Ashley Returns Ch. 02

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A few days had passed since my wife had initiated hot sex on a weekend during which she, Lynn, had a spent quite a bit of time with Ashley. We were getting busy preparing for the holidays but I was ready to pursue the issue. After dinner, I finally got the courage to ask my wife what got her so turned on that Sunday evening.

“Mark, you’ve known me a long time and you know that I’ve never been attracted to women or have ever had any desire to have sex with another woman. But I find Ashley very sexually attractive. I mean, to me, she has the perfect body that every woman would die for: tall, leggy, not an ounce of fat, everything’s firm. I also think part of what makes her so sexy is she’s so comfortable with her body and even talking about sex. We went to try on dresses and she’s parading around in front of me, the store clerks, anyone and everyone in her little g-string and bra, and it didn’t even register with her. And then she’s telling me about her ex-husband and their quite active sex life and all the kinky things he made her do, how she’d been having sex ever since she was really young. I just became very curious as to what it must feel like to have sex with a woman as sexy as Ashley. It’s hard for me to completely explain . . .” she went on.

“You don’t have to explain to me, ” I interjected, beginning to see where this might be going. “Are you saying you want to have sex with Ashley?”

“I think I do. I’ve been thinking about this constantly for days now and I’m very curious but only with Ashley. I still look at every other woman out there, including my hot friends like Michelle, and I have no interest in any kind of sex with them. But Ashley is different.” She explained.

“Well, how are you gonna make this happen? I mean, do you even know if Ashley is interested in having sex with another woman?” I asked.

“Well, first of all, I already know that she’s been with another woman. Besides, like she said, she owes me big time. And secondly, I haven’t thought through the particulars yet. I don’t even know if I can bring myself to go down on another woman. You know I’m not a big fan of the taste and smell of pussy. I don’t know. I know you’re very hopeful about a threesome with your wife and the hot young thing in the neighborhood, but you’re gonna have to just back off here while I figure this out.” Lynn said firmly.

Although excited, I was in a bit of shock. Prior to Ashley, my wife had firmly rejected any suggestion of sex with another woman. And she was so freaked out by the taste and smell of pussy that, unless really turned on and a little drunk, she’d never even kiss me after I went down on her.

“Well, when you’re ready, I’ll be ready. Just let me know where and when.” I told her in all seriousness.

I had to play this just right or risk losing my shot at what I was sure could be an incredible sexual experience.


As New Year’s Eve approached, I asked my wife what she had planned for us to do that night. I informed her that I had to go to the office that December 31st but would definitely be home by early evening, in time for us to get ready for whatever event she had arranged. She told me she had arranged to go out to a club with some friends and that she’d give me the particulars (time and place) later. I didn’t give it any more thought.

December 31st came and I made my way to the office to knock out a few hours of work in relative peace and quiet. In the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from my wife.

“Hey, what did you wear to the office today?” my wife asked me.

“Just jeans and a sweatshirt,” I replied. “Why?”

“When you come home, you need to change. I’ve laid out on the bed what I want you to wear. Then, I want you take a cab to En Fuego.” She instructed, referring to a hot dance club downtown of which I was aware.

“Why am I meeting you there and how are you getting there and who are we going with and . . . ” I began to pepper her with questions about the night before she cut me off.

“Mark, just trust me and do what I’m telling you to do, OK? Be there at nine o’clock.” she asserted.

“Fine. See you then.” I said and, with that, we hung up.

Well, now I was curious and the next several hours went by agonizingly slow. I struggled to get more accomplished at work as my mind pondered what my wife had in store. Of course, Ashley crossed my mind but my wife said we were going out with friends (plural) so I was perplexed. I finally made my way home at 7pm and found an empty house and a note from my wife: Grab something to eat as we’re having a late dinner.

I fixed a little something for me, called a cab and jumped in the shower. I got out and dressed in the clothes my wife picked out for me. The cab arrived just in time and we made our way to the club. I arrived right at nine o’clock and, as I stepped out of the cab, I received a text from my wife: Here yet?

I replied that I was right outside.

Go to doorman and give your name, came the reply text from my wife.

I went to the doorman who was holding up a good line of patrons and gave bahis firmaları him my name and asked if I was on some list. Amazingly, I was on a list and he ushered me right in to the club. At this point, I had become very impressed with the way my wife had put all of this together thus far.

As I entered the club and began to search for my wife, I received another text from her:

Buy 2 tinis and drink 4 u, get table.

