My American Friends Ch. 1

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The first time I saw Jane, Gerald, and Natalie was at Orient Beach, a clothing-optional beach on my home island of St. Martin where we had taken my brother-in-law Phillipe and his daughter Eleanor for a swim. The three Americans, nudists from Florida, were sunning au naturel. Eleanor struck up a conversation with Natalie, Gerald’s daughter and Jane’s stepdaughter, and thereafter we adults became acquainted. I was heavily pregnant at the time, and both Phillipe and I were wearing swimsuits. However, neither Jane nor Gerald seemed bashful, and we soon struck up one of those common but temporary vacation friendships. Jane was the same age as Sylvie and myself, early thirties, and Gerald was certainly quite a bit older as his daughter Natalie was nineteen.

Once Jane became aware that I was attached to Sylvie and not Phillipe, she started to confide in me various aspects of her and Gerald’s private life. Among her confessions were that she had a domme mistress whom she visited from time to time to undergo bondage and discipline sessions. She also told me that she and Gerald had been swingers and liked “group activities.” I enjoyed these confidences but didn’t rise to the obvious bait, so their week on St. Martin passed without any sexual encounters on either my part or Sylvie’s.

A result of this acquaintance was that Jane and I began an email correspondence in which we shared our sexual thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Having Jane as a pen pal was stimulating, but I never expected to meet her or Gerald again. Nevertheless, a year later I learned that they had rented a timeshare in Phillipsburg for a week and were looking forward to renewing our friendship in person.

Fun With Jane

The first meeting with the Americans was Sunday afternoon at their condo, which overlooks Simpson Bay Lagoon. They invited us for lunch to be followed by cocktails around the pool. I half-expected to find the three nudists naked, but normally dressed tourists in shorts and shirts greeted Sylvie and me. Once we had all exchanged hugs and kisses, and they had coo-coo’ed over my baby daughter Mireille, we spent a pleasant afternoon.

Sylvie had to work on Monday, but she invited them to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Monday evening. I asked if they cared to spend Monday aboard Mouette, our sailboat home. Gerald and Natalie had already made plans to learn parasailing at Orient Beach, but Jane quickly accepted my offer, gaining me a sly wink from Sylvie.

Jane arrived at the marina by taxi the following morning as arranged. I had just put Mireille down for a nap, so we were free for whatever might transpire.

She began, “I feel a bit tongue-tied talking to you in person, after all we’ve shared by email.”

“Do you think it should make a difference?”

“Of course it makes a difference. When I write you from home I get so excited that I always masturbate. What do you think when you read them?”

“I don’t masturbate reading emails by myself, but when I read them aloud to Sylvie in French, we sometimes get carried away.”

“I often thought about the two of you like that. Am I so very wicked?”

“Of course you’re wicked, which is why I like writing to you. I don’t think I could correspond with a saint.”

“No, I suppose not. Nor I. What do you want to do today?”

“What is it you want?”

“You know what I want!”

“Yes, I suppose I do. You want me to tie you up and beat you and fuck you. Correct?”

In a soft voice with lowered eyes: “Yes, Mistress.”

I’d learned a few things from erotic chat rooms, so I slapped her across bahis firmaları the face. She was more shocked than hurt, and tears came to her eyes as I said, “I am not your Mistress. I’m just someone who is going to use you for my pleasure. Now take off your clothes and speak only when I speak to you!”

Jane’s stripping involved removing only her shorts, beach shirt, and sandals. I gave her a pair of lace gloves and my pink satin slippers to wear, as I find a few items of clothing stimulating. She stood before me with head bowed and arms folded under her small breasts. I had prepared in advance, knowing how events were likely to turn. Thus it was the work of a few minutes to turn her around with her on her knees on the starboard settee, legs apart, and wrists tied apart with stockings to the grab rail above her head. I had a piece of teak wood a little over a foot long that I wedged between her knees, thus keeping her thighs and buttocks spread wide. She had shaved her mound completely, so that her hairless labia peeped out between her spread cheeks. A slight trace of moisture dewed her inner lips, showing me that she was already excited.

