Movie Time Quickie

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I had always had a crush on Rachel. She was curvy in all the right places, soccer star, rich and popular. She was also feisty. We would fight and bicker back and forth in our student newspaper class where I was the editor-in-chief and she was the design editor. I would tease her saying everything she did was perfect. She never knew that I was actually telling her what I thought about her.

Four years later after we went our separate ways to college, she went to Denver and I to film school at NYU, we both happened to be home between graduation and the real world.

I had spotted her a few times at the local bars. We exchanged knowing glances. I stared at her long after she looked away, but we never spoke. I just got drunk and horny and went home with a random guy. My hometown wasn’t too big into the gay scene and there were even fewer lesbians. But no guy could scratch my itch, my craving for Rachel.

One night I went to a movie with a few friends, one of those really hot guys dance shirtless types of movies. Not exactly my cup of tea, but my friends wanted to see it and I loved my friends so I went with.

Before the movie started I decided I better hit the bathroom, as a film major I hated to miss any part of a movie, even the shallow no real story kind. For whatever reason, in this smaller theater there were two sets of bathrooms but almost no one knew about the ones in the back hall, so there was never anyone else in there.

As I was washing my hands I look up in the mirror and see her standing there.

“Rachel.” I said breathlessly. I hadn’t expected her to show up next to me, plus there was the fact that she was dressed in a short flowy bahis firmaları skirt with a lacy almost see through tank top.

“Hi.” She said, “What are you doing here?” Rachel mumbled over her words, clearly a little surprised as well.

I laughed, “Well, typically people come to a movie theater to see a movie.”

“Thanks for that, smart ass, what movie are you seeing?” Rachel asked.

“Clearly I am here for the male strippers.” I said jokingly, I wasn’t someone who screamed Im gay from the mountain tops, but for the most part people knew.

Rachel seemed surprised, “Oh, I thought, um I thought you were, uh…”

I let her try to come up with some way to say lesbian for a few more moments.

“Most days I am, but I guess today I will see how the other half lives and gets themselves off.”

She was clearly uncomfortable, but there was something else behind those eyes as well.

We just stared at each other for a while. She took a step forward. I raised my eyebrow intrigued. She was right in front of me now, staring at my lips. I couldn’t believe this was about to happen. Her breath was heavy and she was leaning in.

I knew I had to let her make all the moves or else I might scare her away, and there was no way that was happening after 7 years of dreaming and fantasizing about her.

She was almost touching my lips when the door to the bathroom swung open.

Rachel leaped back and the spell was broken. She awkwardly went to the sink to wash her hands.

I walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “It was nice to see you Rachel, I hope your movie is… stimulating.” I couldn’t resist teasing her one last time.

As kaçak iddaa I sat down in my seat I saw Rachel come in the theater and sit down a few rows behind me with her friends, looking at me as she walked by.

The movie started and an hour of it went by with nothing riveting happening, but I had a feeling something might happen so I kept an eye on my phone.

The men on screen danced and took their shirts off and it was all stereotypically heterosexual, until a scene came on that caught my attention. Two girls were in a position not unlike Rachel and I had been in an hour earlier, and were ironically interrupted by shirtless men turning the film back to its straight male dominated storyline. But before it was ruined, the scene was getting me pretty turned on, and I had a feeling Rachel was feeling the same way.

Sure enough a minute later I saw her walking down the aisle and my phone lit up the second she was out the door.

Bathroom. Now.

Well there was no way I was ignoring that.

The second I opened the door of the bathroom she attacked me. Crushing her lips on mine in the most intense make out I had ever been a part of.

To say I was drenched would be an understatement.

I took a chance and grabbed her ass, she moaned into my mouth and I was lost.

I pinned her up against the wall and trapped her hands above her head. With my free hand I took my first handful of her chest and was surprised that they were bigger than I had imagined. I continued to feel her up as I worked my way down her neck. I hoped this wasn’t a one time thing, but if it was I was going to make sure she had something to remember me by.

As kaçak bahis I marked her neck I began to unbutton her shirt. I knew this had to be quick, but to bring her back begging for more I knew I had to give her the attention she deserved.

I devoured her breasts, licking and sucking on each nipple. Playfully biting her nipples as she begged for me to bite harder.

I love a woman who likes hard nipple play.

As sad as I was to leave her breasts, I knew both our friends would start to wonder what we were doing.

I dropped to my knees. Thankfully she was wearing a skirt, I flipped it up and she whimpered.

I played with her underwear pulling it up and down her slit, teasing her.

“Stop teasing.” Rachel moaned.

I didn’t need any more convincing. I pushed her underwear to the side and slid a finger down and up until it found her clit. Rachel almost screamed.

“You have to be quiet, or I’ll stop.” I smiled from the floor.

She put a hand over her mouth, and I licked her for the first time. She had to bite her lip to stop from screaming out. I slipped two fingers inside her and got to work. She tasted better than any woman I had ever been with before. I never wanted to leave between her legs.

After only a few minutes she came so hard she fell over and I had to catch her before she hit the ground. She sat there catching her breath for a while.

A roar of laughter could be heard from the theater next door.

“I guess that’s my cue.” I said.

I kissed her one more time and then headed back to my movie. It was another 5 minutes before Rachel made it back to her seat, barely able to get out enough words to tell her friends some lie about getting a phone call.

When the movie ended I winked at Rachel as she walked to her car. A minute later I got a text.

Car Sex?

You know I couldn’t pass that up.

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