Cleaning Daddy Up

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Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18. Jemma is a 19 year old college student and this is her story.

In other antics she worships “Daddy” – check out Begins at the Gym, In Her Place, and Mummy’s Betrayal amongst others to come. This is Jemma exploring some of her confusion and anger towards him. They’re both conflicted human souls exploring a taboo relationship. If you’re only reading to get off…you might prefer a different story!


You snuck into my bed that night and told mummy I’d been playing naughty games with boys from school so you were going to watch me all night to stop me getting up to anything. I hadn’t been that naughty though, had I? All I had done was send out a few nudes, and even then they were tame and tasteful.

It wasn’t like anyone would know it was me, I always kept my face hidden and never allowed my Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo which you’d taken me to have done to show. We pretended you’d taken me to a ballet audition hadn’t we? You’d got such a thrill out of my flesh being permanently marked hadn’t you Daddy? You put so much care and thought into what you wanted on me and where. I love my side-boob white rabbit.

Then on that night you were ensuring I bahis firmaları behaved, whilst you heard her footsteps coming towards my room, you pushed your index finger deep in my pussy and worked it around my warm flesh under the covers as you spoke to her. I pretended to be deleting boys numbers off my phone with you watching me do so. Did it give you a kick Daddy? To talk to my mum as you finger fucked me? You were so controlling, I could have moved out legally but there was no way I’d be leaving till you allowed it was there? My mum liked how you kept me in line in ways she never could have alone.

Do you remember how once she left the room I kissed you so passionately and bit your lip till it bled because you had pre-cum dripping down your cock and I wanted it deep inside me. How you felt possessed to fuck me so hard in that moment even though mummy could catch us at any point? How on earth you explained those grunting noises you made away I don’t know. What did you tell her? That was our first time screwing wasn’t it? You grunt that way on my mum so she must have realised what was happening to me. She did, didn’t she?

I started bleeding you were so rough with your babygirl. Once you’d flooded me with gluey cum and we were kaçak iddaa both orgasmically drunk at the smell and sight of what you’d done to my childlike innocent and needy pussy … You said I had to clean you up. Why do you force me to do these things? It hurts. It’s humiliating to suck blood, semen and pussy juice combined off your huge circumcised manhood.

I was really cross with you and you put your hand over my mouth to stop me protesting, grabbed my hair then pressed it hard against your testosterone drained balls. Out of instinct I ran my tongue along them and underneath. You eased off a bit because you like that, don’t you Daddy? I may not have many weapons I can use, but that’s one… sucking and licking underneath, sometimes rimming you. I used to hate doing that, didn’t I? Remember how I felt sick that first time and you took me out for ice cream after to make it up to me? That night how you demanded I did as you said as push my tongue in between your cheeks and breathe in, inhaling the aroma of your butt-hole.

Your black flesh on my pink skin, at first I wasn’t keen. You were my mum’s flavour of man, she was the one who always went for the interracial thing. I tried not to have any prejudice but the rumours of big kaçak bahis black cocks made me nervous enough, and I heard how she screamed when you were at it with her. I’d have to put my headphones on and turn up the volume so loud to drown it out. Ok, so sometimes I gave in and rubbed my clit a little till I remembered that was actually my mothers cunt you were pounding on.

That night my hair was plastered with body fluids, you rubbed my face in them to humiliate me further. Fuck you Daddy! What’s wrong with you? You tell me its how grown ups do things but I don’t think my mummy has ever had her face smeared this way has she? She’s not vulnerable the way I am though is she? You have to do equality when you’re with her. You can’t be intoxicated by my weakness against your strength, my submission versus your dominance, my gentleness and your aggression.

Would mummy dress up in the princess lingerie you buy me? The disney princess panties? Fuck would she, I’ve seen what you buy for her – she wears lacy red thongs. Why won’t you let me dress the same way for you? I could be your whore. I want to feel grown up Daddy. Why do you make sure I shave my hair off each day when I know mummy is allowed to have a bloody forest by you?

I resisted as much as I could didn’t I Daddy? till you used my trigger words…

And then I did. I sucked and licked you dry. Exactly how you trained me to.

I’m a good girl Daddy. Obedient, submissive and broken.

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