His Beautiful Neighbour

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Oh God, there she is again, James thought excitedly as he looked out the window. He was sitting in his room on the first floor which gave him a perfect view of his neighbour’s front yard – a perfect view of his most secret dreams. Down there, in her own yard, Mrs. Cinder stripped off her clothes and lay down on a blanket, wearing only a red and white bikini.

Watching her huge, well-formed breasts, only hidden by the flimsy bikini-top and the rounded curves of her hips, James felt the familiar sensation in his shorts. He eagerly released his stiff cock and began rubbing it.

“Mrs. Cinder. Mrs. Cinder! You sexy little slut!” he moaned over and over “some day I’ll have you!” He didn’t even know her first name, nor did he care. Watching the woman of all his sexual fantasies, almost naked – and fantasising about the parts of her that wasn’t – he quickly shot his load into his hand.

Having orgasm, he quickly came down to earth again, though he knew he wouldn’t stop thinking about her until she went back in again. Or at least put on some more clothes. She had become an obsession for him, but one he hoped to conquer – in more ways than one.
Almost a year ago, about the same time as Mrs. Cinder moved in next door to his mother and him, James had discovered an ancient tome and in it an old recipe for a love-mixture. James was exceptional bright and a combination of him studying the old formulas for hours on end, his knowledge of how to operate the internet and blind luck, he finally had the mixture figured out. Or at least he thought so. Yesterday, he had broken into her home – the first time he wilfully committed a crime worse than downloading illegally off the net – and plucked a couple of Mrs. Cinder’s long, dark-red hairs from her brush. He had added it to his secret elixir that was now almost complete.

“Semen wasted in longing hours” he quoted to himself from the formula, as he scraped some of his sticky white juice into the glass that held all the other ingredients. The potion turned first milky white and then as clear as glass. It was finally finished. It had taken months to gather all the ingredients – some of them he had had to have imported from strange countries, some were rather expensive.

He had already planned how to give it to her. If it worked, it shouldn’t have any taste at all (he didn’t really feel like trying to taste it, aside from the danger of turning into the self-loving Narcissus, it had his sperm in it. And also some other things that he preferred not to think about) and it should be mixable with anything. So he’d screw up his courage and go offer her some lemonade – an innocent task to anyone but James who under normal conditions felt so awkward and uncomfortable around women. This time it wouldn’t even be normal conditions, he was trying to drug his sexiest fantasy.

He was almost shaking as he mixed the lemonade and added the mixture. He kept going over and over what he was to say to her. He assumed she’d accept it if he didn’t mess it all up – social customs dictates that one drinks what is offered after all. He added some ice cubes to the mix and a slice of lemon, to make it more inviting.

“Mrs. Cider?” He asked loudly as he opened the low fence-gate, carrying the fateful lemonade. She was still lying in the sun, working on her tan – which to James was already perfect. She had a light-brown skin-tone that made her red hair look darker.

As she heard James come through she opened her eyes and fixed them on him but she remained unmoving, not caring that he saw her in this undressed state. Though she had a towel, she didn’t cover herself. At age 35, Andrea Cinder was still proud of her body.

“My-my mom sent me over with some lemonade,” he said, silently cursing himself for stuttering. He fought to keep his eyes on hers and not to let them wander. Soon, he told himself, soon she’ll be throwing herself at you.

“Did she now,” she said with a patronising smile. He knew what she was thinking, a nineteen year old guy that ran silly little errands for his mother. It’s worth it, he told himself.

She wasted a smile for him and accepted a glass. That smile made his heart beat faster though he knew it was more for his mother who – Mrs. Cinder believed – had sent him. Soon you’ll smile for me! he thought jealously.

“You don’t want some yourself,” she asked, curious and took a sip. “It’s good.”
“No thanks,” he said with a smile, “I don’t like the stuff myself. But enjoy…” With that he put the pitcher down and left with his heart racing. The die had been cast…

“Jaaaames!” his mother hollered from the kitchen. It had been more than 24 hours since he had given Mrs. Sanders the mixture, 24 hours of changing between nervous hope and destroying despair. One minute he thought she would come over and beg him for a kiss, the next he was certain she had found out and was calling the cops on him.

casino şirketleri “What?” he shouted from the door to his room.
“Phone. It’s Cinders. She wants to talk to you.” The moment of truth had finally arrived. He went and picked up the phone.

