How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 09

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**Warning** This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities. If any of these topics are offensive you to, I recommend not reading.


The next week and a half seemed to skirt by as if Father Time himself had his hands on the clock and quickly rotated the hands at five times the pace. True to her word, I spent all my time at home with my hands bound behind my back while my penis enjoyed the freedom from its cage. She was very diligent in keeping my new piercing clean and would constantly get me aroused to allow the piercing to set up its natural cavity while hard and soft. Her constant manipulations had me if a very high state of sensitivity and the sexual frustration was far worse than anything I experienced before just knowing that there was nothing but my devious little wife preventing me from getting to orgasm.

Truth be told, there were a few times that I thought about overpowering the tiny woman and having my way with her. I may be a cuckold but I am still much bigger and stronger than her. There is little she could have done if I gave in to my primal desires. Even worse, I was allowed to go to work without a cage since we didn’t want anything to cause complications with the piercing as it healed. How many times I visited the men’s room, thinking how easy and quickly I could rub one out in the stall. Once I even paced back and forth, staring at the door to the open stall and almost succumbed to my weakness. Thankfully, no one saw me wearing a trench in the floor and I ultimately decided not to violate my wife’s trust. Besides, I am the one who wanted this, wasn’t I? What good would it do if I strayed from my fantasy of having her control my orgasms? Being the good submissive husband I am, I confessed my struggle to my wife and was surprised when she did not punish me for my near transgression.

Angie anxiously awaited the arrival of my new cage and counted off the days until its scheduled arrival. I still had no freaking idea of how it would look. I only knew that it would be metal and was told that it would be inescapable. Angie would talk about that fact constantly while I licked her to orgasms daily and her pussy would immediately get soaking wet when she reveled in the fact that my orgasms would be truly under her control once I was in my new cage. She needed allot of attention from me since Jerome had to cancel their date last week due to a business trip.

I came home from work on Wednesday, I found Angie sitting on the couch in a red latex body suit. The shiny material clung to every curve of her body, the rubber so tight that the outlines of her areolas were clearly visible through the garment. Every subtly raised wrinkle glinted from any available light source. As I removed my clothing, I noticed her holding a dark walnut wooden box in her hands. Her manner of dress and the satisfied smile across her deep red lips told me exactly what was in the box.

“It seems that Mistress Sara called in a favor to have us moved up on the list,” Angie stated as she rotated the box in her hands. “In her words, she didn’t want your tiny cock to have any more freedom then necessary and I couldn’t agree more. I know the temptation to cum will eventually overcome all your rational thoughts. Are you still a good cuckold husband?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied humbly while dropping my clothes into the basket. My tiny bare cock immediately began to swell as if it knew its new found freedom was about to be no more.

“That’s a good cucky,” she said, satisfied that my answer was the truth. “Come over here and kneel before me so I can show you pee-wee’s new home.”

She had really taken to making note of how small my cock is as often as possible and it never failed to send a surge down the short length of my penis. Perhaps she thoroughly enjoyed the notion of not having to lie about my size anymore. Women are typically caring creatures that will nurture a man’s feelings even if doing so means telling a little fib. I quickly fell to my knees and rested back on my haunches, my palms turned up and resting on the lower portion of my thighs.

“Never again will we need to depend on a thin piece of plastic to keep your little sissy clit under control,” she began as she slowly opened the lid to the ten inch square box. Light from the front window glimmered off the polished metal surface as I first set eyes on the solid metal tube, a curved but triangular plate with a hole through it, and a few metal straps looped around the outer edge of the box. The first thing that really caught my attention was the seriously short length of the tube. To be honest, other than being about two inches shorter, it didn’t look very much different than the plastic toy we have been utilizing, but my mind already understood that there would be no escaping.

“Look how tiny it is my puny cock slave,” my wife said pointedly with a large grin on her face. casino şirketleri “You will have no room to grow what-so-ever, just the way I like my chaste slave. Hard-ons and orgasms are for real men that know how to please a woman with their big dicks, not little sissy husbands that fantasize about having their penis locked up.”