The ‘tinis’ my wife referred to were martinis. I fought my way through the crowd to the bar, ordered the two martinis and just a beer for me. With drinks in hand, I managed to find a small table with a decent view of the dance floor. Dance music pounded from the speakers and through the dimly lit club, I began to make out a crowded dance floor filled with party goers mostly in their 30’s and 40’s. I took a seat and began to scan the crowd for my wife. Given her short stature (5’2″) this could be difficult. As I scanned, I came across a tall, long-haired brunette dancing very provocatively. My gaze locked on her and as I admired the way her body moved, I realized it was Ashley! As she danced and a spot light shone upon her, I realized that her dance partner was Lynn, my wife!

My heart skipped a beat as my eyes took in the sight of my sexy little wife and Ashley bumping and grinding on the dance floor together. They were definitely dressed for attention. My wife was wearing very tight, low slung black pants that showcased her bootylicious ass. As she moved in certain ways, the top of her red g-string came in to view – very hot! Her top was this skimpy little piece that was essentially a diamond of red suede, covering her tits and the middle of her torso reaching down to just above her pants. Strings tied around her neck and back, like a bikini top. Much of her sexy, tight little torso was exposed, including most of her back. Ashley was wearing a leopard print mini skirt that, along with sexy little black boots, showcased her long legs. Her perfectly contoured torso was covered by a black mesh crop top that revealed a leopard-print push-up bra underneath. Lynn wore her long dark hair down just as I like. Ashley had her long dark hair up in a high pony tail, accentuating her youth. My body filled with excitement as I took in the view.

With the possible exception of women in panties and bikinis, there is little else that turns me on, visually, as much as a hot woman shaking her ass in a bump-and-grind dance. And here I got to look at two of them. I sipped my drink and began to text my wife to let her know where I was.

As I stared at these two hotties – Ashley, tall, young and thin, my wife the voluptuous yet petite MILF – I managed to catch my wife’s eyes as she moved around. I waved to her to let her know where I was. The song ended and my wife grabbed Ashley by the hand and led her to the table. My wife approached and gave me a long, deep kiss to greet me. Lots of tongue! A hint of tequila from her breath.

“Are you ready?” she whispered in my ear. She really needed no reply from me.

Then, Ashley came over and hugged me – tightly. She then gave me a kiss, too. On the lips with just a hint of tongue. My cock shifted in my boxers and started to stiffen. They grabbed their drinks, thanked me and stared at each other like lovers as they downed their drinks. When they finished, my wife shouted to me that they were returning to the dance floor.

The next hour went by and was no more than a peep show for me. I was ecstatic to stay at the table, keeping the women’s drinks refreshed and doing nothing but watching these two gorgeous, sexy women dance. An hour or so had passed and we had all downed two or three drinks. The girls were out on the dance floor when the DJ announced he wanted to “take things down a notch” and played Brian Ferry’s “Slave to Love.” This is one of my favorite songs and, in my opinion, one of the sexiest ever recorded. My wife knew this song, knew that I liked it a lot and took the lead with Ashley.

Facing Ashley, my wife reached one hand around Ashley’s hips and grabbed her ass holding her firmly in place while she ground her crotch against Ashley’s leg so slowly, seductively. The two women stared directly at each other and I don’t think their eyes ever left the others for the duration of the song. Ashley took her hands and held my wife’s face, occasionally running her fingers through my wife’s long, thick, dark hair. They moved close enough that I thought they were going to kiss but they held their lips just a few inches away from the other. All the while, the ass-grabbing and crotch-grinding continued. I noticed that other partiers were also watching Ashley and my wife seduce each other on the dance floor. It was a very sexy scene, to say the least.

After four minutes and twenty-six seconds, the song ended. My heart was racing and my body temperature had definitely raised a few degrees. My wife motioned to me across the dance floor to follow her. She then grabbed Ashley’s hand and made her way to the back of the club, which had some sofaes and chairs, a more relaxed place. It was dark back there, a little quieter. I caught up with them and kaçak iddaa saw my wife slip a bouncer some cash. He then escorted us to a section in the back where two sofas faced each other. One had its back to the wall, facing the dance floor. The other love seat had its’ back to the dance floor. My wife and Ashley took a seat next to each other on the sofa with their backs to the dance floor and the crowd. I sat down opposite of them. A waitress quickly appeared – I ordered another round of drinks -and then left.