“This is James,” he said but at first there was no answer. He could hear someone breathing though.
“Are you there, Mrs. Cinders?”

“Yes, yes,” she breathed into the phone. “I’m here. I ehm… I was won-wondering if… ehh…,” she stuttered before rushing out, “if-you-could-come-look-at-my-computer.”

Wow, she can’t even talk straight. It must be working! James thought and a huge smile spread across his face – and his dick stood to attention.

“Well… it’s getting late, Mrs. Cinders. Maybe tomorrow…” he started but she quickly cut him off:
“No! No, please come tonight. Now. Please come now. I’ll-I’ll make it worth your while.”
Oh, I bet you will…Hearing her beg was doing wonders to his self-esteem.

Naturally he went to her. He’d have gone to her if she had called in the middle of the night. But to hear this proud, beautiful woman beg was incredible. What a rush! She’ll be doing more of that in the future, he confidently thought to himself. With a hold on her like the one he had, the sky truly was the limit. He told his mother that he had to help Mrs. Cinder with a computer-problem and she let him go without much thought. He was a good boy, after all.

He was about to ring her doorbell when she opened the door. She had obviously been waiting for him, he thought before noticing her.

She was wearing a black silk kimono, so short that it barely reached her thigh. Only a single button was closed though, across her flat stomach, so it showed more than it covered. She was wearing a black bra that pushed her tits up and out, creating a deep cleavage. When she moved, the kimono swayed and he got a clear view of her tiny panties. They were black to match the rest of her outfit but almost see-through. She was wearing black fishnet stockings that ended just below the kimono and black heels on her feet.

She was the sexiest creature James had ever seen – even with his considerable collection of pornography.

“Hello James. Thank you sooo much for coming,” she purred at him, giving him a radiating smile from her ruby-red lips. Her usually discrete make-up was gone. Instead she was wearing heavy dark blue eye shadow that set off her amazingly blight-blue eyes in a mesmerising manner. It wasn’t quite what other women would describe as ‘whore make-up’, but it was close. She had gently added a rogue to her cheeks and used a very red lip-stick. Her eyes-lashes were dark and thick and she batted them repeatedly at him.

He could only nod weakly back at her.

She slowly turned around and walked into the house, swaying her generous hips with each step. Fighting to get back in control, but unable to stop staring at her lush ass, he followed. She let him into the living-room and sat down in the couch and indicated that he should sit next to him. As he sat down, he noticed two glasses of brandy. Boldly he reached out and took the nearest. She smiled sweetly at him, “please help yourself. That’s the least I can do after your kind gesture yesterday.”

He took a sip but barely even tasted the drink. Mrs. Cinders unbuttoned the kimono and all illusion of covering was gone. He could see the entire swell of both her tits and they were exactly as big and inviting as he had always imagined. They moved up and down with her breathing and each time she breathed out there was a gentle ripple through them.

“You’re so sweet, you know,” she said and leaned in to him. “So sweet to come and help your neighbour in the middle of the night…” and with that she gently laid her lips on his.

She tasted of honey and her lips were so soft he almost didn’t know he was actually touching anything – until she ran her tongue across his lips, trying to get in.

Months of lusting, scheming and hoping suddenly burst inside him, like a dam breaking and he grabbed her head with both hands and pressed her mouth to his. He greedily opened his mouth and stuck his tongue inside her, wanting her, needing her.

She moaned into his mouth and responded in kind, caressing his tongue with her own. She let her hands roam down across his body, finding his belt buckle. Her eager hands quickly got it up and the button and zipper followed suit. Without breaking the kiss, she went inside his pants and found his hard cock. James had always been self-conscious about his penis – he knew he didn’t have anything like the ones he’d seen in porn and was afraid it wouldn’t measure up to a girl’s expectations. In reality it was a fairly big cock, not too long but pretty thick.

She made eager little ‘oooh’ sounds of appreciation into his mouth but continued to kiss him. She started to jack him off with her right hand while she kept his casino firmaları boxers out of the way with her left.

“Ahhhhh!” he groaned into her mouth after only a few moments. He hadn’t cum at all today, being too nervous to think about anything other than ‘the plan’. So it was no wonder that he came almost immediately, shooting his sperm out over her hands and his own clothes.