I told her, “In the old days, being whipped on board a ship meant the cat-o-nine-tails, and men would do anything to avoid it, as it left their backs looking like ground beef, and scarred for life afterwards. What do you think about that?”

“I don’t want any blood or marks.”

“You should have thought of that before entering my den. Perhaps I may write my name on your back with my lash.”

“Please don’t do that, Sonia! Please!”

I knew that her domme didn’t draw blood, but it pleased me to add the spice of fear to my performance. “I see your pussy is already leaking. It will have to wait for a while. But since you’re such an ass-loving woman, I think we’ll have to plug it with something. I don’t want you getting my cabin filthy.” I had a thick dildo at hand, and after greasing it liberally with KY, I brought the head to Jane’s “bronze eye” and slowly pushed it into her. “I hope you had the decency to have an enema before coming here. If you get my dildo dirty you’ll have to clean it off for me.”

Jane groaned and nodded as the dildo’s shaft spread her apart. When about five inches were buried inside her, I stepped back to admire my work. The sight of Jane’s naked, helpless body suspended from her bonds and the end of the dildo poking from her anus was quite stimulating. I thought, Perhaps this domme malarkey has something in it after all.

Jane had mentioned using nipple clamps during her domme sessions, so I pressed a pair of clothespins into emergency service. Reaching around to cup a breast, I could feel the nipple stiff with excitement and anticipation. As I nuzzled Jane’s neck, she leaned her head to one side and closed her eyes; the sudden clamping of the clothespin on her nipple caused her eyes to open as she gasped with pain. The second one was not a surprise, but she uttered little moans, whether of pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell.

People living on boats are not generally provided with whips, but I improvised with a length of halyard cord into which I’d once braided a loop. This type of rope is 5/8″ in diameter with a soft woven cover over a braided core. I was pretty sure that my blows wouldn’t break skin, but the weight of the line would be sufficient to be painful, especially with the loop doubling the weight of the striking end. I trailed the end of the cord over her back saying, “I’m going to beat you now. If you let the dildo fall out I will be twice as rough on you.”

Jane nodded, and as I made the first kaçak iddaa exploratory swing against her buttocks she gasped. The skin reddened but there was no bleeding. Feeling confident that no damage would result, I laid on with a will, striking her buttocks, the back of her thighs, and her lower back. Jane jerked about as my blows landed and let out occasional cries, but otherwise did not speak. I counted fifteen lashes before I laid the cord aside.

Leaning against Jane’s reddened back, I kissed her cheeks, which were covered with tears as I removed the clamps from her nipples. These had deep marks from where they had been compressed, but were still erect and deep red. “Now beg me to fuck you, Jane, like the wicked slut we know you are.”

“Please fuck me Mis… I mean Sonia. I know I’m a wicked slut who needs to be fucked every day.”

I reached under her thighs and ran a finger along her slit, which was soaking with her musk. “You are truly a slut, Jane. You actually came from being flogged.” I trailed the finger over her lips, and she sucked my finger, tasting herself on it. “Now I’m going to get ready. So just stay there and wait for it.” I got out our fancy strapon obtained the previous summer in Paris. I’d not used it since giving birth, and the time seemed appropriate for a revival. Our model has removable small dildos for ass and vagina on the interior plus, several large dildos to choose from for mounting on the exterior. Having lubricated all three cocks, I eased the two smaller ones into myself; in truth, beating Jane had caused my juices to start to flow, and in a few minutes I felt very full with the belt strapped around my hips.

I untied Jane’s hands from the grab rail and lowered them to the back of the settee, so that her back was horizontal and her pussy accessible. I moved between her legs, and brought the black head of the dildo to her opening. She was so wet that there was no resistance to its entry, and immediately my belly pressed against the base of the dildo in her ass, pressing it further into her. As I stroked I held her hips to steady myself; each inward stroke pressed the fake cock against my clit, bringing little waves of pleasure from deep within. The slight motions of the two dildos inside me added to the pleasure I felt. Jane too seemed in ecstasy, gasping and moaning as I pounded into her, each forward stroke striking the base of the cock buried in her ass. She had at least two orgasms before mine finally arrived, buckling my knees so that I fell draped over he back. My weight caused her to lose her grip, and we fell down onto the settee cushion, entwined and connected by the cock still buried deep within her pussy.

