Heather’s Weekend as Cleopatra Ch. 01

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This story is a work of fantasy and in no way implies an endorsement of slavery or racism. It is a depiction of a fantasy that involves willing participants playing a role that leads to sexual satisfaction for all concerned.


It was Heather’s birthday weekend and, when Don had said he was arranging a special surprise for her, she thought he’d made reservations at a fancy restaurant. Instead, that Friday, he’d put her in the car and drove an hour out of town to a ski community and stopped in front of a large house perched on the side of a mountain. She’d asked him what was going on, but he’d instructed her to be quiet until he gave her permission to speak. “This is the last command I’m going to make until the weekend’s over,” he said cryptically.

He then took her through the house, which was truly amazing. On the west side of the house there were no walls, only windows which looked out over a beautifully forested valley. The lowest level was approximately 50 feet wide by 50 feet long, and contained a pool that was 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. The second level included a tastefully furnished living room and an open kitchen, while the third level was made up of bedrooms; the master bedroom stretched the length of the house and took up half the depth, and included a large master bath.

Don led her to the door to the walk-in closet and paused a moment before opening it. “Tomorrow is your birthday and, from the moment you wake up tomorrow, everyone in this house will be your servant, ready to accede to your every command. Why? Because you are Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt…” and as he said this he opened the closet doors to reveal a diaphanous linen dress, a tray of ancient Egyptian jewelry, and a beautiful headdress of the falcon god Horus, whose wings would wrap around her head like a golden cloche with a regal beaked falcon’s head projecting from its brim. She felt her breath leave her and then she gasped. After a second of taking it all in, she threw her arms around Don and pulled his face to hers for a long, passionate kiss. When she broke the kiss she took his head and pulled him back to the large custom bed that dominated the room…

The next morning she awoke to breakfast in bed: a variety of fruits and croissants. When she was done, Don returned to the room and took the dishes from her. After putting them on a side table, he asked “Is her majesty ready for her bath?”

Heather was amused at the role playing and smiled as she said “Yes,” and got out of bed and began to walk toward the master bath.

“Your highness — your bath awaits below,” Don said and then bowed and made a gesture for her to follow him.

Walking through the house naked was more than a little turn on, and as they reached the pool she thought to herself: “This is going to be a great weekend…” She walked down the steps into the pool, feeling the water rise to her pussy… casino şirketleri feeling it caress her tits… She walked across the pool and put her arms along its side and allowed herself to float. After losing herself in the moment, she realized Don had disappeared. Suddenly, the door to the stairs opened and Don walked back in — but he was not alone.

“My Queen, allow me to introduce Helene, a Theban slave who will do your hair and give you a massage,” and he turned and gestured to a beautiful blonde — who was totally naked! Then Don proceeded, “… and these two Nubian slaves are Rom and Khefer, they will act on your every desire,” and two tall, fit black men entered the room clad in linen kilts, large necklaces, and headgear which reminded Heather of King Tut. Both men carried long poles with ostrich feathers attached to one end.

Heather started to speak, but Don held up one finger and knelt by her side. He whispered “These are all people I found via Literotica. They’re being well-paid for their time and services, so feel free to do what you will with them.” And with that, Don stood, turned, and left the room.

“Would her majesty like me to do her hair and make-up?” asked Helene.

Heather paused for a moment and then answered “Yes.” And then, deciding to get in the spirit of things, “Yes, I would,” in a stronger voice.

As she walked out of the pool the two Nubians came forward with towels and began to rub her body, drying it as she walked toward the throne-like chair Helene pulled forward. By the time she sat in the chair her nipples were hard as granite, and the wetness between her legs was not due to the pool. Helene was an artist. In no time she had crimped gold bead on to strands of Heather’s dark hair, and soon she was applying dark make-up to Heather’s eyes. When Helene held up the mirror Heather bore a marked resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor in the movie “Cleopatra.”

“Would her majesty like a massage?” Helene asked. When Heather nodded imperiously, the two Nubians unfolded a massage table and then took their places on either side of the table, their ostrich fans at the ready. Heather walked over to the table like a queen, well aware of the Nubians’ eyes on her naked body. She lay on her stomach on the massage table and Helene began to knead her neck and shoulders while standing at the top of the table. Heather could look straight ahead at Helene’s nicely trimmed pussy and she swore she could see it growing moist. But then Helene shifted positions and stood to one side of Heather. Slowly she worked her way down Heather’s body, and every now and then Heather could feel Helene’s nipples brush her back as she leaned across Heather. Now she began kneading Heather’s calves, and started working her way up her legs. Heather knew Helene could see how wet she had become. And as Helene started to knead her buttocks, and her fingers slid across Heather’s pussy casino firmaları and rectum, she knew Helene felt her wetness and the shiver that her touch had caused. Suddenly Helene stopped and said in a husky voice “Would her majesty like to turn over?”

