Have You Ever? Ch. 03

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I had reached that pinnacle where I could indulge myself with photo shoots that I dreamed up, instead of a client dictating everything, and still sell them somewhere. In this case, it came to me one night about using a white cyclorama background, with white plaster statues interspersed with nude models painted white.

Anna happened to have made molds of most of the statues she had made, so it was a simple matter of pouring about a ton of plaster and trucking the finished statues over to my studio for her. I handpicked the models from an agency that specializes in clients doing nude or erotic shoots, so no one would get weird on us.

The shoot went well. I wanted all the elements crowded together so that only models and statues filled the frame, and the only difference between statues and people was the eyes.

The models had to get painted from head to toe, including privates. Sammee and Anna were having a grand time with this job. I had made it clear that everything had to be completely painted, because I didn’t want to have to stop in the middle of a setup and retouch someone’s paint job because the skin was showing through. White wigs for all made the look complete.

There was a little intramural touching going on among the models too, as everyone got into the concept. I had to stop a couple of the girls from rubbing their tits together because it would mess up the paint. Out of a corner of my eye I saw a couple of boys about to do the same thing with their cocks, but they backed away when they saw me bark at the girls.

Keeping the boys from getting hard wasn’t as much a problem as you might expect, but some of them were a little aroused-looking. I was too, but I was still wearing jeans and a shirt, so who could tell? Nudity by itself isn’t all that titillating (now there’s a word with a built-in double-entendre: tit-illating!), it’s when one’s body motions communicate a willingness and desire to mate that send the temperature up the scale.

My shoots tend to go pretty fast once I start working, since I always try to work out all the details in my head in advance. A shoot that goes more than a few minutes tends to get stale, and usually the first exposure is “the” one. I knew I had the image I wanted, and I dismissed the cast to the showers.

My studio is a big barn of a building, designed to handle sets the size of theater stage. I often work with several models at a time, so the dressing rooms have big locker-room size showers. I was busy striking the set and straightening up when I heard someone turn the stereo up loud back there, and a lot of laughing, guy-grunting and girl-squealing going on. It didn’t take much to figure out what was going on.

Suddenly, Sam and Anna appeared all naked, and grabbed me. “You’ve got to come see this!” Anna said, and Sammee started pulling my clothes off.

I left a trail of garments across the camera room floor heading towards the dressing rooms, and stopped at the door to pull casino şirketleri off my shoes. Anna went on ahead, that fine body of hers swaying to and fro as women’s bodies do when they walk, and as she turned the corner to the shower she smiled, raised her arms and was met by a stud with the biggest rock-hard cock I’ve ever seen! His paint had only washed about half-way off, so he looked rather gruesome, but his skin was dark, and the contrast was striking. He glistened wet, and I got to thinking about another shoot, maybe on a black cyclorama this time, with only dark models, all in baby oil, with kicker lights only. Hmmm…!

Sammee grabbed my now stiff boner and pulled me like a wagon to the shower. Inside was a sight never to be forgotten! Everybody was doing everybody under the sprays. There were couples, trios, and quartets, and probably would have been quintets and sextets (there’s another double-entendre for you) if there had been enough people. Some girls were doing girls, and some guys were doing guys. I watched fascinated as one guy sucked down a cock that was as big as a fireplug. Not long, mind you, but big around. The sucker’s jaw was wide open to accept this monster, and he licked and sucked the uncircumcised head until it pushed all the way out.

Over in another corner, two of the girls were soaping a third, as a couple of guys watched, pumping their cocks to stay hard. The girls kept glancing at the guys’ crotches as they stroked and pampered their toy girl, who was totally blissed-out and not looking at anyone.

Under the spray in the middle there were a few couples of both sexes making out, their hands probing, stroking, touching all over. Occasionally one couple would bump into another, and the mix would change. Maybe a girl would reach for the other girl, maybe the two couples would merge into a quartet. Everything was in flux, kind of like the way a lava lamp changes.

Sammee pulled me over to a couple we knew from other photo shoots. Jeff was a hunky guy, and a natural blonde. His face was buried in Susan’s cleavage, and she was somewhere beyond the orbit of Neptune, judging by the look on her face. Sammee touched Susan’s cheek, and Susan awoke, smiled, and welcomed Sam’s kiss.

I figured that fair was fair, and that maybe this was my time to try something new myself. I stroked Jeff’s back and buttocks, which brought a grunt of approval from deep in Susan’s tits, and then reached between his legs for his package.

When you’ve got the same apparatus, you instinctively know how to operate the mechanism. I pulled down on his nutsack, I pressed my palm up against his crotch and squeezed his balls. I reached in from the front and jacked his already hard cock. It finally got through to him that whoever it was that was manipulating him was doing it differently (girls are so dainty about handling a guy’s stuff). He turned his head away from Susan’s fine breasts and looked over his shoulder. It surprised him to see me doing the casino firmaları work, but he made a face like “okay!” and went back to servicing Susan.

