Good Neighbors Ch. 06

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Abbie Spreads Her Knowledge

To all who have voted and commented, I thank you! I appreciate your comments and have taken several of your suggestions to heart. If this is the first thing you are reading by me, I recommend you begin with chapter 1 instead. I promise it will be worth it. I am building on a storyline and, I hope, a group of characters you will appreciate. Hope you enjoy!


Abbie here. Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe how I felt as I left Lena’s house. I was still getting over the shock and the embarrassment of having some of my more unseemly behavior of the past few days brought to light. I guess knowing Liz had done pretty much the same naughty things made it easier to accept. But I had been so close to having Marty and his little black bag all to myself for the afternoon and then I had to go and make the noble offer to let Lena choose our students for us.

I truly felt my pussy needed a proper trimming. Looking at the amateur way I had hacked into my little garden, I promised myself it would look better soon. Now it might be another whole day before I could get Marty to tend to the hasty mess I’d made down there. Inspecting it after my shower I decided my pussy looked like the shaggy, uncut bangs on a ten-year-old. Marty had looked disappointed too as he shuffled along reluctantly beside Liz. Liz almost had to drag him by the hand he was so unhappy.

“Have a seat, Eddie. Would you like something to drink — cola or root beer?” I offered.

“I’ll take a diet anything if you have diet,” he said.

He sat on the end of the sofa. Goodness, but he filled a lot of space on it. I turned and headed for the kitchen, my head still reeling from so many shocks. This day was not turning out at all as I expected.

When I returned with his drink and sat beside him, I separated myself by several inches. I know I was not behaving as a teacher should. I was still put out over the appearance of my pussy. I worried what Eddie might think of it. I regretted not having Marty and the promise his little black bag held for gilding my sweet lily. I just knew by the way he’d kissed and fondled my pussy last night that he would be able to turn this ratty-looking thing between my legs into a thing of beauty. Right now it resembled a cheap lampshade with gold fringe on it.

This was silly, I thought. All three of my students last night had been more than complimentary when it came to my appearance. I even smirked when I recalled how Preston had exploded like a bombshell when I asked if my pussy was too tight. He showed so much dedication and such reverence for my pussy as he practically turned himself inside out cumming inside me.

That decided it for me. If I could have that much impact on my students last night I could certainly be brave enough to divulge the ratty state of my puss to one more young man — no matter how big and strong and handsome he was.

The silence had been long and had begun to weigh on Eddie, I think. If I was going teach him anything at all I would have to start now or miss the opportunity entirely. I certainly didn’t want to lose the opportunity. I was too committed to improving young men’s lives now to turn back.

“Eddie,” I began, “I need your opinion on something. Can you be honest with me?”

“Well, sure,” he told me.

“Completely honest?” I asked, pressing on with the matter. He nodded and I took a deep breath.

I turned on the sofa toward him, uncrossed my legs slowly and asked in as soft and calm a voice as I could, “Do you think my pussy is ugly?” As I asked this, I slowly drew one foot up onto the sofa cushion at his hip, opened my legs and carefully rolled my hips upward. My other foot was planted firmly on the floor. My little denim miniskirt rose up into my lap and suddenly, Eddie was being treated to an unobstructed view of the mop-cut little ragamuffin between my legs.

Eddie’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. His jaw dropped. He stared in shock at the cleft between my wide-open legs for the longest time. Finally, he spoke, saying, “Wow! . . . That’s different — but I’m no expert. Did you trim it yourself?”

It took all the courage I could muster but I did manage to speak up. “Yes — but I’m afraid I didn’t have the . . . um . . . nerve to finish the job. I left it sort of incomplete.”

“Was that why Marty was carrying his little black bag and waving it around? Were you going to have him finish the work?” Eddie blurted out and then added, “Marty’s a little odd but I get this vibe from him that he really knows how to do stuff like this. He’s pretty artistic.”

During this whole time Eddie barely took his eyes off the roughed-up little patch between my legs. I knew the hacking I’d done down there wasn’t even straight and I’d left it so shaggy that even the crest of my slit had been left overshadowed by long, curly, red-gold pubic hair. I couldn’t tell if he was turned off by my appearance or not.

“It is a little rough-looking, isn’t bahis firmaları it?” I observed.

