Bad Date Great Night

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I was going out on a date with a girl I had been dating for a few weeks. She was nice and pretty and I like being with her, but she didn’t do it all for me. But I like to date and fuck so…

She got into my truck “hey we are going to meet my friends tonight.”

“Do they have big titties?”

She just stared at me.

“It was a joke.” I said and then quietly to myself I said “I hope they have big titties.”

We get to the bar and I relies we are meeting another couple, you and a man.

“This is not, meeting your friends, this is a double date.”

“But both of them are my friends. So it is both.”


The bar was dark so I couldn’t see you very well but you are about the same height and looked a lot like the girl I was dating. The more we talk the more I could not get over how much they look alike.

“She looks a whole lot like you.”

“She should she’s my sister.”

“Ok! Again, not friend! A doubly date with your sister!”

“And ex-boyfriend.” She said with a smile. And then in a quiet voice “Or maybe he was my ex-husband.”

I just stood there dumfounded. When I came back to myself I said. “Ok. I need the whole story here. This is a crazy wearied situation you just put me in. Why are we here and why didn’t you tell me?”

“I told my sister about you and she wanted to meet you and he follows her around like a puppy.”

“Fuck I need another drink.” I say as I go to the bar. You get up and follow me there.

“Your cute.” You say to my back.

“Yes, thanks you.” I reply

“Really!? I say you cute and you say “Yes!” Is that really what you think about yourself?”

“Um. Yes and no. I didn’t know that is what you said. I thought you asked if I was having a good time and I was just being polite. But yes, I think I am cute.”

“So you’re not having a good time with us and you are arrogant? This is not any better you know.”

It is loud in here so I lean in to apologize. I naturally put my hand on your hip and say “This is not the date I was expecting. I’m sorry for not having a better time. But I’m cute and frankly so are you.” I pull back and smile.

You smile and roll your eyes. Then you look down at my hand that is still on your hip. You grab it like it’s a smelly fish and drop it, turn and walk off.

“Well this night is getting better and better.”

By the time I get back to the group I can tell I’m the odd man out. The ex is getting really drunk and neither of you will talk to me. As the night moves on I can see you try to get frisky with your date and he is too drunk to reciprocate. I just sit there and watch you get horny. You are all but jerking your date off right there. Your sister, my date, will have nothing to do with me because you told her I said you were cute.

We go outside to get away from the crowd and we sit at a round table boy girl boy girl, so you and I are now sitting next to each other. We are all very drunk now and my leg touches your leg. You look at me and I give a half hearted smile, but to my surprise you give me a nice smile and a wink back.

Now I’m drunk and very confused. I have no idea what the wink meant but I know what I wanted it to mean. I didn’t know until you crossed your legs and slipped your foot behind my calf and started moving it up and down. You saw this made very excited and you could see a little sweat form on my head. You could tell your sister was so drunk she could not see what was happening so you then ran your hand on my leg. With this I think it is open season and put my hand on your legs and start to see what you let me do. I run my hand down to you knee and try to find my way under your skirt, but you legs are crossed and I can’t get anywhere.

You uncross your legs and say “I’m getting kind of worm.”

Your casino şirketleri sister asks if you want to go back inside and we both quickly say “NO!” a little to loud. We are all very drunk and she doesn’t notice.

I now have access to run my hand up between your legs and I don’t waist anytime fucking around. I run my hand straight up to your panties and I am suppressed to see you have none on. As my hand touches your pussy you give a loud breath in and look at me with shock. I just calmly smile back and start to run my finger outside you clit. Just circling you. You look at me with a get your hand out of there look but you are simultaneously opening your leg wider and wider. I don’t know which sign you are giving me I should follow so I follow the one I want to and slide my finger in-between your clit walls down to your opening. You face keeps getting more shock on it but your legs keep opening so I don’t stop and I slide my finger into you, right there at the table with your date and sister watching.

Your legs are spread as wide as the table and chairs will let them be spread and I am moving my finger in and out of you as you finally get hold of what is happening. I can see you thinking really hard about stopping me with a slap, but there is a part of you that really likes what I am doing to you. I can tell you made your decision when you look at your sister and run your hand down my pants and wrap you fingers around my now hard dick.

