Honiahaka Pt. 02

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** A note to the readers: this is part 2 of the series “Honiahaka”. I highly suggest reading the first one before continuing with this one, as there are some things that might not make as much sense without reading it. I decided to change the category from ‘nonhuman’ to ‘gay male’ because I felt like it better suited this chapter (ensue angst, fluff and smut). I hope you all enjoy!**


“You are safe here.” Nuntis assured the wide-eyed Honiahaka. He gestured to the large bolt on the inside of the door, indicating that it wasn’t possible to open from the corridor. Honi rubbed his shaking, sweaty palms against his thighs as he took deep breaths. He jumped when a soft knock rapped against the door.

“Honi-ni? Nuntis?” Chann’s soft voice came from outside. Chann bounded in and pounced into Honi’s lap as soon as Nuntis opened the door. He hugged Honi tightly around his neck.

“I’m sorry this happened to you.” Chann nuzzled into his neck, inhaling softly. He pulled the collar of his shirt aside, exposing Honi’s neck.

“You weren’t marked?” he smiled gently, relieved. “I was worried he got to you…”

Honi shook his head as his ears drooped. He was embarrassed to have caused such a disturbance. Chann stroked Honi’s ears softly as he laid his head on his shoulder.

“It’s so unfair…” He said barely above a whisper. “This isn’t a life I would wish on anyone. Alpha Arnou is a monster.”

Nuntis cleared his throat, but did not care to disagree. He was aware that his brother was not generally considered gentle. In fact, he could be rather wicked. Both he and the Omegas knew what would happen his next heat, but he knew that Honi needn’t be reminded of it.

Chann shot up from his resting place on Honi’s lap. His nose and merle ears twitched for a moment before becoming as still as the rest of him. His tail, which was happily wagging only a moment ago, was tucked along his side, cupping his hip.

Nuntis cursed under his breath as he leaped up. By the time he got to the door, Chann had already slipped out of it and into the hallway.

“Chann, wait!” He yelled after him. He turned to Honi. “Whatever you do, don’t open this door.” He spoke low and quickly as he slammed the door shut behind him. Honiahaka locked the door with shaking hands as he heard a terrifying roar that shook the walls.

“Brother, please, be reasonable.” Nuntis pleaded. “He cannot accept you with the suppressants.”

Arnou stalked around the corner with his shoulders hunched, foaming at the mouth. Chann was hanging off of the Alpha like a small child. “Alpha… Alpha please accept me. Alpha. Alpha.” The beast gripped the small pup by his nape, flinging him down the corridor before charging his Beta brother. Arnou slashed as his brother, who was thrown aside as if he weighed no more than a small sack of seed.

The crippled Omega crawled his way back to his Alpha once again trying to lure him away from Honi with his scent. Chann latched on to the Alphas neck, sucking vigorously to secret more pheromones. Honi found his hands had made their way to the lock, slowly turning it as the Alpha’s rut grew stronger and stronger. The lock clicked.

“HONI, NO!” Nuntis yelled as he threw himself into the room, locking the door behind him. He winced as crimson blood ran down his arm, pooling on the floor. He stumbled to the bed and slumped against it.

The sounds from the hall elicited Honi’s curiosity. He peered through the crack between the door and stone wall. A massive paw clamped around Chann’s neck who was frantically rubbing against the Alpha’s substantial bulge. The Alpha’s erect member mesmerized Honi. Its size matched that of Honi’s entire forearm.

Chann’s tail swished back and forth as he stuck his rear up in the air, presenting himself to the Alpha. Arnou obliged, violently penetrating the small Omega. He mewled and keened as he was taken, his cheeks flush. Honi watched with wide eyes and slacked jaw, his hips involuntarily jerking in time with the couple’s thrusts.

Arnou growled fiercely as he bit down roughly on the Omega’s neck. Chann’s eyes widened as blood gushed from his neck. “Alpha… You went to deep…” He whimpered softly as Arnou dug his teeth in even deeper, rumbling loudly.

Chann whispered incoherently as his eyes rolled back into his head.

Honi sprang up, his hands fumbling with the lock. “NO! CHANN! STOP IT, YOU’RE KILLING HIM!”

Honi screamed as he pounded at the door. Nuntis wrapped his arms around the flailing Omega.

“You can’t save him, Honiahaka. He will kill us, too. Be silent.”

Honi fell to his knees, heaving with pain and sadness as Chann went limp, his body dangling from the jaws of this killer beast.

