My Best Friend’s Daughter

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I hadn’t seen Lisa since I’d left home — it’s been more than 25 years. The last time we got to hang out was the summer after freshman year.

We’d been close in high school and had the same interests — both cheerleaders, gospel choir, honor society. More than once we even dated the same fellas.

She was MY GIRL, MY ACE, MY RIDE OR DIE… two black girls from DC ready to take on the world!

But after graduation life took her in one direction and me in another — we lost touch.

Lisa stayed close to home. She attended a local college, married one of those fellas from high school, had a kid and eventually got a job with the local school board. She got divorced a few years ago, so now it’s just her and her daughter living in suburban MD.

I attended college on the other side of the country. I landed a job with a tech company that took me to Canada for a few years, then to Seattle, Chicago and eventually back home to the DC area. In that time I’ve worked for three different firms, had two failed marriages and never had kids.

Lisa and I actually found each other again on Facebook. A classmate had sent requests to join a Class Reunion and Alumni Fundraising campaign. I normally don’t do the social media thing — I find it childish and depressing, but it actually worked out this time.

I met Lisa for coffee a month after that and we then had dinner at my place a week later. We fell right back in step, laughing at the same things, having the same dirty thoughts, like the time apart had never happened. The next time we got together at her place and I finally met her daughter, Cassidy (“Cass”).

That’s when things changed…

Cass was 22 when we met and looked very much like her mom, or more accurately, a slightly older version of what she looked like in high school. People used to always say that Lisa looked like Nia Long.

Unlike her mother, Cass is very “laid back” and reserved. Lisa always was (and still is) an “in your face”, “notice me” type of personality. You were always aware of when Lisa entered the room.

That night Lisa and I drank cheap wine, laughed and reminisced, while Cass nursed her glass and refilled ours. Without even realizing it, we’d polished off 3 bottles of grocery store chardonnay. I’m still a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and it was already late on a Friday night so they insisted that I stay.

Cass gave me one of her oversized t-shirts to sleep in and helped me to get settled in the guest room. When I crawled onto the bed it was 12:35. I was knocked out shortly after she turned the lamp off.

I didn’t sleep very long — the clock read 2:17 — and I needed water. The guest room is on the first floor near the kitchen. I climbed out of bed still under the fog of cheap bahis firmaları chardonnay and felt my way along the hallway in the dark. After downing two cold glassfuls from the fridge dispenser, I retraced my steps back to the room.

There was light coming from the room next to mines. The door was open. I figured that I didn’t notice it before because I was going in the opposite direction.

I peeked in — it took a few more seconds to register what I was seeing.

The light source was a large computer monitor on a desk. The image on the screen was graphic — two women, one black one white, naked and having hardcore porn sex.

Slouched in an office chair in front of the desk, also naked except for an open bathrobe was Lisa. She was completely enthralled with the scene on the computer. Her right foot was propped against the edge of the desk, her left leg dangled over the arm of the chair. The fingers of one hand gently toyed with a breast, the other hand tended to her crotch.

Lisa’s head slowly turned in my direction — she looked dazed, or even high. But it wasn’t Lisa, it was Cass.

I think she looked directly at me — we made direct eye contact — but either she didn’t see me or didn’t care that I was there. She turned back to the computer and continued playing with herself.

I should have gone back to bed, but I didn’t — I couldn’t. I was transfixed, I HAD to watch her.

Although still in a fog, I still had an instinct to masturbate. A few seconds later I realized my fingers were tracing my nipples through the thin t-shirt. They were already rock-hard.

I don’t know if this went on for hours or minutes but Cass finally reached her climax. Her head rolled back as she gasped and jerked several times before it was over. I continued standing there, still rubbing my nipples, as she slowly twisted side to side in the chair. Cass looked so damn sexy.

When she sat forward and stopped the video, I stumbled back to the guest room.

I was wide awake, hung-over, horny and confused. For a few minutes I laid there and replayed in my head what I had just seen, asking myself over and over “why did you watch her…?”

“Fuck it! What’s done is done…” I finally reasoned.

I rolled over onto my stomach, spread my legs and inserted a hand into my panties and starting slowly grinding my swollen clit against my palm. I also slipped two fingers between my labia; I was more than just a little wet. I hadn’t pleasured myself in a few days, things at work had left me too tense to relax.

This was exactly what I needed.

I thought about Cass playing with herself. Then I thought about Lisa playing with herself (this was NOT the first time I’d thought about my friend in that manner). Then I thought about watching them while kaçak iddaa they played with themselves.

Then I came really hard and drifted off to sleep.

