Goddess of Soles

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Garoth sniffed in the thick forest air and took in the veiled environment with wariness. Who could know what awaited him and his party within the trees.

Jarint coughed from behind. “I hate forests.”

“Quiet,” Garoth said over his shoulder. “We aren’t out yet.”

“They say that this is the dominion of one of the Goddesses,” Jarint continued, quieter this time. “I cannot recall which one.” He then took his bow from around his shoulder and notched an arrow.

“Don’t tell me you believe that dross, Jarint.” Shel said from beside him. Her heavy armour clinked with each step as she walked with her hand resting on the pommel of her great sword.

“It’s safer to believe than be surprised when your disbelief is smashed,” he said as his eyes scanned the trees with renewed desperation.

Garoth chuckled. “That’s an interesting outlook. What do you think Dor?”

The man at the back growled in annoyance. “Human or God, if anything comes near me it had better be prepared to taste my steel.”

“Tasting your steel huh?” Shel grunted. “Is that because you’re going to fuck them?”

Jarint sniggered and Garoth couldn’t help but smile. Somehow the only woman in the party had the dirtiest mind. Garoth assumed that had something to do with her sexual prowess. No matter what he did he could never get a say in, it was all about her pleasure and her pleasure only. Not that he really minded. It was a good change from the usual submissive whore he took to his bed in the city.

Dor growled again.

“Let’s just stay quiet,” Garoth said. “If only to please the pussy cat with the bow.”

Jarint’s face crimsoned. He placed the arrow back in its quiver and slung the bow over his shoulder, but didn’t take his hand too far away.

Shel laughed. “It’s too late for that kitty.”

“Shut it,” Jarint sneered through his teeth. “That’s just how I was trained. Better to be safe than to be sorry and dead.”

“Quiet now,” Garoth put an end to the situation. “Did you forget that the enemy has been spotted in his forest? They could be anywhere, waiting for us to let our guard down.”

“Who put you in charge?” Shel asked.

Garoth turned to see a playful grin over her face. She flicked her head and her red bangs flew back. A long scar ran from her forehead, over her eye and down to her cheek. It only added to the fire that burned Garoth’s loins. Perhaps it was the way she handled her great sword in battle. It was intoxicating to watch her run a man through while she screamed almost erotically as blood spattered over her body. casino şirketleri Making love to a woman who still reeked of blood and battle was beyond ecstasy. He had to shake his head to bring himself back to reality.

Darkness was beginning to thicken over the forest and Garoth was keeping an eye out for a place to safely set up a small camp and rest. They had been travelling for a whole day and they all needed rest, though you wouldn’t find any of them admitting to that. “We should think about making camp soon.”

Jarint rumbled. “I was hoping that we would be out of this cursed forest by now.”

“Don’t worry pussy cat,” Shel said. “We’ve camped in plenty of forests before and what’s the worst that has happened? Attacked by bandits? Wolves? We can take a Goddess if she comes to claim your soul.”

Jarint’s hands tightened on the hilt of his short sword. “I remember now. It’s the Goddess of Souls that watches over these lands.” He shivered. “No man has even seen her and returned to moral life again.”

“Then where do the stories come from?” Shel’s eyebrow was high on her scarred forehead.

“It’s the evidence that’s left behind!” Jarint sneered.

“Enough,” Garoth cut the argument short. “No Goddess is going to get a hand on anyone. She will have to get past my axe first.” He put his hand behind his back and onto the double sided blade and stroked lovingly.

“They will have to get through me first,” Dor’s deep voice almost shook the leaves from the trees.

“Naturally.” The assassin would stay awake for days on end just to make sure that no one came and slit their throats in the night. That was dedication. “I think I see a clearing over there. Let’s get set up.”


Later that night as the fire dwindled down, Garoth sat staring into the flame, pondering. Did Goddesses really exist? What did they do to the men that they took away? He kind of liked the idea of being taken away by an entity of perfection. It couldn’t be that bad could it?

Garoth grunted as something pressed against his back.

“So, my slave, are you ready to please me?” Shel said, her voice sultry and commanding.

“Ah, my queen, you’re back,” he said. He lurched forwards as something pushed him and collided with the dirt and turned quickly onto his back.

She approached him with a wicked grin and placed a boot on his chest. “Worship my feet.”

Both of Garoth’s hands worked to remove the leather boot. He threw it aside and then began slowly peeling off her sock. First her ankle came into view, then her heel. casino firmaları Her arches came next until the sock was fully off, revealing her long, feminine toes.