As we made ourselves comfortable in our new perches, my wife reached over and began to rub Ashley’s thigh. This went on a few minutes until the waitress returned with our drinks. I paid her and she left. The girls grabbed their drinks, but my wife’s hand never left Ashley’s thigh. My wife then turned her gaze to me, looked me in the eyes and gave me a seductive smile and a look in her eyes that seemed to ask, Are you ready?. As she did this, I noticed she used the hand that was stroking Ashley’s thigh to part Ashley’s legs. Ashley repositioned slightly and soon her panties came into view. They were bright white – almost glowing in the darkly lit club – and small. I could only make out a small portion of her thong. Ashley put her drink down and shifted again, this time hiking up her ridiculously short skirt and spreading her legs wider, to give me a better view of her white thong.

I fixed my gaze on Ashley’s panties and smiled at her. God, she was hot! Just then, my wife’s hand made its way to Ashley’s crotch and she began to lightly stroke Ashley’s cunt through the sheer white fabric. My wife stretched out a finger and found Ashley’s slit through the fabric. Lynn rubbed the slit up and down, nice and slowly. Both women were watching me, watching them. My wife’s stroking of Ashley’s slit through her little white thong picked up the speed. For a moment, Ashley closed her eyes and reclined her head back, allowing herself to enjoy the sensation of my beautiful wife massaging her slit through her sexy little panties.

Ashley reached down a hand and, grabbing her thong, pulled the material aside exposing her completely shaven snatch to me. My wife took her index finger, stuck it in her mouth to wet it and then returned it to Ashley’s pussy. Lynn found Ashley’s clit and rubbed it for the first time. When she did this, Ashley let out a gasp that I heard over the dance music. Upon hearing Ashley’s reaction, my wife picked up the pace of her stroking Ashley’s clitoris. Ashley struggled to maintain eye contact with me as she was clearly enjoying the way my wife was pleasuring her. My wife reached down further and slipped her index finger into Ashley’s slit. She pulled the finger out and returned to Ashley’s clit, spreading Ashley’s wetness. Ashley shifted her hips so that her ass was closer to the edge of the sofa seat. From here, she could spread her legs a little wider allowing Lynn better access. All the while, Ashley held the thong aside so that my wife could play with Ashley’s pussy. My wife now had two fingers furiously rubbing Ashley’s clit.

My cock was fully engorged and desperately trying to break through my boxers and pants. I was loving the show the girls were putting on for me but wasn’t sure I could remain just an observer.

Just then, the waitress appeared to see if we needed more drinks. As she checked out the status of the girls’ drinks, the girls made no effort to hide or stop. The waitress noticed what was going on and smiled. I caught her gaze and shook my head no, indicating to her that – at least for right now – no drinks were necessary. I cared not one bit if she noticed the erection stretching from my crotch.

Once the waitress had left, I felt a little safe and now very bold. I began to vigorously rub my rock-hard dick through my pants. Ashley had her head all the way back, eyes closed. My wife’s gaze alternated between me and her fingers on and in Ashley’s pussy. My wife’s two fingers rubbed Ashley’s clit then reached down to her slit again and this time, without any resistance, slipped all four of her little fingers into Ashley’s vagina.

“Ohhhhh!” Ashley moaned loudly.

Ashley then began to thrust her hips furiously trying to fuck the four fingers my wife had shoved up into her snatch. As she did this, she used one arm to brace herself while the other still held her white thong aside, and she brought her head up so that she was now facing me. She turned her head to my wife, and with her hand that was nearest my wife, reached up and grabbed my wife by the back of her head and pulled my wife’s face to hers. And with that, my wife and Ashley began a deep, intense kiss. From just a few feet away, I could tell that Ashley had rammed her tongue as far as possible into my wife’s mouth while maintaining a firm grip on the back of my wife’s head. Ashley’s actions and the intensity of them indicated to me – and my wife – that she was near orgasm. At this point, I began to think I, too, might cum myself just from the hot sex scene and my hand’s rubbing of my dick through my clothes.

After a long, hot kiss, my wife pulled her face away from Ashley and whispered in Ashley’s kaçak bahis ear. Ashley whispered back. They both turned their gaze to me as I continued rubbing my cock through my clothes. My wife removed her four fingers from Ashley’s cunt and held them up to Ashley’s face. Ashley immediately took all four of my wife’s fingers – dripping with her pussy juice – in her mouth and sucked them hard. At this point, I was about ready to pull my dick out and desperately jerk off but I was facing the club and would be a little too visible. Lynn let Ashley suck and lick her fingers clean and then quickly returned two of them to Ashley’s clit and began rubbing furiously.