Heather slowly turned over on to her back, propping herself on her elbows and looking down at Helene standing between her spread legs. Helene slowly went down on her knees and leaned forward, placing her tongue directly on Heather’s clit. Heather shivered, and then Helene began to lick, up and down, slowly. Heather started to moan and then Helene stood, and ran her tongue up Heather’s body, from the pussy to her belly button to her tits. Once at her nipples, Helene took turns sucking and biting each breast before climbing onto the table to thrust her tongue into Heather’s mouth. As their tongues mingled, and their lips and breasts pressed against each other, Heather could taste her own juices on Helene’s tongue and lips. She felt Helene’s hard nipples pressing into her and Helene’s mound pressing against her mound. Heather put her hands to Helene’s face to hold here where she could kiss her, and then she pushed the face down, back to where she wanted it. Helene slid down her body and resumed her position, licking Heather’s pussy, going faster and faster as she licked deeper and deeper. Suddenly, Heather felt her orgasm coming, and then she moaned loudly and shivered as she came in Helene’s greedy mouth…

As Helene stepped away, Heather lay back closed her eyes and took deep breaths. Then she felt something caressing her, ever so lightly. When she opened her eyes, she saw that her Nubians were gently caressing her boy with their ostrich feather fans. She moaned and then she remembered Helene — she looked down at Helene and said “Wow…” Then she looked at her Nubian servants and saw the way their erect cocks were making tents of their linen kilts, and said “Wow!” again. “It’s my fantasy, right?” she thought to herself, and then she said “Put down the fans and come here — both of you,” in a voice that would have made Cleopatra proud. As the Nubian’s stepped up on either side of the table she reached under their kilts and pulled out their hard cocks. She could barely get her hand around them — they were thick and about 9 inches long. She started to stroke both of the cocks off, the men grunting in pleasure with each stroke as they looked down on the naked Egyptian queen. She pulled them closer and then began arching her body to take turns licking and sucking the heads of their cocks. When she felt them start to stiffen, she positioned their cocks over her tits and pulled and stroked them as they shot streams of hot cum all over her magnificent tits…

Moaning and writhing as each spurt landed on her, she suddenly felt Helene between her legs again. She let go of the still hard cocks and pulled herself up on her elbows. “No, I did güvenilir casino not give you permission to touch me there,” she said to Helene. Helene stopped licking her and looked up at her with surprise — and a touch of fear — on her face. “You need to be punished. My Nubians, take her and put her on her hands and knees!” The Nubians grabbed the suddenly frightened Helene and forced her down. “Now, Rom, place your hard cock at her lips and slowly force it into her– let’s see how much she can take.” Helene suddenly smiled. “And Kehfer, take your place behind Helene and mount her… Fuck her hard.”

Heather leaned back on her arms, the Nubians’ cum drying on her tits, and watched the black men fucking Helene. She had her mouth wrapped around Rom’s thick shaft and he was thrusting it into her in time with Khefer, who had thrust his entire 9 inches into Helene’s sodden pussy. But Heather wanted to see more… “Khefer, lay down! Helene, lower yourself onto his cock! Now, lean forward. She tossed a bottle of massage oil to Rom and said “Prepare her ass and then mount her!” She watched Helene’s eyes grow big and heard her moan as she felt Rom’s finger spreading the oil around her rosebud. She shuddered as his finger penetrated her. “Now, Rom!” Heather commanded, and Rom placed his cock against her rosebud and pushed. Heather saw the head of his cock pop in, and then she got off her table to come closer. She inspected Helene’s orifices — saw her pussy wrapped tightly around Khefer’s cock, and her ass wrapped around Rom’s cock. “Fuck her now, hard!” she commanded. Helene cried aloud and then began moaning with pleasure, returning the thrusts and begging for more. Suddenly, Khefer’s body grew rigid and then he groaned and began cumming in Helene’s pussy. Helene began to cum and her spasms soon prompted Rom to empty his load in her ass…

As the Nubian’s pulled out of Helene, she fell to the floor in a spasm of ecstasy and emptiness. Heather commanded the Nubian’s to leave, and after they had gone she helped Helene up and had her lie back on the massage table. Heather looked Helene over — from her face that still smiled dreamily, to her well-shaped breasts and their hard nipples, to her nicely trimmed blonde pussy. “You have been punished, and now you are back in my good graces,” Heather said, and then leaned forward and kissed Helene, lightly at first, and then with greater passion and force. She began squeezing Helene’s tits, pinching her nipples, and then she took one of the breasts in her mouth, sucking hard and licking around the stiff nipple. Helene moaned and pulled Heather’s head against her breasts. Then Heather broke away from her, moved to the end of the table, and knelt between Helene’s legs and began licking her pussy and rosebud, lightly at first, but soon thrusting her tongue deep into both orifices to taste and lap up the Nubian’s cum. When Helene had orgasmed again and the cum had stopped flowing from her pussy and ass into Heather’s mouth, Heather dismissed her and stepped back into the pool…

“Wow!” she thought, “and this is only the morning… I think I could get used to being a queen.”

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