He fell back from the kiss and rested his head on the couch’s back. He had no idea what would happen now and he didn’t care. This was by far the best, most erotic moment in his life and he would savour it.

He suddenly heard her make a slow, enjoying sound. He opened his eyes and saw the sexiest woman alive carefully lick his sperm off her hands – and she looked like the best thing she’d ever tasted. She gave him a sexy smile with a bit of his white cum stuck on her upper lip.

“Yummy,” she whispered and bowed her head down to his crotch and started licking the cum off his cock. Her tongue moved across his soft skin, gathering up what semen it found and leaving a small, wet trail behind. That wasn’t enough for her though, so she engulfed his shrinking cock with her warm, moist mouth.

“Oh yes, Mrs. Cinder, you little slut!” James exclaimed, unable to hold himself back. She laughed gently but didn’t stop sucking on his cock. As it slowly started to regain strength she focused more and more on the head, teasing it with her soft, willing tongue. She reached up and grabbed the shaft with her hand and started stroking it, much like she had done before – only this time his cock wasn’t as hard and also buried in her eager mouth.

“Mhmm…” she started moaning into his cock and he almost felt like shooting another load when he noticed why. Her other hand had become quite busy between her legs, rubbing something down there that looked quite pleasant.

“My-my, you are a slut, aren’t you?” he gleefully asked. Pulling her mouth off his cock, she looked him in the eye with a sultry look: “For you, babe, I’ll be anything.” She went back to work while he just sat and wondered.

It didn’t take long for the skilled and slutty Mrs. Cinders to get James back in the game. His rock-hard cock was once again pointing to the sky and she eagerly crawled on top of him.

“God, I need this,” he heard her mutter just before she sat down on his engorged cock. She was facing towards him and put her arms around his neck in a loving embrace. She moved her tiny panties aside and positioned his dick at the entrance to her soft, pink pussy.

“Are you ready, lover,” she asked breathlessly.

He said nothing but grabbed a hold of her hips and pulled her downwards while he plunged up and in.

The feeling was indescribable. She was warm and inviting and at the same time tight and resistant, and the combination was something out of this world to the former virgin. Unlike James, Mrs. Cinders was not a virgin. She was quite used to sex – though she hadn’t had had any in some time now – but it was like nothing she’d ever experienced. To her it wasn’t just a physical release, which sex had been most of her life; it was somehow different than ever – better than ever.

“Uhh…you’re so big and strong. Oh yes, oh….” She gently moaned into his ear as she slid up and down his cock.

Encouraged, he sped up his thrusts and got a small scream as a reward – his cock reached new pleasurable zones deep within the lovely Mrs. Cinders.

Excited, he let go of her hips and took a hold of her tempting tits. “Ooooh!” she laughed as he ripped the bra and freed her stiff, pink nipples.

“Yeeees!” she hissed as he grabbed a hold of each and squeezed them. The sharp pain mixed with the intense pleasure almost made her buckle. Catching his eye while bouncing up and down, she implored him: “Bite me!”

And he did, finding her right nipple with his sharp teeth; he bit down on it, hard. Again, he took hold off her waist and used his arms and teeth to hold her down against his cock while he renewed the thrusting, pounding away as fast and as hard as he could.

Against this sudden attack, Mrs. Cinders could do nothing but scream out in an earth shattering orgasm, as pain and pleasure became one in her aroused mind.
“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she screamed out as she rode him as fast as she could.

I just made her cum, screaming! James thought and the feeling of power and satisfaction that washed over him sent him off the edge too. With one last thrust he shot his load up into Mrs. Cinder eager, waiting pussy.

He collapsed with a deep groan, resting against the couch, as he had when he had cum the first time, not even 15 minutes ago. He felt relaxed as he watched his beautiful Mrs. Cinder come down from her orgasmic bliss and regain the use of her senses. She sent him a tired, happy smile and laid her arms around him, resting her head against his slim chest.

“That,” she whispered slowly, “was the güvenilir casino best ever.” Proudly he embraced her, making her his. Soon after, they both fell asleep.