As my wife rubbed Ashley’s clit and wet, bald snatch, Ashley began to moan loudly again and her hips began to buck.

“Ohhhh, don’t stop. Don’t stop, Lynn.” Ashley moaned loudly.

With her free hand, my wife reached behind Ashley and pushed up under the small of Ashley’s back, helping support her. Ashley withdrew the hand that was holding her little white thong aside and braced herself so she could thrust her hips at my wife’s rapidly stroking fingers. Ashley’s gaze never left mine but as I took in the sight of her crotch, all I could see was my wife’s hand, inside Ashley’s little white thong, sawing away furiously at Ashley’s clit. My wife was staring at Ashley now in the throes of an intense orgasm.

“Ohhh,ohhh! Ashley screamed. I was sure the whole club heard her. “Yes, don’t stop!”

My wife continued rubbing Ashley’s clit through the waves of Ashley’s orgasm until Ashley grabbed my wife’s wrist and held it still, her clit too sensitive to take any more friction. Ashley came down from her peak as my wife held her hand steady. Ashley turned to my wife and again stuck her tongue down my wife’s throat. It was a tremendously passionate kiss and they held it for awhile.

My wife withdrew and I could see Ashley’s torso heaving as she caught her breath. My wife motioned me towards her with her hand. I got up – complete erection in full view – and made my way to my wife. As I stood in front of her, she reached up her fingers – the ones that had been rubbing Ashley’s clit – to me and I greedily licked and sucked them clean. The taste and smell of Ashley’s cunt on my sexy wife’s fingers was phenomenal! When I was done cleaning my wife’s fingers, she grabbed me and had me sit between her and Ashley on the sofa. My wife reached over and quickly removed my thick, hard dick from my pants and boxers and began stroking my cock. I was already very close and my cock, nearly ready to burst, twitched in her hands and offered my wife a large drop of precum. My wife flipped her tongue and lapped it up. My wife moved over and perched herself in my old spot, across from Ashley and I.

There I sat on the sofa, next to Ashley in this dark corner of a packed club, my 6 ½” erect penis – thick and smooth – sticking straight out. In a movement so swift and sudden, Ashley got up and impaled herself on my pole with her back to me and facing my wife – a reverse cow-girl position. Her pussy was so tight, so wet and she just took me all the way in her, one hand holding her little white thong to the side so she could slide up and down my cock, the other bracing herself on my thigh. This happened so fast, it truly caught me by surprise. Ashley began to slowly rock back and forth in my lap, her miniskirt around her hips, my cock buried deep in her tight pussy. As thing ridiculously sexy young woman began to fuck me in front of my wife, in a club, I tried to recall the last time I had been inside a pussy so tight. The sensation was truly mind-blowing.

As Ashley slowly rocked back and forth in my lap, I craned my head around to see what my wife was doing. I saw that she had a visual vice grip on Ashley and I gathered that Ashley was looking right back at her as she fucked Lynn’s husband right there in front of Lynn. I knew I wasn’t going to take long and, sure enough, I was right. My balls began to well up and I grabbed Ashley’s waist and began forcefully fucking her. I was ready to fill her tight pussy with my warm, sticky cum. I bounced her furiously and arched my hips trying to ram my cock as deep into her as possible. Cum spewed from my dick and filled Ashley. I then took one hand and pushed Ashley’s torso forward. With the other hand, I raised her mini skirt so I could view her ass – encased in this sexy, little white thong – with my cock stretching into her pussy. I pushed upwards every harder, wanting Ashley to take all of cock, all of my cum, into her.

When I had finished filling Ashley with my cum – something I had longed to do for months – I released my grip on her and let her sit up. Just as swiftly as she had impaled herself on me two minutes earlier (yes, I didn’t last long but so what?), she dismounted and straightened her mini-skirt in one fluid motion. Before I could begin to tuck my still-erect penis into my pants, Ashley leaned over and inhaled my cock in her mouth. Up and down went her mouth, from base to the tip of the head, several times. I thought I was going to pass out from the euphoria, the immense pleasure both physically and mentally. She removed my now clean cock and licked me around the base of my penis, lapping up the excess fluid that had seeped from her wet pussy when she had fucked me. She was very thorough and I’m sure she didn’t miss a drop.

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