My Girlfriend’s Mother

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My Name is Joe 19, Sandy 18 my girlfriend and Mary 36 the mother. Mary and Sandy lived one street over and since Sandy’s father died a few years earlier, I would help Mary with different chores around the house and yard.

Mary and Sandy were extremely attractive ladies. There were times when I would sleep over if there was a bad storm and the two women needed a man to calm their fears. One Friday around 6 PM I went over to see if Sandy was home and wanted to go to a movie or just hang out. Mary answered the door and I went in and sat down. Mary told me Sandy had left with her Aunt to visit her grandmother for the weekend.

Mary said Sandy tried to call you to let you know she was leaving for the weekend. I was a little sad with the thought of Sandy being away all weekend. Mary could see the expression on my face and wanted to cheer me up, plus Mary had wanted to talk to me about Mine and Sandy’s relationship.

After Mary got me a drink, she sat down on the couch beside me and then she ask if I Sandy ever had sex? I was shocked and stuttered as I tried to answer. Well yes once, but it hurt Sandy so we stopped and said we could try again some other time, plus we didn’t have any protection. Then Mary ask, have you ever had sex with anyone? Joe being embarrassed again, turned even redder and answered no I haven’t.

This talk made my cock start to grow, plus Mary was positioned on the couch so if I looked, and I did, I was able to see between her legs and see she didn’t have casino şirketleri on any panties. I guess Mary could see I was a little uneasy with her questions, as I was constantly changing positions. She told me to calm down that we were both adults and since she was Sandy’s mother she had the right to know about our relationship.

She moved closer to me putting one hand on my leg and held my hand with the other to get me to calm down. Mary then ask if having sex was something I thought about, I looked at her and said I think about it constantly. Mary smiled and then ask if I masturbated? Always after going out with Sandy.

Now I’m so worked up I can’t stand it. Mary had moved even closer and had her hand on my shoulder as my cock got harder and Mary could see the bulge in my pants starting to grow larger. I ask her why she asking these questions, then Mary said “Joe my husband died a few years ago and I’ve not been with a man since.”

“But you’re so pretty, the guys should be knocking down your door.” She smiled and said, “it’s not been easy not having a man but I’ve done fine so far. Besides you’ve been our man around the house to help with whatever we needed and now I need you in another way.” Joe pretty much knew what she wanted, but played dumb. Mary said she wanted him to make love to her, as she moved her hand to my crotch and started rubbing my cock. Mary moved her head close to mine and kissed me on the cheek.

I turned my head a little to face Mary, then she casino firmaları kissed me on the lips. She ask me if I liked that, I answered yeeesss. Mary started kissing me again and didn’t stop. She opened her mouth a little and touched my lips with her tongue. I naturally opened my mouth touching my tongue to hers.

Mary positioned herself so she was laying across Joe with her breast against his chest and put his arm around her. They kissed more and then Joe gave in and moved his hand up to her breast and started slowly and softly rubbing both breast. This made Mary very hot and wanted more as she moved Joe’s hand down to her crotch. She had on a short skirt and no panties, which Joe had noticed several minutes before as he looked up her skirt.

Joe started massaging her clit and then put one finger inside her pussy. She started to moan saying it feels and not to stop. Then Joe put another finger inside her and could tell how tight her pussy was.

Easy Joe, remember I’ve not had a man in five years. By this time my cock was hard as a hundred dollars worth of jaw breakers, it was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. Mary was having one orgasm after another, then she raised up and said come with me.

She took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom. We got to her bed and turned and started taking my clothes off. I started undressing her at the same time. Once I got clothes off I pushed her down on the side of the bed.

Knelled down on the floor and pushed her back güvenilir casino on the bed. Then I spread her legs and started to lick up and down her pussy lips. This was driving her crazy as she started screaming how good it felt. She started hunching up, down, sideways while holding Joe’s heads tight against her quivering pussy. I could tell she was about to have a mind blowing orgasm, then she flooded my face with her sweet juices.

After a few minutes she told me she wanted me inside her. I stopped and moved her up on the bed, took her legs so that her knees were almost touching her tits. Even though this was my first time I knew exactly what to do.

As I started entering her pussy, she moaned and told me take it easy until you are all the way inside me. She was beginning to notice how thick my cock was as I pushed in more and more. Oh Joe you’re so big but it feels so good. More baby deeper, fuck me yes fuck me. Joe kept pushing his cock in farther and farther very slowly, until he hit her cervix as she had another orgasm.

Mary reached down to feel my cock and found there was still about two inches still to go. Mary said, damn Joe just how big are you. I said it’s about 10″, do you want me to put it all the way in? Mary answered not this time, just keep stroking my pussy. After fucking Mary for a few minutes, I ask do you want me to pull out when I cum? No you better not, I want to feel that warm cum spurt inside me.

Joe kept stroking her pussy and then he let out a loud moan as he shot several ropes of thick hot baby batter inside her love cannel. Mary went crazy when she felt my seed spurting inside her pussy and begged for more. Mary realized that Joe’s cock was still hard as Joe continuing to fuck her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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