She must have talked to Mistress Sara for a while when she went to pick up the new belt. There was an assertive and mean tone to her voice today that really shook my self-esteem and made me feel like I belonged here on my knees before my Goddess.

She began to tell me the details of the new chastity belt as she pulled the smooth and shinny tube from the finely crafted box. “This chastity belt is made from hardened titanium. I want you to understand that it will take specialized tools to break out of your new cage. Even if you had the tools, it would take days to work your way though the metal without burning your precious and sensitive skin. With your piercing inserted through these holes,” she firmly stated while pointing to the two holes under and behind the slightly expanded head of the tube, “it will be impossible to pull out of the tube without tearing the piercing from your frenum. Even if you did, the tube is held close to your body and at such a sharp downward angle that I doubt you would be successful in escaping.”

We never exactly established an end date for our naughty little game and it became readily apparent that once I was in the metal device, she could destroy the key and deny me any orgasms until the desire drove me to undergo the humiliation of seeking outside assistance to remove the devious contraption. Once locked, she truly controlled my erections and orgasms. Up to this point, I have been under her control mentally. I was chaste because I chose to remain chaste. I am sure I could have gotten out of my predicament if I tried hard enough but I chose to remain in the belt. With my new chastity belt, choice was no longer an option, no matter how sexually frustrated I got or how badly I needed to cum. Her will was now my only option for release. The thought brought an apprehensive but satisfied smile to my lips.

“What do you find so amusing, cuckold?” she quickly spat when she noticed the upward turn of my lips.

“Forgive me Mistress. The fact that you will truly have control of my orgasms is satisfying. No matter what, I cannot cum without your approval. The option for escape was always there and to be honest, it always beamed like a small glimmer of hope if things went too far. With this belt, I surrender all of my will to you.” I stated bowing my head in submission, even if I was still smiling.

She threw her head back and had a hearty laugh. “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that. As a matter of fact, that orgasm you were supposed to have this weekend is canceled!! Why? Because I don’t want your worthless cock to have a fucking orgasm, that’s why. Do you have a problem with that slave?”

“No Mistress,” I quickly reply, the smirk disappearing from my face just as fast.

“Stand up and put your hands behind your back!!” her voice snapped at me and was standing before her in less than a split second, my forearms crossed behind the small of my back and my legs parted allowing her access to my still erect penis. She pulled the triangular plate from the box and three metal straps came with it, one attached to the upper left side and the other two dangling from the attached strap. As she brought it closer to me, I was able to make out a little more detail. First off, it was thicker than it appeared in the box and there were a total of four different old fashion key holes. It occurred to me that the locking mechanism was actually inside the plate. Ingenious; Both the back of the plate and one side of the metal straps were surfaced in some sort of cloth like material, obviously an encouragement for long term wear by making it comfortable to wear.

She slipped the hole in the plate over my still erect cock and brought it closer to my body, grabbing my left testicle and starting to work it through the hole. With my swollen penis already taking up the majority of the space in the small hole, she had to put a significant amount of pressure to squeeze it through. I grimaced and sucked in a sharp breath as she won the battle and my nut shot through the opening. She repeated the process with the right testicle, admonished me as I almost doubled over from the pain, grabbed my scrotum, and victoriously yanked the remaining skin through the opening. The metal plate now rested against my groin.

“I guess I should have tried to shrink you down a little before putting this on,” she spoke softly as I slowed my breathing down. “I mean it isn’t exactly made for a hard cock now is it? I would have never got it on if you weren’t so tiny.”

She was right. The hole in the center was a little tight in my current aroused state but I was sure it would be comfortable when I was flaccid, a state that I would know all too well in the casino firmaları future.

