Babysitter , Her Boyfriend

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Fran didn’t know when it started. They met the first year of college and had seemed perfect for each other, sharing everything. They could talk for hours about their childhoods, schooling, early jobs, early relationships. They actually listened to each other, noting carefully all the details that made up their existence. She felt so close to him, so totally one.

Now, they had been together for several years. The time had passed quickly for Fran and she was always surprised when she stopped to count and found the years mounting. She loved Chris so much, even more than before. But things had changed somehow. They still shared their days and thoughts, but now Fran was aware of a vacancy in his eyes, a perfunctory nod of his head. He didn’t seem to listen anymore, not really.

Fran worried about it, as she worried about everything. They seemed to be growing apart, losing the special connection that made them different. Several times, she tried to bring it up with Chris, hesitantly mentioning her concerns. He would laugh it off, hold her for a moment, then release her into the arms of fear once again. She wasn’t sure what to do to bring back the magic.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She packed her things and left a note for Chris, trying once again to explain her thoughts.

Dear Chris, I love you with all my heart. You mean everything to me. I just feel that I am not as important to you as I once was. I feel you are pulling away from me, losing interest in me. I guess I need to know that what I say is important, that what I want is important. I will be at my sister’s house, trying to straighten out my mind. I love you. Fran

Chris was finally shaken. He took stock of his life and realized that Fran was important to him. Actually, more than important, she was critical to his happiness. He sat home the first night in shock and denial. He didn’t really think she would stay away, that she could stay away. But she didn’t return the next day, or the day after that. Each morning, he left for work, sure she would return to him that day. And each night, he came home to an empty, cold house. It amazed him to realize he could sense the lack of her warmth, her very scent, in all the rooms. He could hear slight remnants of her voice, her thoughts floating in the air. At night, he felt her in the bed, turning or shifting the covers.

Chris tried to call her, but she didn’t want to talk to him yet. She was trying so hard to figure out what to do with her life, the sad life without Chris in it.

Chris did the next best thing. He called Fran’s sister, Laurie. Laurie heard the misery in Chris’ voice and, having watched Fran’s unhappiness, wanted to help any way she could. They talked, planned and discussed. Finally they hit upon a perfect plan. Chris remembered something Fran had told him years ago, and thought perhaps this was the way to win her back.

That Friday, Laurie and her husband were going out with friends. They invited Fran, but were not at all surprised when she declined. She hadn’t gotten dressed for days, preferring her soft, baggy sweats and slippers. They left her curled up on the couch, the fire blazing, a thick quilt wrapped around her and her misery, watching an old movie on TV. As much as they hated leaving her alone, it was part of the plan, so they giggled as they went out to the car.

The movie was a very old one. The main characters hated each other on sight, an event that always promised true love before the final credits. Fran had a huge bowl of buttery popcorn and a big glass of pink lemonade, her favorite movie snack. She sat mesmerized by the unfolding love story, sighing as she thought of Chris and her own failed romance.

When the doorbell rang, she jumped. She wasn’t expecting anyone. Nervously, she moved to the door and peeked out. It was Chris, grinning and looking right at her. Hesitantly, she opened the door a crack and asked him what he needed.

Chris looked around and leaned closed to whisper, “Hello, pretty girl. I know you are babysitting and not allowed company, but I had to see you. I even brought your favorite ice cream.” Chris held up a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream and tried to look winning.

All of Fran’s teen fantasies came flooding back. “The Babysitter and her Boyfriend”. How many nights had she babysat with neighborhood kids and wished she had a boyfriend who would come by and bring her ice cream and then make out with her on the couch while the children slept? She and her other dateless friends had discussed it at length, deciding who would be allowed to come into the house, what he would have to bring as a bribe, and how far they would let casino şirketleri him go in the making out.

Of course, it never happened. But it was a fantasy that she still remembered clearly, one she had shared with Chris when they first met. Suddenly, it occured to Fran that Chris remembered! Right down to the flavor of ice cream she was most likely to succumb to!

Her mind battled with her heart. God, she wanted nothing more than to throw open the door and invite him in! But her mind wondered if this was just a passing thing, if Chris would return to his less-than-interested self once she was safely ensconced in their apartment. Then she looked into Chris’s unique silver eyes, and her heart won.

She opened the door, whispering that the kids were asleep and he would need to be very quiet. She admonished him that he could share a bowl of ice cream and then he would have to leave.

Chris agreed to everything. He entered quietly, leaving his shoes at the door, sliding silently by her, filling her head with his own special scent. She stood there, inhaling him, remembering every moment of their lives together.

She moved to the kitchen to get bowls and spoons. Chris came up behind her and encircled her with his arms, pulling her close. He nibbled on her neck, kissing up and down the length of it, lingering at the extremely sensitive nape that Fran had always said was her weakness. She had to make a decision, she had to know right now what to do. It meant a lot that Chris had remembered her babysitter fantasy and had obviously planned with Laurie to surprise her. His lips were moving up and down her neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever he touched. In an instant, Fran made her decision. She entered wholeheartedly into the fantasy.