For the first time since staring at my little rough patch, Eddie smiled and then snorted, “Well, at least it doesn’t look like ‘wookiee nookie’ exactly! In fact, the part you shaved looks awfully smooth and delicate. Is it?”

“Where did you come up the term ‘wookiee nookie?’” I asked, giggling at his words.

Young people and Star Wars! I laughed at his reference to that giant hairy character in the movie. It broke the ice for me and I don’t even think Eddie realized how silly the term ‘wookiee nookie’ sounded.

“I’m glad you’re not put off by it,” I told him. I was still giggling but I managed to carry on with his comment, “It is smooth. Would you like see for yourself?”

“Can I?” he asked.

His big hand with those long, slender fingers darted down between my legs before I knew what was happening. Eddie spread two fingers alongside my opening and carefully drew them over the freshly shaved portion of my pussy. Once his fingertips reached all that fur concealing my clit, he ran them slowly back down along my crease almost to my rectum.

“Mrs. Haffenshaft!” my young student exclaimed, “You’re awfully wet! Are you always this wet down there?”

His middle finger was dabbling softly in my opening now. Until his little outcry, I had been completely unaware of my own dampness. I was as shocked as he was. Unfortunately, my response was to clasp his roving hand in both of mine and press his fingers to me. The result was an absolutely stimulating tautness upon my poor little clit.

“Eddie-e-e-e!” I squealed in a hushed little voice. I think my head must have rolled back with the shock of so much unexpected pleasure. He had taken my breath away with that one little swipe but he didn’t stop there. His middle finger began to slip in and out of my parted cuntlips. Until he touched me down there, I had no idea I was already this excited.

“You are so wet!” he repeated. He never paused in slowly, carefully dipping his finger in and out of my slit, though. After a few seconds of this, he pressed his palm hard against my belly and began to torture my clit with the slow grinding of his palm as well. “Are you always this damp, Mrs. Haffenshaft”

I struggled like the dickens to keep my head, I really and truly did. but I was already close to losing the battle. It took me a long time and a great deal of grit to respond. He already had a nice, slow, steady rhythm going and I had begun to forget all about my role as an educator.

It took every last ounce of willpower I had but I finally locked both of my hands around Eddie’s wrist and pulled with all my strength to free my pussy. It took almost another minute before I could catch my breath. When I opened my eyes at last, my handsome young student was staring at me with the most confused look on his face.

“Did I do something wrong, Mrs. Haffenshaft? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked, frowning.

For someone who referred to unshaven pussies as ‘wookiee nookie,’ Eddie seemed terribly naïve. How could he not know that touching and stroking me like that was driving me crazy? Puzzling, I thought.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never touched a woman down there! Not even last night with Mrs. Nobbing?” I asked.

“Well . . . well, no. Mrs. Nobbing and I danced a little and then we spent the rest of the night out in the lake. We were at my parent’s cabin up on Soapstone Lake,” he told me.

“And you never even touched Mrs. Nobbing’s — um, lady parts?” I asked, shocked by this fact.

“Well . . . not with my hands, he explained, reluctantly. Then he added, almost defensively, “Besides, it was dark. I couldn’t see a lot of things very well.”

“So, you had no idea what you were doing to me just now – when you — you touched me down there?” I asked in shock while pointing to my funpark.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you!”

“Goodness no, Eddie!” I snapped. I was still breathing a little hard over his handiwork, but it was clear now what I needed to teach my newest student. Discovering this gave me new confidence – perhaps too much confidence, as it turned out.

“Perhaps that’s where we need to focus your studies then. Let’s introduce you to my pussy. Here,” I announced abruptly and then pushed myself off the sofa

I unfastened my little denim miniskirt and shimmied my way out of it. I was thankful I didn’t have panties to deal with. I wasted no time propping my foot up on the sofa cushion.

“Eddie, say hello to my pussy,” I announced. I thrust my hips forward as best I could and spread the lips wide with my fingers. Lord, but I really was drenched! I held this position, letting him gawk like a schoolboy. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother me at all now to have him staring at my botched attempt at shaving. I even lifted the rough fringe back to give him a better look.

When I’d given him almost a minute of examination time I announced, “Time for some ‘hands kaçak iddaa on’ experience.” I snuggled into the couch close beside him, tugged at his arm until came to rest around my shoulders. I could feel white-hot waves of heat rolling over me from all those magnificent muscles on my student. The sense of being swallowed whole by his bulk and warmth made me dizzy.