Needless to say we keep pumping alcohol down our date’s throats and touching each other into a places we should not be in public. I go back inside to get more drinks from the bar and I’m forcefully turned around and find your tongue shoved half way down my throat. We stand there in front of everyone making out hard and openly feeling each other up waiting for our drinks. On our way back to the table you say “watch this shit!”

You get overly excited and say this was last call (it is really only 12:00). “They say we need to drink up fast and leave.” We all take our shots and you collect the two of them quickly moving them out of the bar and into a taxi. You tell your sister and the driver that they’re both going back to her place. You pat the cab as it leaves and say “I could really be sending those two to a very confusing place.”

“Do you think they will fuck when they get there?”

“Yes! They both still love each other and they are just too stubborn do admit it.”

With that you spin around and look at me with anger in your eyes.

“I’m not that kind of woman!”


“I don’t do this kind of thing!”


“You ever do something like that to me or any woman in public again I will punch you in the dick.”


“Now take me home!”


I open the door to the next taxi and we both clime in.

“What is your address?” I ask.

“No. let’s go to your place.”

“But you just said, ohhhhhh.”

“You’re a quick one.”

“Hey! Take me home and I thought.” I see your face and you are clearly laughing on the inside. “You sexy pain in the ass.”

I tell the driver where to go and casually jump you.

By the time we get to my place it is all we can do to not start fucking in the cad. We jump out pay the guy and run to my door. When we get in it is like the movies as we start tearing each others clothes off. You feel me stop and this makes you stop. You pull back to see what’s wrong and that is when you see it. I am just sober enough to know what I am doing. I have a greedy lustful look in my eyes and you are a little scared and a lot excited about it. You move to start taking off my clothes again and I grab your hands and force them over your head as I push you up against the wall. I take them both in one of my hands and move casino firmaları the other slowly down your arm to your face. I run my thumb over your lips while I am staring you in the eyes.

“I can tell you’re a strong and independent woman, but tonight you are mine.” I say very calmly.

“Mmmmm. I think I might like that, but I will want to help with making you feel good to and I know how to do that. Aren’t you a little curious?”

I very softly touch my lips to yours and say “No. I know what makes me feel good and I know what to do to make you feel good also. Tonight I am going to make you feel the things you didn’t even know you could feel. You’re not going to know if there’s difference between a little pain and a lot of pleasure. You are going to plead for me to stop but at the same time you are going to want to kill me if I do. You are going to think you couldn’t possibly take anymore and then I will show you whole other level of ecstasy.”

You open your mouth to say something but no words come out as you taste my thumb entering your mouth. You take it in and suck on it hungrily. I pull my thumb out of your mouth leaving you wanting as I use my leg to spread yours. I move my hand into your hair and pull your head back then I enter your mouth with my tongue. I grind my dick into your pussy only separated by the thin underwear I have on. You are wet and thrust back into me trying to pull your hand free so you can slide me into you. I am holding fast to your hands and your moans are turning into little whining sounds.

I pull way quickly and flip you around then back against the wall. Now my hand is roaming your body and taking things off of you in earnest. You are now nude as I hold your hands over your head and take a step away. You can tell I am just looking over your body. You are feeling exposed and self conscious. But you can fell the warmth coming off me and you can hear my breathing speeding up. You know I’m getting turned on even more just looking you over. You can imagine that I am going over the things I’m going to do to you. You can’t see me but you can tell I’m looking at you with hungry eyes that would frighten you if you could see them. You can’t take it anymore and look back at me and you see you are right. I am nude too and the look on my face says “I am going to consume you tonight.” I look back into your eyes and just smile.

I take your hands in mine and place them apart over your head and I press them to the wall and leave them there. You feel like I just tide you to the wall but you know there is nothing holding them there but my force of will daring you to remove them. Now both of my hand are tracing lines over your body and touching you all over. You can hardly breathe as my lips touch the back of your neck.