Minutes felt like hours as Honi watched one of his only friends bleed out. Nuntis gingerly opened the door, peering around for his brother. Honi frantically ran to Honi, scrambling to the lifeless body. He caressed Chann’s blood soaked, merle ears with shaking hands.

“Chann… Chann please don’t leave casino şirketleri me here… I’m alone…” He sobbed quietly.

He laid for hours next to his friend’s corpse, a mixture of blood and Alpha seed soaking into his clothes. The hackles on the back of his neck raised abruptly as a thick Alpha scent washed over him.

The Omega emitted a low growl that surprised not only himself, but the Alpha coming around the corner. The Alpha paused and snorted with disbelief. Nuntis’s eyes widened with worry as the dark haired Raoul sniffed at the two Omegas, keeping a respectful distance.

“Don’t you touch him! Don’t you dare!” Honi’s voice quivered with both fear and anger. Raoul’s crimson eyes narrowed as he closed the gap between them. He placed a massive hand on Honi’s shoulder. Instantly, a wave of relief seemed to flow through him.

“I will care for him now.”

His voice was low and gentle as he gingerly scooped Chann into his arms. Honi placed his hand delicately on Raoul’s arm. The Alpha stiffened and stared down at this strange Omega curiously before walking away, still cradling Chann’s body.


The days blurred together as Honi mourned his friend. He did not eat. He did not drink. He did not speak. He’d lost track of the nights and days. He turned his back to Nuntis as he pleaded with Honi. His gut wrenched as he thought about Chann. If his heart could literally break, he was sure it had. The cruelty of it all was just too much.

“Get up.” The Alpha demanded. Honi curled his knees into his chest, coiling himself into a ball.

“Omega, Honiahaka. You will obey me. STAND!” His voice rumbled deeply in his chest.

Honiahaka turned to face the menacing glare of Raoul. He flattened his ears as he dipped his head to the Alpha. Raoul bared his teeth at the Omega.

“You will obey Nuntis. No exceptions!” he growled. Honi nodded quickly as he bowed lower. Raoul snorted with distaste as he swiftly exited the room. He glanced towards Nuntis who was hanging his head, shamefully.

“Let us go bathe,” he spoke softly, as though one harsh word might cause the Omega to crumble into a million tiny pieces. Honi blankly followed Nuntis to the large bathing area. He undressed the Omega slowly and led him slowly into the shallow waters. Honi let the warm water engulf him as he sank down, leaving only his face above the surface. Nuntis ran his fingers through Honi’s hair tentatively as he floated in the pool, massaging his temples.

Nuntis perched himself up on a large stone and braided his long white hair. Honi idly twisted a strand of his own hair between two fingers as he watched him. Three female Omegas entered the bathing area; Waya was among them. Her smile faded when she saw Honi and Nuntis.

“Well, it’s about time someone took care of that annoying little rat.” She announced, loud enough for the two men to hear. “If only we could find someone to take care of the other pests.” She smirked cynically as Honi quickly exited the bath. Nuntis scowled.

“Watch your tongue Omega.” He warned. Waya scoffed as she flipped her hair behind her. Honi shook out his hair and dressed silently before heading quickly back to his room. His eyes welled up as he thought about the horrid comment about Chann. He felt scared and alone. Since his life has changed so dramatically, this was the first time he really felt inconsolable.

As he rounded the corner, nearing his room, he noticed a pack of Omegas shamelessly flirting with Alpha Raoul. They rubbed his arms, sang his praises and one female wiggled her tail in front of him, brashly presenting herself to him. He paid no mind to any of them. His eyes met Honi’s almost immediately as he rounded the corner. Honi stopped dead in his tracks, plastering himself against the wall. He felt a pang of panic because of the impudence he had shown him earlier that morning.

The Alpha pushed past the Omegas with ease, brushing them off like a fallen leaf on his shoulder. Many of them whined in protest, some even emitted low growls in Honiahaka’s direction. A curt snarl from Raoul sent them running the other direction, tails tucked and ears down. He approached Honi carefully, leaving distance between them. Honi cowered as his fight or flight instinct kicked in, shuddering and baring his teeth in fear like a cornered wild animal.

“There’s no need for that, Omega. I mean you no harm.” He paused, waiting for Honi to relax slightly before continuing. “You are expected in the main hall after dinner to continue your painting.”

Honi nodded quickly as he tried to duck into his room. Raoul’s massive paw stopped the door from closing for a moment before letting it go, his cerise eyes burning into Honi’s like rubies. The door closed. Honi leaned against it, his heart racing. What was going to happen to him?