“I’ll try to be gentle, Mrs. Haffenshaft,” was all Eddie could say to me as he gazed down from above.

“O-h-h . . . I know you will!” I told him. My voice quivered and I realized for the first time just how huge and strong and handsome Eddie really was.

I lifted Eddie’s hand up out of his lap and stared in wonder at the size and proportion of it. Why, his index finger was nearly the length and diameter of most men’s cocks — and I was about to let him, a relative beginner, explore my sensitive and already aroused little funpark without a thought to the consequences.

I took a deep breath, prayed my nerves would carry me through, tossed my bare thigh across Eddie’s trouser-clad leg and planted his hand strategically atop my slit. “M-m-mph!” was the only sound I could utter.

“You’re still awfully wet, Mrs. Haffenshaft!” he whispered, his middle finger instantly setting off on an excursion somewhere deep inside me. He did his damnedest along the way to scuff and electrify every last fold and ripple of flesh surrounding helpless clit. He paused, his fingertip deep inside me and asked, “Am I hurting you, Mrs. Haffenshaft?”

“M-m-mph!” was all I could manage. I did begin rolling my hips against his fingers as they slowly shimmied and waggled inside me. True to his word, Eddie treated me with respect and a gentleness I hadn’t expected. Still, he was doing my pussy a tremendous world of good.

I placed my hand on Eddie’s thigh to brace myself. That’s when I let out my first grasp. My hand came to rest halfway down his thigh, just short of where my own thigh was draped across his. My fingertips struck at something very warm, very solid and clearly very much alive. It shifted under my touch and my eyes flew open instantly.

“Eddie!” I gasped in barely more than a whisper, “Is that- is that?”

I couldn’t finish my question. Instead, I forced my fingertips to explore this strange new terrain further. Then I gasped for the second time.

“Oh, Eddie- that’s. . . um . . . that’s . . . awfully big!” I blurted out.

“That’s what Mrs. Nobbing told me,” Eddie said. His hand was paused now, a finger planted ever so deep inside me.

I felt trapped beside him but I had positively no desire to escape. A shudder rippled through my body and my fingers started to tremble. My shuddering and trembling had a little bit to do with fear but it had a lot more to do anticipation. I had never in my life imagined a cock so immense- and I had just run my fingers over it.

Perhaps I could demonstrate to Eddie the sort impact of his long, inquisitive fingers were having on me by turning the tables on him, I thought. I began to grin from ear to ear.

“Eddie,” I began, slowly, “You seem to be worried that you’re hurting me when you . . . um . . . touch me and slip your finger inside me . . . um . . . down there.”

By now I’d managed to wipe the devilish grin off my face. I directed his gaze to my nether region with a finger, then continued, “Why don’t you let me touch you there?” My finger travelled to the right until it was only a fraction of an inch from the tip of that now unmistakably huge mass stretching down his pant leg.

“My! That looks uncomfortable. Is it?” I asked.

Eddie nodded and said, “Yep. It happened last night with Mrs. Nobbing too. You both make me feel funny when I’m close to you.”

“I’ll bet!” I exclaimed, “Why don’t you stand up young man. Let’s see if we can’t help you out. Why don’t you go ahead slip out of those pants and your underwear too. You’ll feel much better.”

Standing in front of me, his pants and underwear now removed, I’m certain my jaw dropped. I had to look up to see the tip of his cock. It rose straight up against his smooth belly and spread his shirt tails aside.

“Take your shirt off too” I commanded. I wasn’t being very gracious. I wanted – no, needed to see more.

My jaw dropped still more. I stared at his magnificent chest, marveled at the rippling muscles of his abs and then my eyes locked again on the almost ominous looking pillar before me. I was afraid to touch it. Dark as it was, it still seemed to glow with a youthful, lively soul of its own. For a brief moment I feared it might just burn me if I laid a finger on it. That’s when my thighs began to quiver.

“Oh, Eddie!” I whispered.

Now, I am a small woman — petite, really. I do have rather big boobs, but aside from the last three months of my pregnancy I have never weighed more than a hundred and fifteen pounds. My mouth may have begun to water at the sight before me, but I also realized that putting that in my sweet little ol’ pussy kaçak bahis might be as challenging as parking a dump truck in my garage.

Still, I must be truthful here: I wanted it!

“I’m not scaring you, am I?” Eddie asked, “You look sorta scared.”