“Ooooh, Chris, you shouldn’t be doing that! I am responsible for these kids! The parents trust me! They would be very upset if they knew I had let some guy into the house, not to mention if I were necking with him. Besides…..” Her point was lost as Chris slipped his hand over her breast, cupping it securely, his thumb massaging the hardening nipple.

“Besides….” Chris whispered against her neck, waiting for the rest of the sentence. But all he could hear was Fran’s rapid breathing as she leaned back against him, surrendering. He moved his hand then, hearing her sigh with disappointment. Slowly, he turned her to him, keeping his hands on her upper arms as he pulled her close and leaned down for a kiss. He had missed her so much, missed having her in his life AND his bed. Being this close to her, touching her again, reminded him of all the good things she had brought into his life.

He closed his eyes and softly pressed his lips to hers. Gently rubbing back and forth, he just enjoyed the contact, knowing there was lots of time. He felt her lips opening beneath his, and took the invitation, slipping the tip of his tongue into her hot mouth, thrusting lightly. She happily sucked on his tongue, pulling it deeper into her, teasing it with her own. They played lovers’ games; touching, evading, swirling, sucking. They stood together, hips dancing, hands clutching, as only their tongues moved happily.

Fran traced his lips slowly, lingering at the corners, delving there, making him moan. His hands still gripped her arms, but she could feel his erection pressing into her tummy. She slid her own hands under his shirt, finding the smooth skin of his back, and re-learning. Her palms were warm, actually hot, as she traced the planes and valleys of his body. Her breasts pressed against him, her nipples hard and aching. She arched her back, attempting to get even closer. Still, Chris kissed her. She whimsically thought that he was kissing her senseless, which he was. She was losing all sense of reality, totally losing herself in the story of the love-crazed girl being visited by her crush.

Calmly, Chris kissed her softly on her nose and turned to the ice cream, opening it and spooning some out….one bowl, one spoon only. He took her hand and walked her to the living room, with the comfy couch all warmed by the fire. He settled her there, moving about the room, dimming lights. Then he snuggled next to her, pulling the quilt over both of them and holding her close. He fed her ice cream as he seemed to lose himself in the movie. Fran didn’t really care, as long as he was this close.

For the next two hours, they cuddled and watched, with Chris reaching to her for a long, lingering, occasional kiss. It kept Fran on the edge. She never knew when he would decide to hold her, kiss her. She loved that. It was much better than a constant barrage of hands and lips. It was extremely exciting. casino firmaları She surrendered to him each time, sinking into the pleasure of his touch and taste.

When the movie ended, Chris took the remote and turned off the TV. The room grew even darker, lit only by the flickering fire. He began to kiss her in earnest now, his lips making love to hers, his hands moving slowly up and down her arms, caressing her neck, sliding into her hair and playing with it.

As part of the game, Fran should have protested, at least a little. So she did. She whispered that the kids might come in, that the parents might come home, that they shouldn’t be doing this; but it had no effect on Chris. He would stop for a moment, agreeing with her, promising to be good, then he would be drawn back to her full lips and sweet neck.

They sat entwined, with Fran half on his lap, arms wrapped around each other. Kissing was one of Fran’s favorite activities and Chris was willing to let her get her fill. They were lost in each other, eyes closed, hands searching, mouths open and seeking.

Somehow, they were horizontal on the big couch. The quilt had fallen to the floor; there was plenty of warmth without it. Chris was lying on Fran, his weight comforting after all the weeks without him. She kept her fingers on his skin, touching him anywhere she could find flesh, remembering everything. Still, he continued to kiss her, in all the ways that she loved. Soft, light, tickling, deep, involved, probing. Every kiss seemed different from the last. Her body arched up to his, knowing what it wanted, driven to get what it craved.

Clothes started falling, disappearing with the quilt. Lying under Chris, naked and needy, Fran knew that this is where she always wanted to be, that Chris was the man who made her happy and complete. She closed her eyes and just reveled in his warmth. Now it was Fran rushing headlong to completion. She wanted everything and she wanted it now. She wriggled under him, her body trying to capture his. But Chris wasn’t ready to stop his wooing, his seduction.

He began kissing down her neck, his mouth leaving a trail of heat on her excited flesh. When his lips found one of her distended nipples, she cried out. He teased and nipped at her nubbin, barely connecting with it, but sending shards of electricity to her center. He brushed his mouth lightly against the bumply surface, his tongue began darting out and wetting and circling. Everything he did was designed to keep her on edge, needy and aching.

Finally….finally, his mouth closed on her nipple and pulled it deeply into his heat. It was like coming home. Her back arched to feed him more of the distended flesh. She opened her eyes to see, by the flickering fire, his face pressed to her breast, his mouth busily pleasing her. Fran could feel his engorged cock resting against her, hot and hard. She needed it inside her again. She was sure he was going to make love to her, let her feel his cock deep inside her. Her mind was whirling with thoughts of loving Chris and what it meant to her. Her mind was whirling, then her mind went blank, her head filled by the rushing sound that drove everything from it.

