Her 21st Birthday Ch2

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With the 3 girls sitting around the table and the glow of Melanie after her first gang bang the conversation quickly turned to sex. The fact is that now all three girls were very horny! Lisa suggested another place that she knew. Rachael, knowing that Lisa had a little bit more of a darker side to her, said that since it was Melanie’s birthday that she was game to anything. Melanie just wanted to know one thing…Could she get laid there? Lisa assured her that getting laid there would be fairly easy. So the girls went out and hailed a cab.

The 3 girls went out and got in the cab with Melanie and Rachael in the back seat and Lisa in the front. Lisa told the cabby where she wanted to go. This club was clear across town and the girls were talking about what had happened and what they were going to do when Lisa smiled and winked at the 2 girls in the back seat. She leaned over and whispered in the cabby’s ear “Can I give you a blowjob to get my night started right?” The driver couldn’t believe his ears or his instant erection at the thought of this extremely sexy girl blowing him in his cab. He said if she gave him a blowjob the ride was on him. She said she thought he would never ask, so she told him to go casino şirketleri find a secluded place so they could ride him as she undid his pants.

Lisa being no stranger to a blowjob started right away with taking his cock all the way in. She was so horny she couldn’t slow down. The cabby’s cock was fairly big and she was working it with her mouth and hand. Melanie and Rachael were now looking over the seat to get some of the show. Lisa would lick just his cockhead and run her fingers up and down his shaft then she would deep throat him, then suck the front of his cock while squeezing his balls. She just knew that she wanted him to cum in her mouth before he found a place to park. Soon the cabby started to pant and sweat and fuck Lisa’s devouring mouth. He grabbed her hair and forced Lisa down on his cock and told her…”suck it, suck it bitch suck my cock Oh god suck me suck me suuuuuccccck mmmmeeeeeee as he shot his load in her mouth. Lisa had done just what she was told and had enjoyed every minute of it. Melanie and Rachael applauded their approval. The cabby found a dark secluded place to park, and turned off the engine.

Rachael said it was her turn because she hadn’t gotten any yet. Rachael casino firmaları told the girls that they could sit on the drivers side of the car because she was going to lay down the other seat so she could fuck him. The driver now had his pants off and was waiting for something to do. Rachael finished laying down the seat and told him to lay down while she took off her clothes. The guys eyes nearly popped out of his head as Rachael’s body was revealed to him. He had never seen in real life a body this gorgeous. Rachael’s great measurements at 40DD-24-36 were just outstanding and her red mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair topped off with her great looks and sexy hair. His cock was as hard as granite. She straddled over him in the car with her pussy just above his straining cock and started fingering herself and talking very dirty to him. She would lick her fingers and stick them in her pussy then let him smell her aroma (and I mean a sweet pussy aroma).

Then she lowered her sopping wet pussy onto his stiff cock. Slowly at first because he was fairly big. But it didn’t take her long to mount this horse and ride it for all she was worth. Lisa who was now sitting behind the steering wheel grabbed the cabby’s güvenilir casino balls and started playing with them as Rachael fucked him from above.

The cabby grabbed Rachael’s tits and started pinching her nipples and kneading her breasts. This turned Rachael on even more. She wanted her tits sucked now while she was getting fucked. She grabbed the cabby’s head and shoved it onto her left breast. The cabby was sucking for all he was worth. Then, to Rachael’s surprise Melanie took her right breast in her mouth and started sucking her tit as only a woman can. Rachael was now in heaven but her last surprise was still coming. Lisa moistened her middle finger and stuck it right up Rachael’s ass.

Rachael at first didn’t know where this intrusion came from but at this point it didn’t matter. She was in the middle of a dream come true. She started telling everyone, harder, faster, deeper. Over and over she kept chanting this, and no one let her down. She erupted in a wickedly pleasing orgasm. The cabby feeling her pussy engulf his cock and tighten up so fiercely blew his load right into her satisfied pussy. Rachael got up and put her clothes on and the cabby followed suit. Then the cabby took them to the club that Lisa had told him to take them to, free of charge.

The three girls got out and thanked the cabby for the “ride” and walked into the club that Lisa had suggested. It was a biker bar with a tattoo parlor in the back.

End Ch 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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