Honi painted cautiously and quickly, wishing nothing more than to return to the safety of his room. Lord Varg made no mention of the previous events. However, Nuntis and Raoul never strayed far from the Omega. casino firmaları Honi made a point not to even look in Arnou’s general direction, but he could feel the Alpha’s hungry eyes feasting on him from across the room. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and his tail swish uneasily back and forth. His ears constantly flicked around his head, listening for sudden movement that never came.

Honi practically skidded out of the room when Varg decided it was time to retire, trying to make his way to the safety of his room. When he reached his room he sighed, closing the door behind him. The hairs on his body prickled up as a familiar scent wafted over him. He yanked on the door and peeled out of the room as fast as he could.

He didn’t make it far before Arnou had caught up with him. He threw him violently up against the wall. Honi crumpled to the floor in agony. His vision blurred as blood dripped from his head. The large manbeast mounted Honi, pressing himself against the small Omega that was curled up on the floor.

“I need someone to replace my last slave and I know that I will enjoy breaking you, mutt.” He growled in Honi’s ear. Honi froze, knowing that nothing he could do right now, would help him. He whined softly, trying to flatten himself best he could. The Alpha licked roughly along Honi’s neck, dragging his teeth along the flesh. Arnou was a sick sadist that wanted nothing more than to break the will of others. Once he had done that, he enjoyed killing them almost as much. “By your next heat, you’ll be ruined.” He cackled maliciously as he left Honi to tremble in fear.

Honi was able to get himself back to his room before convulsing into a series of hysteric fits. He sobbed uncontrollably late into the night. He calmed himself enough to decide he was going to make a break for it. He was going to escape this castle. He scurried through the Omega quarters and out to the gardens, running blindly. Large arms grabbed him as he sprinted past a fountain. He barely managed to release a scream before a hand clamped down over his mouth. He flailed, clawed and kicked against the man, desperate to escape.

“Calm yourself!” a deep snarl broke the silence. “Unless you wish to die, I suggest you stop.”

Honi jerked a few times more before going limp. Raoul released his grasp on the Omega. Honi gasped and panted.

“You really are trying to get yourself killed, aren’t you?” said harshly. At this, Honi dropped to his knees in defeat. He can’t escape. He was going to die here.

“Alpha Raoul…” he sobbed, “please… make my death a swift one.. if I must die here, let it be by your hands and not his.”

“You dare to speak ill of my brother?” he mocked. Honi bit his lip, realizing the severity of what he had just asked. “Fortunately for you, I do not hold him in high regards. Come, I shall escort you back from our evening stroll.”


The time that followed was filled with threats and promises alike from the deranged Alpha Arnou. He stalked Honiahaka like prey. Sniffing him out when he was at his weakest, feeding of the fear that he instilled. He could have taken him at any time. Forced himself on the Omega. But he was biding his time until Honi’s heat was in full effect. He fantasized about the virgin, splaying himself out for Arnou moments after literally tearing him apart, begging for more. He could smell the young omega’s approaching heat and increasing dread; it only excited him more.

It was now a matter of days before Honiahaka’s heat would come. Arnou entertained himself by antagonizing him every chance he could. Saliva pooled in his mouth as he inhaled deeply into the back of the Omega’s quivering body.

“I’m going to tear you apart, my little harlot.” His voice dripping with lust. His hot breath choked Honi as it oozed over his cheek and mouth. He turned his head away, tears dripped into the creases of his nose and over his trembling lips. Down the hall, Nuntis appeared briefly, fleeing as soon as he saw his brother. When he returns, he is safely hidden behind a large, irritated Raoul.

“Let him be and find another participant for your sick games, Arnou.” He growled crossly. Arnou chuckled and grinned maliciously.

“Want him for yourself, do you?” he purred. Honi gasped as Arnou harshly grabbed his face, tilting it at Raoul. Honi’s glistening eyes begged and pleaded. Raoul snorted, as if amused. Arnou continues to assult Honi in front of his siblings, dragging his claws across Honi’s small torso and palming the front of his trousers. Honi cried out in distress. It isn’t until Arnou brings his lips to Honi’s neck, licking from his shoulder up to his earlobe, that Raoul reacts. He clenches his hands into fists as his eyebrows furrow together.

“Perhaps I should do it now, brother? Would you like to watch?”

Raoul growled, hunching his shoulders. “I said LET HIM BE!”

Arnou snaps at this, his lips curling up, bared teeth pressing against Honi’s neck. Honi gasps and flails to try to escape. Raoul crouches to pounce at güvenilir casino them just as a deafening roar reverberates through the corridor. Lord Varg approaches, livid.

“I will NOT have you killing each other over some worthless Omega child. BE GONE! BOTH OF YOU!” he rumbles.

