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You know you have left her in a needy, wanting way as you pull in the driveway. You had played mind games with her all through dinner. Asking her to tell her fantasies to you as you sipped after dinner drinks at the table. Stroked her upper thigh as you drove to the theater. Groped her underneath her skirt in the darkness as you watched the performance on stage. In the car on the way home she reached for your hand, willing you to touch her again and you refused. The game had begun.

She leaves the car without a word to you, walking into the house and straight to the bedroom. She removes her clothing , purposely standing in front of the open door. The little slip of a lingerie falls just below her sweet ass. Her back arches as she admires her form in the mirror across the room. She runs her hands over the soft satin material, letting her finger tips linger to tease her erect nipples. Her hands glide up and over her bare shoulders, circling behind her neck, lifting her rich dark hair up and off her creamy skin. The alluring lines of her shoulder blades and neck, exposed, tempting. She crosses the room and pulls a wooden high back chair from the corner, setting it at the foot of the bed.

You move slowly to the doorway, taking in her beautiful actions. You feel tension building inside as you now watch her placing one bare, elegant foot upon the seat of the wooden chair. The light scent of perfumed lotion drifts into your senses. You see her smooth the filmy liquid over her calf muscles. Your eyes can not move from the skillful fingers working the lotion into her already luxurious flesh. You have to adjust yourself as you feel the blood flow increase.

Her toes point as she slides her hands up on her thigh, the slinky lingerie edging further upward. Her fingers slightly brush against her wanting pussy, and she sucks in her breath as the electric waves of being touched rush through her. She sees you stepping to enter the bedroom and her glare stops you in your tracks. casino şirketleri Resting her foot upon the floor she raises the other to the chair and begins the ritual once more. Feeling the lotion absorb into her skin, her hands now purposely pressing into her pleasure mound that has been so teased and then neglected. A soft moan escapes her parted lips as she closes her eyes enjoying her own self gratification.

Unable to pull your eyes from her tasty show, you see her open her eyes and signal to you with a single finger, allowing you to come to her. You take her up in your strong arms kissing her full lips, invading her mouth with your tongue, ready to give her what she desires. Your hands begin to roam over her supple body, kneading and squeezing her flesh beneath the satin material. You feel her body quiver and her fingers, nimble and able, unfastening the buttons on your dress shirt. The cool air of the room mixes with the sensation of her hot mouth as she attacks your neck and shoulders with her tongue and teeth, pushing your shirt from your body. It falls to the floor at your feet and you carelessly kick it aside. The dressers low edge presses into the back of your thighs as she continues to greedily taste your throat and chest. Your body refuses to resist her touch and aches to fulfill the need you created with in her earlier in the evening. You guide her towards the bed. Your arms around her petite frame.

She allows herself to be moved across the floorboards having achieved her purpose to be near the dresser. She falls into you knowing this sudden movement will catch you off balance. As the chair catches you behind the knees and forces you to sit down hard, she climbs over your lap, straddling your legs. Her hands moving down your arms, her firm breasts pressing into your chest.

“Click.” Her tongue probes your mouth before you can object.

“Click.” She rises from her sitting position before you.

The expression on your face must be pleasing casino firmaları because she laughs and then licks her full lips. You turn your head and try to free your hands but you are now handcuffed through the rungs of the chair. A quick fleeting feeling of regret and fear rushes through you.

She slides her hands between your knees and pushes outward opening your legs so she can stand between them. Turning her back to you she lifts the shimmering material that covers her over her rounded ass cheeks and proceeds to rub the flawless skin against your bare chest. She has yet to speak a word to you. Stepping forward and crawling up onto the comforter, she turns and looks you straight in the eye, her own eyes twinkle. Your view has been perfectly planned. Her hand slips between her legs and her back arches. The tips of her fingers disappear into her glistening folds. You watch as she begins to finger fuck her wet hole. Her mouth letting the sounds of her building pleasure drift to your ears. You wiggle helplessly restrained in the chair. She removes her now slick fingers and reaches, up further back, to tease her tight puckered asshole. Using her own juices to make it slippery. Your breath quickens.

“Baby?” Her voice is low and sensual.

You listen as you continue watching her fingers dip and play.

“Baby, if you beg me I may let you join in. Do you want that?” she moans softly.

Your whole body is screaming to you to beg her for release, but you know her games never end that easily once her own pleasure is set in motion. She moves like a cat on the prowl. Crawling up the bed to the nightstand, opening the top drawer, and pulling out a long sleek vibrator. She turns and rests on her hip, looking directly at you, opening her mouth and tonguing the tip of the toy. She takes it between her pouty lips and sucks it deep into her throat. A shiver runs through your body, because you know how that mouth feels.

Stacking pillows behind her she lets güvenilir casino her body sink into them, the vibrator still enjoying the warmth of her mouth. Her hand moves down her taut stomach and her fingers open her pussy lips, allowing your vision the perfect picture of her sensational cock canal. As you are watching the vibrator has slipped over her nipples and down to meet her other hand, it is instantly swallowed up in her pussy. She pushes it in deep, adjusting the vibrations as she moves it with in her walls. You feel as if your about to exploded, knowing that if the toy could it would have done so by now.

She whispers, “This could be you.”

The vibrator pulls back out of all her glorious juices, coated and slick.

“Oh god, mmmmmm” She moans, as her hips lift off the bed to sink the solid object once more.

You bite your lip, fully ready to beg for your freedom.

“Oh Baby, I’m gonna cum. You want to watch me cum don’t you? You want to hear me cry out as I fuck myself, don’t you, Baby?” She pumps the toy faster, the sounds of the vibrations filling the room.

All you can do is nod yes and bite your lower lip. You’re afraid any movement you make, the slightest brush of material against your stiff cock, will cause you to cum with her.

You see her whole body tense, her toes curl, her own nails digging into her tender skin as wave after wave of her orgasm washes over her body.

She cries out. “Mmmm fuck yes!”

Slowly she pulls the pleasing toy from her soaked spasming pussy. Moving to you she steps off the bed, standing before you once again. Holding it to your lips.

“Taste me. Taste what you neglected.”

Your tongue flicks out wanting badly to have her essence fill your mouth. She presses it into your mouth and covers your open lips with her own. Licking and lapping, she tastes the sweet flavors of her pussy with you. Pulling it from your mouth she tosses it upon the now wrinkled bed covers. She smiles at you and exits the room, leaving you with your own frustration of losing the game.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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