that seemed to naturally tan itself. Her breast were normally hidden by the sports bras she whore but this time they where poking out. Even showing a little cleavage. Her long blonde hair usually in a ponytail was pulled back. She looked like she was about to go on a date.

I thought it was pretty weird. She had asked me if she could come over and not the other way around. Ann was miss manners. That aside when she got to the house me and my sister shared she acted pretty normal. But as soon as she saw my sister I realized why she had really come. The M’Divers, as everyone knew the dykes in our school, was recruiting again.

She asked to use the bathroom, manners to the last, but when she got up the bathroom was already occupied by my sister. Now Carla wasn’t exactly someone you would call clean. I had heard her masturbating what must have been a million times through the wall that separated out bedrooms. I could see what Ann wanted though. I wanted it too. Ever since she was 13 my sister had the biggest tits in her class. She was almost twice the size of the teacher by 9th grade. I had dreamed about those things for years. How wonderful it would be to have them around my cock. The rest of my sister was incredible too. The kind of ass that you normally can’t see on a white girl, perfectly displayed in one of her many tight skirts. She was short, but her legs were very nice. But she had an almost pale complexion from spending to much time in her room listening to music. This contrasted beautifully with her red/brown hair that hung at shoulder length. I had thought about getting her drunk but she abstained from alcohol and that didn’t matter anymore because now Ann was going in for the kill.

There was a reason beyond being my friend that they had sent her. No one bahis firmaları had ever said no to Ann. I knew I could stop it, all I had to do was through her out. But something inside decided that it would be a lot more fun to watch.

Ann slid right through the crack in the door. That was another thing about me sister, she never shut the bathroom door all the way. The shriek was more of surprise then anything else. I looked thought he door crack to watch one of my best friends undress right in front of my sister. I saw her take off her shirt revealing a leopard print bra. I was watching in the mirror. Carla seemed almost passive, like she didn’t care that my friend was stripping for her. That all changed when Ann took of her bra. Watching them spill out was incredible. More so because I was assuming that no man had ever seen them before. Now Carla was excited she looked on absolutely amazed at the body before her. Ann wasn’t done yet; she reached down to the zipper on her tight jean shorts. The look in her eyes summed it all up; She was going to fuck Carla’s brains out. My sister let out a little screech when she saw Ann’s pussy. It was all I could do not to follow suit. It was beautiful. Perfectly shaved and already juicy.

At this point I could take it anymore I undid my pants and started jacking off. Carla couldn’t help it either. She reached through the tight shirt she always wore and started massaging the nipples of her huge tits.

“Now that’s what I want to see!” Ann said “Please baby don’t leave Aunty Ann waiting.” This was too much, even for a slut like Carla. “I know that I’m supposed to have sex with you Ann, but I don’t think in ready yet.” She whispered, nearly in tears. “If you don’t want to have to wait until next year then you had better hurry up and let me at least touch those enormous tittles of yours.” She hissed. This was enough to break Carla into submission. She was facing me when she took of her shirt revealing a black satin bra.

Now as sick as this may seem, I had long ago begun keeping a record of my sister’s underwear. I had never seen this one before. That meant she bought it especially for this occasion. The idea that they had been plotting this for weeks turned me on even more. I was too horny to be angry with either of them now. “Alright Auntie,” Carla said, still a little dazed from seeing another woman’s pussy,

“Here are my big titties, but they seem to be caught in something big and black. Please Auntie help me out of this horrible thing!”

“Alright Carla but only if you promise to be good from now on.” This was a game I had played before, although I liked to think that when I did it the acting was better.

Ann reached down and undid the front latch on my sister’s new bra. kaçak iddaa Her huge, I later learned 38D, tits seemed to literally jump free of there prison. Ann, seeing what she had come for, threw the bra at the door. “Thank you Auntie” said what was fast becoming my friend’s submissive pet.

“Now,” I thought, “Why should a good bra go to waste?” I picked it up; they threw It right at me right? And I started using it instead of my hand. It felt a lot better and smoother too. Plus I knew that it had been touching those beautiful titties hanging in front of me.

Ann reached out and held her “nieces” breasts. She fondled and caressed them, but it was obvious that she was having trouble with the sheer size of the things. She had to use both hands just to hold one of them; this posed a serious problem until Carla decided that her nipples belonged in Ann’s mouth.