Arnou drops Honi reluctantly and stalks off. Raoul straightens himself but doesn’t leave. Varg bares his teeth at his son, who drops his head low.

“I apologize, Father.” He says in a low, quiet tone.

Varg turns his attention to Honi, who is cowering on the floor.

“You have caused an awful lot of trouble, Omega. If this continues, it will be the end of you. I will see to it.”

Honi shudders and sobs as Nuntis rubs his back gently.

“You must go to Raoul. He’s your only hope at this point.” He paused to caress Honi’s cheek. “He is kind. You must offer yourself to him, and pray he accepts.”

Honi nodded. Nuntis had explained the importance of mating before his heat peaked. If he was ever going to survive, he needed to be marked or bred before his heat turned the Alphas into uncontrollable beasts.

“What if he rejects me? What if he will not mark me?” Honi cried in fear. A mate mark would claim him as property to Raoul. This would give Raoul sole ownership of Honi. Any Alpha that touched him would be punishable by death. Not even the King could overrule this. Solely being mated would only protect him for the rest of this heat cycle, but not the next.

Later that evening Nuntis led him to Raoul’s sleeping quarters. Nuntis opened the doors, allowing Honi to enter before closing them quickly. Honi stood there in the dark, waiting.

Raoul’s eyes flashed from the far corner as they reflected moonlight, startling Honi. He gasped, stumbling backwards.

Honiahaka quickly found himself pinned between the stone wall and the massive rock that was Raoul. The Alpha was barley touching him, but the lump between his legs had swollen so much it was resting against Honiahaka’s torso.

“Get. Out.”, Raoul growled through clenched teeth. Honiahaka couldn’t force his legs to carry him even if he wanted to. The musky scent emitting from the Alpha was intoxicating. He knew his heat was fast approaching.

“I can’t…” He barely managed to whisper. “I… I want you to mark me.”

Raoul snorted loudly, the fur on Honi’s ears ruffled from his breath as he looked down at him. His crimson eyes should have been unnerving as they glowed red in the dark room. Instead, Honi found them enchanting. Raoul stared intently at Honi, understanding the reasons behind his request.

Honi reached up slowly, pushing himself up on the balls of his feet to lightly touch Raoul’s scent glands, located on his neck, just below his human ears. It was one of the most sensitive areas for a manbeast.

The Alpha let out a small warning growl but Honi didn’t withdraw his hands. Instead he leaned forward, licking the Alphas neck tentatively, coaxing out his pheromones. A deep rumble rose up from his throat, like the purr of a large feline.

Raoul tangled his hand into Honi’s hair. Honi cried out as the Alpha assaulted his neck and face, rubbing, licking, and touching. This sent Honi spiraling down into a grinding, moaning mess. He was soon ridded of the sickening odor of Arnour and replaced by Raoul’s musky aroma.

Honi gasped as the he was whipped around and slammed face first against the wall. Raoul’s large paw wrapped in his hair, pressing his cheek against the rough stone. He growled louder this time.

“Remember Omega, this is your own doing.” He reminded Honi as pressed his bulbous rut against Honi’s lower back. He ripped the black trousers at the waist, causing them to slide down Honi’s narrow hips. They twisted around his ankles as he struggled against the Alpha. Raoul snarled and snapped near Honi’s ear, yanking his arms above his head and securing them with one hand. His other hand reached around to pop the buttons on the front of Honi’s shirt. Panicking, the Omega cried out, kicking his legs at the Alpha who paid no attention to his futile attempts at escaping. Honi struggled for a moment longer before going limp, his head hanging. He could hear Raoul’s heart pounding in his chest, matching the sound of his own.

Raoul was particularly gentle as he ran his free hand down Honi’s back before grasping the base of Honi’s tail that was tucked protectively between his legs, prying it away from his entrance.

Honi once again squirmed but was soon quieted by a low rumble in Raoul’s throat.

“Forgive me, Honiahaka.” the Alphas voice wavered for a moment before he entered Honi with a low grunt.

Honi gasped and yelped in pain as he was deflowered. The Alpha grunted and growled as he continued to push into the Omega. Honi felt as though his entire body might split open from the pain. The Alpha pulled the Omega’s hips back into him until Honi’s back was pressed against his chest. Raoul released his grip on the small man’s wrists and Honi’s arms dropped to his side limply. Raoul cupped his chin, gently tilting his head back. He watched as Honi’s mouth gaped, saliva leaking out one of the corners as he panted heavily. His cheeks flushed a beautiful shade of pink as his eyes glazed over with desire.

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