The next day I met Lisa and Cass in the kitchen around 11. Lisa looked about as hung-over as I was. Cass made us breakfast.

I felt myself becoming aroused again as I sat there eating scrambled eggs and watching my friend’s daughter. I’d catch a quick glimpse of her pert breasts through the thin robe she was still wearing. Her nipples stood out against the fabric. It made my own nipples hard.

I couldn’t shake the image of how amazing she looked when she played with her pussy just a few hours prior. I needed to see that again.

When I left I started imagining ways that I could.


I’m was really happy that Mom was able to reconnect with her friend Michelle. I really like her. She’s really smart and really pretty, like Mom.

I remember seeing pictures of her since I was little. She and Mom in their cheerleader uniforms — they both looked hot. I’ve wanted to meet her ever since.

I had an instant crush on her when we finally met. I sat there watching them drink that cheap-ass wine Mom stocks up on from the grocery store (I hate it!), but I sipped some ’cause I wanted to hang out with them. They talked and laughed about their high school shit, cheer-leading, boys, teachers, their old-school hair styles and clothes.

Michelle is a little on the “thick-side”. She fills out her jeans nicely! My Mom, who works out daily, is thinner than both of us.

Michelle kinda reminds me of Janet Jacme…yes, I know my old-school porn stars…I’ve gotten off watching her scenes on several occasions.

I noticed that Michelle was a light-weight after the first glass, so I kept pouring refills. I thought that I could get her tipsy and maybe sneak a quick feel.

It worked too!

Me and Mom made her stay the night. Mom suggested I loan her something to wear. I grabbed the thinnest cotton night-shirt I have and helped her to the guest room. My hand may have “slipped” to touch her butt or breast a few times…

I literally undressed her — helping her remove her blouse, jeans, shoes and bra. I almost creamed myself looking at her big, beautiful breasts. Her nipples are large, dark and tempting, so I took my time helping her with the night-shirt. It was risky and maybe a little “creepy”, but I couldn’t help myself.

Luckily she was too tipsy to notice anything I was doing.

When I was back in my room, all I could think about was Michelle downstairs in the guest room and how much I really wanted to be there with her. The thought of seeing or touching her large brown nipples was making me crazy. I tried rubbing myself off — twice — but it didn’t really help. kaçak bahis

I was still horny AF!

I finally decided to watch some porn, then I got the idea to use the computer in Mom’s office — next to the guest room. So I got naked and put on my robe.

Mom was snoring really loud so I knew it would take a bomb going off to wake her.

I went down to the office, turned on the computer and found one of my favorite porn sites. Then I opened the guest room door to check on Michelle — she was still asleep. I crept in and shook her a few times and she finally started to stir. I waited near the doorway until she stood and went down the hallway towards the kitchen. I went back to the office and opened a video clip that I had bookmarked — it has Janet Jacme and some white chick I never bothered to identify. But it’s one of my favorites because of the way that JJ just “rules” and works this white bitch!

I deliberately left the office door open and turned up the volume on the computer, hoping that Michelle would at least be curious enough to peek in. I was so excited and worked up by the whole thing that it didn’t really take much for me to get going. I spread my legs and started playing with my wet slit. I imagined (desperately hoped!) that Michelle was standing there watching me. I’m not 100% sure, but I think she was.

I REALLY hoped that she would come in and join me. Just the idea of it eventually made me cum really hard.

I heard something (or someone) when I turned the computer off, so I waited a few seconds and went back to the guest room door. It was open just a few inches and although there wasn’t very much light in the room I could see her laying on the bed. Occasionally, Michelle would touch her breasts. Although, my legs were still a little shaky and my pussy was “done for the night” I got horny again.

Then Michelle gave me an “early Christmas present”. She rolled over onto her stomach and started humping the bed!

“Oh shit!” I almost cried out and had to bite my lip. I fought back the urge to walk in and lay down next to her. When she was done, I went back to my room.

Then the thought hit me, “did she do that because of me? Did I get Michelle off?”

I rubbed my clit again. I imagined Michelle licking me, sucking my nipples, making me suck hers, 69ing with me…I came for the 4th time that night.

I woke up before both of them and went to the kitchen to breakfast. Mom likes scrambled eggs and bacon after a night of cheap-chardonnay. She came down to for a plate before long and Michelle joined us about 30-minutes later.

I tried to give her a little peep-show by intentionally letting my robe fall open. I knew she was peeking at my tits each time, and then I noticed her nipples poking through the night-shirt. I was so wet that I could smell it, so I excused myself to go take a shower.

I got off again thinking about Michelle.

She was gone by the time I’d finished showering, but I couldn’t wait to see her again.

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