Neighbors Ch. 02

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In all fairness, you couldn’t really say that one of the girls was more aggressive than the other, no, you couldn’t. The walk to Jules’ bedroom was, in reality, only about fifty feet or so but to both CJ and Jules, it felt more like ten miles, it felt like that the end of the journey would never arrive.

But, it surely did.

Jules had turned to close her bedroom door and in a blink of an eye, she was spun around, pushed up against her door and had CJ’s tongue almost down her throat. Recovering quickly, Jules opened her mouth wide to accept CJ’s warm tongue, relishing the taste of their saliva as it churned inside of her mouth as she sucked on CJ’s tongue.

For her part, CJ was possessed by a horniness beyond her experience, the desire to do unspeakable things to her neighbor, her friend, Julie so dominated her body and mind that it was almost as if she were watching from afar.

Feeling herself being moved backwards, towards the bed, CJ pulled frantically at Jules’ tee, finally removing it and tossing it aside when Julie raised her arms above her head to help with its removal. As she fell backwards onto the bed, CJ pulled Julie with her as she fell until Julie’s breast was against her lips. Opening her mouth wide, CJ took Jules’ tit into her mouth, sucking with gusto while casino şirketleri her tongue flicked across Jules’ rock-hard nipple.

“Aaaahhh, Jesus Christ!! Oh Goddamn, that feels soooo good,” Julie exclaimed aloud as pushed her breast hard against CJ’s sucking mouth. Closing her eyes, Jules began grinding her crotch against CJ’s thigh as she slipped a hand under CJ’s shirt and began fondling CJ’s breasts and nipples.

Just as Julie was about to pop an orgasm, she was pushed away from CJ and onto her back as CJ’s hands and fingers ripped Jules’ shorts from her body. Leaning back and raping Julie with her eyes, CJ tore at her clothes, getting them off in a New York Minute and tossed onto the floor. Crawling quickly between Julie’s spreading legs, CJ flicked her tongue across and around Julie’s clit and finally took it into her mouth and started sucking on it with abandon.

Eyes closed, CJ felt between worlds; the world of the here and now, Jules’ deliciously tasty pussy being assaulted by her mouth and tongue; the world of the teenaged CJ, the one where she spent her senior year of high school in a secret love affair with her Arts teacher, Ms. Jergins. who taught CJ the finer points of cunnilingus.

As CJ’s subconscious traveled between those two worlds, Jules was climbing casino firmaları mountain tops, one delightful orgasm after another, reaching a mountain top, getting off, then climbing the next mountain.

“Sweet Jesus, baby, oh my fucking God!!” Jules groaned aloud, her hands holding CJ’s head in place as she humped her pussy against CJ’s mouth and tongue, “Oooooooh, DAMN!!”, her last orgasm putting an exclamation point on the last half-hour.

Feeling Jules’ hands slide off of her head, CJ quickly rolled over Jules’ leg onto her back, her tongue flicking pussy-juices from her lips, a smile spreading broadly across her face.

“Very, very tasty, Jules, I must say,” CJ finally said softly.


“Methinks, you may have been fudging a wee bit when you said you’ve only had a ‘little’ bit of experience in girly-land,” Jules whispered as she turned onto her side so that she could look at CJ.

“Maybe,” CJ replied after a bit, “complaining?”

“Oh, hell no, sugar…I can’t remember the last time I popped off multiple orgasms like that,” Jules answered, then reaching with her hand to CJ’s boob, she started slowly rolling CJ’s nipple between her fingers.

“So, what’s the real story?”

“I can count the number of dicks I’ve had on both hands,” CJ güvenilir casino said, “but I have no idea how many women I’ve had since that first time…and, hold a gun to my head?, I much prefer women to men, both as lovers or friends. Am I a lez? Hell, don’t know, don’t care…is that ‘real’ enough for you?”

“Soooo, the guys you’ve come home with a couple of times?”

“Screwed only one of ’em, the others got a quick blowjob and sent on their way,” CJ replied.

“Huh,” was Jules’ comment.


“Yeah, sweetie?”

“Wanna’ sixty-nine?”

Well, what’s a gal suppose to do with a question like that?

Flipping around quickly, Jules lowered her mouth to CJ’s cunt as CJ pulled on Jules’ legs, until CJ’s head was between her neighbor’s knees. Pulling with her hands on Jules’ butt, CJ brought Jules’ pussy to her rising head and mouth.

The girls could not have told you how long they sixty-nined but they could tell you that it wasn’t enough.

Simply said, they feasted on each other’s pussy until their mouths were sore and had to quit. Unwrapping themselves, they snuggled in each other’s arms, both catching their breath and savoring the smell of pussy wafting from each.

“I’m totally exhausted, babe,” CJ was the first to admit.

“Me too,” Jules responded, “but it’s a ‘good’ tired.”

“Ohhh, yeah,” CJ quickly agreed as she hugged herself to Jules a wee bit tighter.

“Wanna’ spend the night and pick this up in the morning?” Jules asked hopefully.

“Ohhh, yeah.”

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