Angie wrapped the upper metal band around my waist and inserted the end into an opening in the upper right side of the plate. With the silence in the room, I could hear a ratcheting mechanism ticking as she continued to tighten the band another inch bringing it snug, but comfortable, around my waist. I now understood what the keyhole on the upper right side was for. She reached through my legs and brought both straps that were attached to the back of the belly band between my thighs. One after another the two metal bands were inserted into similar slots on the bottom side of the plate next to two additional keyholes and the plate became one with my body. Angie tried to jiggle it around and I was impressed how immobile it actually was.

She grabbed the end of my stiff member and removed my frenum piercing. As soon as the barbell cleared the hole, she retrieved a small hollow pin from the wooden box, lubricated it with her spit, and began to work it into my piercing. Even with the lubricant, it still required a significant amount of effort to get it in. I could feel the hole being slightly expanded and it was going to take me a bit to get used to this new sensation.

“Well I do believe that is enough fresh air for my little man,” Angie giggled, flicking the head of my penis with the tip of her finger. “I hope you enjoyed your erection for the past 30 minutes because you aren’t going to get many over the next year. With all the orgasms you cheated me out of over the past years; it is only fair that I take yours away.

She was clearly prepared as she brought a bag of ice up to my groin and pressed it roughly against my cock and testicles. The biting cold sent sparks of sharp electricity down my shaft. This was the coldest ice I had ever felt. I would be surprised if the evil bitch used dry ice. God, I hope I don’t get frostbite.

I was shriveled and shrunken in no time. She grabbed a small sock from the box that looked like a tiny piece of panty hose and rolled it down my shaft. Knowing that any extra attention might make the little guy spring back to life, she moved quickly, grabbing the tube and threading the free end of the sock through the piss slit. As she lightly tugged on the sock, she pushed the tube down my shaft until the sock pulled loose and the tube knocked against the plate with the faintest little ding. This was an extremely snug fit and left me almost no room to grow. I couldn’t believe how easy the tube slid on being so tight. I guess that is why they include the sock with your purchase.

I saw something on the tube that I hadn’t noticed before. There were tiny air holes, about a quarter inch in size, spaced equally throughout the tube. As I was looking down inspecting the downturned shiny tube, Angie grabbed another pin from the box and started to insert it through the piercing hole. It took her a few minutes of manipulation to get the holes lined up, twisting this way and that, and the extra stimulation caused me to expand in the tube, growing in length when I was unable to grow in girth, but I soon felt the pin scrape on the inner edge of the hollow tube. She grabbed a key from the box and used it to turn the pin, screwing it into place. That pin wasn’t coming out without the key and my cock head was now snuggled in its new home.

She retrieved the ice again and used it to reverse any progress I made in trying to get hard. The metal easily transferred the frigid cold to my skin and I lost the battle that all men have against the cold.

“Are you ready for real chastity my darling cuckold husband?” She asked, looking me directly in the eye to which I responded with a simple nod. “This is the last step dear. Listen for the click that is going to ensure that pathetic excuse for a cock doesn’t inconvenience anyone else.

She grabbed the tube, twisted a little less than a quarter turn to the right, pressed four locking pins into small holes in the plate that I hadn’t recognized before, and turned it to the left. The positive engagement of the lock resonated like a striker pin hitting a bullet and it was a done deal. I was now completely at her mercy.

Now that I was in this confining device, her words about needing special tools to remove it were really beginning to dawn on me. Perhaps a locksmith would have a good shot at removing it, but the key that hung between her red latex encased tits did not look like any key I have seen before. Even if the locksmith was very skilled, he would have to defeat multiple locks before I would be free. If we start to talk about cutting it off, the sheer number of cutting locations begin to add up; the belly band, both thigh bands, the pin that went through my piercing, and of course the 4 pins holding the tube to the plate. Well let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. Anyone know how badly titanium rusts?

Angie gave the belt a bunch of tugs in multiple directions to test the fitment. I can tell you that Lady Sara did an excellent job güvenilir casino taking all the measurements because this surprisingly light hunk of metal didn’t move more than a millimeter in any direction. The stimulation provided to my genitals was almost non-existent, but in my horny, deprived state, any movement will cause me to try and get hard. I was starting the push against the sides of the tube when the head of my penis made contact with two dull objects. They didn’t cause me any pain but they almost acted as a pressure point that stopped my attempt at an erection.