For many minutes we lay there, silent save for heavy breathing, my head draped over her shoulder and one hand cupping her breast. When we had regained some degree of composure, I slid the dildo from her cunt and stood up, giving her a full view of the belt and the black cock that had been fucking her.

“You look so sexy with that on,” she said. “Like a beautiful half-man, half-woman. Why did you keep your bra on?”

“I was in a hurry. How do you feel?” I reached down to her and slowly slid the other dildo from her rear. Her anus gaped open, dark red.

“It was wonderful. Did you cum too? It sounded like you did.”

“Yes, Jane. I had a very nice one.” I unstrapped the belt and eased the two smaller cocks from my holes. Jane looked at it with great interest.

“That is so cool. You had two cocks in you just like I did. I wish I’d known that. The thought would have been incredible.”

“I love the feeling. Someday I want kaçak bahis to have a session with two men, just like you did with Phillipe.” (She and Gerald had seduced Phillipe the year before, although I hadn’t known it at the time.)

Jane smiled, as we had had this conversation already by email. “If you want, you can fuck Gerald and I’ll use the strapon on you at the same time.”

“I’ve done that already with Sylvie. I suppose it’s pretty similar, but I want to try the real thing.”

At that moment, Mireille awoke and began to cry, demanding to be fed. I picked her up from her crib and took her our stateroom to nurse. Jane followed and watched as I lay down on the bed, unhooked my nursing bra and put my baby to one nipple. Jane got onto the bed, and crawled between my legs. “While she’s nursing there, I’ll nurse down here. That’s another fantasy of mine you know.”

Jane has a talented tongue and knows how to please. As Mireille suckled contentedly, Jane’s mouth treated my already sopping pussy to marvelous sensations, so that soon I was bucking my hips hard against her face and holding onto the baby so as not to throw her off. The twin sensations coming from my pussy and nipple were so sensuous that I soon had a second orgasm. As I moaned in satisfaction, Mireille loosened her grip and looked at my face in astonishment. As I moved her to the other breast, Jane slipped out of the cabin.

When the baby had finished, I went out to the salon to find Jane already dressed. It was now noon, and I asked, “Do you want to eat something?”

She replied, “Something else?” A smile. “No thanks. I want to meet Gerald and Natalie at the beach. I need to lie out in the sun this afternoon, or else I won’t be able to stand up this evening.”

“I hope I didn’t cause any real damage. Are you really sore?”

“It’s always that way, and no, you were perfect. I actually enjoy having the soreness bake out of me afterwards.”

“I want you to keep the gloves and slippers as a memento.” I called her a taxi, and soon she was gone.

Sylvie returned home somewhat earlier than usual, as she had invited the Americans to a restaurant in Grand Case. Naturally I related everything that had passed between Jane and myself. Sylvie gasped at some parts and laughed at the others. “I’m not going to let you tie me up anytime soon, I can tell you that!”

We had arranged to meet at the restaurant at 19:00, and although I hoped Sylvie might like a quick interlude with me beforehand, Mireille was awake and needing attention. Between her needs and dressing, we were fashionably late arriving for dinner. Our three guests were sitting on the veranda with drinks, and we joined them in looking out at the ocean as the sun turned the water from blue to purple to black, until only the faint white reflection of the breaking surf was visible through the gloom. Natalie offered to hold Mireille, and seemed to enjoy playing with her while we adults chatted.

At the first private opportunity, Jane whispered to me, “I told Gerald everything we did this morning. That got him in such a state that we had a nice fuck as soon as we got back to the condo.”

I whispered back that I too had told Sylvie, but that we hadn’t had time to play.

At table, Gerald and Natalie talked about their parasailing lessons and how they had spent the entire day at the beach after Jane had arrived. Gerald also mentioned that they were taking a catamaran cruise to Anguilla the next afternoon, and invited all of us along as their guests. Sylvie decided to take time off and accepted, and Natalie offered to baby-sit Mireille for the four hours we would be away.


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This is a work of fiction, although the characters are based on some lit chat sessions.

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