“Please Auntie suck my titties.” Carla whimpered.

“Alright Carla you’ve been a good girl, now just sit up there on the toilet, and I’ll suck them for you.”

Carla did as she was told. Sitting down on the toilet seat, with Ann above her. She leaned back until her head was resting on the back part of the toilet and cupped her hands around her breasts. Ann wasted no time Craning her head and neck down to get at the ripe melons that hung so temptingly from the tree.

She really tried to be gentle but it wasn’t any use. Boobs like that just inspire something primal. She took a bite of one melon, not a hard one but enough for Carla to know that she hadn’t just slipped. At first she was terrified, but Ann regained her composure and started sucking like a pro. “Ooooh Auntie you make me fell soooo good.” Moaned Carla. Her terror had turned into ecstasy at my friend’s velvet lips. Ann took this to mean Carla wanted more. She slid her hand up my sister’s skirt. No easy task as she always wore the tightest things she could find. Upon finally reaching were Carla panties should have been she was rewarded with only hot juice. Ann made a face and popped what she had of my sister’s tit out of her mouth.

“You have been a naughty little girl Carla.” Ann said with a smile “You haven’t been wearing you’re underwear again have you? Well now Aunties going to punish you for it!” Carla cowered away not knowing what came next. She felt somehow threatened by Ann now and decided to plead with her.

“But please Auntie you just make me so hot thinking of you and you hot body all day long. I just want to suck you and lick you but I can’t ’cause were relatives and all.”

“Does it look like there’s anyone here to care?” was Ann’s reply. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at that one. She popped Carla’s tits back into her mouth and bit them hard. Carla screamed more from being kaçak bahis frightened then pain.

“Oooh you bad bad girl!” Ann cooed, “This is how I punish bad little girls.” When the shock wore off my sister realized she actually really, really, really liked this punishment thing.

“Yes Auntie I’m a bad girl!” she said her voice rising at every word “Punish me Auntie I’m a bad bad girl” Ann put her hand into Carla hole sliding it around and around in her pussy. Then suddenly my sister’s legs went into spasm around Ann’s hand and her tits bounced in Ann’s mouth. She let out a long cry of “Oooooooh Auntie!” and slipped of the toilet.

Now this certainly wasn’t the first time I had seen my sister cum. She had the very nice habit of never shutting doors all the way. So I had gotten myself a few very nice glimpses of my sister’s snatch. But what she had just happened, was like nothing she ever did to herself. I knew at that moment that Ann had just scored one for the M’Divers.

Ann knew it too but just to make sure she said “Alright Carla my favorite niece, why don’t you show you’re auntie how much you love her?” Carla was all too eager to comply. She fist grabbed Ann’s breast and played with it a little, unsure of what to do. This surprised Ann and me because we both figured she had masturbated enough to understand the basics. “You’ve done this before to yourself haven’t you?” asked the “auntie”

“You mean I’m supposed to do that to you?”

“Yes dear, suck on Auntie’s tits and finger you Auntie’s tight little hole.” Carla immediately snapped into action, sucking Ann’s tit and sticky one finger into her already wet snatch. This elicited a little yelp from the auntie and an order not to stop. Carla needed no further instruction. She stuck another finger into Ann’s snatch and fucked them in and out as hard and fast and she could. Ann’s reached down and rubbed her clit as my sister sucked and fucked her even harder.

“Oooh Carla fuck me harder!” cried Ann at the top of her lungs. Ann’s other hand went into my sister’s hole. “Harder! Fuck me deeper. Suck my titties harder!”

“Yes Auntie YES!”

“Oooh GODYES!” screamed Ann, her blonde hair streaming around her as she whipped back in the throws of her orgasm. Just watching what she had done to my friend brought my sister off and the site of my sister losing her virginity to my best friend made me cum. They where both completely spent and in that after-orgasm-dream-world when I quietly sneaked back downstairs into my room, completely satisfied

My sister’s told me we should probably get back on the road – only a few more miles to go. She was right, she always was with directions and we were there within 15 minutes. The sight that greeted me made my jaw drop and my dick do the opposite. My incredibly hot cousin Sally was there on the steps in her infamous short shorts and tight tube top. The first thing she did was walk up and gave me a big-wet-open-mouth-full-tongue-kiss…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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