I Surrender

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Jackson grinned and stepped away from Greg. “Don’t look at me like that, you thought ‘courting’ was a good idea.”

Greg leaned against the wall panting. “I didn’t realize ‘courting’ meant being in sexual frustration hell, you little Victorian freak.” Greg tingled from Jackson’s far too skilled hands and mouth.

“It’s not just Victorian.”

“Fine, horribly old fashioned freak.”

“You suggested the element of not having sex for 6 months. I believe your exact words were, ‘to make sure this is real not just being horny and on the rebound; and if neither of us has sex with anyone else during that time eventually we can both be tested and know we’re both clean.’ It’s been 7 months. I believe we then went on to define sex.”

“As anything involving naked skin stroking or rubbing of another’s naked genitals in a deliberate fashion.” Jackson ducked his head down a little, making Greg sure he could see him blush if it weren’t so dark. “Are you sure this is real?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Yeah.” Greg gained control of his breathing. “You disease free?”

“Yes, as you know, and so are you.”

Greg nodded and checked if his legs still worked. “So at this point we’re really just seeing who’ll cry uncle first?”

“If you ever cry out ‘uncle’ during sex—”

“Make it ‘I surrender’ then.” Greg took a step towards Jackson.

“Sounds about right.” Jackson bit his lip. “I know I’m fond of this game.”

“You’re only fond of it ’cause you think you’re winning.” Greg kissed Jackson strong and deep, pressing his hand against one of his favorite spots. Pressure at the base of his back always made Jackson squirm just a bit more. His other hand sneaking in a squeeze at the front of Jackson’s pants. He felt at least one thrust before releasing Jackson from the kiss, but held on to keep either of them from falling. Greg stared into his eyes under the streetlamp. Panting, and definitely pinking in the face, if he loved or wanted him any more Greg would have orgasms just from holding his hand.

Jackson found his voice first, it having snuck into a corner no where near his throat, it took some effort. “There are other reasons I am fond of this game.” He offered Greg his arm.

Greg smirked and took it. “Why do I end up being the debutant when I’m always the aggressor?”

He pressed the back of Greg’s palm to his lips as the strolled up the sidewalk. “Simple. I’m six inches taller and could actually carry you over great distances should you twist your ankle casino şirketleri or something.” They dodged a fellow pedestrian. “Besides you’re not always the aggressor.”

“Usually then.” Greg hugged Jackson’s arm a little tighter. “You remember when we met?”

“I was so nervous.”

“And adorable.”

“I was sure you were going to laugh at me or something.”

“Because you’re adorable.” Jackson grunted disapprovingly. “I thought you were straight.” He turned to face Jackson. “But you were too adorable not to try at least.” Another grunt. “What do you think the winner should get…..cutie?”

There was a growl before any answer. “A physical show of honor to the winner in a way he would enjoy seems in order.”

“You could just say a blowjob.” Greg put his hand on Jackson’s cheek and felt it grow warm. “And the winner will get to do whatever he wants with the looser for at least 24hrs.”

“We’d have to both call-in sick then. So I can enjoy my prize more fully.”

Greg playfully smacked him upside the head. “How’d we end up at my place?”

“It’s closer.”

“I like your place better.”

“I like your bed better.”

“Is that a declaration of surrender?” Greg fished out his key.

“Just an opinion. Big four poster bed, lots of pillows, big fluffy comforter.” Jackson hugged Greg from behind, pressing himself against Greg’s lean body. Greg was everything he’d ever needed in a person. He called him on his bullshit and brought out things in him.

Greg took longer than necessary with door, never missing an opportunity to be in physical contact with the burly history professor. Once in the apartment Jackson wandered off to the bathroom leaving Greg free to formulate his battle strategy. “Would you like a massage?” Greg kept a straight face with out difficulty.

“Like a back rub or like the other day?” Jackson swallowed.

“Like the other day.”

“Absolutely.” Jackson started for the bathroom again, but stopped. He looked Greg dead in the face and removed his shirt, shoes, socks and pants. He hung the pants and shirt off one of the bedposts. He ran is thumbs teasingly back and forth just inside the tops of his forest green boxer briefs. “I really should start thinking of things to do with you during those 24 hours.”

Greg pushed him on to the bed. “Face down. You haven’t won yet.” Greg went for the oil. “Close your eyes and take deep breaths.” God, Jackson was handsome.

“So professional, should I be casino firmaları paying?”