I ignored his concern and commanded, “Sit down, Eddie and let’s resume your lesson.”

When he was back in position and I had a chance to regain my composure, I began by saying, “Surely you have touched yourself before? Every young person does a little experimenting. It’s only natural. You have experimented, haven’t you?”

Eddie nodded nervously and I continued, “You don’t mind if I get acquainted with your cock, do you?”

I didn’t wait for his permission but I did try to show as much respect for Eddie’s saber as he had already shown my slick little honey-hole. I cupped my right hand slightly, placed it just beneath the imposing head and softly drew it downward to his abdomen. God, but it was big! And hot to the touch!

“Uhh!” Eddie yipped as my hand made contact.

I, on the other hand, held my breath. My hand looked so tiny wrapped part-way around so much . . . solid flesh. It was so black beneath my pale, frail-looking hand. I was certain I couldn’t encompass it in both hands – but I tried.

“Uhh!” Eddie repeated. This time his voice went up a full octave.

“I’ll bet that didn’t hurt, did it, Eddie?” I was only able to speak in a whisper this time.

“Your voice – i-i-it sounds funny, Mrs. Haffenshaft. How come?” he asked in a shaky voice as I slowly drew my cupped hands over all those incredible inches of hard, hard shaft.

I was way past trying to be deceptive or coy, so I told him, “Yours is the biggest, hardest, hottest cock I’ve ever seen in my life, Eddie — and it takes both my hands to wrap around it.”

I don’t know if Eddie was just really naïve or if he was taunting me, but he asked, “Is my having a big cock a good thing or a bad thing for you, Mrs. Haffenshaft?

It took a few seconds for me to answer but I never stopped showering his shaft with lavish amounts of attention. My eyes were fixed on his cock when I answered, “I don’t know, Eddie but you and I are going to find out together, dear. I am doing pretty much the same thing to you that you were doing to me. Do you still think you were hurting me?”

“Fuck no!” be blurted out. “Sorry!” he added quickly, apologizing for his crude language.

“It’s okay. I understand how you feel. You just may hear me say some very unladylike things myself. If I do, I hope you’ll understand.”

I was pulling my encircled hands softly, slowly over the full, imposing length of it but I kept stopping short of the head. Eddie’s cockhead was huge, broad and made me think of something sharp, intimidating like a spear — no — a ballistic missile or a rocket. It had turned an ominous shade of purple-black with all my attention. As enthralled as I was by this massive bounty slipping back and forth through my fingers, it scared the bejeezus out of me too. I had this deep sense that I was about to face one of the great challenges of my life.

Lubrication! In my mind’s eye I suddenly imagined my sweet, loving little pussy perched high atop that huge pillar now gliding through my hands (No way in hell was I going to give a wildly aroused near-virgin the top-dog position. I was determined to be on top, no matter what.) and I realized how vital lubrication was going to become in a few minutes. In case you’re wondering if there was any doubt in my mind about what I intended to do, the answer was an emphatic ‘NO’.

“Eddie, Mrs. Haffenshaft is going to take over for the next few minutes and I want you to follow my instructions. Can you do that, young man?” I asked him.

Eddie took a quick, sharp breath and then nodded hastily, anxiously. He may have taken that sharp breath because I just might have given his tall timber a sharp squeeze and a rough tug as I asked this.

“Lay down right here on the couch,” I instructed. We shifted quickly into new positions.

I had done a magnificent job arousing him. His cock stood straight up. It truly did look like a rocket waiting to be launched. Gazing at it, I realized with a delicious shudder that I was to be the payload on his rocket ship to the moon. I was on my knees on the floor beside him by now and through all our rapid shifting, I had only lost my grip on his manhood for a second or two. I was holding it again now.

I opened my mouth wide and forced it slowly down over that knobby, pointed head. It was quite a struggle. As magnificent as Eddie’s cock was and much as I would have enjoyed it, I quickly realized that giving him a full-on blowjob would never be possible. Getting the head of it in my mouth was the best I could do. Still, I knew how desperately important lubricating it would be to my success. In the end, I had to settle for licking at it furiously like a giant ice cream cone in a heat wave and spitting on it each time I could muster enough saliva. My hands never stopped gliding over his shaft and I quickly found myself purring softly as I ducked my head up and down over the full distance of his thick pole, slobbering like a happy idiot the whole time.

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