Backseat Rendezvous

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After an enjoyable lunch date in a park Dean and Jillian return to their garage where they kept a collection of antique cars that they had acquired over the years. It was a common interest between them. Dean felt he couldn’t get any luckier. Here’s this young, hot, big busted blonde with curves to die for, sharing just as much the same passion towards classic cars as he does.

They both look over to an old Chevy Truck, circa 1954, with fond memories. The first time they made love was in the back of that wonderful little pick up.

“What shall we do now?” She asks with curiosity.

Dean answers with a smirk. “We still haven’t made love in a car yet.”

Laughing, the gorgeous blonde pulls Dean closer to her and they embrace. Their lips met for a deep, hungry kiss and before she knew it, was pressed against the side of a 1932 black European model Rolls Royce.

She can feel his member stiffen between them and she chuckles. For some reason that seems to spur Dean on and he becomes even more intense with his hold on Jillian. He begins to kiss her even deeper and tightens his arms around her. She responds by doing the same, whimpering in his mouth.

Sliding her hands down Dean’s muscular chest, she proceeds to take his shirt off. He helps her by pulling away and yanking the damn thing off and flinging it across the garage. He also took the liberty to do the same with Gillian’s shirt and bra.

Now with her generous breasts exposed, it seems to add to Dean’s arousal and he grabs them with his hands and presses them together, running his tongue through the cleavage. Jillian shudders from the sensation and her breathing becomes even more shallow.

Her hands unbuckled Dean’s belt and then unfastened his pants. Drawing him even closer, the blonde glides her hand over, cupping the soft flesh of his buttocks and proceeds to lower the pants and underwear.

Once freed from the confinement, Dean’s erection stood proudly to attention and Jillian looked at it with her blue eyes, licking her lips seductively with her tongue. She slid her hands from Dean’s butt over to the front, touching his flesh with featherlike casino şirketleri strokes of her fingers.

Dean snapped his head back and moaned loudly. The mere touch, mixed with the anticipation was driving him insane. Letting go of his wife’s breasts, he straightened his arms and pressed his hands against the side of the car. They acted as a brace as he leaned his weight forward, but allowing Jillian the room she needed to work her magic on him.

First it was Jillian’s hands as her long, delicate fingers massaged and kneaded his fully erect shaft in such a manner that Dean needed every ounce of control not to explode right there and then. He was crying out with his face flinching and showing signs of pain and pleasure.

Lowering herself down, Jillian keeps her eyes on Dean, smiling an almost evil smile, knowing full well that she is in complete control at the moment. Just as Dean looks down and makes eye contact with his wife, he smiles at her. “I love you.”

In response, Jillian, still not taking her eyes off Dean, smiles fondly at him. At the same time, she takes a long lick of her tongue, gliding it underneath and across the full length of Dean’s shaft. A high pitched groan escapes from Dean’s mouth as he can feel his manhood twitch from the attention.

He snapped his head back again at the end of Jillian’s lick. Just as he brings it forward again to see what she will do next, he lets out a loud moan just when she takes the tip of her finger and wipes the precum off and sucked on it.

“I want that mouth somewhere else, baby.” Dean smiles at her, licking his lips.

Purring, Jillian lowers her head onto Dean’s shaft, still making that eye contact. He even thrusts his hips forward, just so he could get his member inside her mouth that much quicker.

Devilishly grinning, Jillian teases Dean by merely kissing the tip of his shaft with her closed lips. Even when he went to thrust himself in, she darts to the side and gives butterfly style kisses along the length of his shaft. This caused Dean to virtually get to the point where he was beginning to hyperventilate.

The entire time as Jillian was casino firmaları teasing Dean, she not once looked down nor took her eyes off her husband. On several occasions he’d look straight up, face flinching, eyes bulging and mouth gaping.

There were times where Jillian would take it more extreme than just butterfly kisses. She’d give the occasional lick with her tongue, lapping it around Dean’s shaft to drive him that much more wild with lust.

Her hands were not kept out of the action. The one was playing with Dean’s butt cheeks, allowing her fingers to glide and pulsate against the soft flesh. The other was cupping and playing with his balls.

This continued until Dea admitted he couldn’t hold back anymore. Just then Jillian engulfs his entire length inside her mouth, deep throating him with ease and sucks vigorously. To take that much more of him in, she slapped her hands against his butt cheeks and applied enough pressure where she got a firm hold on him.

That alone was enough to cause Dean to shoot his load. A waterfall of hot cum came flooding down Jillian’s throat and she was able to take it all in as if it were effortless. The moans and purrs of satisfaction as she took him in pleased Dean to no end.

Dean’s arms began to weaken and he could no longer brace himself against the car. His knees buckled, but Jillian kept him in place, using her mouth and hands as a clamp over his privates to keep him standing. His arms were now lowered with his hands caressing and teasing his wife’s luxuriously long and soft blonde mane.

Jillian continued to suck on Dean’s shaft, even after it went limp from it’s explosive climax. In no time at all she was able to get him rock hard again. Oh, the talent of her hot mouth!

Now strong enough to stand on his own, Dean uses his hands to grab Jillian’s shoulders, urging her to stand back up. As soon as she does, the two lock eyes again. The look of love and lust was clearly evident on her face, as well as his.

It was now her turn to address him. “I love you too, but I suspect you already know that.”

Dean nods and immediately presses his mouth against güvenilir casino hers for another deep, sensual kiss. She returns the gesture with the same level of passion as he is performing onto her. He could taste himself on her as their kiss lingered on.

His hardness was throbbing between their bellies as if crying out from lack of attention. It could never get enough.

Reaching over, Dean opens the car door of the rolls royce and he and his wife climb into the back seat. Jillian lies on her back and smiles up at her husband, just as he lowers his weight onto her, positioning himself between her legs. She was already wet and oh so hot for him.

Arching her back, driving the back of her head into the seat, Jillian can feel Dean entering himself inside her. She lets out a loud cry, matching his groan as he grinds himself in, determined to go as deep inside his wife as physically possible.

His hands were tightly placed against Jillian’s hips, pressing her towards him upon entry. She was also bucking them upwards, trying to help Dean achieve his ultimate goal. Once he completely filled her, he did not dare move. Neither did she.

Their mouths lock again for what seemed like eternity. It was a wonderful feeling, along with the long, thick length buried deep within Jillian’s extremely hot and tight pussy.

It was within mid kiss that Dean began to slowly swivel and gyrate his hips while he was still inside her. The kiss was never broken, despite the whimpering and moaning coming from both.

When it finally came necessary to break for air, that’s when Dean decided to pick up the pace and begins to thrust himself in and out of Jillian’s tunnel.

Upon each inward thrust, Dean did so with greater strength and speed. This continued even after Jillian experienced her first, second and third orgasm. Upon her fourth explosion was the same time that Dean felt his balls tighten and shrink, causing him to erupt and fire his hot seed deep inside her.

The splash of their love juices filled Jillian’s womb with a warmth that spread a huge smile on her face. Dean couldn’t help but find himself smiling as well. The pleasures of their latest lovemaking session symbolized the absolute truth behind the love this enchanted couple was experiencing. It wasn’t just physical. Their connection proved that they are indeed a perfect match in mind, body and soul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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