“Kiss my soles,” Shel commanded, looking down at him with a gleeful pity.

Garoth gently held her foot and brought it to his face, her heel warm in his palm and the top of her feet smooth against his fingers. The smell of a day’s walking touched his nose, but only lightly, it was a subtle scent that fuelled his excitement and arousal. She said that he should do his best to pretend that he enjoyed it. She didn’t need to know that he actually did.

He pressed his lips against the bottom of her heel and kissed his way up her arch and to the ball of her foot, breathing in deeply the whole way.

“Suck my toes, one by one,” Shel sighed with authority.

Garoth wrapped his lips around her little toe. The taste of her skin and sweat blossomed on his tongue and sent his mind into a euphoric rage. His pants threatened to burst open as his manhood throbbed with need. His thumbs moved and rubbed softly along her arches.

He moved to her next toe and sucked it clean then the next, and the next. Then he engulfed her big toe with a moan. She joined him in his pleasurable sounds.

“You are almost too good at that, Garoth,” Shel said as she took her foot away and sat down between his legs. Her other booted foot came forth. “Don’t forget this one now.”

Garoth gladly took her second boot off and gave her foot a bath with his tongue. She moaned softly into the night, accompanied by the crackling of the flames. He then picked up her other foot and sucked and massaged both at once.

“Your pants are about to break Garoth, be careful,” Shel said with a lusty grin. “Let me help you with that.” She reached out and undid the cord holding his pants in place and slipped them down, unleashing his fleshy mace into the cold night air. Her hand found his sacks and caressed, fondling them both like a toy. He hardened further.

Shel then took her feet away and stood. “Stay where you are,” she commanded. Her fingers slipped into the top of her pants and slowly pulled them down and off over her ankles. She threw them aside and squatted down over his crotch, red bush looming. Her eyes glared into his. “Well?”

“Sorry my queen.” Garoth reached down and lined himself up with her womanhood, feeling the heat and wetness exuding downwards.

Shel let out a moan as she pushed down, engulfing his tip in her warm folds. She squeezed as she made her way down his length until he was güvenilir casino fully buried. Her hands went to the ground and she leaned back, bringing her feet back up to his face. “Suck my toes as I fuck your slave stick.”

Garoth grabbed her ankles and hungrily put five toes in his mouth at once, using his tongue to lick every inch that it would reach. She groaned and began to grind her hips and guide herself up and down with her arms. He could make out the outline of her breasts against her light shirt, bouncing up and down as she rode.

The combination of her toes in his mouth and her sweet burrow tight around his most sensitive organ was too much to handle. He moaned heavily around her feet and tensed his whole lower half, determined to last as long as possible. Her toes wiggled in his mouth in excitement.

“No blowing your seed unless I command it,” she growled, interrupted by a moan.

“I’ll try my queen,” Garoth gasped.

“You won’t try, you’ll do as you’re told.” Shel was beginning to pant and huff in exertion.

Garoth didn’t know if he could hold it. He was so close already. His hands around her ankles tightened and he sucked harder, intent on tasting her as long as he could.

“You better not,” Shel moaned.

“I can’t…” He felt his manhood begin to throb.

Shel hopped off and moved back. “No you don’t!” She wrapped her feet around his base and squeezed tight. His climax was caught right on the edge and his whole body began shaking in pre-ecstasy. A single dribble of seed trickled down and over Shel’s toes, moving like a sexual white snake.

“I told you not too unless I told you,” Shel sneered. “I ordered it.”

Garoth was caught in a perpetual groan. “I can’t move,” he managed. He was at that point of orgasm and it had to come out. The pleasure was beginning to take on an edge of pain. It made him want to explode more.

Shel’s toes squirmed as the balls of her feet squeezed tighter. Garoth bit his lip to suppress a scream. He tried to move his hands but it felt like they weighed a hundred times their weight. “You need to be punished for your insubordination.”

Time crawled by at an excruciating pace. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t make her release his poor manhood. His jaw began to ache from the clenching and his heart was pounding, threatening to burst out of his chest.

After what seemed like hours, Shel spoke. “I hope you have learned your lesson.” Her feet parted.

Garoth could never have been prepared for what he was about to feel. A full body orgasm rocked his entire being, sending his hot seed straight up into the night sky, and back down to splatter over Shel’s feet, his stomach, and the earth, like a great fountain in the middle of a city. He convulsed and shuddered, then everything went black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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