“Please just stay five more minutes,” the desperate Mrs. Cinder begged. James had awoken after about half an hour, still with the sexy woman atop of him, but with cramps in various places. His dick that had rested comfortable inside her had shrunk and fallen out of her well-used cunt.

He had carefully pushed her aside and pulled his pants up, wanting to leave, to get home and ponder everything that had happened but she had woken up too and wanted to cuddle. Against the vulnerable, begging eyes of a woman, James really didn’t have a chance, so they had watched a bit of television. Mrs. Cinders couldn’t get enough of touching James, she kept running her hands over his skin, giving him soft kisses and adoring smiles. James, who was still very unsure about himself (when he wasn’t horny, at least) didn’t really know what to do with all of this and wanted to leave.

“No, I eh… I gotta get back home,” he tried to explain. When she started to interject he added more forcefully: “I’m going home. If you want me back, you shouldn’t act like this…” that shut her up though he could see it was under protest.

She lightened up when she had another thought though. “You should get my phone-numbers. You know… if you want to chat or – something more,” she had a little mischievous look in her eye as she said the last part. James eagerly took her number and gave her his.

As he walked home he couldn’t believe how his fortune had changed in just one day. From a nerdy virgin without any prospects with any girl, he had gone to give a beautiful woman the best orgasm of her life and having her giving him her number for “something more”. The future looked bright for James Hanson.

I miss you and i cant stop thinking about what we did. Goodnight lover. He was lying in his bed when he got the message and it actually warmed his heart. He was quickly forgetting that she was under a love-spell and only focusing on the effects.

He thought about how to answer and decided for something nice but non-specific. It wouldn’t hurt to let the good Mrs. Cinders sweat a little: I had a lot of fun tonight maybe well see each other tomorrow. With that thought he fell asleep with happy thoughts of the days to come.

In the house next to his, Mrs. Cinders’ sleep didn’t come as easy. She really couldn’t stop thinking about him though she didn’t know why – she didn’t question how she felt, she just felt it.

“Tomorrow,” she whispered to herself as she found her clit with her fingers, “yes, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!” Faster and faster she rubbed her little pleasure-button while she kept moaning that one word that held promises of more of her James. She squeezed the nipple that was still sore after James’ rough biting and felt the echo of the pain he had inflicted to be very exciting. With a last cry of “tomorrow!” she came, an unsatisfying orgasm but still enough to fall asleep on.

James awoke to the sound of a high beeping-noise. It took him a second to realise that it wasn’t his alarm-clock – which wouldn’t ring for another hour – but rather his cell-phone. He wasn’t used to anyone calling him, his personal circle wasn’t that wide.

“What?” he angrily asked into the phone. He hadn’t even bothered to check the display – it didn’t matter who it was, James was not a morning person.

“Eh… did I-did I wake you?” the timid voice of Mrs. Cinder answered him, “I really didn’t mean to, I just wanted to talk to you.” James looked at his alarm-clock. It was 5:50.

“It’s ten to six!” he shouted into the phone, “of course you woke me!”

“Oh. Oh, I see. I’m really sorry. I just thought…” her sad little voice trailed off, sounding heartbroken. Even in his tired, cranky mood James felt bad.

“Well, I’m up now…what was on your mind?” he tried to cheer her up – which instantly worked.
“Oh, nothing much, I just woke up and I really wanted to talk to you.” Her first thought was to talk to me… wow!

“So… you’re still in bed?” he inquired, forgetting about his disturbed sleep and focusing on the sexy voice and the even sexier woman behind it.

“Well, yeah…” she said, a little unsure.

“Then tell me: what’re you wearing, my little slut,” he demanded in a slow, commanding voice.

“Oh, you want to know, Lover?” she teased him, suddenly eager, “hmm, let’s see… Do you remember my black bra? Well… I took it off,” she whispered in a naughty voice. “And I slept with my titties completely bare. Oh, how I wished you were here to squeeze them like you did last night!”

“Squeeze them for me!” he immediately demanded, “Can you still feel my biting?”
“Yes! Oh, yes!” she moaned, “you bit me right here, right in my little, sensitive nipple with your big, strooong teeth. Oh, it feels so good, to fondle my tits.”

All thoughts about interrupted sleep was gone; all that was left in James’ world was the picture of his neighbour’s naked body and his own hard cock. He started stroking it, slowly at first.

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