This goes on for a short while and then it happens. A move you would not have thought anyone could do until it happened. You feel me firmly grab a knee and flip you back around to facing me, but as I did this I lifted your leg as well as the rest of your body and lowered you on to me in one smooth motion. You scream in pleasure as you find yourself impaled on me and I thrust even deeper into you as you are again pushed up against the wall. Your body fills like you on fire. The heat of this moment is just too much and your body starts to sweat and shake. It feels to you like there is a lot of movement going on between us but it is just your body shaking and buzzing from this moment. As you calm down you realize that we are not moving at all and you are being supported by my arms and we are standing completely still in my foyer. The air is calm and feels cold on your glistening skin. You are breathing very deeply trying to catch your breath but you can feel my calm heart beat against yours and it is calming you down even more.

We güvenilir casino just stand there in each other arms and your legs wrapped around me. You and I are just enjoying the feeling of being together until you start to shiver from the cold and I carry you to my bed room lay you on the bed and pull the covers over us. You can not believe the emotions you just went through and it almost makes you want to cry. Your motions are all over the place and your head is spinning. It finally comes into focused and you realize that you had the short but incredible orgasm from anticipation and sheer release.

I kiss you and you kiss back. We are nude under the covers but we aren’t having sex we are just kissing and holding each other. We do this for some time and it is all full of laughter and smile and kisses. We both are enjoying ourselves and the heat is starting to rise again.

“You’re a great lover but I have a few tricks of my own.”

“You really want to try and top what just happened? You’re a ballsy girl.”

“Oh, big boy. You think your all that? You better hold on tight, I strong legs and stamina like you would not believe. I’m going to show you what you just got yourself into. I’ve never had a man that could out last me!” You said this with a wild look in your eyes, as you rolled me onto my back and mounted me taking me all the way in for the second time tonight.

“You know what? I think I’m a little scared of you right now. And I like it!”

With this you proceeded to fuck me stupid. Well I help out a lot but right when I thought you had enough it was like you took a shout of adrenalin and “Boom!” you were ready to go again. We did it in bed, we did it in the shower, we did it in another bed, we did it outside by the pool, we did it in the kitchen and when you took us on the stairs and we did some crazy upside down fucking thing that was a lot for you and me, I was spent.

Breathing very hard “sweet jesus woman! Your trying to kill me. (more heavy breathing) You do have the most endurance I have ever seen. I can keep going but you are going to need to give me a few hours of sleep first.”

You looked at me with wiled eyes and slid your body over mine “Come up stairs and ill give you a rub down so when you get up you aren’t to stiff to get back into it, or should I say get back into me.”

One year later:

“Wholly crap you fat!” your sister says and I laugh out loud.

You punch me square in the nose and I fall to the ground sneezing and laughing.

“Fuck you old man! You’re the one that did this to me!” you kick me “you knocked me up out of wed lock you shit head!” you kick me again “I hope my water breaks in your truck.”

That’s when I stop laughing “Hey! No way! That’s it! From now on you’re sitting on a towel in the truck.” You kick me again.

“Hey why are you still kicking me?!”

“Because I’m still pregnant!”


“You’re the best.’ I say with a huge smile on my face.

“Wow! How long did we date? I don’t remember you being this mean.” Your sisters ex-husband (Now fiancé) said to you.

“I never cared about you enough to get mad at you.”

“Wow! You are mean.” He said.

I start laughing again.


“Now stop that!” I yell out, hop up and kiss you. You kiss me back and pinch my butt.

You ask your sister “When is this thing starting?”

“Well, as soon as those two get to the front of the church.” She says back.

He and I head off into the church and I look back at you and blow you a kiss. About 5 minutes late you come walking down the aisle with your sister standing at the entrance.

I take your arm and whisper “Are you sure you don’t want to do this too?”

“No. We are good, don’t you think? I like it the way it is now.” I just smile and wink at you.

As the preacher marries your sister to her ex we just stare at each other. When the preacher asks if he does, I mouth “I do” looking at you. When its her turn you get a bashful look on your face and mouth “I do.”

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