My Best Friend’s Girl Ch. 01

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On a small college campus, you get to know pretty much everyone. This is both a blessing and a curse. Obviously, it is nice to be a part of such a tight knit community. However, there are certain times where you wish there were more options of people to be around.

This is especially the case when your campus is overrun with guys who are hipsters and nerds. It is sometimes a difficult place for an ex-athlete like me.

My name is Wilson Douglass. A former three sport athlete in high school, I was given multiple offers to play sports in college. However, I decided to forego those opportunities to allow myself more time to focus on class work, since I was majoring Pre-Med.

I’ve been told I’m handsome guy. I have never been the guy girls fawn over, but still have gotten my fair share of attention. At 6’2″ 200 pounds, I am easy to notice, especially with my athletic build. I’ve been told I have a softer face, as girls gush about my deep blue eyes and thick brown hair.

At the start of college, I had a girlfriend, my first girlfriend ever, who still attended the high school I had graduated from. In hindsight, it was a tremendous mistake to have been dating someone entering college, because it prevented me from being able to flirt with all of the cute girls I met those first few months. As the cute girls found out I was taken, I either got “friend zoned” or forgotten, as they found another guy they liked.

My girlfriend and I broke up the summer before my sophomore year, but the damage was already done. Even with Facebook notifying possible bachelorettes about my relationship status, many of the girls that I had liked ended up moving on to someone else. I decided it was best to focus in on my studies and just enjoy the friendships I had made.

My best friend was also one of my roommates. Ryan was a guy that I had gone to high school with and had forged a strong friendship with, even before college. He too had been a star multi-sport athlete (dare I say an even more accomplished than myself), and was playing on the university’s tennis team.

Ryan was a very attractive guy. He had a much more sociable personality then I did, which caused him to have a lot of friends, especially females. Ryan was always more of a flirt, with relationships being relatively short lived. With the powerful combo of his charm, athleticism and good looks, he had his choice of almost any girl in school.

As I mentioned before, I had been “friend zoned” early in school when girls realized I was taken. One such girl was Rebecca. Rebecca was tall brunette who was a little on the heavier side, but not fat. She was very sweet and fun to be around, which made our friendship work well.

Rebecca and I had a number of classes together and had developed a pretty good friendship. She would invite me over to her apartment on weekends to hang out with her and her friends, or occasionally grab a bite to eat in the school cafeteria. Rebecca’s initial attraction to me wore off as we became friends, which was okay given the great friendship that blossomed forth.

One of Rebecca’s friends was a girl named Rachael. Rachael was cute; I noticed that from the first time we met. She had a very cute face, with a bright smile and blue eyes. She had medium length hair that floated between being dark blonde and light brown, depending on the time of year. Rachael was short, probably only 5’2″, which had been useful for her as a gymnast in high school. Her physique was curvy, with a large butt and breasts; but she had a very healthy form. Her stomach was flat, giving her almost an hour glass figure. She had wide hips which shot down to strong thighs that had been trained for years on the balance beam and gymnastics mat.

Rachael and I became good friends, but never really hung out on our own. Rebecca and Rachael spent a lot of time together, so hanging casino şirketleri out with both of them was normally what worked the best.

As much as I enjoyed my friends, I was a family man at heart. My birthday was in January; which was a quiet time of the year on campus, given it was the start of the semester. It was the perfect opportunity for me to go home and celebrate with my family who lived three hours away.

I returned to campus on Sunday night, as I had maximized my time at home eating my mother’s wonderful cooking. It was chilly and my coat was doing little to stop the bitter wind that was blowing across the residential parking lot. My walk turned into a light jog, as I hauled my duffle bag on my shoulder toward my dorm room.

As I approached my building, I could see the light to our living room was off, as our window sat dark. Between Ryan and my other two roommates, normally someone was always in the room. To see lights to the room completely off, especially on a weekend was practically unheard of. I unlocked the door and flipped on the living room lights.

“Surprise!” the room of full people screamed, as they were suddenly uncovered from the veil of darkness that had covered the room.

My heart nearly pounded out of its chest, as I stood startled by the unexpected crowd that filled my dorm room.

Ryan came darting across the dorm room laughing at my reaction, “You should have seen your face. Welcome back man! Happy Birthday!” he said giving me a pat on the back.