“Close your eyes.” Greg smacked him gently on the back and watched Jackson’s head drop into the pillow. The wild dark brown hair didn’t bother to respond much to the change in the direction of gravitational pull. Greg placed the massage oil on the right of Jackson and got undressed as quietly as possible; keeping watch in case Jackson turned. He got some oil on his hands and worked his way up to the knees. Jackson hummed and moaned into you pillow. Greg gently pulled down on Jackson’s underwear. Jackson didn’t move at first but finally gave in and helped in the process. Greg got all the way to the bottom of Jackson’s bottom before he needed more oil. He straddled Jackson’s ass and began working his back. “I’m so glad you didn’t get all your hair waxed off. I like you being a little fuzzy.”

Jackson tried to roll over, but couldn’t with out making Greg fall. He sounded almost panicked. “Greg, are you…”

“Very naked? Yes.” Greg felt a deep groan vibrate in Jackson’s back. “Unless you’d like me to put my clothes back on?” Another deep more strained groan. Every move he made change his position slightly, almost causing friction between their skins but not quite. “You really are such a shy man.” Greg pressed at the base of Jackson’s back. Jackson groaned loudly into the pillow and clutched at the sheets. “I think this is the first time we’ve been naked in front of each other.” Greg repositioned himself so the very center of his crotch lay on the very center of Jackson’s butt. He began another pass on Jackson’s back ending by pressing deep into the base of his back. This time a strained deep growl came from the pillow. He scooted back a little and began an extensive massage of Jackson’s rear. “The first time, not counting when you spied on me in the bathroom.” Greg felt Jackson’s body get hotter.

“You knew I was there?” Jackson asked with effort.

“Oh yes, I caught a glimpse of you in the mirror. Did you really think I didn’t hear you?”

“I…well you did leave to door open, it was too tempting. Naked, drying yourself off, then…” There was another groan into the pillow.

“Why do you think I left the door open? It was so hard not to watch you, but you’d have stopped it I had. Just knowing your heavy breathing was because you were watching me.” Greg teetered forward a little when Jackson ground into the mattress. “Roll over so I can do the other side.” Greg knelt next güvenilir casino to Jackson as he slowly turned.

He avoided looking at Greg at first. When he finally ventured a peek, his lungs lost all functioning for a moment. “You’re beautiful.”

“So are you.” Greg pushed him the rest of the way on to his back. He could feel Jackson’s eyes on him as he massaged the front of Jackson’s legs up to the thighs. “What was our definition of sex again?”

Jackson had to swallow before he could talk. “Anything involving naked skin stroking or rubbing of another’s naked genitals in a deliberate fashion.” Every muscle in his body tensed.

Greg straddled Jackson again so his cock lay next to Jackson’s. “So this doesn’t count.” He grinned wickedly at the writhing gentleman beneath him.

“Oh God!” Jackson did what came naturally, which was pulling at the sheets and grinding into Greg. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen or felt.

Greg planted his feet more solidly and got a little control over his breathing and began massaging Jackson’s chest. It took every ounce of self control he possessed not to meet Jackson’s actions thrust for thrust, but this was one game Greg wanted to win, so he simply let Jackson writhe but made no move to help. “Do you need to be tied down so I can finish?” Jackson was now moving so much it was all Greg could do to keep falling off the bed. Soon, he kept telling himself, with every cell of his body saying grind into Jackson just as hard and twice as fast.

“Yes, no, oh fuck!”

Greg moved back so he was kneeling over Jackson’s thighs instead. Gently rubbing his painfully erect dick he continued taunting him, “This doesn’t count either, since I’m touching my own instead of yours. Can you guess what I’d rather be doing?”

“Greg, please!” Jackson grabbed Greg and roughly pulling him on top. He took a bite into Greg’s neck growling the whole time.

Greg enjoyed the attention for a moment the removed himself from Jackson. He moved his hand over Jackson’s cock as if he were stroking him, but kept an inch away. “Say the magic words?”

“I surrender! Now please!”

Greg took hold of Jackson and brought him to a swift orgasm. The force of it nearly caused Jackson to pass out. Greg let him rest for a moment, but his own built up tensions wouldn’t allow for much longer. “I seem to remember something about the loser giving to the winner ‘a physical show of honoring the winner in a way he would enjoy’.”

Jackson grinned and panted a few more times. “You could just say blow job.” He rose to his elbows and started to position himself to honor the winner.

“I wouldn’t want you to strain yourself.” Greg pushed him back down and presented his crotch inches from Jackson’s face.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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