Susan had ideas of her own, and they included me. Sammee was behind her, kissing her shoulders and lips when Susan turned her head back, but now she reached for me. Our lips crashed together in the urgency of our heat. I’d been wanting to kiss on her ever since I first saw her. She was raven-haired and bright blue-eyed, a combination I’ve always had a weakness for. A tiny little bird, her breasts were rounded, with little cone nipples that pointed upward. Jeff had had his turn with them, now I wanted some.

Jeff moved over for me, and we both sucked on her nipples at once, which drew a gasp from her that welled up from deep within. Susan stiffened and went up on her toes, falling back against Sammee for support as Jeff and I nursed at her nips. I reached for her slit, and got there a second before Jeff did, his hand touching my fingers as I parted her nether lips, searching for her nub. She cried out when I found it, and moaned to a climax, which set off some of the other girls in the room.

Breaking away for air, I meant to pay attention to Sammee, but she had been replaced by a redheaded girl with more than a passing resemblance to Cher. I moved to her, just as I felt a firm hand on my cock, and knew instantly that Jeff was returning the favor. It was wonderful kissing on Cher while getting jacked hard like I do myself. Jeff changed his approach and sucked me down all the way, his hot mouth vacuuming me harder than I had ever been sucked before. Indescribable!

“Cher’s” body was slender and tight, with small round breasts, kind of like upside-down bowls, each topped with a smooth cherry nipple. Her cunt looked sort of like a pecan. I thought it was adorable, and stroked it gently. She dropped her head back and began to breathe harder as the flame between her legs grew. She changed her stance, widening her legs, the message clear that she wanted more.

I stroked her labia, and opened her flower. She was wet with excitement. At that moment, I felt soapy water splash over us, and looked to see that we had been joined by another couple, who were washing us. The soap made us slick and glossy, and their hands were everywhere: our shoulders, our breasts, our butts, our cracks. I know a lot of people think that buttcracks are nasty, but I love having mine stroked and fingered, especially with baby oil. Soapy water will work in a pinch too.

Cher turned around and offered her ass to me, a signal that could not be mistaken or ignored. I felt a hand go between my legs and grab my balls and cock and hold me in the right position for mating. A couple of the others held my body in position and pushed me gently towards my prize. Susan reached and opened Cher’s slit, and guided my cockhead home.

Nature and instinct took over as I coupled with her. She was so ready I slid all the way in with my first güvenilir casino stroke. I had to pause for a moment to regain my equilibrium. I realized the room had gone sort of quiet, and that all eyes were on us. We were surrounded by a wall of naked people, all waiting. I thought: “let’s give them a show!” I began to withdraw from Cher’s wet cunt, ever so slowly, and then thrust in again, which brought a moan from my partner. I held for a moment, then withdrew again. This time she moaned a little “oh yeah!” until I reached apogee, and then plunged again, this time harder.

That brought an even louder moan. The hand between my legs began to squeeze and manipulate my balls around, which only made me harder. I began to thrust and withdraw a little faster, like a steam locomotive as it picks up speed.

Cher began to grunt to my thrusts: “Yeah…yeah…yeah! C’mon…c’mon…c’mon…” Then she began to speak: “Do me! Yeah, shove that cock in me! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard! Fuck my cunt! I want you to fuck my cunt! Fuck…fuck…fuck…”

Normally, I’m kind of quiet when I have sex. Except at the end, when I may grunt some, I’m too busy focusing on the task at hand. This time was different. If I recall correctly, I was barking inarticulate grunts along the lines of “HUH! HUH! HUH!” with each stroke. It was like the Twentieth Century Limited, leaving on track nine. The rest of the crowd took up the chant: “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” All around I saw cocks jacking, and nubs frigging. Everyone was joining in this fuckfest, watching us coupling.

Cher was beginning to get frantic, trembling at the edge, desperate for me to let go and finish her off: “C’mon, baby. Give it to me! Are you ready? Shoot me that white cream! I need it! I wanna cum! Please! C’mon, baby! C’mon…c’mon…c’mon…”

Vesuvius erupting. The Apollo Saturn V lifting off. Any exploding building scene from an action movie, A catapult-launch from the Enterprise. The guns of Naverone. The hand between my legs suddenly grabbed my testicles tight and pressed up against my crotch like a bicycle seat, and I let go and came with greater force than ever before or since. Cher felt me shoot my spunk into her and that triggered her climax. Judging by the sound, I was murdering her, she cried out so. The crowd around began to cum as well, and we were showered by squirts of jism from all sides, as a dozen cocks all shot their loads. Everyone was moaning, groaning, grunting in heat and rut.

As we came back down I held to my prize by lying across her back and wrapping my arms around her waist. As always, I suddenly went limp, and my cock slipped out of her sopping cunt. I got all wobbly in the knees, and someone with presence of mind brought a metal chair from the makeup room. I crashed down, and Cher collapsed on my lap, her body hot against mine. We kissed and fondled in the afterglow, as did all the others in the room, now quiet as the party began to break up. For a brief non sequitur moment I thought of my water bill. Aw, what the hell. We’ve got to do this more often!

Anna and Sammee suddenly appeared on either side of us, hands on hips. “When’s our turn?” they asked. I looked at Cher, she looked at me…

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