“Holy crap, that scared me to death,” I laughed finally realizing what was going on.

The room was filled with all of my friends, along with some people I had merely met in passing. The party had food and music, which is about all it takes to get college kids interested. I stood in the corner of the room, watching everyone party as I talked with Ryan, occasionally pausing to acknowledge a birthday wish from a passerby.

“So, how you liking the party?” Ryan asked.

“Ah, you know me man. This isn’t necessarily my scene, but it is still fun to hang out with everyone.”

“Well, I’m glad you are enjoying it. You deserve to have fun every once and a while. You’ve spent far too much time with your nose in textbooks since you and Jessie broke up.”

“I can’t help that I’ve got a hard major, unlike others,” I laughed, ignoring reversing the prod her had thrown about my love life.

“Happy Birthday Wilson!” Rebecca said as she and Rachael had made her way across the room.

“I’ve got to say that Rebecca deserves some of the credit for this. About half the people in here are people that she invited. I couldn’t have done this without her,” Ryan said.

“Well I guess that means I owe you multiple thanks,” I said giving her a friendly side hug.

“Ryan, have you met my friend Rachael before?” Rebecca asked, acknowledging her presence in the group.

“I don’t believe I have, but it is quite the pleasure,” Ryan said flashing his killer smile.

The rest of the party, the four of us stood talking, as we shared stories and laughed. As the party wound down, I noticed Ryan and Rachael slip outside.

It was obvious to me that Ryan was interested in Rachael from the instant they met. I had seen Ryan act this way at many parties when he was talking to a girl he liked. His demeanor changed whenever he was around someone he liked, as he turned into quite the smooth talker. The dorm room emptied as the late night turned into the early morning. It was nearly two o’clock and my roommates and I were going around with trash bags picking up empty plates and cups that littered the apartment.

“Where the heck is Ryan?” my roommate Charles asked.

“Yeah, this party was all his doing and he isn’t even here for the worst part,” Marcus, my other roommate, chimed in.

Right on cue, the casino firmaları sound of a key entering the front door lock echoed through the room and the door swung open. Ryan waltzed in with a swagger we so often saw from him. His persona always changed after he successfully landed a girl he liked. It was as if he was a prize fighter that had just laid out a knockout punch, he walked tall and proud.

“What a good night!” Ryan chirped as he waltzed into the living room.

“I’m sure it was, you missed all the cleaning,” Marcus snipped.

“Yeah, my bad,” Ryan said, “I couldn’t help it. That Rachael girl had me spellbound. It took some time, but I finally got a kiss from her.”

“Congrats man. Add her to the list,” I laughed, as I tied off the last of the garbage bags.

“No man, I think this is different. I really think I like this girl.”

Ryan began to tell us about his night with Rachael, and how they had gone to the campus coffee shop and talked for a few hours. He seemed infatuated by both her personality and her looks. Marcus and Charles didn’t seem to care about his story, but I was happy for him.

The next morning, I had an early morning class with Rebecca. We began to pass a note back and forth, as our professors lecture on mitochondria was nearly putting us to sleep.

“Heard that Rachael and Ryan had a pretty good night last night,” Rebecca wrote.

“Yeah, that is what Ryan was telling me. He seemed to really like her.”

“I know that she really likes him too. She told me that they were planning on going out later this week.”

“Good! I hope that it works out well for them.”

“I was really surprised. Not that Ryan is a bad guy, but she always had a thing for you.”


“Yeah, she has had a crush on you ever since you two met last year. I guess she assumed you weren’t interested.”

I had never thought of Rachael in that way until Rebecca had mentioned this. Rachael had always been fun to hang out with, but had never seemed to flirt with me. Our sense of humor was the same, so we found a lot of pleasure in joking around with each other. However, I hadn’t thought of her as much more than a friend. Sure, I thought she was cute, but why hadn’t I ever thought of asking her out? I wrestled with this question through the rest of class.

Ryan and Rachael ended up going on their date. When Ryan came back to the dorm late that night, he had a skip in his step. I had never seen Ryan this giddy about a girl before. Ryan had always been more of a playboy, who liked what women provided him more than who they were. With Rachael, it seemed to be different.