Angie saw the puzzled expression on my face and spoke up with more compassion in her voice than earlier. “Is your penis trying to get hard inside its new Fort Knox?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I humbly replied, my pitiful attempt at an erection deflating the little amount it had to before coming back to its at-rest state.

“Just a tiny bit of movement and the little soldier boy thinks he needs to come to attention. This belt is exactly what a cuckold slave like you deserves. Judging by the bewildered look on your face, I am guessing you made contact with the points in the dome. Those are there to help keep you flaccid. I know there isn’t much room to grow at all, put you could possibly tear your piercing if you grew too much. That won’t happen with this chastity belt.”

She reached behind her and opened a small compartment towards the center of the box. “One last little surprise for your new jewelry, those openings that look like air holes are actually places where I can add these spikes to your belt. Depending how bad your performance has been, or how naughty I feel, I can adjust your pain level by choosing from three types of inserts.”

Inside the compartment were three groups, each with double rows of six inserts. The first set had a rounded off tip, and even though it was blunted, I was sure it would cause a significant amount of discomfort due to how thin they were. The second set came with a pointed tip that was blunted at the end. Each flattened point would surely create a much targeted point of pressure that was sure to prevent any further growth. But the third set… Oh my GOD!!! The third set had the tip of a fucking sharp point on the end. There was no “It might penetrate skin.” No, depending on what depth they installed to, any slight amount of cock swelling past the point of contact was likely to break skin. I like a little pain but I am almost positive I never want to experience those.

Angie slammed the lid to the box, bringing me back to reality. “Be a good little boy and I won’t have to use the spikes. Now, Jerome is getting back from his trip tonight and he wants to take your wife out for a good time. Follow me upstairs. It is time that you take on a more active role in my extra-marital affairs.”

I obediently followed her up the stairs, my eyes locked on her latex encased ass. The material squeaked when she walked and the material was so tight that it effortlessly invaded the crack of her ass and pussy slit clearly defining each toned cheek and damp labia. I was desperate to taste her pussy, knowing that I would be rewarded with a mouthful of her juices.

When we got to the bedroom, she commanded me to draw a warm bath for her. “Consider this a test. This is your first opportunity to avoid having the spikes put into your cage. I want the water temperature perfect. Too hot? I install some spikes. Too cold? Same result. Once you have the water running, I need you to remove this suit from me but you better be careful with this delicate material. Damage this lovely outfit and I install spikes. Take too long and peewee gets some company as well.”

I wasted no time and quickly made my way into the master bath, taking no less than two minutes to dial in, what I felt was the perfect temperature. Once I returned to our bedroom, my lovely wife and mistress was standing in front of the full length mirror admiring her figure. Even after a few years, she still had an amazing body and the smile on her face let me know that fact was not lost to her.

My fingers tenderly grabbed the zipper in the middle of her back and slowly pulled it down. I call it a zipper but it didn’t have metal teeth, more like a ziplock enclosure than anything else. Once it completed its journey just below her waist, it allowed the top of her buttocks to peak out from the opening in the red material. Only then did I notice how saturated her skin was with perspiration. Her aroma was enticing, a mixture of her natural scent, her perfume, and her sexual arousal. Well let’s see, wet latex shouldn’t be too hard to get off without damaging it, I thought sarcastically.

I started by slowly peeling back the suit from the left side of her neck to her left upper arm, stretching the rubber material ever so slightly to clear her shoulder joint. It startled me when it quickly flipped down but a casual inspection revealed no damage. My plan was to basically turn the suit inside out as I peeled it from her skin but I had a decision to make. Do I continue removing the left arm to give me more room on the right side or should I do the right arm, giving me a much easier time with freeing her entire torso? I didn’t have much time to decide as she barked at me to hurry my ass up.

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