Fran felt herself stiffening, felt her body preparing to explode. Her last sane thought was that he was just sucking on a nipple, nothing else. But the roar continued and built, the white heat filled her body and she lost all in the haze of complete surrender. She felt the orgasm start deep within her pink, felt the heat as it spread through her body. She began trembling and throbbing beneath him, her body finding completion. Chris continued suckling, taking her beyond the edge of passion. She clutched him, screamed his name, begged for something, not sure what.

Finally, the red mist cleared and she looked down to see Chris gently licking her erect nipple. Her entire body was hot and pulsing. Still, he continued to gently love her. He moved to the other nipple, the poor ignored left nipple, and began again, kissing and sucking and pulling, making the sensations flood her body. Now his fingers moved along her curves, skimming the aroused flesh, paths of fire everywhere he touched. She squirmed beneath him, her eyes closed, but seeing clearly his hands as they caressed her.

She didn’t even realize the orgasm was building again until it was nearly upon her. Spasm after spasm tore through her fevered body as she cried out, her fingers clutching him, her nails scraping his flesh. She trembled with completion, exhausted and content.

Only then did Chris stop. He gently licked her chest, moving up to her neck and throat. His lips gently grazed her chin, and settled güvenilir casino on her mouth, pulling her tongue into him. His body was cradled by hers, his hands holding her arms above her head. He stopped kissing and looked into her eyes.

“I love you, Fran. My life is empty without you. I realize that now. I will never take you for granted again. I need you in my life, in my days and nights. You have always been in my mind and heart. Please, come home, Fran. Please, come back to me. I need you so much!” His voice broke at the end, filling Fran with love and happiness.

“Yes, my darling. I will come home. I want to be home with you. I love you so very much!” she said, as she kissed his chin. “But, please, before we go, make love to me. I need to feel you inside me. It has been so long!”

Gazing into her eyes, Chris nodded. His legs were straddling hers, his erect cock was pressed against her, reminding her of his unfulfilled needs. He lifted his hips, and slid his cock between her legs, the head just entering her swollen, wet lips. She loved this, the tightness and depth. She shifted beneath him, encouraging his entrance. Slowly, so slowly, he moved deeper into her, his cockhead satiny smooth against her hot pinkness. His eyes bore into hers, catching her, making her stop breathing as the intensity of his feelings flooded her. Deeper and deeper he slid, moving so carefully, making a path for himself. She loved the feeling of being locked between his strong thighs, the feeling of him entering her extremely tight pussy. She couldn’t move now, his legs were clamped over hers, rendering her immobile. His hands held hers above her head, his mouth was inches from hers. She could feel his breath on her face, nearly hear his heart pounding as he continued to slide into her ready pinkness.

Finally, she felt him give a final push, felt his pelvis grinding on hers. She knew that their curlies were inextricably meshed, their bodies totally bound together. Chris stayed very still, yet his cock throbbed within her, making her ache for more. Fran looked into his eyes, saw the passion glazing his vision, not even sure he could even really see her anymore. His breathing was shallow, rapid; his grip on her wrists was unforgiving.

Fran thrust up against him, impaling herself on his erection. She cried out as he reached new depths within her. He was still for another minute, a minute during which she begged him to fuck her, use her, make her sore and still the ache within her.

Chris looked down at her, almost surprised to see her face so near. He bent down, taking her lips in a sweet, encompassing kiss, his tongue lazily moving over her, teasing and titillating. Finally, his hips began the dance she wanted, the in and out, up and down movements that would take both of them to completion. His chest rubbed against her erect nipples, chafing and arousing simultaneously.

Fran was losing touch with reality. She could only feel Chris above her, moving inside her, his body hard on hers, his hands gripping her wrists bruisingly. She just wanted him, more than she had ever wanted him. She didn’t hear the little moans and whispers escaping her mouth, she didn’t know her body was moving in rhythm with his. She only knew that she needed to come, she needed to explode and she wanted to take Chris with her.

He paused again, looking down at her, sweat glistening on his cheeks as he stilled his movements. He looked into her eyes, trapping her soul with his gaze. “I love you, Fran. I love you and need you in my life, every aspect, every day, every minute. Will you marry me?”

Fran couldn’t answer. She had dreamed of this a million times, the scene changing with each dream. But this, this scenario, with Chris over her, inside her, was one she had never imagined. He moved slowly, in and out, deeply and smoothly, while he patiently waited for her answer. Her mind raced, and then she imagined years from now, when someone asked how Chris ‘popped the question’ and what her answer would be…….Suddenly, she felt the familiar stirrings of impending orgasm, her legs straightening even more, her body tightening, the heat rushing up from her very center. She looked up at Chris’ expectant face. Yes, god yes, she wanted to marry him. She tried to form the word, tried to remember the question, as the orgasm overtook her and shook her soul.

Chris kissed her, deeply and slowly, holding her body to his as the throbbing ebbed. She looked into his dear eyes, saw the love there, and knew what the answer had to be.

As she whispered “yes”, she felt his cock begin to swell. He moved one more time, finding depths she never experienced before. His hot come filled her as his mouth ravaged hers. Finally, he released her hands and she was able to caress his back, hold him against her.

They spent the rest of the evening making plans and giggling, as Fran packed to return home.


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