“She is just so smart and witty. Tonight we sat at her apartment and talked for hours. She told me all sorts of stories that made me laugh. Why have you never brought her around here before?” Ryan gushed, as we sat in the living room.

“She was always more of a friend of a friend. I definitely enjoyed hanging out with her, but it would have been weird for me to invite her over without inviting Rebecca too.”

“Regardless, I am glad that I got to meet her. I know this is early, but I feel like she is the type of woman I could really settle down with.”

This was new talk from Ryan. During our freshman year, it was not rare for me to wake up and walk into the living room to find a strange girl showering in our bathroom. Ryan had fooled around with most of the hot girls in our class. Granted, he had slowed down since freshman year; but, it was still not rare for me to find a girl in our room during the morning.

I had abstained from sex; partially by choice, partially from lack of opportunity. It was always my goal to wait for the right woman, but I was realistic that I probably wouldn’t wait that long. I didn’t condemn Ryan for his sexual escapades. In fact, I was actually a little jealous güvenilir casino of him.

Ryan and Rachael hung out with each other every night for the next week. Next thing you knew, they were “Facebook official”, letting the world know that they were taken. I tried my best to be happy for Ryan; however, on the inside I was beginning to hurt. The revelation that Rachael had at one point liked me, cast her in a whole new light. Before, she was just a friend that I enjoyed hanging out with when I visited Rebecca. Now, I couldn’t help but see her as the girl that liked me.

Something in our nature changes when we find out someone likes us. I had a psychology professor that had once explained it to our class. Suddenly, I had noticed the understated sexiness that Rachael possessed. She never wore much that showed off her body, as she dressed modestly, but I had finally noticed how sexy her body was. She had a really cute face, but now I saw how voluptuous her curves were. Her big boobs, wide ass and meaty legs had been stuck in my head for days.

“It must just be a crush,” I kept telling myself, “It will go away soon enough.”

It wasn’t an easy task to get Rachael out of my mind. I figured the best way to get Rachael off my mind was to try finding another girl to occupy my desires. In class, I began to flirt with a few of my classmates, which began to alleviate some of the feelings I had built up for Rachael. One girl who had captured the most of my flirtatious remarks was a girl named Stephanie.

Stephanie had been someone I was attracted to during our freshman orientation, but was unable to pursue because I was in a relationship. In two years, we had shared a number of classes together and had forged a slight friendship during that time.

Stephanie was one of the most attractive girls I had ever seen. A tall, long haired brunette; she was far out of my league, at least in my mind. Stephanie was known as a flirt. She was always seen hanging out with different guys, but never actually dated or did anything romantic with them. While it seemed unlikely that she would actually date me, it was a way to focus my thoughts in a direction other than Rachael.

My plan had worked. I had become far more preoccupied with flirting with Stephanie. My attraction for Rachael was still there; just suppressed, which was all that I needed.

Ryan was spending a lot of time with Rachael. I would see them eating together in the cafeteria, or walking around campus. Most nights he would stay out with her until at least midnight, if not later. It was tough enough to see a girl I liked with another man, but it was even tougher to have my best friend so occupied with someone else.

I woke up on a Saturday morning to the beeping of my alarm clock. For some reason, I had forgotten to turn it off the night before. I had stayed up late, waiting for Ryan to come back from his date with Rachael, but couldn’t make it past three in the morning. I lay in bed, tossing in turning, trying to force myself to go back to sleep.

It was no use; sleep was going to elude me. The weekend was just beginning, so I went ahead and got up to start my day, just a little earlier than I had anticipated.

I slipped some basketball shorts on and opened my bedroom door to head to the bathroom. I gazed across the dimly lit living room, which served as a common area, at Ryan’s bedroom door. A short shadowy figure was slowly backing its way out of his bedroom, closing the bedroom door. I couldn’t make out the figure, so I flipped on the living room lights.

The shadowy figure jumped as the living room became illuminated. It took a second for my eyes to acclimate to the light; but once they came into focus, I couldn’t believe what they saw. Standing in front of Ryan’s now closed door was Rachael, her dark blonde hair in a ponytail and only wearing one of Ryan’s t-shirts.

The t-shirt was plenty big, as Ryan had nearly a foot on Rachael in height. The shirt came down to around the middle of her thick thighs and hung loosely on her frame.

“Good morning,” Rachael whispered across the living room.

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